02. A non-linear view of karma

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Ascended Master MORE, April 17, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

MORE I AM. You should know that I come quickly and I leave quickly. When I have had my say, I do not care to observe the usual politeness of ending in a certain way. When enough is enough, then I move on.

That is a clue for all of you. When enough is enough—just move on. Throw off the shackles of whatever consciousness you have accepted. You have a right to any experience you desire, but you should know that when you have had enough of a given experience, you can indeed move on.

This is the master key to true healing. It is the key to the restoration of true healing. Take a look at how people seek healing on this planet. Take a look at the medical profession that you have today. What is it they promise you between the lines? They promise you that when your body manifests a disease, they can give you some mechanical way to heal it. You do not need to address the consciousness that precipitated the disease in the body. You do not need to look at the beam in your own eye.

This is what they promise you. Is that not what so many religions have been promising people throughout the ages? “If you will follow our outer religion, if you will observe the rules and regulations we give you, then you will one day enter the kingdom of God without looking at the beam in your own eye.”

Ah, this is indeed the promise. How many people have believed it, only to find out – after that embodiment – that it was a false promise and they had to come back to earth? They are becoming increasingly suspicious of religion, seeing the hypocrisy of a religion where even the priests themselves believe that it is enough to follow the outer observances. They think they can do whatever they can get away with, hidden behind the facade of a given church, such as the Catholic one with its rampant child abuse that is surely a desecration of everything Jesus stood for. Did he not say that it was better to have a millstone put around your neck and be thrown into the sea than to hurt one of these little ones?

You see it in so many other churches where a pastor in a fundamentalist church recently was exposed as having said that: “You can be a man of God and have a little fun on the side.” What hypocrisy to claim that you represent God and yet, you think that what you can hide from your fellow men is also hidden from God. God is not up in the sky looking down at you, but it is within you, waiting for when you will seek the Divine Lover who loves you as his beloved son or daughter.

Honesty is the foundation for true healing

In order to restore true healing, we must begin with a solid foundation. We must begin with the First Ray of the will of God. What, then, is the quality of the First Ray? You may think of it as the will of God, you may think of it as the power of God, but how about another quality: honesty.

Honesty, my beloved, is that not a quality of the First Ray? Is it not an expression of the will of God and the power of God? What is the core of honesty? Is it not oneness with the will of God? Truly, God is the ultimate honest being—for God cannot hide anything from itself.

You may have heard the old question asked by the linear mind: “If God is almighty, can God create a rock so big that God cannot lift it?” God is One, so God cannot create anything that is hidden from itself—and thus the honesty. Consider the very core of dishonesty. It is the belief that something can be hidden, that it is possible to say or do certain things while thinking something different within. Indeed, the serpent, to Eve, portrayed itself as the liberator, come to set her free from the shackles of the command of the spiritual teacher in the garden. Right there is where the foundation of disease is laid—in the dishonesty, in the illusion that something can be hidden.

Consider honesty and the message of your free-will right to have any experience you want, to enter the theater of life and put on any costume that you desire to experience. There is nothing wrong, sinful – or whatever you want to call it – in trying on many different costumes on the stage of life. This is what God has given you a right to do.

When you begin to create the belief that you are trapped in a particular costume and that some external force is preventing you from moving on, dishonesty enters the picture. Why do I say dishonesty? Because when you consider this from a realistic perspective, you realize that God has given you complete freedom to try on any costume you like. God does not force you to try on any costume whatsoever, which means what? It means that you, yourself, you are choosing which costume to put on.

When you build the belief that you have not chosen your current situation – that your situation is not the result of your own choices, past and present – you put yourself in a situation where you are trapped in what we have called the catch-22. When you imagine that some external force has put you in your current situation, who can set you free from that situation? Logically, it must also be an external force, must it not? That means you have given away your power to change your situation. You have put yourself in a passive mode of waiting for some external force to do it for you. You have done what you also have a right to do—you have given away your free will to an external power.

Again, God has given you free will. You have a right to do this. You have a right, as Maitreya explains in his book, to decide that you no longer want to decide. You can make the decision that you no longer want to make decisions. Therefore, you create the graven image that there is some external power that is ruling your life.

Beware the subtlety of free will

The serpent will whisper in your ear that you have a right to create that role, that costume, and to try on what it feels like to be disempowered. From the perspective of the linear intellectual mind, it will seem that the serpent is right. But the subtlety here is that when you do give away your power, then how can you step outside of the costume? How can you just leave it behind and walk away from it? Do you see the subtlety?

One cannot necessarily say from a linear, analytical perspective that the serpent is wrong. God has given you complete freedom and does not limit your choices. You may try on any costume, but no matter which costume you take on, God accepts you for the being that God created as an extension of itself. Any time you desire to put off the old man and put on the new man in Christ, the new man in Oneness, God will welcome you with open arms. God does not limit your freedom to take on a costume or to take it off again.

The serpentine logic does indeed limit your freedom. When you accept the lie, the illusion, that some external force – such as the angry God in the sky who has caused you to be born in sin – has precipitated your situation, you cannot simply believe that you can just take off the costume, put off the old man and be reborn and become a new being in Christ. While God has given you power and the freedom to exercise that power, the serpent and the serpentine consciousness aims to take away your power.

I, as the representative of the Will of God, will say that the overall will of God is that you exercise your free will and  create any experience you want so that you have an opportunity to learn. That is why you have the potential to separate from oneness and to believe in the serpentine lie and to follow the false path, the downward path, of separating yourself further and further from oneness.

This is your right. I champion it. But my point here is that it is not in any way, shape, or form the will of God that you should suffer or be stuck in a limited sense of identity. It is not the will of God for you personally that you should become less, in the sense that you see yourself as less than the pure Being that God created.


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