A new frame of reference for freedom

TOPICS: Freedom is not a passive quality – What is missing in the “free” world – Are you imprisoning yourself? –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, November 26, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at an event in Sneek, Holland.

What, my beloved, is the sound of freedom? It is what you just heard; [refers to the decrees given before the dictation] it is the surging joy of feeling the freedom of God coursing through your entire energy field. And you are willing to flow with it; you are the open door for the Flame of Freedom, that wants to flow, that wants to express itself in this world.

Thus, so many times you sit there, and you wonder: “Am I too tired to decree? Do I have the power to decree?” And I have a simple suggestion for you, my beloved. For I am the God of Freedom, and I have a desire to be expressed through a physical vehicle on earth. And thus, instead of sitting there, thinking you have to give the decrees, invite me to give the decrees through you. And I will indeed flow according to your ability to be the open door and to hold the light.

Thus, what you hear in my voice, in the physical voice you are hearing – certainly not my physical voice, but it is nevertheless beyond what any human voice could produce on its own – is the flow of freedom through a physical vehicle. And this is not to set up one vehicle above others, but to make you realize, that you all have the potential to be open doors for the flow of freedom.

Freedom is not a passive quality

For what is freedom? Is it a passive thing, where you sit there and think, if you are not oppressed by this, if you are not oppressed by that, then you must be free?

No, my beloved, as these modern nations should have proven to you, you can have all the freedoms guaranteed in a democratic nation – you can have money, so you have freedom from money; you can have everything you could possibly need in the material – but does that mean you will feel free? Nay, I say!

Look at the people in this nation and many of the other rich and affluent nations in the world. Are they truly free? Do they have the flow of freedom flowing through their energy fields? Nay, they are burdened by this, they are burdened by that. They have all kinds of burdens in their own psychology, where they think that even though they have the outer freedom, they cannot express the inner freedom because of this or that condition, whatever it may be.

This, then, is not freedom. And that is what you need to realize. And how will you realize it? Only by experiencing that which is freedom—and that I AM, indeed. And thus, I come to give you, simply, a new frame of reference for what is freedom.

It is the flow; the eternal, ever-bubbling, ever-transcending flow, that just wants to be expressed and flow. And it accepts no hindrances, no obstacles—and you should accept no substitutes. For freedom is the ultimate expression of the creative joy of God.

It is not a coincidence that freedom is the seventh ray. For when you have walked the path of initiation on the other six rays, you come to that point, where the next step is that you must accelerate. You cannot sit there and passively wait for freedom to find you. You cannot sit there and wait for the right outer conditions, so that you are supposedly free.

Nay, freedom is a choice. Freedom is a decision to accelerate yourself beyond the limitations that you think can limit your spirit, because you decide: “I AM Spirit! And there is no condition in the material world, that can hold back and imprison my Spirit any longer. For I decide, that I will not accept any condition that can hold back my Spirit, and the expression of the Spirit of Freedom through me.”

What is missing in the “free” world

This, then, is the frame of reference that is missing in these affluent nations, who have been democratic for a long time, who have not been oppressed by Nazi Germany or Communism or any other outside force. They have been free now for many years, so that most of the people who live in those nations today grew up while their nations were free.

Yet, they do not feel free, because they have not come to the realization, that freedom starts with a decision—and then there must be the willingness to accelerate. And it is not that you accelerate by your own power, but you are willing to let the flow of freedom flow through you, and therefore accelerate itself, as it inevitably will.

Freedom is not a passive force. Freedom is an active force, that wants to be expressed, and it wants to be expressed for one reason only: It wants to set all life free to come up higher, to transcend the limitations, the limited state that you think you cannot go beyond. Because you have bought into the lie – spread by the fallen beings, who are the least free beings in the world – that you must accept limitations for your Spirit.

This makes no sense, when you finally lock in to the flame of freedom, and when you look at life through the perspective of the seventh ray and the Flame of Freedom. My beloved, what have Serapis Bey and Hilarion shared with you? In every retreat there is a kindergarten stage, where – when people have passed the initiations of the previous ray – they come into the next ray, and then they are first put into this kindergarten stage, where they have to deal with the perversion of freedom.

And one of the first things they have to deal with is precisely the belief that freedom is something that depends on outer conditions. Because when you do not have any outer conditions that oppress you, then you must be free. And this is the passive mindset, where people think they have to wait for freedom, for they have to wait for the right conditions.

Or, at an even more perverted level, they think they have to fight for freedom by always fighting against somebody else. Well, you will never win your freedom as long as you think you have to fight against another part of life. As long as you feel you have to fight against another self-aware being, then you cannot be free.

Are you imprisoning yourself?

You are not free, because you are imprisoning yourself in the frame of mind that takes away your freedom—because of one thing only. How can you be against somebody else and have the flow of the Spirit through you? The Spirit is one. The Spirit comes from oneness. If you want to put down one part of life, then the Spirit will not flow through you. Certainly not the Spirit of Light, the Spirit of the ascended masters.

Certainly, there are dark spirits that may masquerade as light, and that will flow through those who are warring, as you see in many people who believe that they are led by the spirit or led by God to fight other people. But it is not the true god; it is not the true spirit.

Only when you are willing to raise up all life, will you have the Spirit of Freedom flowing through you—and only then will you be free. So, you have to sit there in your groups in my retreat, and you have to see people fight and argue about what freedom is and what it means to be free. And until they stop arguing, until they stop putting down some part of life by defining conditions that you have to live up to – and therefore, seeking to restrict the freedom of others – they will not move on.

But when they do move on, when they do get it, when they do finally tune in to that Flame of Freedom, then what a joy it is to see how people open up, how they blossom, how all of a sudden there is a new sparkle in their eyes. And then, you know they have got it.

But what does it take to get lifestreams to that point? It takes that they must encounter my Spirit. And those who sit there and fight and argue are not ready. For if I, indeed, showed myself to them – even as I am doing now through an outer vehicle – they would not be able to handle the vibration.

And indeed, some who will read or listen to this dictation, will feel how it agitates something in them. And that is precisely the elements of anti-freedom, that are limiting yourself and the expression of the Spirit through you.

So be willing to look at that, IF you want to be free. If you do not want to be free, I, of course, respect your free will. But then, you have no need of me, for I am the God of Freedom. And I can only teach those who are ready for the initiations of the seventh ray.

This is not a criticism, but there is no point in teaching people about freedom, until they are willing to be free. As long as they hold on to some limitation, because they want that experience, then I have no business interfering with their experience.

I have no desire to interfere with anyone’s experience, but when people are ready, I do have a desire to give them the frame of reference, that allows them, that empowers them, to know what freedom is. And to know what it will take to accelerate themselves to the point, where they are free. Because now they are open, now they are willing, to flow with the flow of freedom, with the River of Life, with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Let me see those spiritual students, who are willing to be free, to be open door for freedom. Let me see those nations, who are willing to be the open door for freedom, and who realize that this is not a matter of fighting somebody for freedom. It is not a matter of going into Libya and bombing here and bombing there. It is not a matter of letting yourself be dragged into conflicts in the Middle East or elsewhere.

Nay, it is a matter of opening yourself up to the Spirit of Freedom, so you accelerate your concept of freedom to a higher level, where you realize that freedom is not a material condition; it is a spiritual condition. It must be changed spiritually, before you can step up to a new and higher level of freedom.

Thus, this is the flame I am anchoring here in this nation, but it is truly not anchored in a specific location. It is spread out throughout Europe, not only in the countries that are represented by you who are here, but in all countries in Europe. For surely, somebody here has been in any one of the countries of Europe, and therefore you have a record in your being of what that country is like.

And I have been using your energy fields and your chakras to radiate that light to every nation in Europe. And thus, I am indeed grateful, joyful, and I am simply exuberant over being able to speak this way, and being able to have those who are willing to not just sit there and passively listen, but be part of this release in the Alpha and Omega action between myself and you.

Thus, being as I AM: quick, ready to move on, having many things to do, I thank you for your attention. And I bid you a fond “Adieu!”


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels