A message to all who have come to earth on a rescue mission

TOPICS: It is time to know why you are here – Deceived by Nazism – Raising yourself or the whole – Avoiding superiority – A false hierarchy – The challenge of the Piscean age – Stepping up to a higher motivation – Thinking the laws do not apply to you – How to go beyond duality – A higher motivation for walking the path – Infinite and unconditional patience – 

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, June 12th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I Am the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. I come with a message that is multifaceted. Truly, our messages are always multifaceted in the sense that they can be understood at different levels of consciousness. Nevertheless, mine is particularly multifaceted because I am not simply speaking based on the 144 levels of consciousness possible on earth, I am speaking for the many different people who have come to earth on what we might call a rescue mission.

You have all heard the story of how there was a point where the earth was in a very low stage and it was thought that the planet could not be sustained. Then, I and 144 000 lifestreams from Venus decided to come to earth to help raise this planet. That meant that 144 000 took physical embodiment on earth while I did not, but I set up a retreat here over the Gobi desert that has been known as Shamballa.

Now, we have said before, and I will say again, that, naturally, the lifestreams from Venus were not the only lifestreams to come to earth in order to help raise this planet, neither at that time, nor later. Both before and later, other lifestreams have come to this earth in order to help it be raised back up beyond the level of duality. The Venusians were the largest single group that have come to earth but other groups have come that were smaller, and individuals have come, and they have come from many different backgrounds.

Natural and unnatural planets

We have hinted at the fact that you can divide planets up into two categories: natural and unnatural planets. Earth is an unnatural planet because the collective consciousness is fear-based. You have fallen beings embodying here, you have war, you have conflict, you have all these outer manifestations that clearly show that this could not be natural, in the sense that it was not created or designed by the creator or by the ascended masters.

It is a phenomenon brought about by free will and by beings using their free will to go into duality, seeing themselves as separate beings. Therefore, they are creating all of these manifestations that you see on the earth, that are only possible when people have forgotten the basic humanity that is in all people. Therefore, they do not see all people as being their spiritual brothers and sisters. They see them as “other” people and they fall prey to the illusion that they can do unto others without the universe doing unto themselves, without what they do to others being reflected back to them by the cosmic mirror.

This is an illusion that can exist only on an unnatural planet. In contrast to this, there are billions of planets in the material universe that are at the stage of being natural planets. Many of these planets are at very high levels of collective consciousness, and are therefore creating a tremendous magnetic pull that is pulling up on the entire universe, including, of course, planet earth. As this pull increases, what happens is that the unnatural planets are still being pulled up by the upward pull of the entire universe. Because of the low level of the collective consciousness, the threat is that the resistance created on these planets can actually create such a difference between the upper pull of the universe and the resistance on the planet that the physical planet cannot stay together, that it can literally be pulled apart.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary that lifestreams from some of these natural planets come to earth and embody here. Just by them being in physical embodiment, they are, so to speak, an anchor point for their home planet and the vibrations of their home planet. This can provide that last-ditch effort that is needed to hold the planet together for a longer period of time until hopefully the collective consciousness is raised so that the planet is no longer in danger of being pulled apart. Many, many lifestreams have come on a mission like this.

It is time to know why you are here

Now, what you need to be careful to recognize here is that on one hand, I do speak to these lifestreams. It is my intention to send a strong signal into the collective consciousness or perhaps we should even say into the individual consciousness of all of these lifestreams, that it is time to step up higher. It is time to come into a conscious recognition of why you are on this planet and that you are here not just to serve as an anchor point, but also to provide a positive frame of reference for the other inhabitants on the planet. It is high time that you start doing this.

However, in order to fulfill this mission, you need to recognize that even though you came from a natural planet, descending into embodiment on a planet as low as earth simply cannot be done while you maintain the full awareness of who you are and where you came from. It can only be done, as Hilarion explained, by taking on various illusions that correspond to the 144 levels. It is simply a matter of how low you descend before you can take embodiment here, and you need to recognize that you have taken on these illusions.

You also need to recognize a very simple fact: It does not matter where you came from and how high your consciousness was before you came to earth. Once you take on these illusions, you will be looking at life on earth through the filter of these illusions. This means that you are now in the same situation as the other inhabitants on earth. You are not superior, you are not more sophisticated, you are not more mature because you face the same initiations. You have the potential to go down in consciousness, and indeed some of the lifestreams who have come from natural planets have gone below the 48th level of consciousness. Many have not, most have not, but still you face the same initiations. You need to recognize that you cannot allow yourself to have this sense that you are different, you do not really belong here, this is a primitive planet, you cannot relate to these other people on the planet, and all of these things. There are many of the lifestreams who have come here on a rescue mission who feel somehow distant from or superior to other people on earth.

The reason for this is very simple. As you descend into the density of a planet like earth, you lose the connection to the awareness of what we have in recent dictations called the basic humanity. You become so shocked by being here, often by the treatment you have received here, where you have been brutally rejected, often in your very first embodiment on this planet, that you kind of lose the basic humanity in yourself. More than that, you fail to see it in the people on earth. You fail to see the basic humanity, so to speak, in the fallen beings who may have hurt you very brutally. You also fail to see it in the average population on earth, because you see how many of them are not growing, they are not willing to grow.

You need to recognize here a very, very important dynamic, which is that many, in fact most, of the lifestreams who have come to earth from more highly evolved planets have gone into what we can term a negative frame of mind. You have become very critical of the earth, you have a sense that perhaps the matter universe itself is the enemy of your spiritual growth, it is somehow dirty, the people on this planet are primitive, societies are primitive. You have often been trapped into this selective criticism where you see specific groups of people as being very negative or backwards, or not growing, and somehow not being worthy of your respect, or your love, or your consideration.

Deceived by Nazism

It may shock you to realize, but it is a fact that, if you look at Nazi Germany, a certain number of these lifestreams who have come from higher planets were seduced by the Nazi ideology of the super race and the need to purify the human race. They actually gave their light to uphold the Nazi machine that ended up precipitating the Holocaust. I am not saying they were prison guards in the concentration camps or pushed people into the gas chambers, but they served at higher levels in the Nazi apparatus. Their light was a factor in helping to extend the lifespan of this war machine that Hitler had created. You can actually see, if you look at some of these lifestreams, even if you look at pictures or video from movies from the time that they had some spiritual light. There were these tall, blond, blue-eyed people who actually had spiritual light but they had been seduced into supporting this Nazi ideology. They thought that, given the low conditions on the earth, and especially the low conditions of some groups of people, perhaps it was time to take drastic measures to raise the earth beyond what they saw as the madness that had overtaken the land.

You need to recognize that when you are in embodiment on earth, and especially when you have descended, not necessarily below the 48th level, but certainly below the 96th level, even though you come from a higher planet, you can still be vulnerable to being pulled into falling in love with an idea, with an ideal. You actually can be seduced into thinking that in order to further this ideal, it is justified to kill certain people that are working against what you see as the ideal for this planet.

My beloved, the call I issue here is that it is time for those of you who have come from natural planets to raise yourself above this illusion once and for all. You can only do this by following the advice that we have given to: 1) Depersonalize your life and your path, and 2) Find what we have called the basic humanity in yourself.

Raising yourself or the whole

Now, why do we call it basic humanity? Some will say why not spiritual identity? Well, it is because there is a time on the spiritual path, as we have said many times, where you need to raise yourself above the downward pull of the mass consciousness. We have attempted to give you a systematic path on the Course of Self-Mastery where you can raise yourself up through the seven rays, from the 48th to the 96th level. We have also said that when you reach the 96th level, you face a specific initiation, and it is whether you will continue to focus on raising yourself or whether you will switch and begin to focus on raising the whole.

How can you make that switch and focus on raising the whole? Well, only by recognizing what we have in other contexts called the Christ consciousness. It is only when you begin to recognize the Christ consciousness in yourself, and when you begin to understand that the Christ consciousness is the connecting link between all life, that you can truly acknowledge why you are here.

You are not here, my beloved, to raise your own consciousness to a much higher level than the other inhabitants of the earth so that you can feel superior to them. You are here to raise the consciousness of the whole. You cannot do this if you use your progress on the path to decide that because you have risen to a certain level of the spiritual path, and because you came from a better world, you are superior to the other inhabitants of earth. You need to discover that element of the Christ consciousness that ties you to all life, including the inhabitants of earth, regardless of the level of consciousness they are in.

This is an element of the Christ consciousness that Jesus described when he said: “Those who have done it unto me, have done it unto the least of these my brethren.” Jesus, when you look at his life, even the fragmentary account in the scriptures, you can see how he did not set himself apart. He did not do what many of the Jews did: feel superior to other people that lived in their land, such as the Samaritans and others. He reached out to all people and that is why we have said that this is the basic humanity.

Avoiding superiority

Now, we have talked about the need that all people discover this basic humanity, that they can begin to cooperate based on trust and based on seeing themselves as equals. What you need to recognize, as the spiritual people, is that you face the same initiation, just in a slightly different way. Your primary challenge is not the same as it is for most people on earth. Your challenge is first of all to avoid feeling superior. How do you do this? Well, partly by locking in to that element of the Christ consciousness that is completely beyond the sense of hierarchy set up by the people on earth.

When you look at earth, you can look back into all of known history and you will see that every society has had this sense of hierarchy. Some are not only in a more powerful position than others, but they are often (at least by themselves, but often also by the people) considered to be in a separate class so they are inherently better, they are inherently superior. Some have even believed they were created that way by God. Unfortunately, many of the people who came from natural planets have been seduced by these thought systems because they have felt that they were more mature, more sophisticated than the inhabitants of this planet. I challenge you to make the distinction that can only be made with the Christ mind, namely that being at a higher level of the path and a higher level of consciousness does not make you superior to those who are at lower levels. In fact, the higher you go toward the 144th level of consciousness, the less superior you feel, the more you feel one with all life and the more you want to raise up all life.

You can only truly meet this challenge if you understand the inner meaning of depersonalizing your life where you are not seeking in any way to reach some kind of position in an earthly hierarchy that makes other people or yourself think you are superior. Neither are you seeking to walk the spiritual path, and perhaps even reach some position in an ascended masters organization, in order to gain recognition from the ascended masters. You understand, my beloved, that the entire concept of a hierarchy is valid in the sense that there is a hierarchy in the ascended realm. But my beloved, the highest ascended being in the hierarchy that is working with this unascended sphere does not feel superior to the unascended beings inhabiting on earth. There is no superiority. There is hierarchy in the sense that there are certain positions that hold a higher office, but there is no value judgement, no sense of superiority associated with that hierarchy.

A false hierarchy

You know very well that the fallen beings are experts at taking certain valid concepts and perverting them. All they needed to do on earth was to take the concept of hierarchy and pervert it with the value judgement of the duality consciousness. This led to two things. One is that those who are at the top of the hierarchy on earth are better than those who are at lower levels. You can even set up the condition seen in Nazi Germany of the Arian race being superior to other races. You can even see in the Soviet Union how some felt that the true communists in the Soviet Union were superior to those in non-communist nations or even in the other Soviet Republics. You see many, many examples of this, both today and in history. My beloved, do you seriously believe that this consciousness can survive in the Golden age? It cannot.

The other aspect of this consciousness is that once you have established the hierarchy, those who are at the top can never be questioned or gainsaid by those who are below them in rank. Of course, this is what has led to these truly insane situations where, for example, if you look at the life of Adolf Hitler, you will see how he in many cases, deliberately ignored the advice of his generals who told him how the war was actually going. He believed they were far too negative and limited and that his armies were able to do what his generals considered to be impossible. In the beginning of the war, this actually happened in several cases. The army generals had assessed that certain things could not be done, but Hitler gave the order to go ahead and it happened anyway. He lulled himself into this consciousness of feeling that he never needed to listen to the advice of others and he did not need to know what was actually happening on the battlefields because it was enough for him to go within and get the vision of what should happen, and then he would decree that and it would happen. Of course, you all know that it came a point when he had simply run out of forward momentum and everything starting collapsing. Instead of acknowledging this and making the necessary adjustments, he kept going in the same direction, which magnified the level of catastrophe that actually took place.

The challenge of the Piscean age

My beloved, you need to recognize here that we of the ascended masters do not want to set up this kind of hierarchy on earth. You may then ask yourself why there have been several ascended master organizations who had precisely this kind of hierarchy? Well, because, again, we have to work with the level of the collective consciousness and we have to work with the level of those who are at higher levels and have more of the potential to follow our teachings. Who was it that gave the example that said: “Inasmuch you have done it unto me the least of these my brethren, you have done it onto me.” Well, it was Jesus and Jesus was the one who inaugurated the Piscean age. What was the challenge that needed to be met at the end of the Piscean age? It was precisely to overcome this state of consciousness, this sense of superiority, the sense of rank, but discover the basic humanity that ties you to all people.

There unfortunately came a point in 1900’s where we recognized it was time to release a more direct teaching from the ascended level and we got the dispensation to anoint messengers and give direct dictations. We also recognized that the consciousness of the students in general, those who have the potential to follow our teachings, was simply not at a level where they had passed that initiation during the Piscean age. Many of them were not ready to pass that initiation because they were still so trapped in this need to feel that they were doing something important. We always face this dilemma that we want to appeal to a certain group of people by giving them a teaching that can take them higher, but in order to do so, we have to make a realistic assessment of their present level of consciousness.

We have to look at what exactly motivates them, and then we have to give them something that appeals to that motivation—in order to get them to even accept the teachings and start the path that we are offering. We had to give people teachings that contained the necessary keys that would help them transcend that level of consciousness, but they still contained certain elements that appeal to this motivation of feeling that they were doing something very important to improve planet earth.

Stepping up to a higher motivation

What I am saying is that now for a number of years through this messenger we have given a higher level of teaching on duality, on the epic mindset, on the ego, and overcoming the inferiority-superiority dynamic. It truly is my call, that I am sending to all of lifestreams who came to earth from a higher planet, that it is time to awaken and get over this initiation, get over this hump and step up to a higher motivation. You are not seeking to walk the spiritual path or follow a certain spiritual teaching or practice in order to raise yourself up, to make yourself feel better than others, or to reinforce the sense you already have, or in order to make yourself feel that you are among the few who are saving the planet and doing something important for the ascended masters. You recognize that it is time to simply step beyond that level of consciousness and to acknowledge fully that this is not why you are here. Therefore, you need to do what we have given you the tools and the teachings to do: to go back and look at that initial birth trauma that you were exposed to when you took embodiment on this earth and were shocked by the conditions here.

You need to recognize that ever since then, you have maintained a certain attitude toward this planet of being critical, of feeling that this is a low planet, that the inhabitants here are far below you, that they are not really worthy to receive your light and your love, and perhaps even that the matter realm is an enemy of your spiritual growth. You may have developed a desire to just get out of here, and it is time to recognize, my beloved, that you came to earth to make a positive difference, but you cannot make a positive difference while you are in a negative state of mind. You cannot make a positive difference on earth if you have a negative attitude to planet earth and the people on it.

You need to recognize that it is time, it is high time, to step beyond this entire consciousness and get to the point where you have looked at your personal motivation for walking the spiritual path. You have seen where it contains elements of negativity, elements of wanting to raise yourself up, or elements of just wanting to get out of here. You need to recognize, my beloved, a simple fact, which other masters have said before, that until you are at peace with being on this planet, until you fully accept yourself as being on this planet, and until you can feel good about being on this planet, you will not get out of here.

Thinking the laws do not apply to you

There are some of you, my beloved, who have a very subtle and often unrecognized sense that because you came from a natural planet, where the laws of nature so to speak, even the spiritual laws are different, then, even though you are now in embodiment on an unnatural planet, you should not be subject to the laws that apply here. You think that you should be able to come here and not have your garments soiled, and not have to face the consequences of your choices, not be held accountable for your reactions. My beloved, when you chose to come here, you knew full well that the moment you took embodiment, you would become subject to the laws that apply on this planet and you would face the same initiations as anyone else, and you would have to do exactly the same as anyone else in order to raise your consciousness and qualify for your ascension.

Get out of this dream, that some of you have, that you may find some shortcut, some magical formula where you can suddenly escape having to walk the path like anyone else. Get rid of it. It does not serve you, and it does not serve the cause that brought you here. Recognize the fact, my beloved, that the fallen beings have set up a very specific state on this planet. We have taught about the duality consciousness and the epic mindset, but I wish to give you an even deeper teaching on this, because some of you are ready for it.

How to go beyond duality

I have said that fallen beings always want to set up a hierarchy and put themselves on top so they are untouchables, cannot be gainsaid or challenged by those below them. Of course, they cannot be challenged or gainsaid by anyone above them because they have attempted to shut off all the knowledge of ascended masters on this planet. What they have actually done is to use the duality consciousness to create certain very subtle concepts. What the fallen beings would like to do on this planet is to set themselves up so that they are invincible, they are invulnerable. Now, you may think that there is some validity to this concept in a sense that, surely, Archangel Michael is invincible, he is invulnerable. But he is not invincible in a dualistic way, he is invincible because he is beyond duality. The question is: “How do you get beyond duality?”

I said earlier that some of the people who came to earth on a rescue mission were seduced by Nazism and this ideology of the superior race. Well, one way to seek to raise yourself above the misery, the conflict, the struggle, the suffering on this planet is to try to make yourself invincible. Many of the more advanced lifestreams that came here have been seduced into thinking that they should use their spiritual attainment and the power to try to set themselves up so that they were invincible. Some have been seduced by some warrior tradition, thinking they should be invincible warriors, others have attempted to do it in other ways. Some have even attempted to use the path of the ascended masters and the teachings to set themselves up to where they could be invincible. My beloved, the goal of the path of Christhood is not to become invincible in a dualistic way. Was Jesus invincible? Well, if he had been, why was he crucified?

You have to recognize that, when you are on a planet with duality, there are stages of the spiritual path. You grow, not by only pulling yourself away from duality. We have talked about an immersion phase and an awakening phase. You recognize that, while you are in the immersion phase, you are not only going down in the level of consciousness, you can also go up, but the way you go up is by experiencing these extreme contrasts that you find on earth. For some people, they have spent several lifetimes pursuing this goal of invincibility or superiority. They have attempted to make themselves invincible or put themselves in a certain station in an earthly hierarchy were they seem superior, but this can become a trap that is very difficult to break out of. How can people break out of it if they are not willing to do this consciously, if they are not willing to see the illusions of superiority and invincibility? Well, they have to experience a number of lifetimes where they are in the opposite extreme of being completely vulnerable and completely inferior. That is actually one of the reasons why this planet precipitated the phenomenon of slavery.

Many times, you would see, for example in Roman society, that a soul has been for several lifetimes at the top of Roman hierarchy but then, suddenly, it went down and now embodied as a slave for several lifetimes. By experiencing both of these extreme contrasts on the planet, this eventually caused some lifestreams to recognize in themselves what we have called the basic humanity. They recognized that whether you are in a high position or in a low position, whether you are ultimately invulnerable or ultimately vulnerable, there was still a part of you that did not change. There was a part of you that was real, and that would continue growing regardless of the outer situations you are in. These lifestreams began to, so to speak, depersonalize the extremes that you see on earth. They started to stop identifying themselves with this earthly spectacle and that is how they found more, what Gautama called the middle way that is so directed by the contrast. That is what has caused all of you to come to the point to be open to an ascended master teaching. What I am giving you now is simply the challenge to step up to a higher level of that teaching by seeing in yourself how you have, as a normal unavoidable part of your growth, had to go from these extremes.

It is now time to transcend them, to recognize, my beloved, that there is no ultimate security in being invulnerable on earth, nor is there any ultimate humiliation in being completely vulnerable. You come to a point where you recognize that compared to the ongoingness of your own being, to the basic humanity or the Christ mind in your being, all of these outer conditions do not matter. And if they do not matter, why do you have to continue to walk the path of the ascended masters by being motivated by this need to feel superior, to feel better, to feel you have some kind of important rank or mission?

A higher motivation for walking the path

Now, some will say: “But how can we then be motivated to walk the path when we don’t have a sense that we are doing something important to save the earth or bring the golden age?” Well, my beloved, you can be motivated out of love—for that is what motivated you to come here. Reconnect to the original motivation that brought you here, and then you will be able to find an entirely new motivation for walking the path, and you will not be pulled here and there by these extremes. You will not, for example, be pulled into these negative prophecies, thinking that you have to put your attention upon them.

You will find a more steady progression, a more steady growth, and it will be an adjustment for you because many times you will not have the extreme experiences that some of you had on the path. There are lower levels of the path where you can have these, what people called “peak experiences,” and many students have actually become trapped into a form of addiction, of seeking higher and higher peak experiences. You only have a peak when you have a valley, and you only have a high experience when you have the contrast of a low experience. When you find the true middle way, you go beyond the pairs, the extremes, and so you have less and less contrast on your path.

In the beginning, this will be confusing to you, but as you continue to work with the teachings we have given you, you can come to a point where you transcend it and you have no need to have this old motivation, this old sense of being important. You are being who you are, you are doing what you are doing, out of a love-based motivation.

Infinite and unconditional patience

This also means that you develop something that many spiritual students fail to develop, namely infinite, unconditional patience. Many of you have felt a certain urgency to push hard on your personal path. Again, this is valid for a time because you need to raise yourself above the pull of the mass consciousness. There comes a time, my beloved, where you need to go beyond this. You are not seeking to set all of these goals, or set goals for what should happen on a planetary level, when a certain condition should change. Some of you, have gotten so preoccupied with your self-importance that you think that, if you give a large amount of invocations and decrees for a certain time, then the planet should change or specific nations should change. If they do not, you become disappointed, you start doubting whether the teachings work, and all these kind of things. You can transcend all of that and realize you are here to continue to raise your consciousness, to do what you feel prompted to do from within, and you are non-attached to the physical results. You rejoice when you see them, but you are not dissatisfied or angry or in doubt if you do not see them because you realize you must work within the constraints of free will, as we of the ascended masters do.

My beloved, it was a long time ago that I came to this earth. If I had had the impatience that many of you have, I would have destroyed myself psychologically long, long ago by the lack of progress on this planet. We of the ascended masters take an entirely different view. As we have said recently, our goal is not to produce specific outer changes, but to raise the collective consciousness. This can only be done by working with people so that they come to the point where they can make a free, conscious choice to come up higher.

This is our goal. Our goal is not to manifest these outer changes that so many spiritual students become attached to. When you can step beyond these things, that often pull you into this negative, critical state of mind, you can find peace with being on this planet. You can accept being on this planet. You can accept this planet for what it is, not that you are required to maintain its current state, but you accept it for what it is: an educational institution for the lifestreams that are here. You can respect what we have told you about free will and accept how it works. Therefore, you can come to the point where you are at peace with being here, and you can allow yourself to feel good about being a human being in embodiment. Not being beyond the laws of this planet, but being one with the people, identifying at the level of the Christ mind with them, seeing their basic humanity, and seeking to always raise it up.

This, my beloved, was my gift for today. As I said, it is a multi-faceted message that truly bears studying many, many times in order to extract the full value that is often half-way hidden between the words. Read between the lines. Connect to my Being beyond the words and I will give you, as you are willing, what could not be embedded in the words—at least, not at the level where your outer mind can grasp it for the words alone. Thus, I thank you for again being the electrodes for radiating this into the collective consciousness. Make sure that you are not always looking at how those other people out there need to change. This was a dictation that put a mirror in front of you and said: Now look at how YOU need to change.


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