A higher form of democracy in America

TOPICS: A greater release of the Freedom Flame – A release of the violet flame – Intolerance as a tool for fallen beings – The key to ending intolerance – The elitist mindset in America – A more direct form of democracy – Misguided patriotism – A shift in the American mindset – 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 18, 2015, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given during a conference in Los Angeles.

I AM FREEDOM! And I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, the primary sponsor of this nation of the United States of America.

Of course, the nation that you see today is not the one I sponsored so long ago, but then again, what I sponsored so long ago was what could be manifested at the time. Therefore, it was never meant to be the final solution, for there is, of course, no final matrix for America. America is a process, it is not a result, it is not a static state. It is an ever-self-transcending state, a mindset of wanting to go beyond boundaries, wanting to find greater and greater freedom and manifest a higher and higher level of the Golden Age matrix of Saint Germain that I am.

A greater release of the Freedom Flame

I bring it to this planet, not only for America but for all nations on earth that are willing to transcend themselves and the former mindset that shall not stand in the light of Saint Germain in the Aquarian Age. I am here to manifest this moment and forward my Presence in a greater manifestation than before. Therefore, I am releasing a greater intensity of the Freedom Flame than has ever been released on this planet before and drawing a line in the sand that is saying: “Thus far and no farther.” These manifestations of intolerance that you have made the call for shall be consumed this moment in a greater manifestation than has ever been possible before.

America, the United States of America, the United States of America, is meant to be a country united: one nation under God whereby the people of America all see themselves as the sons and daughters of God. How can there be unity, how can there be one nation under God, when there is such intolerance against those who are different from oneself? Whatever the outer excuse is for creating intolerance and manifesting this state, this mindset of intolerance, it is directly un-American. If you want to call it unpatriotic, it is certainly unpatriotic, which means that most of those who call themselves patriots are greatly unpatriotic, for they are more intolerant than almost any other people in America.

I tell you, my beloved, they do not capture the Freedom Flame of Saint Germain by their hollow rhetoric and their hoarding of their guns and ammunition. For this nation may have been built by the use of guns, but it will not enter the Golden Age by the use of guns, bombs or any other kind of force-based device. The Golden Age, even though I may sound forceful, is not going to be manifest by force. It is going to be manifest by the power of God that is beyond force, and I am indeed beyond force, but I am not beyond power. How can you be free unless you have the power of God flowing through you to consume the forces of anti-love and anti-freedom, which would tie you down in a certain matrix and therefore seek to maintain their illusions over time? They shall not stand!

A release of the violet flame

I, Saint Germain, have come to clean up this nation in a greater release of the violet flame than ever before. I ask you to visualize now the continent of North America, where you know there are four flyways where the birds migrate North and South in spring and fall. You know that some of these birds migrate through Central America into South America, so I ask you to visualize these lines going from the North Pole along these flyways down to the North American continent, through Central America, through South America, where they spread out again, and then to the South Pole. Then I ask you to visualize that I am standing on the North Pole and Portia is standing on the South Pole. Therefore, there is a figure-eight flow between us, flowing along these four flyways, these four energy currents, that have been created over thousands of years by the migrations of the birds, which are truly in many ways a more pure expression of the light of God than many other things manifest by man.

I ask you to visualize this push-pull, this figure-eight flow of the violet flame. I ask you, if you are willing, to open your chakras to the release of this into the physical octave right here, not only in California, but on the entire North American continent, the entire American continent, and flowing around the globe in this release of violet flame that truly brings out joy. What do you hear when the birds are singing in the spring? Do you not hear the pure joy of the birds rejoicing at the rising of the sun in the morning and the release of prana in the air? They start singing out of pure joy, as you have been singing out of pure joy when you gave this invocation and this decree. Truly, the word of God, the spoken word, released in joy, makes all matter sing. So let it sing, let it sing, let it sing. Let it sing with the Freedom Flame of Saint Germain.

Intolerance as a tool for fallen beings

Truly, intolerance started with the fallen beings, which were intolerant of God the Creator. Since they fell into an unascended sphere, and therefore realized they could not truly reach God, they then turned their intolerance to the sons and daughters of God. Anyone who had light, more light than they had, was subjected to and became the target of their intolerance. It is truly not that they are intolerant of the outer groups. The fallen beings are not intolerant of people with dark skin, red skin or yellow skin. They are intolerant of those who embody light. Therefore, they attempt to create division and put down certain groups of people that can be set apart by outer characteristics. They are not trying to put down black Americans. They are trying to put down those lifestreams that embody in a body with dark skin and who have the potential to manifest Christhood.

They, of course, are also, in a certain sense, putting down white people because white people have come from certain nationalities, so they attempt to put down those. Or they attempt to put down women, or they attempt to put down poor people, those who do not have an education, who do not belong to a particular religion. You see, my beloved, once you allow the mindset of intolerance in a nation, there is no one who is free from being the target of intolerance. When you allow a nation to be taken over by this mindset of intolerance, you all become the targets of it, even those who think they are superior or exempt because they belong to this or that elite group. They are still, in a certain sense, the target of intolerance by someone.

Do you not see that this has created a downward spiral in this nation? It was meant to be the gathering place of people from all around the globe, from all kinds of backgrounds, in order to demonstrate—what? That outer differences do not matter when you have the recognition in your hearts that you are the sons and daughters of God. The fallen beings are always divided within themselves and amongst themselves. Why do you think they have not taken over this planet? Because they cannot come together in true unity. The sons and daughters of God can do this, and the fallen beings will do anything in their power to prevent this coming together in unity by making you intolerant of each other, based on some outer excuse that they make you believe is so important and is somehow blocking whatever the goal may be.

The key to ending intolerance

Do you not see, my beloved, that there are many groups in America, and elsewhere, who may have a valid vision of what should be manifest? They are led astray into thinking that, in order to manifest a worthy goal, they have to fight against, or at least judge and condemn, a certain other group of people, for they are the ones who are standing between them and the manifestation of their goal. This is, of course, pure illusion, for if you are a co-creator with God, then what you really need in order to manifest your goal is the power of God flowing through you. There is no being on earth, no force on earth, no government on earth, no organization on earth, that can prevent you from going within your heart and developing your heart tie to your I AM Presence. Therefore, you do not need to put down or exterminate any other group of people in order to manifest your co-creative goal and express your abilities. You need to go within.

If you are not willing to go within and take responsibility for going within and looking at your own psychology, then you fall into the trap of the fallen beings of thinking that the problem is out there in these other people. They are the ones who need to be changed so that your goal can be manifest. What nonsense! What utter nonsense! I, Saint Germain, I am here to challenge it. I do challenge it by releasing the violet flame in a greater measure, for truly this violet flame release will make matter sing. When matter sings, that singing, that cosmic hum, expressed even through the atoms and molecules of the matter that make up the land and the physical bodies of the people, will challenge the mindset of the fallen beings.

When you hear that matter is singing everywhere – and it does not matter whether it is a white, red, black, pink, yellow or a polka-dotted body – they are still singing with the same tune. Therefore, you know that it is the singing, that is beyond, which matters and is the foundation of unity. The outer differences simply do not matter. They are not a source of conflict or division because you actually come to the point where you rejoice in each others differences.

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