A Healing Exercise in Divine Love

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Ascended Master Presence of Love through Kim Michaels, June 2, 2017. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Presence of Love. You may have noticed that when you receive a dictation from the ascended masters, they often present themselves as: I AM the Ascended Master so-and-so. I am naturally a Being in the ascended realm, but I choose not to present myself as an ascended master, for I have not ascended from earth or even from the sphere in which you exist. I ascended in a previous sphere and therefore, I hold a higher position in the cosmic hierarchy than any of the ascended masters that you have so far heard from.

This is to let you know where I am in the cosmic hierarchy. It gives you the understanding that, as part of what we have called progressive revelation, there can come those points where a particular dispensation, where the ascended masters who have released light on earth, can reach a level where the students of that dispensation have been willing to study and apply the teaching to the point where they can receive a teaching from a higher level of the cosmic hierarchy than has been released before on earth.

I come in recognition of the fact that so many people have taken the teachings that have been given in this dispensation about non-duality and duality, about the epic mindset, about the ego, and about love and unconditional and conditional love. I come in recognition of the fact that enough people have applied these teachings, have sincerely looked at themselves, looked at the conditions they have, and struggled with what all ascended beings go through: struggling to come to see what is what, what is real, what is unreal, what is the ego, what is not the ego. All of these questions that it is natural for beings to have, especially on a planet as dark as earth.

What is anti-love?

Why is the earth so dark? Well, in large part because it has been so affected by anti-love. Now, my beloved, what is anti-love? In a sense, we could say that here we hit against the limitations of earth, the limitations that this planet has such a low level of consciousness that even words have become charged with duality, infused with duality. When you hear the word “anti-love,” you think that anti-love must be in opposition to love.

Of course, there can be no opposition to real love. It has no opposite. This is one of the illusions that the ascended masters have taught you. It is brought about by the fallen beings who seek to define an opposite to love and then they say that the opposite is anti-love but “love” is love, is real love. Of course, in defining an opposite, you are not defining one opposite; you are defining two. What most people, the vast majority of people on earth, call love, is not Divine love. It is the opposite of anti-love and both have been defined by the dualistic mindset and the fallen beings.

What I come to give you is not just a teaching, but also a tool and an exercise whereby I will offer my assistance to anyone who gives this exercise, who listens to this dictation, reads it, applies the exercise. I will be there with you anytime you do so, for I am naturally not restricted by time and space. Now, the very purpose of this exercise is to help you shift your mind so that you come to be free of one of the major issues that people on earth face. This is a complex issue, but it all revolves around the love from God the Father.

The father image of God

Many of you have grown up in the West where God has been portrayed as being exclusively male, a man, often an old man, often an angry, judgmental man sitting on a throne in the sky, willing to condemn you to an eternity of torment in hell if you do not obey his commands. Is it possible to love such a God with all your heart, mind and soul? Well, there are those, for example in the Christian movement, who claim that you should be able to love this God, and if you cannot, he may send you to hell.

They are not willing to recognize that the image of God that they have taken over was not given to them by Jesus. It came from the fallen beings who defined the image of the angry, judgmental God in the sky simply as a means to get people on earth to obey them. People were so afraid of being punished by the angry God that they were willing to follow the fallen beings in embodiment and even those in the three higher realms. So you have a completely false image of God.

What is the reality, my beloved? We have, for example in this magnificent invocation you have just given, the concept of God the Father and God the Mother [Invocation for Loving Yourself, available on www.transcendencetoolbox.com]. As the ascended masters have explained to you, God the Father is the Creator, the Being who created this world of form. Therefore, as the Creator, as the one out of which the entire world of form sprang, as the one who has embedded its Being in the entire world of form, this is the active principle in the sense that it was the Creator who started the entire world of form. Therefore, when you apply the feminine/masculine polarity, which is what people can fathom on earth, then God the Creator is the father principle.

A realistic view of God

Does the Creator love you? Well, first of all, you need to recognize that the Creator is not the God of official Christianity, of Judaism or of Islam. Nor is it truly the God of any other religion, including the Hindu Brahma. They are all seen as these remote gods. Is God remote? Is there a place in the highest realm where the Creator sits on a white throne, looking down upon its creation from on high? There is not, my beloved. How could there be? I am the Presence of Love. I am existing in a sphere that is higher than not only earth, but any aspect of this material universe or the four realms of this sphere in which you live. I can tell you that from my perspective, there is a vast distance in vibration between the earth and the place where I normally reside, or rather the sphere where I reside. From where I reside to the Creator, there is an even greater distance.

Where I go with this is to give you, not the sense that the Creator is so remote from you, but to give you the realistic assessment that earth is a planet with a very low level of collective consciousness compared to the vibration of the Creator. Therefore, if the Creator’s light was to be focused on earth, it is not simply that the earth would be blown apart by the intensity of the light. It is that matter itself, the very atoms and molecules of the earth, would be annihilated because it would be raised in vibration instantly. All of the matrices that have been put upon the Mother light in order to create the earth in its present form, would be obliterated in an instant and the light would be freed.

You understand that the Creator cannot manifest itself on earth. This means that you need to come to the realistic assessment that there is absolutely no image that you could ever create on earth that gives you an adequate or an accurate depiction of the Creator. That is why I say, my beloved, that there is no place where the Creator sits in a discernible form. The Creator is the originator of form and, as such, either has no form or has every form. You see the difficulty in taking the linear mindset on earth and wanting to apply it to the Creator.

You sense that there is something higher than the earth. People have projected that there must be some kind of progression, and this progression must end up in some highest point, like you see in a pyramid. There is a point, a single point at the top, and that must be where the Creator sits, then, and looks down on everything below it. In reality, these are just images that is all that you can fathom with the linear mindset that dominates earth. They have no bearing on the Creator, whatsoever. What I ask you to contemplate, not simply now but in general, is that the Creator has no specific form and there is no form on earth whatsoever that can in any way represent the Creator. There is no form you can imagine with the consciousness that you have on earth that could represent the Creator.

The Creator is more than any form

I also ask you to contemplate the enigma, in a sense, that the Creator is the originator of all form. Now, in a sense the Creator, when creating a form, does not become that form, yet the form is created out of the Creator’s Being. The Creator is in the form. It is just that a form must of necessity have limitations in order to be defined, and even though the Creator can create a defined form, this does not mean that the Creator’s Being is limited to that form. Since the Creator is all there is and since the Creator creates everything out of its own Being, then the Creator is the form but is also more than form. It is not defined by the form, even though it has defined the form.

This, my beloved, is the essential principle of creation. You create a form. Your being is in the form but your being is not confined to the form because your being is more. This, my beloved, is also the essential principle of co-creation where you are individual lifestreams created out of the Creator’s Being. Even though you were not created directly by the Creator, you have come out of a lineage that all comes from the One Mind of the Creator. That is why we say that you are co-creating because you are co-creating within the sphere defined by the Creator. Still, though you are co-creating, the principle applies to your co-creation.

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