A golden-age view of what it means to be President

TOPICS: The need for the president to surrender – Why we are not anchoring a flame in the White House – Will the United States be an empire or an example? – How to manipulate the President – The President is not God – You cannot have a Reactionary president –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, February 13, 2011 through Kim Michaels. Outside the White House, Washington, D.C.

Gautama I AM, and I come to seal this series of dictations and the releases of light, that we have brought forth here in Washington, D.C., and even far East of here in part of the former Soviet Union. Thus, I come to give you the answer to a question, that some of you might have formed in your minds, as you read or listened to this series of dictations here in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. For you have heard us give releases at the Lincoln Memorial, at the Jefferson Monument, at the Federal Reserve, at the Washington Monument, at the National Archives, at the Capitol Building and at the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. Yet if you are somewhat familiar with the layout of Washington, D.C., you might have wondered why we passed by one location, that seems like it should have been included on the list.

We have anchored the light, that will help this nation transform itself to a higher level, in many of the important locations in the Capitol, but we have not anchored the light in what some would argue is the most important location of all, namely the White House. And so, you might think, that I am here to anchor the light in the White House for this release, which is given outside of the President’s residence. Nevertheless, I am not here to anchor a flame, as we have done in the other locations. Yet, I am here to explain why we are not anchoring a flame in the White House.

The need for the president to surrender

It is indeed for several reasons, but one of them is, as Godfre has so eloquently explained, that when you are President of the United States, the only way to be successful is to recognize, that you cannot govern this nation out of your own power. And thus, you must come to that point of absolute and total surrender to a Higher Power, as you see it. Whether you see it as this God or that God, or your higher self, or the Great Architect of the Universe or whatever you will want to call this Higher Power, you need to surrender your human ambition, your human expectations, your human pride, that makes you think that you have – somehow – the capacity to run this large and complex nation. A capacity that sets you above most other people.

This is, of course, one of the lies, that is easily believed in, once you have been sworn in, and it dawns on you, that you are now the holder of what many label as “the most powerful office in the world.” And you might even think you are the most powerful man in the world, as some have thought—and as many among the people would like to think, that their President truly is. And so, it is easy – if you have any kind of personal pride – to come to believe in this. And of course, if you had no personal ambition, why would you even aspire to the office, given how conditions are today with the political machinery in the United States? For quite frankly, would anyone who had Buddhic attainment, or even Christ attainment, want to put himself through the political machinery of these United States in this age?

Well, surely, he would not want to, but he might do so, if the people had reached a level of consciousness, where they were able to recognize such a candidate. This, of course, has not yet happened. And thus, what you see is, that the people who are attracted to run for office – and who are willing to set aside their lives and give up their privacy forever – are those who have an ambition. And with ambition, of course, comes pride. For when you achieve your ambition, there will be a sense of pride. You will see this in every President. When you look back through the ages, there are very few who have not had this pride.

You will see it in the current President, if you look honestly at his demeanor, at his facial expressions, you will see a certain pride. This is not to say, that the current President is worse than so many others that you have seen. I am simply pointing out that it, so to speak, goes with the territory. And of course, this pride is precisely what makes you think, that you have the ability to govern. And this is, therefore, also what blocks you from achieving that total surrender, where you are willing to throw yourself on your knees and give up all human, worldly ambitions and expectations and graven images, and simply say to the Higher Power as you see it: “Show me the way to go, show me how you would act in this situation.” This was what Abraham Lincoln was willing to do. It was what George Washington was willing to do. It was what Thomas Jefferson was not willing to do. And of course, many other Presidents have not been willing to do so either.

Why we are not anchoring a flame in the White House

Yet, it is precisely this inability or unwillingness to go through this total humility of the complete surrender, that is the reason why we are not anchoring a flame in the White House. For once we anchor a flame, all who pass through the flame will experience the light. For some it will flush out their darkness, for others it will inspire and uplift them, but there will be an effect.

Thus, what we want for the White House is, that as long as the President thinks he has the power to govern, then he must be left alone, so that he does not receive the light or the sponsorship from Above as an automatic grant. But he only receives it the moment he humbles himself, surrenders, and asks for assistance from Above. When he comes to that point, the assistance will be given in full measure. But until that point, he will literally be on his own, or on the power of those around him. And so, you see that there will be a horizontal form of government, until there is the willingness to reach up for that vertical assistance from Above; until there is a willingness to be the open door, the clear pane of glass, so that you can be “here below as Above.”

And this, of course, is another aspect of what you need to achieve as President, again as Godfre talked about: the practical realism. Well, when you have the personal ambition, you also have – inevitably – a personal value judgment based on a relative dualistic standard. For your ambition is to raise yourself to a certain status, and that can only be done according to a dualistic value judgment.

When you have this pride, you are likely to be deceived into doing things, that you think will be good according to your personal ambition—which might be to leave a certain legacy. And thus, you are likely to be deceived into pursuing goals that are simply not realistic from a practical viewpoint, because they cannot be achieved, they cannot be manifested, given the state of the collective consciousness and the practical situation that you face as President. And this is, then, when you become overly idealistic, wanting to hold on to the mental structure in your mind, the mental image, and wanting, with all the power available to you as President, to force the nation, and even the world, to fit into your mental box.

And thus, you lose the practical realism of what is the highest good for the highest number in the given situation. And you will not acknowledge what the given situation truly is, for you want the situation to live up to your ideal, to your mental image. And in your pride, you will not listen to the advisors around you, or to the media, or to the people, or to foreign heads of state, who tell you that your goal, while noble, simply is not realistic. And this is another trap of the Office of President of the United States.

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