A New Type of Spiritual Community

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

If you look at the spiritual and religious movements on this planet, you will see that many of them have been destroyed by internal conflicts. Those that have not been destroyed by internal conflicts have, in most cases, not been destroyed because they were taken over by a group of people with such strong egos and opinions that they established a rigid doctrine, a rigid set of rituals and a rigid culture that no one could dare question.

The fate of most spiritual and religious movements on this planet has been either death or rigidity. There is only a very few examples of spiritual movements who have escaped this for any length of time. Certainly, they are there as bright lights shining in the darkness that covers the earth—the darkness that exists only in the minds and energy fields of human beings.

A new type of spiritual movement

Jesus came to set the stage for the emergence of an entirely new spiritual movement that was nothing like the rigid religion whose representatives challenged and eventually killed him. This is a movement where the human ego cannot gain control, cannot play its games, cannot outplay its dramas—for the Holy Spirit flowing through the people will expose it for what it is.

This was the seed also planted by the Buddha in his attempt to create a Sangha that would sustain the onslaught of the demons of Mara, working through the egos of the very members who claim to be the representatives of the Buddha or the students of the Buddha. Even Buddhism was split into many factions, as so often happens when you have the emergence of a power elite. Then comes the emergence of a counter elite, and the struggle between them causes them to go their separate ways, some creating a new offshoot of the old movement, now claiming this is the only right one—whereas the old one still claims to be the only right one.

This, of course, cannot be the true Sangha of the Buddha, for there is something unresolved here. There is an attachment to a particular expression of the Buddha’s teachings, as so many Christians display a clear attachment to the teachings of Christ. Many Muslims display an attachment to a particular interpretation of the teachings brought forth through Mohammed, as Shiites, as Sunnis, or whatever shading it might be.

What we see in the spiritual seekers of this age is the potential to bring our quest to fruition. You can bring forth not simply a spiritual movement that sees itself as different from all those other spiritual movements that are rigid and where the ego runs rampant, thinking that you are ego free or you are better. No, we look to you to have the potential to create and to express an entirely new approach to spirituality where you do not allow yourselves to enter into that state of clearly defining your movement and your culture, feeling this is who we are as opposed to those outside.

You do not allow the ego to play that game of separation and superiority. You allow yourselves to be ever open to the flow from Above, through whomever the Holy Spirit may blow. You make sure, of course, that you have the discernment of what is the Holy Spirit, and what is simply someone outplaying their drama, claiming to have the authority of the ascended masters or the authority of the Holy Spirit in order to get attention—or control.

No community without communication

If you are to be successful in manifesting and maintaining such a movement, such a culture, you must – if you are willing – consider the teachings we have given in this book. You must come to the point, spoken of by Saint Germain, of being free to speak out when there is something that you know is not right, so that the ego cannot hide, so that the illusions cannot remain in the dark where no one can see them for what they are.

This does not mean that you all have to be perfect. On the contrary, it means that all should be free to express themselves at their present level of consciousness—and to then be lovingly shown that the way they look at things might have a slight coloring of some belief in their personal database that is not quite the highest truth, the highest reality, the highest perspective.

This kind of community is precisely what the Buddha established on earth when he was physically present. He created the Sangha as a sphere set apart where the demons of Mara could not run rampant. Those who entered that sphere – that sacred sphere – had an opportunity to see that there is an alternative to the consciousness of the world—to the Sea of Samsara, the sea of suffering. Likewise, Jesus established the same circle with his disciples and others that came in closer contact with him—although some of his disciples could not maintain it, but only had it for brief moments and then lapsed back into their old patterns. Surely, you will see the same today where some of you come to a realization, and you actually see your drama. Then you go back and sleep on it, and come back, and now you are right back in the drama as if nothing had happened.

I desire all of you to see that when you come to the point where you are free, then this does not matter. Even if people outplay their dramas, you will simply refuse to play along with it. If you keep doing this and stay out of the drama, people will either be transformed, or they will find somewhere else where people are more receptive to their dramas. After all, if they do not get what they want from you, then why would they keep trying?

They might leave being very negative, projecting upon you that you are unkind, you are unloving, you are not spiritual, you are not this, or you are not that. Again, if you are free, it will not faze you, for you know that you have not been the doer, you have allowed the greater power to stream through you in an attempt – as an expression of God’s unconditional love – to awaken those people. You bow to the Law of Free Will that says they have a right to respond in any way they desire.


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