25. Jesus’ original comments about the book

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 20, 2002 through Kim Michaels

NOTE: The book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus was originally published as The Christ Is Born in You. The original book contained the following chapter which is not included in the latest version.

Kim Michaels’ comments: (Jesus’ words below)

I understand that you might have questions about who I am and what kind of a person I am. Yet, I hope you will not focus your attention on the messenger. Please do not let the messenger obscure the message, and please do not let the outer message obscure the spiritual being who is releasing the message. What matters here is Jesus and your personal relationship to Jesus. In that respect, I am truly of no significance. I would like to address the following question: “How does a person get to a point in his life where he is willing to publish a book and claim that the contents of that book came from the real Jesus Christ?” I am sure you realize that such a claim will immediately make a person the target of at least two groups of people. One group is the orthodox Christians who feel that they have a monopoly on Christ, perhaps even a monopoly on God. To these people, a person who claims to be the messenger of Jesus Christ is guilty of blasphemy. The other group of people are the skeptics and the scientific materialists who feel that they have a monopoly on the material universe and that there is nothing beyond that universe. To these people, a person who claims to be a messenger of Jesus Christ is simply insane. Why would I run the risk of being labeled as a blasphemer, an insane person or both?

If you think about this, you might realize that in order to publish a book such as this one, a person must reach a certain inner resolution and inner peace. You must come to a point where you are not concerned about the outer reactions. You simply do what you do as a natural extension of who you are. How did I personally arrived at that point? Let me give you a brief overview. I was born in Denmark in 1957. From an outer perspective, I had a very easy and harmonious childhood. I had wonderful parents, and I did not encounter any traumatic events during my childhood. However, from an inner perspective I had a difficult childhood.

From as far back as I can remember, I sensed that there was a divine presence, a divine being, who was always with me. I did not see this presence, and I did not hear voices speak to me. I simply sensed the presence with me. However, this sensitivity also made me aware that there were dark energies and dark beings around me. I knew that these beings could not truly harm me, but because I did not understand what was going on, I was still afraid of these beings and forces. Therefore, my childhood was deeply affected by the fact that I am sensitive to both light and darkness.

One year, my family visited an excavated medieval monastery. As I walked around and looked at the many skeletons that had been excavated, I sensed a very dark energy. I came away from the experience with a deep fear of ghosts and skeletons. For several months, I would literally shake when I saw a picture of a cranium or skeleton. The fear subsided somewhat, but it stayed with me for years.
At the age of 12, I decided it was time to overcome this fear. My school had a collection room with no windows. In the room was the school’s collection of specimens, stuffed animals and a skeleton. Sometimes we were allowed to go into the collection room during recess.

One day, I decided that this was it. As the teacher called us out of the room, I hid behind a cabinet. The teacher locked the door and turned off the light from the outside. I was now locked in a room that was in total darkness and that contained a skeleton. I walked around in the room, and felt my way to the skeleton. I stood there for a moment, and then I felt as if a great weight was lifted from me. My fear of ghosts and skeletons was gone.

This experience taught me an important lesson. In reality, all fear is based on an illusion. The debilitating effect of fear is that it makes us afraid to take a closer look at what the fear. Therefore, we do not see that the fear springs from illusion. Because we have free will, God cannot take this fear away from us. We must consciously face the fear, come to the realization that the fear is based on an illusion and decide to let go of the decision that caused us to believe in that illusion. If I had not learned that lesson, I would never have developed the courage to publish this book Because I always sensed the presence of a divine being with me, I was a very spiritual child. However, I had no outlets for that spirituality. My parents were not religious and hardly ever went to church. Denmark has a Lutheran state church, but I completely failed to see any kind of spirituality in that church and its version of Christianity.

I decided to follow tradition and go through my confirmation in the church. Twice a week, a local minister would come to our classroom and teach us about the Gospels. The teacher himself seemed to have no spiritual understanding of the mysteries of Christ. He taught a rote outer doctrine, and I saw no spirituality in it. I knew there was something of value in the message of Jesus Christ. However, I could not grasp it with my outer mind.

During my teenage years, I was an unusual child. I did not smoke, I did not drink alcohol, I did not take drugs, I did not listen to rock music and I did not chase girls. Why didn’t I do any of these things? My inner sensitivity clearly told me that these activities would deprive me of light and make me vulnerable to dark forces.

During high-school, we had classes in religion and philosophy. I very much enjoyed the discussions, but I always felt that something was missing. I sensed that if only I could shift my focus a little bit, I would see something that was beyond the material universe. I could not have explained it at the time, but I knew there had to be a spiritual side to life and I knew it had to be possible to connect with it. At the age of 18, I moved away from my parents to go to college. One day, I visited a bookstore, and I felt a very strong intuitive urge to buy the specific book. That book was: “Autobiography of a Yogi” by an Indian spiritual teacher named Paramahansa Yogananda.

Reading that book was a personal revelation. For the first time in my life, I consciously realized why I was different from so many of the people around me. I realized that I am a spiritual seeker. My soul simply could no longer be satisfied with the material world. I needed and wanted something more, and I knew there was something more to be had. The book also made me realize that I am not the only one who feels this way. For thousands of years, spiritual seekers have followed a systematic path to a higher understanding of life. Since reading that book, the spiritual path has been the very center of my life.

A very interesting thing happened while I was reading Yogananda’s book. In the book is a small footnote which states that in the year 553 the teachings on reincarnation were deliberately taken out of Christianity and banned as heresy. At the time, I did not consider myself to be a Christian. Yet, upon reading those words, I felt a very deep inner wrath that I had never before experienced. The very thought that some church Fathers had set themselves up between me and Jesus filled me with wrath. How could these people possibly dare to decide that I was not allowed to know something which Jesus wanted me to know? This was mindboggling to me, and the realization that something might have been taken away from the original teachings of Christ started the healing process that eventually culminated in this book. About a year later, I found a series of books written by Baird T. Spalding and entitled “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.” These book describe how a group of Western scientists traveled to the Himalayan region during the late 1800s. The group met several spiritual masters who performed various miracles and gave spiritual teachings. Several times, a spiritual master, meaning a master who was not in physical embodiment, would appear to the group and teach them. One of these Masters was Jesus. While I was growing up, I never understood the idea that the son of God was killed by human beings and then disappeared. I always knew in my heart that there was something wrong with that story, yet I could not consciously put my finger on what was wrong. When I read Spalding’s books, I suddenly realized what I had sensed in my heart.

I always knew that the son of God had to be a spiritual being. Obviously, human beings cannot kill a spiritual being. Therefore, the spiritual being, whom we call Jesus Christ, could not have disappeared after his crucifixion. He had to be alive somewhere. My question was why Jesus had come into this world, given us a spiritual teaching and then abandoned us. I never felt that was right. In other words, I experienced a conflict between the outer teachings of orthodox Christianity and my inner knowing, and that conflict had caused me to withdraw from Christianity.

Spalding’s books made me realize that Jesus had never really abandoned humankind. Through the ages, Jesus has appeared to many people and he has attempted to bring forth spiritual teachings through those who were open to his inner teaching. This was another important step in the healing of my relationship to Jesus. Both of the books mentioned above made me realize that there is an entire hierarchy of spiritual beings who are working to inspire humankind to raise their state of consciousness. Through the ages, these spiritual beings have brought forth outer teachings in an attempt to explain the true inner mysteries. This idea immediately rang true to me.
I soon discovered that these ascended beings, or ascended masters as they often refer to themselves, have given forth a variety of teachings through many different organizations. I first found and studied the teachings that were released through the “I AM Movement” and “The Summit Lighthouse.” I found these teachings to be of great value and inspiration, however I never confined myself to one particular organization. Through the years, I have studied a wide variety of spiritual teachings, and I still do.

I als discovered a variety of spiritual techniques, including the ones that Jesus describes in this book. These techniques allowed me to protect myself from all dark energies and to transform negative energy. It is so much easier to be sensitive to light and darkness when you know you have the tools to protect yourself from the darkness. I don’t think you can make maximum progress through study alone. You need some kind of outer technique for invoking spiritual light.

Sometime in the early 90’s, I came to the realization that something was missing from my personal quest. I realized that the true purpose of the spiritual path is to know God. However, to really know God you must make peace with God. In other words, you must overcome the false concepts of God that you have absorbed during your journey in the material world. I also realized that many of these false concepts were so deeply embedded in my psychology that it would take some work to uncover and dissolve them all.

I decided to engage in various forms of therapy and other techniques for psychological healing, and I continued to do so for several years. Towards the end of the 90’s, I finally began to feel that I had made my peace with my God.

In December 2001, I turned 44. On my birthday, I stood in my office, and I suddenly fell silent. On my wall I have several pictures of spiritual masters, including Jesus. I looked at these pictures, and from the bottom of my soul came words that were similar to the following: “I want more. I know you are real and I know God is real. I have followed and studied your teachings for many years. I have studied the teachings that you have given through other people and messengers. I want more. I want direct communion with you. I want a direct personal relationship with you so I do not have to go through anyone else. This is what I want.”

Upon saying these words, I felt a great weight lifting from me. I felt a sense of inner peace. Shortly thereafter I started experiencing the inner communion that eventually led to the bringing forth of this book. From early childhood I knew that I wanted to be a writer. Actually, I knew that I am a writer. In Denmark, I have published three books, numerous magazine articles and some newspaper articles. I always wanted to write books on the spiritual path, yet I for many years I simply wasn’t ready. In 1987, I moved to the United States to pursue my spiritual path in this country. Over the years, I wrote two complete books on self-help. Yet, I never attempted to publish the books, because I felt they were not quite what I wanted them to be. After my appeal for a direct relationship with the spiritual masters, I felt inspired to take my writing to a new level. I installed speech recognition software on my computer, and instead of typing on the keyboard, I began speaking into the microphone. The software converts my spoken words into text that appears on the screen. By writing this way, I can close my eyes and center to my attention in my heart.

From the beginning, I felt I had a much stronger contact with my Christ self. As I practiced writing this way, I began to feel a new sense of direct inner communion. By using spiritual techniques to raise my level of consciousness, I could open up for a stream of words that flowed from a higher part of my being. In the beginning, I thought the words were flowing from my Christ self. In some cases, the words did come from my Christ self. However, I now know that in many cases the words came directly from Jesus.

In the spring of 2002, I started writing the book “The Inner Path of Light.” It took only two months to complete the first draft. Then, I let the book rest for a while, and towards the end of the summer I felt the need for deeper spiritual guidance concerning the book and my personal service. I applied a spiritual technique for attaining inner guidance and wrote my thoughts on a note pad. Jesus describes a very similar technique in this book.

Through this exercise, I received a stunning revelation. Yogananda’s book made realize that spiritual masters exist, and that a person can have a personal master or Guru. I was sure I had a spiritual master who was my personal Guru, but I never actually realized who it was. Through the spiritual exercise, I received the knowledge that my personal master and sponsor is Jesus. Because of the conflict between my inner knowing and the doctrines of orthodox Christianity, I was not quite at peace with Jesus, and I simply could not recognize him as my personal master.

This revelation opened up an entirely new world to me. I have always had the ability to discern between vibrations of light and vibrations of darkness. Over the 25 years of persuing the spiritual path that ability had greatly increased. I now realized that I could use this ability to tune in to the vibration and mind of Jesus. Doing so was almost shockingly easy. I literally began to feel that Jesus is with me always and that he is as close as my breath or heartbeat.

Jesus instructed me to go through a process of healing my relationship with him. While this was taking place, I completed the work on “The Inner Path of Light.” In mid-November of 2002, I sent that book off to an editor. During the preceding months, I intuitively sensed that at some point Jesus would want to bring forth some kind of teaching through me. I had no problem working with Jesus on “The Inner Path of Light” and letting him inspire many of the ideas found in that book. Yet, the thought of publishing a book and openly declaring that it came from Jesus was somewhat frightening. Yet, Jesus worked with me to overcome this fear, and I finally came to a point where I said: “Jesus, be it onto me according to your will.”

The day after I sent off “The Inner Path of Light,” I received a very clear direction that Jesus wanted to bring forth the next book, and he wanted to start now. That same day, I sat down at the computer and started the process of bringing this book into the material universe. I took a week off from work and had nine days to focus on this book. Therefore, the book you are holding in your hand was brought forth in its entirety during a two week period.

I have now explained to you how I reached the point where I am willing to openly declare that this book comes directly from the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. I can give you no outer proof that this is true. I simply know through an inner knowing that is beyond all understanding or reasoning. I know through my inner ability to discern between light and darkness.

I do not expect that my inner knowing will have any validity to you. As Jesus states in the beginning of this book, you must use your own ability to discern between light and darkness. I hope you realize that you have this ability, and I hope you will decide to use it.
More than anything, I hope this book will inspire you to build a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus can be a very direct Master, but he is also be a very loving Master. In this world, you will never feel a greater love than the love a spiritual Master shows to a disciple who has been willing to leave behind some aspect of the carnal mind and take another step higher on the path. Once you have experienced that love, you are willing to surrender any aspect of the carnal mind.

The jungle

I would like to leave you with a final thought that might help you on your personal path. For the past 25 years, I have watched hundreds of people as they traveled the spiritual path, and I have noticed a very distinct pattern.

Most people in the Western world grew up without having any clear recognition of the spiritual path or the spiritual side of life. Suddenly, they find something that makes them realize that life does have a spiritual side. This can happen through many different organizations and philosophies, including traditional religion. When the person first awakens to the spiritual path, that person is often carried away by a feeling of enthusiasm and new hope. The person often develops an almost naive sense of having arrived at some ultimate destination, and from now on everything will be rosy-pink.

After a while, it often happens that the person hits one of the more difficult initiations on the path. Suddenly, the original enthusiasm begins to fade, and now the path becomes a struggle. After struggling for while, some people make it, but many become discouraged or even angry. Some people eventually give up on the path while other others feel that they had been misled by empty promises. To help you make it through this phase of the path, I would like to tell your little story that might illustrate what is happening.

Imagine that you have grown up in a village that is located in the middle of a mountain valley. The mountains around the valley are always shrouded in dense fog, so you grow up without having any idea that the mountains even exist. One day, you are walking in the fields and the wind starts blowing. Suddenly the clouds part, and you see an incredibly beautiful mountain. You realize that your life in the valley is no longer enough, and you decide to climb the mountain.

As you start your journey, you are filled with enthusiasm and hope. You are walking through the valley, so the ground is flat and the going is easy. Furthermore, you have a clear view of the mountain in front of you, and therefore your goal and the promise of your reward is constantly in sight. You quickly travel over the valley floor, and then you come to the foothills.

Suddenly, the path becomes much deeper and the ground is rocky. Furthermore, the hillsides are covered with dense jungle. The jungle prevents you from seeing the beautiful mountain that is your goal, and after a while you begin to forget why you started the journey. Furthermore, in some places the jungle is so dense that you have to fight your way through the undergrowth. Suddenly, the enthusiasm you felt during the easy journey through the valley is all but forgotten. You have no attention left over for thinking about the goal and your reward. All you can do is try to fight your way through the next thicket. When we first discover the spiritual path, we are filled with enthusiasm. In the beginning, the initiations and tests of the path are quite easy to pass. Then, we hit the more difficult tests, as represented by the dense jungle. I have seen many people get stuck in this jungle, and I personally spent almost 20 years fighting my way through the jungle. Struggling through the jungle can easily cause people to become discouraged. You feel like you are getting nowhere, and you begin to wonder: “What is the point?” The key to making it through the jungle is to understand that the jungle represents all of your false beliefs and attachments to this world. What makes it difficult to fight your way through the jungle is your personal attachments.

If you want to make it easier for yourself, take an objective look at your personality and psyche. Consider what things and beliefs you feel you cannot live without. Consider the things that you feel you simply cannot give up. Consider the beliefs that you feel are above questioning. If you look behind these attachments, you will find the hidden decidions that block your progress on the path. If you will make a sincere efforts to see through these attachments and then use the spiritual technique of surrender, you will make it so much easier to walk through the jungle.

You can spend lifetimes being stuck in the jungle, because the key to making it is to make right choices. What is a right choice? The right choice is always the choice that causes you to let go of your false image of yourself, of God and of your relationship to God. When you understand the need to surrender these attachments, you can decide to make a sincere effort to uncover the attachments and surrender them. As soon as you make this decision, it suddenly becomes easy to traverse the jungle. Before you know it, you emerge from the jungle and find yourself on the mountainside itself. At that point you will have a breakthrough experience, and you will know that the path is real and that you have anchored yourself firmly on that path. Please do not give up just before you make this breakthrough.

I have personally experienced how difficult it can be to struggle with the jungle. What kept me going was that no matter how tough the situation seemed, I always took one more step. What got me through was that I finally realized what the jungle represents. I stopped kicking against the pricks. During the final part of the journey, the path is steep but because you know where you are going, you know that you can reach your goal. Therefore, you can leave your fears behind. In fact, the main danger during this path of the journey is that you have already climbed to a level where the view is gorgeous. It is tempting to sit down and enjoy the view. Therefore, some people begin to think that because the view is so beautiful from where they are, there is no need to continue all the way to the summit. This temptation represents another challenge, but at least you are no longer stuck in the jungle.

Jesus’ comments

I wanted you to read my messenger’s comments, because by reading his vibration you can find an important key to understanding why I chose him as a messenger and why he chose to accept my calling.

Throughout the ages, we of the Ascended hosts have had many messengers. You can be a messenger for us in many different ways. Many of our messengers have been unconscious messengers. We inspire a certain idea upon the outer consciousness, and the person presents that idea to the world as if it was his or her own. This is perfectly in order, because we are not here to take credit. All glory goes to God.

We have also had a number of conscious messengers who knew they were receiving their teachings directly from us and who announced that to the world. When we use a conscious messenger, an ascended being merges his or her consciousness with the consciousness of the embodied messenger. Therefore, the message is given through the consciousness of the messenger.

Obviously, some people could not serve as messengers, because their personalities and beliefs would distort the message. However, it is acceptable that a messenger colors the message to some degree. This is acceptable because the student must always look beyond the outer teachings. This is also the case with the teachings I gave while I was in embodiment.

However, being a messenger is not an easy task, and we often have a limited selection. Therefore, we have in many cases worked with messengers who had remnants of a personal agenda. Such a personal agenda will affect the message to some degree. A sincere seeker can still look beyond the outer message and discover the living truth. Yet, if possible, we prefer a messenger with little or no personal agenda.

I wanted you to read Kim’s comments, because they reveal that he has no personal agenda. He has no desire for power, he has no desire for self aggrandizement and he has no desire to control anyone. I selected him as a messenger precisely because he has an ultimate respect for people’s free will. If you desire to become a messenger of the Ascended hosts, these are the qualities you need to attain.

Why did Kim accept my calling to become my messenger? He describes how he, after walking the path for many years, finally felt that he had made peace with God. What really happened in this process is that his soul resolved all desires and attachments relating to this world. He literally came to a point, where he said to God: “God, you can bring me home anytime.”

At that moment, I appeared to him at inner levels and said: “If you have nothing more that you personally want to do on this planet, would you be willing to do something for me?”

His soul literally leapt for joy and instantly exclaimed: “Yes Jesus, I would love to work for you!” What I am showing you here is that the key to messengership is selflessness and an unconditional surrender to the will of God. Incidentally, these qualities are also the keys to successful discipleship.

Because Kim does not have a need for self aggrandizement, power or control, he is very unassuming about his messengership. This is acceptable to me, at least for now. However, I want you to know that he was not selected randomly. His soul and my soul come from the same spiritual parents, namely Alpha and Omega who reside at the highest level of the world of form, often called the Great Central Sun. He and I form a unique soul polarity whereby we complement and balance each other. I am direct, and he is gentle.

I want you to know that he was with me during my mission in Galilee. At critical moments, he held the balance for me and gave me the strength to fulfill my mission. I want you to know that he has been trained by me for a very long time. I also want you to know that he is indeed anointed by me as my messenger.

I am telling you this because I want you to understand the potential and the importance of this mission and messengership.

At the same time, I do not want you to take it too seriously. Do not elevate my messenger to some kind of icon or idol. He is your brother, and he is in no way apart from or above you. You too are my brother or sister – if you choose to be my brother or sister. Always remember: Do not let the messenger obscure the message, and do not let the message obscure the source. Even I, Jesus, am not the source. There is none good but God.


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