21. Transcending the path to Christhood

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

My goal for this course has been based on practical realism. What can be done in a book, where you cannot interact with an outer teacher? Thus, my goal has been to help you establish contact with the inner teacher and thus anchor yourself firmly on the path to personal Christhood. If you make use of what is given in this book and what you will be given from within, you have everything needed to get yourself on the right path. And you can then continue to make progress according to your willingness to multiply what you have received. However, making progress on the path to personal Christhood cannot go on forever. For there must come a point where you transcend even the path. Why is that so? Because as long as you see yourself moving forward on a path, you obviously envision yourself as a being who has not yet arrived. And how will you ever arrive, unless you transcend the very concept that you are moving toward a goal but you are not there yet?

As I have said over and over again, it is the role of the Living Christ to help you transcend any mental box. Thus, I must do my work and seek to shatter the mental box based on the concept of a path toward a goal that is seen as remote—and will thus remain remote until you change your vision and accept that you have arrived.

Do not misunderstand me. There are phases in Christhood, and it is necessary and unavoidable that you go through a phase, where you see yourself as a being walking a gradual path toward the remote goal of the Christ consciousness. And in order to traverse this part of the path, you need to go out and render service to other forms of life until you find oneness with me within yourself by seeing me in all life. The goal of this course has been to give you the understanding and the vision to help you navigate this phase. Yet as the last act of this course, I will point you beyond this phase to the logical conclusion.

For the concept of a path implies that there is an end goal. Yet how will you reach that goal as long as you think you are still separated from it? The path of Christhood is the path of oneness, and the logical conclusion is that you arrive at a point where you accept that you are not separated from the end goal—you now accept that you have arrived—you are one with Christ.

This is where things get subtle. There is a phase on the path where you are simply not ready to accept that you have arrived—because you still have too many divisions in your being, too much untransmuted energy and too many dualistic beliefs and images. Yet there will come a point where you have attained enough inner wholeness that you are ready to stop seeing a gap between yourself and Christhood. Yet because of the intense and subtle programming in this world, it is quite possible that you can be ready at inner levels, but your outer mind simply cannot accept this. One of the most unfortunate effects of official Christianity is that it has prevented a considerable number of people from claiming their Christhood, thinking it was something reserved for me or something they could attain only after they leave this world. So it is my hope that this course can help people – who are ready for it – overcome this last hurdle and consciously accept that they have arrived, thus claiming their Christhood and proclaiming it as directed from above.

If you think of me as a teacher, you might realize that I came to this planet 2,000 years ago to teach people how to attain Christhood. Yet after 2,000 years, how many of my students have actually graduated? And what kind of a teacher can engage his students in pursuing a course yet not have any of them make it through the final exam? So it is my hope that this course can help correct the obvious deficiency, so that my teaching efforts can finally – and not a moment too soon – bear fruit and produce students who are no longer students but who are ready to be teachers and do the same works that I did, and even greater works by building on the momentum created by my ascension to the Father.


The danger of giving you the image of a path is that you will see Christhood as always being in the future, as being away from where you are right now. Thus, you are always seeing a gap between yourself and Christhood, and the fact is that as long as you accept that there is a gap, you will never cross the gap. This is illustrated by the ancient Greek philosophers in what is called Zeno’s paradox. The concept is that a person is trying to get to another location by first crossing half the distance, then half of the remaining distance, then half of that distance and so on. Yet because you can always keep dividing the remaining distance in half, you can never make it—there will always always a gap between you and the destination.

The ego can never cross that gap and move from separation to oneness. So the only way for you to cross the gap is that your conscious self keeps moving closer to the goal until the distance is so short that you can cross it in one leap. The ego cannot make that leap, but the conscious self can. Yet you will not make it until you make what is traditionally called a “leap of faith” but which I hope you can see is truly a leap of inner knowing. When you know you are more than the ego, you can give up the ego and let the mortal identity die, knowing that the real you will not disappear but will be reborn into your true spiritual identity.

If you take an honest look at spiritual seekers and religious people, you will see that many of them have – some for decades, some for lifetimes – been chasing some goal that always seems to elude them. So many religious people are seeking a paradise that they think is far way and far into the future. Others are chasing some big breakthrough on Earth, but they also seem to always be one step away from it. Or they realize they have been chasing an impossible dream—only to turn right around and start chasing the pot of gold at the end of another rainbow. I hope you can see that in the realm of duality there will always be another rainbow, for the ego and the false teachers can come up with an infinite variety of them. Yet none of them have a pot of gold at the end, for the pot of gold is the Christ consciousness, which is found only by looking for it inside yourself.

If you have diligently followed this course and gone through all of the exercises – especially the writing exercises – you should have gone through a dramatic transformation of consciousness. Yet in case you have not experienced this transformation, I submit to you that the reason is that you are still looking at this course through the filter of the ego and its never-ending dream that someone will do it all for you. Thus, it would be wise to take an honest look at your unfulfilled expectations about this course, for behind them you will find how your personal ego is trying to prevent you from making the decision to take full responsibility for your path by acknowledging that if the equation of your life is to change, you must begin by changing yourself. As I have said, I cannot do it for you—I can only set before you life and death and then leave it up to you whether you choose oneness or separation.

My point being that you won’t find Christhood until you stop seeing it as “out there” or in the future. You won’t find it until you accept that ultimately, you must make the decision to be the Christ. And you must do so by accepting that Christhood is HERE NOW. However, only you can determine when that point in time and space has arrived. In some cases it has not yet arrived and in some cases all that is missing is your decision that the acceptable time is NOW.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Master Keys to Personal Christhoood.

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