09. Co-creating consciously

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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The Maha Chohan I AM. Let us summarize the message that I want to get across in this book.

The main message is, of course, that you are a co-creator with your God. You are designed to co-create. And how do you co-create? You co-create because you have self-awareness. As a result of having self-awareness, you have the ability to formulate an image in your mind—an image of something that you do not experience through your physical senses and the outer consciousness. In other words, you can formulate a mental image, a mental matrix, of something that does not yet exist in physical manifestation.

The mental image you formulate will, of course, be limited by your imagination. And for many people their imagination is limited by what they see, what they experience through their physical senses and their outer mind. Nevertheless, you are a self-aware being, and you have the potential to formulate any mental image, any mental matrix, that is conceivable and possible.

God has not defined any limitations for your self-awareness and your imagination. They are free, they are infinite, they are unlimited. The only thing that can limit your imagination is the limitations that you allow to be in the sphere of your consciousness.

So you co-create by formulating a mental image and then using your self-awareness to project that image upon the Ma-ter light. When that projection goes all the way through the four levels of the material universe – the identity, mental, emotional and physical – then you will co-create a physical form. The Ma-ter light will take on that physical form, and you can perceive it with your senses and outer consciousness.

Yet whenever you start the co-creative process, you are creating something. If you are creating a mental image in your identity body of who you are, it is inevitable that your self-awareness – the stream of consciousness flowing through you – will flow through that matrix. And thus, it will be projected upon the Ma-ter light in the identity realm. The same of, course, applies in the mental and emotional realms.

You cannot stop co-creating

What I need you to realize here is, that you are constantly co-creating. The price you pay, so to speak, for being a self-aware co-creator is that you cannot stop co-creating, because you cannot stop being conscious. Of course, you can look at planet earth and see that many people use many things, including chemical substances, to make themselves unconscious or to alter their consciousness, so that they are not really consciousness.

Nevertheless, even if you are asleep or physically unconscious, your emotional mind, mental mind, and your identity mind are not asleep or unconscious. There is always a level of your being, where you hold mental images and where the stream of consciousness coming from your I AM Presence is flowing through these images, and therefore being projected upon the Ma-ter light at that level. So even if you are not co-creating a physical structure that you can detect with your senses, you are co-creating an emotional structure, a mental structure, and an identity or etheric structure.

The point I have tried to get across in this book is that all of the things that you co-create at the identity, mental, and emotional levels form what I have chosen to call spirits. And these spirits then become part of your total being, part of the lower being that many people call the soul.

Thus, when you have created such a spirit, then the light from your I AM Presence – the stream of consciousness from your I AM Presence – will stream through it, and therefore you will continually be co-creating through that spirit. This does not mean that you will be co-creating a new spirit at every moment, but it means that as the stream of your awareness flows through a particular spirit, you will be reinforcing that spirit, and thus it becomes stronger and stronger.

And so the value of having this teaching is that it makes it possible for you to do what I have explained in earlier discourses, namely to walk the spiritual path in a much more conscious manner. In most previous teachings that have been released on this planet, people have been given only a partial understanding of what the spiritual path is about. And therefore, they have not had the concept I have given you, that you have in the past created these spirits, that these spirits have become part of your being, and that if you identify with the spirits, you cannot actually free yourself from them.

For as long as you are identified with a given spirit, your consciousness will stream through it. This will have two effects. As the stream of your consciousness is streaming through your spirit, you cannot at the same time see the spirit as a spirit and see it from the outside. But if you do not see it, you cannot free yourself from it. At the same time as your consciousness is streaming through this spirit, your energies are tied up in the spirit, and you are reinforcing the spirit, making it more difficult for yourself to pull your consciousness away from that spirit and look at that spirit from the outside.

A spirit is not who you are

The saving grace in this scenario is what we have explained many times, that the Conscious You truly has the ability to project itself anywhere it wants. This means that you can at any time project yourself outside a given spirit, or you can pull yourself away from a given spirit, so that your self-awareness is not focused in the spirit and the stream of your consciousness is not flowing through that spirit.

Now, as I tell you this, it is obvious that you still have spirits in the sphere of your being, the sphere of your consciousness. Just hearing or reading these words will not mean that you will automatically pull away from them. But what I am telling you is that by having the concept in your mind and by accepting that concept, you can take your path to an entirely new level. Once you become conscious of the fact that these spirits exist in the sphere of your consciousness, you can consciously make a decision that you will engage in the process of pulling yourself away from identification with the spirits, so that you can indeed come to see a spirit from the outside.

Now, I can assure you that if you are ready for this teaching, then you have already done this. You have been willing to look at the beam in your own eye to some degree. That means that in this lifetime, and probably also in past lifetimes, you have had incidents, where you have suddenly come to see a spirit. You may not have identified it as a spirit the way I am explaining it here, but nevertheless you have suddenly shifted. You have looked at yourself and said, “I do not want to be like this anymore. I do not want to continue to repeat these old patterns anymore. I want to change. I want to be more than this.”

And perhaps you are aware of having experienced this in this lifetime – where you consciously saw something – and you have probably also experienced that by consciously seeing something, seeing that it is not you, you have almost instantaneously been able to shift out of it, so that you are no longer identified with it. And of course, the essential step to rising to a higher level of the spiritual path is to come to a point, where you do not identify yourself with the spirit that is the primary spirit that represents the level of consciousness you have right now.

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