08. Ongoing Self-mastery

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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The Maha Chohan I AM. And I come to give you another hint, that will assist you in navigating the spiral staircase of the seven rays under the seven Chohans.

I have already talked about the fact, that you are facing the journey, whereby you confront and transcend the spirits you have created, or that have been created in the collective consciousness through humankind’s misuse of the seven rays. Thus, what I wish to bring to your attention today is two things: First of all, I want to reinforce what I have said earlier about the very nature of the Holy Spirit, which is that it is always flowing; it is a stream. It is not a static spirit. It is an ever-flowing, ever-self-transcending Spirit, that never remains the same for even a split second.

The second thing is the need to keep in mind, that you are overcoming these separate spirits. And as I have said before, this will for some mean that they build a new self, a new spirit. And there is no way around this between the 48th and the 96th level of consciousness, for this is indeed your charge: to experiment with your co-creative abilities, to experiment with the seven rays, and to build a self that has some mastery of the seven rays. Nevertheless, what I would like you to keep in mind is that you are not building a self that is static. You are building a self that can flow with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit.

Perfecting a spirit

You see, the false teachers on this earth have attempted to come up with many clever schemes for how to cause those who are the sincere spiritual seekers – those who have risen above the 48th level, those who have not gone into duality – how they can cause those to go into a blind alley, that will stop their growth or even cause it to keep going down further and further into separation. And one of the main schemes they have come up with is these many subtle variations, that you can create a separate self, a spirit, that can actually gain entry into the spiritual realm.

You will see, when you think about this in light of what I have taught you in the previous discourses, that this is, of course, the ultimate dream of the ego, of the fallen beings, and of the separate spirits. A separate spirit is by definition mortal, but it dreams of immortality. It dreams of living up to some condition, whereby it becomes acceptable to God and therefore gains entry into the wedding feast with Christ.

But as Jesus said, “No man can ascend to heaven, save he who descended from heaven.” The only being who can ascend to heaven is the Conscious You, and it can do so only when it sheds all of the snake skins of the separate spirits, those false serpentine spirits that slither along the ground with their subtle serpentine logic, making you think that you will become as a god who can enter heaven.

Thus, you can see that the Greek gods on Mount Olympus were obviously not very high beings, given the infighting and the schemes that they came up with. This is indeed a symbol for how the fallen beings have attempted to create separate selves, that they think will gain immortality. Yet nothing can enter Heaven except what came out of Heaven, which is pure awareness. So you will never be able to take these separate spirits with you, no matter how perfect they may be according to some earthly standard or another.

The false view of perfection

Do you see the problem with the separate spirit? A separate spirit may indeed grow for a time. Think about this very carefully. A separate spirit may indeed be designed to grow and to expand and to, in a sense, perfect itself. Therefore, it is perfectly possible that you come into a religion or a spiritual teaching, and now you create an ideal in your mind, that if you keep applying the teaching, you will at some point have reached a state of perfection – some ultimate state – and then you will be allowed entry into heaven. Or you will reach enlightenment, or whatever the goal is defined as being.

But you see, you will not be saved, you will not be enlightened, you will not ascend, by building a stationary, perfect self. Perfection in Heaven is not the same as what most human beings see as perfection. For human beings tend to see perfection as static. For if something is perfect, well, how can it possibly improve? If it is possible to improve it, then it could not be perfect—so reasons the serpentine mind.

Yet we, who have freed ourselves from the serpentine mind, know that true perfection is flowing with the Spirit. The only ultimate state is the self-awareness at the Creator level, but you will not reach that while you are in embodiment on earth. Nor will you reach it until you have gone through the initiations of all of the spheres that are above the one in which you live right now. And so, this is not something you need to be concerned about right now; reaching the level of the Creator consciousness. For even the Creator consciousness, of course, does not stand still. For if it did stand still, why would it create the world of form out of its own Being?

You see, there is no standing still. Perfection is constant self-transcendence. This is the true definition of perfection. This is why the Holy Spirit is perfect. It does not have a goal of reaching some ultimate static state. It has a goal of continuing to transcend itself indefinitely. So it never seeks to hold on to the old, for it is always willing to shed the snake skin of the old and transcend into a new state.

This then, is what I admonish you to ponder. For there is a very fundamental difference between walking the Path of the Seven Rays with the goal that you are creating some perfect self according to a static definition of perfection, and then having the goal that you are creating a flexible self, that can constantly and easily flow with the Holy Spirit in ongoing self-transcendence beyond the 96th level.

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