08. Knowing yourself as God knows you

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Ascended Master Omega through Kim Michaels.

Omega, I AM. But which Omega am I? For there is a Central Sun in the etheric realm of your unascended sphere. There is a Central Sun in each of the ascended spheres. And there is, of course, the ultimate Central Sun in the first sphere. Yet truly, does it matter? For each of the Central Suns serves as the cosmic gate that can open up the veil of form and expose the formless God, and thus help you connect to the formless God that is your source.

The divine polarity

You may see that we are two beings, Alpha and Omega, holding the masculine-feminine balance in the Central Sun. Yet Alpha is not the ultimate God. Alpha is a representative of God that exists only in polarity with Omega. It is only the formless God who has no polarity, who needs no polarity.

Thus you see, in the world of form everything exists in a polarity between the expanding and the contracting force, the

yin and the yang, the masculine and feminine, the Alpha and Omega, whatever you want to call it. There is always a polarity.

Thus, we can say that the entire world of form is also in a polarity with the formless Creator. And thus, in that polarity the formless Creator represents the masculine and the world of form represents the feminine. Yet take note that in the world of form, nothing can exist without its opposite polarity. Masculine cannot exist within feminine.

But the one Creator who is beyond form can indeed exist without its polarity. The Creator did exist before the world of form was created. There was no need for the Creator to create a world of form in order to create itself. But when your Creator did decide to create, your Creator voluntarily placed itself in a polarity with its own creation. Thus, one can say that the Creator, by embedding its own Being in the world of form, has voluntarily placed itself in a polarity that it cannot walk away from because if it did the world of form and all self-aware extensions of the Creator would cease to exist.

One can say that by choice the Creator cannot exist without its polarity, although the Creator could indeed exist, but the world of form could not. Of course, because the Creator does not want to dissolve its own creation, it will stay in this polarity until the self-aware extensions of the Creator have reached the Creator consciousness.

These are the realities that you learn as you travel to the retreats of the ascended masters at various levels. We are giving you these teachings in the physical so that you might ponder them. Not that we ask you to believe them with the outer, intellectual mind. We ask you to meditate upon them until you experience within your own hearts their reality.

You can experience the formless God

This messenger has described how he was once taken to the Central Sun and experienced the central hall with the great white pillars, with the throne of Alpha and Omega, the figure-eight flow between us, and the nexus of the figure-eight opening up to the formless God. This is an experience that all of you can have for you are all self-aware extensions of the Creator. But are you willing to have that experience? Are you willing to experience the formless Creator, which will then become the ultimate frame of reference, and which will then demonstrate to you that there is nothing in the world of form that has ultimate reality or permanence—and therefore, it has no ultimate importance?

Therefore, is it really worth it to take things so personally? For I assure you that when you are in the Central Sun you gain an entirely different perspective on life on planet earth. You can sit there on the white cube and look out over the vastness of this material universe. You can see how many millions of galaxies, millions of suns, millions of solar systems, millions of planets there are. You can see that there are so many with intelligent, self-aware life, and the vast majority of them are in an upward spiral, the River of Life, the Holy Spirit.

But there are some that are behind that upward flow, that have set themselves apart, that are lagging behind. And when you realize that earth is such a planet, is there really anything one earth that has ultimate importance? Is there really anything that has greater importance than your growth in consciousness and your growth towards the ascension where you can leave this planet behind permanently, for you have done what you came here to do: You have been the open door for love, as Venus so beautifully explained?

The reason for the putting down of women

The fallen beings want to trap you into thinking that you cannot be the Christ until certain outer conditions are fulfilled. They want you to think that you cannot be in embodiment on earth and be in a polarity with your God, that you cannot accept yourself as the Divine Mother in embodiment on earth—the Divine Mother that is always in the correct polarity with the Divine Father, that is always one with the Father. This is what they do not want to happen. They do not want you to accept that you are a representative of the Divine Mother on earth and that you are in a polarity with the formless God whereby the power of that formless God can stream through you.

Thus, they have – now for thousands upon thousands of years of recorded history, but even longer – put down the feminine, both the divine feminine and the embodied feminine. Look at the intense accusations and humiliations against women on this planet. Look at the fact that in some countries daughters are considered worthless and even sold as property, sold into sex slavery, or killed because you do not want another mouth to feed.

This is not only disrespect for the Divine Mother, it is hatred of the mother. And this is a force that has been around on this planet since the original fallen beings came here in the beginning. And they have continued ever since to put down the Mother, to put down the feminine, for they will not see themselves as part of the Divine Feminine.


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