07. Going beyond aggressive intent

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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The Maha Chohan I am. And I come to carry on, by building on the foundation I have set in the previous discourses. I have said, that there is a tendency to form an aggressive intent of seeking to change other people. This is a tendency that started with the original fallen beings but has been perpetuated both in previous spheres and in this sphere by them, and by people who have been ensnared by them into taking part in this downward spiral.

What is the plan of these fallen beings? It is simply to drag as many people and lifestreams as possible into their downward spiral. If they can, they will drag every self-aware being into the downward spiral, which of course cannot be done, as there are already so many beings in this sphere who have entered the upward spiral, the ascension spiral that is the Holy Spirit.

Nevertheless, there are relatively few planets where fallen beings are allowed to embody, as an act of mercy towards them and as an act of testing towards the lifestreams who need this kind of test. They can maintain the illusion, that one day they will be successful and prove God wrong by causing all self-aware beings to fall. And thus, God will be forced to change his design for the plan of raising awareness, self-awareness. So you need to see, when you are a spiritual student on the path, what is the modus operandi of the fallen beings.

The tendency to ignore dark forces

As I have said before, in the ideal scenario you would be able to walk the Path of the Seven Veils between the 48th and 96th level of consciousness without dealing with the fallen consciousness, without dealing with anyone aggressively seeking to influence you. It would be all between you and the spiritual teacher. But because planet earth is not an ideal scenario or environment, you will have to recognize – and you need to recognize as a spiritual student – that you will have to deal with the fallen consciousness on each level, up until the 96th level, and even beyond, but you deal with it in a different way after the 96th level.

I would like you now to take a look at the many spiritual movements that are out there on this planet, and you will indeed see that many of them have no teachings about fallen beings and dark forces. You will see that many spiritual people prefer to ignore these topics and indeed become kind of squeamish, when they are confronted with the potential that there could be dark forces.

There are some who say that you should focus only on the positive, for if you focus on the negative, you give it power. Well, my beloved, you do not necessarily give the dark forces power by being aware of them. You do give them power if you engage them with fear or seek to battle them. But I can tell you with absolute surety, that you also give power to dark forces by ignoring and denying them.

For you see, ignorance, ignoring something and denying its existence, these are not passive measures. They are active measures for one very simple reason: the dark forces are aggressive. They seek to influence anyone on this planet. Therefore, you cannot be in existence on this planet without having an aggressive force directed against you.

And how can you ignore or deny this force? Only by directing a force back that blinds you to what is being directed at you. This should be known by simple wave dynamics, where you need to have a certain basic understanding, that everything is energy and energy moves in waves. And when two waves meet, they create an interference pattern. This means that one wave can cancel out or change the vibration of another wave.

What is coming at you from the fallen beings of the mass consciousness is a wave of energy. If you are neutral and attentive, you will notice this energy. So the only way you can go into a state, where you ignore it or deny it, is that you are sending out energy, which will not neutralize the negative energy, it will only neutralize it at the level of your conscious awareness, so that you are not consciously aware of it. And therefore, you can ignore or deny the dark forces.

Yet they will still influence your subconscious mind. And I can tell you with all honesty, that I can look at the millions of sincere spiritual seekers on this planet, and I can assure you that if they are not consciously aware of the dark forces, then they are indeed influenced by those dark forces.

Earth is one of the lower planets

This, of course, does not mean that they feel this influence, because many of them don’t. And the reason is partly what I just said, that they have created an outgoing energy that prevents their conscious minds from noticing the attack from dark forces. But it is also due to the fact, that once the dark forces have directed you onto a false path, a path that cannot lead you to the Christ consciousness and the ascension, then they will tend to not necessarily leave you alone, but they will allow you to stay in the illusion that you are doing exactly the right thing.

That is why you can see in the Western world many Christians, who are absolutely convinced that Jesus will come and save them, because they are the chosen ones by being members of a particular church or by declaring Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Likewise, you will see many spiritual people who have similar beliefs, that if they are only kind and loving towards everybody and don’t put their attention on anything negative, then they are guaranteed to one day become enlightened.

This is all a lie created by the fallen beings specifically to trap those who are beginning to awaken, but have not yet awakened to the absolute reality that the spiritual path, the path towards enlightenment or the ascension, is a conscious path. You cannot walk it by being unconscious. You cannot walk it by ignoring or denying. You can walk it only by looking at anything and everything.

And you cannot, my beloved, walk the spiritual path on planet earth without recognizing and acknowledging what kind of planet you have landed upon. This is not an ideal planet. This is a treacherous planet. This is one of the lower planets in the material universe; not the lowest, but one of the lower ones. And you need to recognize this, and you need to be aware of it. I am not saying you need to be afraid of dark forces. I am not saying you need to battle them. But you need to be aware, because only by being aware can you follow the call of Jesus: “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

There are many spiritual people who think they are harmless as doves, but you cannot be harmless as a dove unless you are wise as a serpent, wise to the serpents and their attempts to direct you into a blind alley that does not lead to true self-transcendence. It leads to the automatic path, where you think that because you follow certain outer requirements, you no longer need to look at the beam in your own eye, and that you can be saved automatically by belonging to this or that church, following this or that guru or doing this or that technique. It simply does not work that way.

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