07. Living in the flow of love

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Ascended Master Venus through Kim Michaels.

Lady Master Venus, I AM. I am, as some of you will know, originally from the planet Venus. I have come here to hold the balance of love for the evolutions of earth until enough people in embodiment on earth will embody unconditional love to such a degree that my presence here is no longer needed.

Millions have come on a rescue mission

Some of you will know that before my arrival on this planet, my consort, Sanat Kumara, had been here for a very long time. Some of you will know that Sanat Kumara came here because at a point in the distant past the earth had sunk to such a low level that no one was graduating from the schoolroom of earth. All were so trapped in the downward spiral created by the fallen beings that there was no output from earth. Earth had become like a black hole.

Sanat Kumara volunteered to hold the balance for the earth as a cosmic experiment to see whether it would be possible to turn around a planet that had become a dark hole, rather than letting it continue in the downward spiral until it was dissolved. So far, the experiment has been successful in that the earth has been turned around. The inhabitants of the earth are no longer living as animals. There is indeed some sophistication and knowledge – even some self-knowledge – and there are people who ascend from earth every year. Not many, but at least the one that is the requirement for the continuation of the dispensation for earth.

What I come to give you here is a reminder that many, many millions of people on this earth have come from a different realm. When Sanat Kumara descended originally, he was accompanied by 144,000 lifestreams from Venus. But after they had been successful in turning the earth around and starting a very tentative upward spiral, many millions of lifestreams have come to earth from other planetary systems, even from other star systems and galaxies. These many people came here because they wanted to be part of the experiment to see whether a dark star could be turned into Freedom’s Star.

Many of the lifestreams who volunteered to come here had reached a certain level of consciousness at their original growth place. Yet they obviously had not ascended from that place, just as the 144,000 that originally came from Venus had not ascended at the time they came. For you see, had they been ascended masters in embodiment, what would be the point in the experiment?

How to turn around a planet

We who are ascended have the power to descend into embodiment and instantly turn around a planet, but how will that help the people, the lifestreams, embodying on that planet? This will only reinforce the false image given through several religions, including Christianity, that there is only one person that can be God on earth. And this will not turn around a planet. For what will turn around a planet is when many people realize that God is in them and they are the open doors whereby God can express itself on this planet. This then will turn around a planet.

So, the 144,000 from Venus had not ascended and they came to set forth an example that even on this dark star of earth it is possible to start the upward spiral leading towards the ascension. The millions of others, who have come from other systems, have also come in the unascended state, and they have come to demonstrate that it is possible to embody here and submit to the death consciousness and yet still retain that inner momentum, that inner memory, that inner knowing that there is more to life than what you see on earth, and that by striving for it you can raise your consciousness until you become an open door for that which is more.

So then, the story of Sanat Kumara has relevance not only to the 144,000 but to the millions of others who have descended on earth. For truly, those who descended on earth after Sanat Kumara came all descended through his office. And thus, they are naturally at inner levels familiar with Sanat Kumara. They know the name. They know what Venus is the Love Star.

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