07. Loving yourself free 
from conditions

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

One of the important lessons from Mother Mary’s book is that God has both a masculine and a feminine side. For disciples of the Living Christ, it is extremely important to contemplate and internalize this teaching, especially given the fact that mainstream Christianity has become part of the so-called monotheistic religions that largely ignore or deny the feminine aspect of God. Thus, you have likely been brought up with little understanding of the feminine aspect of God, possibly programmed to ignore or even degrade it. As Mother Mary explains, God the Creator started by dividing itself into two polarities, which I undeniably explained in the Book of Revelation:


I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. (Revelation 1:8)


Everything in the world of form is created from the interplay of these two complementary forces. Yet only when the two forces are in a harmonious balance, will their creation be sustainable. What is designed to balance the two is the Divine Son, namely the Christ mind. This Christ mind has a universal aspect, which unites all life and unites all that is created with the Creator. It also has an individual aspect that can be expressed through any co-creator, even those in embodiment on Earth. I came to demonstrate this potential and also demonstrate that when you become the individual expression of the Christ mind, you become one with both the Creator and with all life. This is embedded in the following quotes:


I and my Father are one. (John 10:30)


And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Matthew 25:40)


Yet because self-aware beings have been given free will, it is possible that they can create by using the masculine and feminine – expansive and contracting, Alpha and Omega, yang and yin – forces in an unbalanced manner. By doing this, co-creators separate themselves from the oneness of all life, seeking to gain advantage for themselves as separate beings rather than seeking to raise up the All—often seeking to raise themselves in comparison to others.

This, of course, can be done only through the mind of anti-christ, which is a mind that is separated from the oneness of all life – the River of Life – and contains two polarities that do not complement and enhance each other but instead cancel out and diminish each other. This makes it possible that you can use one unbalanced polarity to raise yourself while using the other polarity to degrade others.

My purpose for giving you this teaching is to make you aware that in the realm of anti-christ, there are always two opposing polarities. In the previous key, I have had you invoke the higher will of your own being because overcoming fear must begin with an act of will. However, as I also explained in the last lesson, will power itself cannot banish fear, for only the perfect love will cast out fear. So to fully overcome fear, you must allow the unconditional love of God to flow through you, and thus we also need to address the factors that prevent this love from flowing through your being and expressing itself in the material world.

I have said that fear is dangerous because it paralyzes you, so you dare not move, dare not change. Instead, you cling to status quo, even a status quo that causes constant suffering. And since creation starts with an act of will – I will to create – fear is a perversion of will. Yet there are other paralyzing emotions, or one might say that fear has many expressions. Thus, we will next look at a variant of fear that can stop you from stepping onto the path of Christhood, even though you have recognized the path and started to overcome your fear.


If you look at mainstream, especially fundamentalist, Christians, you will see that most of these people would be afraid to contemplate the central idea behind this course, namely that all people have the potential to follow in my footsteps and attain the Christ consciousness. So this is a fear that would prevent them from even acknowledging the path to Christhood. They would deny that other people could follow me – thus denying my own words that those who believe on me shall do the works that I did – and they would say that I did not demonstrate a path to Christhood, for I was born in the fullness of that Christhood.

Obviously, you have overcome this level of fear. Now, I am not saying this to cause any pride or sense that you are better than others, for it is – as we will discuss in a future key – unnecessary to compare yourself to others based on a value judgment that makes you better or worse than others. However, the concept of a path does imply that you go from step to step, so it is valid to realize that you have risen above some of the lower aspects of the consciousness of death. This gives you a sense of momentum that makes it easier for you to overcome the next challenge.

So what is the next challenge? Well, when you have started to overcome the paralyzing aspects of fear and attained some will to experiment with the path to Christhood, you will face the challenge to overcome a set of obstacles that is designed to prevent you from exercising your will. In other words, the most paralyzing fear is meant to prevent you from even attaining the will power to change your life, and the next challenge is meant to prevent you from acting on your determination.

This challenge is the very subtle sense that although you now recognize the path to Christhood as a potential for all people, it doesn’t really apply to you. You simply don’t have what it takes to follow the path. You are not smart enough, spiritual enough or worthy. The path is too overwhelming or complicated for you. You have made this or that mistake in the past, and thus you are not worthy to walk the path. Or what if trying to remove the beam in your own eye exposes some incredibly bad flaw in your personality that makes you feel really guilty? You are simply too inferior—who do you think you are to even contemplate that you could follow in Jesus’ footsteps?

One can characterize all of these feelings as guilt, but as you can see, there are many nuances. The overall theme being that although you now see the path, you are not able or worthy to follow it. In other words, this is an attempt to prevent you from stepping onto the path and accepting yourself as a worthy disciple of the Living Christ.

Where does this attempt come from? It comes from the ego and the consciousness of anti-christ. At this point, you might think of the ego as an active force in your container of self, a force that is always seeking to prevent you from taking the next step on the path of Christhood—because if you do, it will have lost some degree of control over the Conscious You.

In a sense one can say that each step on the path represents a particular illusion or aspect of the ego that the Conscious You needs to overcome. You do so by coming to see it for the illusion that it is, and thus separating yourself from it by realizing that you are MORE than this.

We have now seen that the first step on the path is to overcome the anti-will, and this anti-will is a perversion of the masculine principle. It is God the Father who has the will to create. Yet as I have explained, there are always two polarities, so the masculine perversion of anti-will must have an opposite, or feminine, polarity. And whereas the masculine is the active principle, the feminine is the receiving principle. So the perversion of anti-will is designed to prevent you from receiving that which you are entitled to receive when you have mustered the will to change—namely the help from above that empowers you to change.

As I explained in the last key, you can overcome fear only through the unconditional love of God. This love is beyond any form of love that can be produced in the material realm, so you simply cannot manufacture it on your own. You can only receive it from the spiritual realm, and the perversion of guilt/inferiority is designed to prevent you from accepting that you are capable of or worthy to receive God’s love.

The first line of defense for the ego is to seek to prevent you from gathering the will power to confront your fears. The next line is to seek to prevent you from receiving the perfect love that will fully cast out your fears. In other words, the process of overcoming fear involves both the masculine and feminine aspects. You must gather the will power to confront your fears as a foundation for opening up the flow of love that will truly consume the fears.

Here is where I need you to contemplate something very seriously. If you have grown up in the Western world or in any religion that denies the feminine aspect of God, you have been programmed to approach religion as a passive measure. As I have said, I have been portrayed as the savior who is going to do all the work for you because you are not worthy in yourself. This has programmed you to – subconsciously – deny that you are worthy to receive God’s love. As long as you have this programming in your subconscious mind, you will not be able to receive that love and you cannot fully escape your fears. Thus, we need to dispose of that programming, and how can this be done?

The essential key is to realize the full importance of the statement that everything is created from the interplay of the masculine and feminine forces but that a sustainable creation comes about only when the two forces are balanced by the Christ mind. The consequence of this is that any perversion of the two forces is attained through a perversion of the Christ mind, namely the consciousness of anti-christ. Thus, the key to overcoming any perversion of the two forces is to seek for the reality of Christ, which can expose the illusions of anti-christ and thus empower the Conscious You to separate itself from them. It is the truth – of Christ – that will make you free. With all thy getting, get the understanding of Christ.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Master Keys to Personal Christhoood.

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