06. Affected by death

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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I am the Maha Chohan. Let us now take another look at the death consciousness. I need you to start looking back at your life. I need you to start recognizing, how you have been affected by the death consciousness in many ways, some obvious, some not so obvious. You may think – and this is in fact a common occurrence among people on earth, even the spiritual people – that death is a passive thing. You may have come to believe, that after death there is nothing. It is just like an eternal sleep, as indeed some scientific materialists say.

Yet I can assure you, that the death consciousness is not a passive force. It is an extremely aggressive force, although it is in fact capable of camouflaging itself, so that most people do not even see the attacks to which they are being exposed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for an entire lifetime. And even throughout all of their embodiments on this planet, where everything is so influenced by the death consciousness, that it can be extremely difficult for people to see something that is not influenced by the death consciousness.

And thus, of course, the most profound and subtle effect of the death consciousness is that when people have been enveloped in it for so long, they have no longer any frame of reference, that there is something outside of the death consciousness. And they hardly ever see it, they hardly ever experience it in their daily lives.

Inner experience of the Holy Spirit

This, of course, is one of the primary functions of religion, or rather, spirituality. It is indeed to take people to the point, where they have a direct inner experience of the Holy Spirit, the consciousness of life, the River of Life. So that they not only know intellectually that there is something outside the death consciousness, but they have experienced it. Until you have experienced that there is something outside the death consciousness, you do not actually have a frame of reference. Intellectual knowledge will not shift your consciousness; only that direct inner experience of something beyond the death consciousness.

And thus, what is truly meant to happen is that all true religions are meant to take people on a path, where they raise their consciousness gradually through many levels. Where they shed certain illusions of the death consciousness, until they finally come to that point, where they can go through some kind of ritual or ceremony, and then they have that experience of snapping out of their normal state of consciousness, so influenced by the death consciousness, and experiencing something more.

Even that something more, that you can hear in my voice, that you can “hear” between the lines in the words, if you are reading them. And you can know, from what I am saying, that there is more, that I AM MORE. That I am more than the death consciousness, and that because I am not in the death consciousness, I feel no obligation to conform to it. I have no intention whatsoever of conforming to it, and I will not conform to it.

So if you have projections that you project upon me as a spiritual teacher, or that you project upon the seven Chohans, then we cannot help you—unless you are willing to reconsider those expectations. And unless you are willing to, as our first order of business, allow us to shatter your expectations, by not living up to them, by challenging them, by deliberately going beyond them. Do you see, that this is an essential, an absolutely essential, point on the spiritual path?

You cannot escape the death consciousness on your own, once you are enveloped in it. Your mind has become a closed system. For the overall effect of the death consciousness is that it is a closed system, that is shut off from the life-giving power of the River of Life, from the Holy Spirit.

From separateness to oneness

The death consciousness is made up of innumerable false spirits, innumerable separate spirits, and they cannot see the Holy Spirit. If they were to see and acknowledge the Holy Spirit, they would instantly cease to exist as separate spirits. Do you see this, my beloved? Do you begin to at least glimpse this? You cannot be separate and in oneness at the same time. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

This is one of the essential turning points on the spiritual path, where you realize, that if you want something more than what you have right now, you cannot stay in the state of consciousness you are in right now. You cannot remain comfortable, if you want spiritual growth. For the death consciousness can indeed make people so comfortable, that they are absolutely convinced, that if they keep doing that which they are doing right now – and keep believing what they are believing right now, and keep going to church every Sunday – then God simply has to save them and take them into heaven.

Yet the death consciousness can, of course, also make people extremely uncomfortable. And this will happen because of the second law of thermodynamics, which is actually the reinforcing spiral, where everything is reinforced, whether it is separate or out of Oneness. And thus, the death consciousness must become more and more extreme, until it makes you more and more uncomfortable.

But nevertheless, they are the two aspects of it, the Alpha and Omega, where some people become extremely comfortable and other people become extremely uncomfortable. And of course, those who are comfortable are not likely to change, are they? For why should they, when they are comfortable thinking that one day Jesus will arrive in the sky and save them? Or some other external savior will come and do the work for them.

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