06. Uphold your torch of spiritual light

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Ascended Master Goddess of Liberty through Kim Michaels.

Mother Liberty, I AM. The Goddess of Liberty, I AM. I AM the representative of the Divine Mother who for earth holds the spiritual balance that seeks to set all people free from the limitations they face in the mother realm, the Ma-ter realm.

Yet I do not only seek to set you free from physical limitations. I seek to set you free from the greater limitation that Mother opposes your freedom, that matter restricts your Spirit. For how can you come to feel that matter restricts your Spirit? You can come to feel so only when you think there is a particular result you have to achieve so that matter somehow conforms to the vision you have of how matter should materialize.

The true meaning of liberty

Do you see, my beloved, the subtle point I am seeking to expose here? Of course, if you already saw this, why would you need to study the teaching? But let me give you some hints that might trigger an inner knowing that you already have.

You have, of course, the physical focus of my flame, which is anchored over the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor. You might know that during the decades when many, many people came to America from Europe and other parts of the world, they all had to enter through New York harbor. And one of the first things they would see would indeed be the Statue of Liberty standing there, welcoming them as the song goes: “Give me your tired and your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Indeed, most of the people who came after having made the sacrifice of giving up whatever they had or did not have – but nevertheless giving up that with which they were familiar in the so-called old world – they very much felt that they had very little opportunity, they had little justice, they had little freedom. And what they in most cases felt was that they did not have the opportunity to receive a just harvest of their hard work.

This is, of course, what had been taken away from people during those feudal societies in Europe where a small elite had set itself up so that the general population were literally the slaves of the elite, so that the general population had to work, but they could only reap the harvest that could barely keep them alive while the majority of the harvest was taken by the privileged elite.

This, of course, is still the way it is in many nations, including the United States which certainly does not live up to the ideals of equal opportunity or an equal reward for your effort, for there are still those who steal the efforts of the people. Nevertheless, that is a topic for another day.

What I wish to bring to your attention here is that the millions of people who came to the shores of the United States – and thus passed through the flame of the focus that I maintain over the Statue of Liberty – did indeed come hoping to receive greater liberty in the physical realm. They were often hoping to own their own piece of land, which was a seemingly impossible dream in Europe in those days. They were hoping that by working hard they would reap a just reward of their efforts and be able to build a good life for themselves and their families. But most of them were clearly focused on material needs, although some also came because they wanted the freedom from political oppression or from the oppression of the elite.

Nevertheless, very, very few of the people who came to these shores and saw the Statue of Liberty, becoming gradually more visible through the mist, understood the basic principle of liberty. Very few people understood what liberty really means.

Spiritual liberty

Surely, liberty has many aspects and one aspect is freedom from poverty because poverty is truly one of the worst forms of oppression in the material world. When you are poor and have to focus all of your energy and attention on barely existing, then how can you have much attention or energy left over to consider the deeper aspects of life or the purpose of life or spiritual growth? Thus, indeed, it is an unprecedented luxury and opportunity that so many people in the developed world today have free time and attention left over to consider the spiritual side of life.

It is truly one of the great opportunities for mankind that so many people have pursued spiritual growth and are pursuing spiritual growth through whatever means they see available to them. Every single person who sincerely strives to raise his or her consciousness is contributing to the building of a better age.

Nevertheless, of all the millions of people who pursue spiritual growth, very few have started to realize what it really means to win your spiritual liberty. What is it you are liberated from when you become truly free? Well, you are liberated from the state of consciousness that dominates this earth. We have called it the fallen consciousness, the duality consciousness, the consciousness of separation. But I will give you a little more information, a different perspective on it.

We have talked about those who come to this earth in Holy Innocence. They come with a desire to raise this planet up so that it becomes part of the ascending process, the Holy Spirit that raises this entire sphere of the material realm to the ascension point. They come with only one desire: To share their light, their spiritual light streaming from the I AM Presence.

Yet as we have attempted to explain, this planet is currently home to many lifestreams who are trapped in the fallen consciousness, the consciousness of duality and separation. This is, as Portia explained, part of cosmic justice, for these lifestreams have been given another opportunity. And there is no one who is forced to go to earth if they do not have past choices that actually magnetize them here or if they do not volunteer out of their innocence.

There is no one in heaven who is forced to come to earth. Those who descend in innocence volunteered, and those who come here because they have already embodied elsewhere come here as a result of choices they have made themselves. They do not always come here voluntarily in the sense that they can do anything they want. They come here because they are trapped by their own past choices and earth then becomes another opportunity, where they could not take advantage of the opportunity they had been given previously on another planet with a higher level of consciousness.

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