05. The death consciousness

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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The Maha Chohan I am, and I come to give you a discourse on the death consciousness, and how you might begin to build a better way to react to it, or rather, to stop reacting to it. For of course, what the death consciousness wants more than anything else is to get you to react, to engage, or even to fight or seek to destroy it.

This, of course, is in stark contrast to the Holy Spirit, to the Spirit of Life, which does not want you to fight, does not want you to oppose, does not want you to destroy anyone or anything or to put down any part of life. It wants you to flow with the Spirit, to flow with the Spirit that is life.

For truly, as I have said, in all previous spheres – and in the very long time span that has passed since your sphere has come into being – the combined effort of all self-aware beings, who have transcended themselves and become more, has formed the upward flow of the Holy Spirit. It truly is the River of Life, that carries everything with it. And truly, even the earth is carried with the stream of the Holy Spirit.

The River of Life never stands still

As you might know, if you think about this more deeply, your planet is not simply revolving around the sun in an elliptical orbit, and therefore coming back to its starting point every time it has completed one revolution. For you must know, I am sure, that the entire universe is expanding, with all of the galaxies moving away from each other. That means that your sun is not stationary in the universe. Your sun is moving along a line, which is not even a straight line.

This means that as the sun is moving and dragging the planets with it, then, when the earth is moving in an elliptical orbit around the sun, it is not stationary in that orbit, it is not a stable orbit. The sun is moving, and so the actual path formed by the earth through space is more like a spiral, a very complex spiral, which can nevertheless be described mathematically. And which will, at some point in the not-too-distant future, be described mathematically. This will open up important new scientific discoveries, but this is beside the point of this discourse.

What you need to realize is simply this: the River of Life is an ongoing, moving stream. There is nothing in the River of Life that stands still. But you also need to consider, that the River of Life is not simply moving, as you consider movement in the macroscopic universe of your senses. For you have the concept, that you can move from one place to the other and remain the same. But this is not the kind of movement you find in the River of Life. For in the River of Life, movement is always transcending itself.

It is not just a horizontal movement, where you remain the same. You are transcending, you are growing, you are accelerating and you are multiplying the talents and becoming more. And this is the essence of the life consciousness, the consciousness of life, the River of Life.

What is the consciousness of death?

So, with this in mind, let me now give you a concentrated teaching about what is the consciousness of death:

[15 second pause]

So you have now received a taste of what is the consciousness of death. For the consciousness of death is what you experienced in this interval of silence. For of course, whether you were reading or listening to this, you were expecting that after my introduction, something more would follow, some teaching, some image, some description of the consciousness of death. And therefore, when your expectation was not met, because there was an interval of silence, you had a reaction in your mind, did you not?

And this reaction, if you would care to look at it, to observe it, you would see that this is part of the death consciousness. For what did you expect? You were tuned in to the flow of my delivery, and I was giving you to understand, that I would give you a description of the death consciousness. So in your mind there was an expectation. And so you see, the death consciousness has two aspects here, that you can identify, if you think about this carefully.

One is that there is a knowing behind the death consciousness that life is an ongoing process. You know deep within your being, that life is meant to be the River of Life that is constantly transcending itself. This is an inner knowing, that comes from the fact that the Conscious You is an extension of your I AM Presence, and then an extension of ascended masters, reaching all the way back to the Creator.

The Creator extended itself as self-aware extensions of itself precisely to give them an opportunity to accelerate their sense of self awareness. So this is your entire purpose for being: to accelerate your self-awareness and flow with the River of Life. And therefore you cannot – even though you can dull your conscious faculties – you cannot escape this inner knowing that life is an ongoing process, life is meant to be an ongoing process.

And thus, the death consciousness cannot completely remove this inner knowing. It can cover it over. It can camouflage it. It can misdirect it. But it cannot completely silence your inner knowing that life is meant to be an ongoing process.

But now what is it that the death consciousness can do? It can cause you to build an expectation of what that process should be like, where it should be going as the next step, and where it should be going as the ultimate goal. This is what the death consciousness can do, but how can it do this?

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