05. Balance is the key to manifestation

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels.

Portia, I AM. I hold a spiritual office normally called the Goddess of Justice. Yet I am also the Goddess of Opportunity, for what is justice if not opportunity? You may not see it this way based on your upbringing on earth, where you have often seen the pictures of the Goddess of Justice as a female figure holding up the scales in one hand, perhaps even a sword in the other hand, and then being blindfolded.

But why is the Goddess of Justice blindfolded? And why are the scales out of balance? Well, because humankind is out of balance. Human beings are out of balance in their individual consciousness, and the collective consciousness is out of balance. When you are out of balance, you do not see with clear vision. Instead, you see with polluted perception, and you project your perception upon everything around you.

The Goddess of Justice is not blind

That is why human beings have projected their unbalanced perception upon the Goddess of Justice, thinking that she must be blind for allowing the many things that happen on earth, that they see happening around them. For if the Goddess of Justice was not blind, how could this or that or the next thing be allowed to happen?

But you see, the Goddess of Justice, the office that I hold, has little to do with the standards of justice that human beings have created on earth. When you are in the consciousness of separation you will, as we have explained many times, see yourself as being in opposition to others. If those others do not submit to the way you think things ought to be, then you develop a desire to fight them or to destroy them or to punish them. If you do not have the power to do this yourself, then you will want God to do this for you.

Why do you not have the power to do this yourself? Because, as we have explained, once you go into separation you inevitably become trapped in the pattern of action and reaction. When you react to circumstances in an unbalanced way, your reaction becomes an unbalanced action that you project into the cosmic mirror. What can the mirror reflect back to you except similarly unbalanced physical circumstances?

You may think that other people are doing something to you that is unjust. But according to the Law of God, they would not be able to do that to you if you were in complete harmony and balance—with the exception of those who are so balanced that they serve as the judgment for those who will violate even the innocent. Yet this is also within the greater framework of the Law of Free Will.

Thus, it truly can be said that there is no injustice in the universe. Because on a planet like earth, where you know you are far below the ideal scenario – which all have known before they embodied here – then how can you really set up a standard that says that life on this planet should live up to a certain standard for justice? This planet is a laboratory that allows humankind to outplay their current state of consciousness and become each others karmic return, so to speak, from the cosmic mirror.

Human beings on earth often serve to mirror back to each other what they themselves have been projecting into the cosmic mirror. How, my beloved, can that be a lack of justice when you recognize the reality that the mirror cannot reflect back to you something that you have not sent out? Perhaps you sent it out in a past lifetime. Perhaps you cannot remember sending it out. But you did or it would not be reflected back to you.

Why you have been violated

Now, in saying this we must, of course, allow for the outplaying of free will. Yes, it is possible that someone can do something to you because they are making a choice in the present. They are violating, for example, an innocent child who not even in past lives has made the choice that has created an action that is now being reflected back. In other words, the choice was not made by the child. That means the action is not a return from the cosmic mirror.

The situation, where for example, the child is violated was caused by the choices made by the adult in the present. Yet even this is a result of choices you have made when you volunteered to come into embodiment on a planet like earth, where you fully knew before you came here what you were getting into. You knew that part of your reason for coming was to be a Holy Innocent in embodiment. This means that there will be those who are trapped in the fallen consciousness who will attempt to violate you in some way or another. Do you understand what I am saying? You cannot embody on a planet like earth without being violated by those trapped in the fallen consciousness. It is simply impossible. This is something you will know before you voluntarily embody here.

I fully acknowledge that there are those who have not voluntarily embodied here because they have come from other planetary systems or they have fallen from higher spheres. But falling here or being assigned here was also a result of choices you made, and thus again your choices are responsible for you being here. If you volunteered to come here you made a choice to come here. You knew you would be violated by those in the fallen consciousness because they will be disturbed and provoked by the light that you bring.

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