MM 04. Power and love

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE, I AM. Let me give you another layer of understanding of your higher reasoning faculties. As we have said, earth is far below the ideal scenario. Thus, when you come to the Path of the Seven Veils and apply to me as the first Chohan, you do not come with a clean slate; you come with a certain amount of baggage.

This baggage has been picked up on your sojourn here on earth, which is a heavily polluted environment. It is heavily polluted not only by what humankind has co-created over the millennia, but it is especially polluted by the ideas and teachings of what we might call the false teachers, who have been allowed to embody on this planet now for a very long time—and who have therefore had an impact on every aspect of life on earth. There is no aspect of life on earth that has not been affected by the mindset of these false teachers, which is what we have also called the fallen beings. This mindset is the duality consciousness, the dualistic consciousness, which is represented in a symbolic form as the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The lie of becoming as a god

Now, the serpent told Eve that if she ate the forbidden fruit she would not “surely die” but she would become as a god “knowing good and evil.” The explanation of this is, as we have explained in more detail before, simply this: When you become as a god, you think that you have the ability and the right to define what is good and evil. In other words, the essence of the serpentine mind is that it creates a false standard for what is good and what is evil, and then it says that if you live up to this outer standard – seeking to avoid the evil and act on the good – you are guaranteed to enter heaven.

When students come to me at my retreat at Darjeeling, they come with varying degrees of this fallen mindset. They all come having accepted some standard or other, and they now think that they can come into my retreat and, so to speak, impose their standard upon me.

My beloved, there are those who actually come to my retreat in their finer bodies, and they are so attached to their standard – so intent on imposing their standard upon me – that when I will not conform to their standard, they immediately reason that I must be a false teacher or not an advanced enough teacher for them—and they leave in a huff.

They leave feeling fully justified in rejecting me, even though their rejection is based on a complete illusion—whereas I am indeed real. For I have transcended the fallen mindset, in which the students are so trapped that they cannot even see that I offer them a frame of reference from outside that fallen mindset. They cannot even see the need for them to reach beyond the closed, mental box of their own minds. They cannot see the value of a teacher that offers them a frame of reference from beyond the fallen mindset. For they are only looking for a teacher that will validate a standard that is based on the serpentine mind.

Using your reasoning ability

Do you see that I cannot help such students? And that is why the first point I want to get across in this discourse is that in order for you to become teachable by an ascended master, you have to be willing to use your reasoning ability at whatever level of consciousness you are at. You have to be able to use your reasoning ability to realize one simple fact: Your current level of awareness forms a box around your mind, a mental box. The only way to rise from your current level of consciousness to the next level up is to reach for something beyond your current mental box. This is the only way that anyone has ever risen to a higher level of consciousness. It is the only way that anyone ever will rise to a higher level of consciousness. There is no way of cheating here.

Do you realize that this is one of the lessons of science and the laws of nature? You cannot cheat gravity. If you step out into thin air from a tall building or a tall cliff, you will fall down. How many times would you have to step out from a tall building in order to prove to your own satisfaction that gravity will turn you into a red dot on the pavement below? How many times do you then have to go through an entire embodiment being trapped in a certain mental box in order to prove to yourself that the false paths to salvation offered by the false teachers will not automatically get you to heaven after that lifetime?

What I am saying here is this: No matter what level of consciousness you are at, you have the reasoning ability to see that it forms a closed system – a closed mental box – and that the only way to rise to the next level is that you must reach up for a teacher who can give you something from beyond your mental box, from beyond your current level. Then, by grasping that lifeline, you can use it to pull yourself up to the next level of the path.

You see, when you are below the 48th level of consciousness, your current level of consciousness is like quicksand, and you know that the more your struggle the faster you sink. There is only one way to escape, and that is to stop struggling and let your mind fall still, so you can see that there is indeed someone who is offering a rope. When you grasp that rope, then you have a fixed point by which you can pull yourself up.

I am asking you to use your reasoning ability to see that I am a real teacher. I am offering you a rope. But if you allow some attachment to some false standard or false teaching to cause you to reject me or reject specific aspects of my instruction, then of course I cannot help you. I must simply respect the Law of Free Will, which I do with great love, and I must allow you to let go of the rope and therefore fall back into the quicksand of your current level of consciousness.

I am, however, an unconditionally loving teacher—because I have transcended conditions. So even if you do reject me, I will always be there if you desire to reach for me again and ask for my help. So for those who are willing to use their reasoning ability to realize that Master MORE must offer you something beyond your current mental box, let us look at how you can make the best possible use of what I offer you.

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