04. The spiritual scenario on earth

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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The Maha Chohan I AM. In this discourse we will look at the contrast between the ideal scenario for the growth of a new co-creator, and the scenario that is the current reality on planet earth.

As we have said, a new co-creator first descends at the 48th level of consciousness. At this level you have an intuitive, inner sense, that you are connected to something greater than yourself. And this something greater is, of course, your I AM Presence. You also have the availability of a spiritual teacher—that is, of course, in the ideal scenario. You therefore have conscious contact with a spiritual teacher, who can guide you on the First Ray and then on the other rays as you move forward.

What happens in the ideal scenario is, that you rise from the 48th through the 49th level of consciousness. And as you rise, you create a spirit. Then you allow that spirit to be reborn into a higher spirit, and this allows you to rise to the next level of consciousness. Take note that in this ideal scenario you are not actually dealing with the concept, that you on earth today see as death. It is not truly necessary for you to let the old spirit die, in the sense you understand death on earth.

A spiritual view of death

You see, the way you have come to look at death is that this is something that definitively ends your life, that breaks it off, that stops it. You have come to see it as something that is forced upon you by some outside force.

Yet in the ideal scenario, you do not have to go through the process of letting the old spirit die, in the sense that it ceases to be, that something is forced upon you, and that this is a loss or a cessation of consciousness. Instead, you realize that you can simply allow yourself to be reborn into a higher sense of self.

Therefore, one could say that what you do between the 48th and the 96th level of consciousness, is that you very smoothly allow one spirit to transcend itself into the next spirit—and the next, and the next, and the next. This is a process that does not entail any abrupt stoppages, as you associate with death today. You are simply flowing from one stage to the next, and therefore it is easy for a co-creator to get the sense, that you have continuity between the spirit at one level of consciousness and the spirit at the next level of consciousness.

This can then give you, as I spoke about previously, the sense that you are building a continuous spirit instead of going from one spirit to the next. Yet at the same time, if you have contact with a spiritual teacher, then the teacher will prepare you for the fact, that when you come to the 96th level, you do have to go through an abrupt change. Because at that point you actually have to “lay down your life for a friend,” as Jesus expressed it.

You have to have that greater love of being willing to lay down the spirit, that you have created at the first 48 levels of consciousness. For this spirit cannot take you beyond the 96th level, as it is a spirit that was focused on raising itself as an individual spirit. In order to transcend and go beyond the 96th level, you need to start creating a new spirit, that is aimed at raising up more than your individual self, that is aimed at raising up the whole.

In the ideal scenario, this is a more abrupt change than you have experienced before, but it is still not what you see as death today. Because truly, it is not a loss for the Conscious You. As you have become more and more conscious, as you grew towards the 96th level, you have also become conscious of the fact, that you will not die if your spirit dies, because you are more than the spirit. The spirit is not you. You have not created a “self;” you have not even recreated yourself as the spirit.

You are conscious of the fact that the spirit is just a vehicle, that you are using to express yourself in the material world. Therefore, you will know that even if this spirit dies, you will not die. There will not even be a cessation of consciousness. There will not be an abrupt change or loss. This means that you can, when you are aware of this, smoothly let go of the old. You can lay down your life for a greater cause than raising up an individual self. You can therefore smoothly transition into that next phase.

Ideal versus current scenario

We will now look at the scenario that you face today, as you begin the path in a more conscious way than you have done before. What you have on planet earth today is not the ideal scenario by any means. It is very far from the ideal scenario. Of course, my purpose for bringing out this book before I allow the seven Chohans to bring out books for each of the seven rays, is indeed to prepare you, so that you can more successfully navigate the seven rays and the initiations of the seven rays.

Truly, in the ideal scenario, you would not be confronted with what I, in the last discourse, talked about as the aggressive spirits. In the ideal scenario, you are creating a spirit, and a number of spirits, as you grow from the 48th to the 96th level. But these are spirits that have two interesting characteristics. One is that they know that you can draw enough energy from inside yourself to drive your creative efforts. Thus, you do not need to take anything from outside yourself, from other lifestreams, meaning there is nothing aggressive in this kind of spirit. Furthermore, the spirit you are creating has the overall goal of growing towards a higher state of consciousness. You are not creating a static spirit; you are creating a spirit that wants to grow, that wants to transition into a higher phase.

This is in stark contrast to what happens after you fall into the duality consciousness, where you now begin to see yourself as a separate being. In order to go through this process, you have to be aware of a subtle psychological mechanism. Before you fall into a lower state of consciousness, you do have some inner sense that you are connected to something greater than yourself. This means that in order to enter into the consciousness of separation, where you now see yourself as a separate being, you have to deny your connection to something greater than yourself.

Yet the Conscious You is created as an extension of the I AM Presence, as an extension of the ascended masters and ultimately as an extension of the Creator’s Being. So you have to go through a deliberate denial of this connection to something greater. And in order to do this, you have to justify the denial.

You have to find a way, in your own mind, to justify that you are departing the path towards greater and greater oneness with something greater, and instead switching to the path that takes you deeper and deeper into separation. This is where you then seek to raise up your separate self – not as a connected being with greater and greater creative powers – but as a separate being with greater and greater powers to forcefully control your environment.

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