04. Healing at the physical level

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

My beloved heart, I AM Mary the Mother. I hold the office of the Divine Mother for planet earth. I hold each one of you in my heart. For there is none who can embody on planet earth without going through the Office of the Divine Mother and without having me, who is the head of that office, hold the spiritual balance for you at some level. Thus I can truly say that I have a personal, individual love for each of the almost 7 billion people in embodiment on earth, and even for those who are tied to earth while not presently being in a physical body.

You are a lifestream

As we have attempted to explain to you both in this teaching on the Song of Life but also in the many other teachings we have given, life does indeed have a purpose. You are not the product of a game of chance. Neither are you the product of an angry, judgmental God that will send you to hell if you do not function like a robot and blindly obey some dogma or some church leadership here on earth. You are a God-free co-creator, created to express your co-creative abilities in ways that would surprise even your Creator by the beauty and creativity that you can bring forth through your individual lifestream.

I know that traditionally many people who are open to the spiritual side of life believe that they are a soul that has embodied on earth. But many people also believe that the soul is something static, something that was created by God and therefore originally must have been perfect. And now it has embodied on earth and its role is to get back to that perfect state. But this is not a correct image.

The reality is that you were created as a lifestream, which means that you were created with a point-like sense of self, like the singularity that scientists say was the starting point of the physical universe. And you were meant to grow in self-awareness from that point-like sense of self to the all-encompassing sense of self of the Creator.

Thus, you are a life-stream, streaming from the singularity to the All-awareness that is your highest potential. You are not created in a static state of perfection even though there is a core of you that is pure awareness, but you are still created to expand your sense of self until you attain the awareness of being a Creator who can create its own universe, its own world of form.

Why am I telling you that you are a lifestream? Why are we telling you that you are meant to flow with the River of Life? Because what is disease? It is when something has blocked the flow. At the surface level something has blocked the flow of spiritual energy through the four lower bodies that you use here on earth. But on a greater level something has blocked you from seeing yourself as a lifestream.

You might think that you have come out of a static state. You might think that you are supposed to work towards a static state where you are supposedly saved and now sit on a pink cloud in heaven playing a harp for all eternity. Is that really a vision that you would like to attain—that state of being static for all eternity? I think not, for I know that you are created to be a lifestream, constantly flowing, constantly growing, constantly expanding, constantly becoming more, constantly co-creating that which is more.

There is no perfect health

Thus, what is the entire point of this healing matrix of the Song of Life? It is to get you back to the point where you see yourself as the flowing stream, and where you see that the stream of God’s energy, the stream of the Holy Spirit, the stream of the River of Life is flowing through the four lower vessels that you use here in this physical universe on planet earth. Be that stream, and stream on and let God stream on through you.

What, then, is disease in the physical body? It is a message that at some level you are not streaming, you are not flowing with the River of Life. Thus, indeed, the only way to true healing, lasting healing, is to get back to the flow.

Look at how you have been brought up to look at the physical body, where you think there is supposed to be some normal state of health, which is what many of you at least have endured in much of your lifetime. You think that if your body now begins to show symptoms of disease, something has gone wrong and then you are supposed to get back to this state, this static state of good health.

But I tell you there is no static state of good health, even though you may for a time have experienced having a physical body that you did not need to worry about because it just performed its functions so you could go on living the way you thought you were supposed to live, depending on how you were brought up to think you were supposed to live by a society that, as we have said, wishes to control you in many ways.

What I am saying here is this: We have attempted to explain this from several angles and Master MORE has given a magnificent explanation of this at the end of his book [The Creative Power Within]. What I am saying is this: You cannot recreate perfect health for you cannot recreate what you never had. You have never had perfect health in your physical body. You may have had a state where you thought that you did not have to worry about your body, but that was not perfect health.

There is nothing static in the physical universe. Everything is constantly flowing and changing. It is only the ego, the outer mind, that creates the image that things stand still, that you can own something, that you can maintain and keep it over time. For I tell you there is nothing static in the physical universe. As we have said, everything is a projection, projected many times every second. And the screen upon which it is projected is constantly moving. As you know from physics and astronomy, the entire universe is expanding.

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