MM 03. Power and wisdom

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE I AM. And I am the master of power. Thus, in this discourse, I will talk to you about the abuses of power and of wise uses of power. The trouble here is that, in your sojourn on planet earth, you have mostly encountered abuses of power and you have rarely seen a wise use of power. Thus, you have come to accept a false frame of reference, where it has often been portrayed on earth that the key to evaluating whether something is successful or powerful is the physical outcome, the physical result that is produced.

You tend to think that a person who is powerful is a person who can get things done, regardless of the human cost and the human consequences. You may, for example, look at a general who can defeat the enemy; but yet the cost in human lives and suffering is very high. You may look at leaders of nations who have achieved certain outer results but at what cost to the people of those nations or other nations.

You see I, as the Chohan of Power, do not evaluate power based on the physical outcome on earth. For to me, the physical outcome is not important at all. This is a statement that might startle some spiritual students. But it is because they have come to look at the First Ray of power through the filter of the earthly standard, the false standard of power.

Life’s purpose is your growth

What have we said many times? The material universe is a schoolroom, a learning environment. The universe is the cosmic mirror. What you send out will be reflected back in the form of physical circumstances. But what is the purpose of reflecting back to you what you are sending out? It is simply this: To make visible in a way that is difficult to deny that which you do not see in your own subconscious mind, or sometimes even in the conscious. And why does the universe do this? Because the purpose of life is your growth in consciousness.

You might consider the technology you have, where you wear these virtual reality goggles. You put on a pair of goggles and then you do not see the room around you. You only see what is projected in front of your eyes on a screen that is inside the goggles. What you are seeing is not the actual environment; what you are seeing is an environment that is created by a computer program—in other words a virtual, an unreal, environment. Yet I can assure you that if you could see as I see, you would see that the physical environment on planet earth is just as unreal as the virtual environment you see in these virtual reality goggles.

Outer results are irrelevant

Planet earth is simply a projection of consciousness. We have talked about the fact that there are spheres that have not ascended, but you are living in the latest unascended sphere. In an unascended sphere nothing is ultimately real, nothing has ultimate permanence, for it is an experimental environment. And as such, nothing will be permanent – nothing will gain ultimate reality – until the sphere ascends. Given that you live in an environment that is not ultimately real, why would I, or any other ascended being, be concerned about the physical results that you produce or fail to produce? It is irrelevant to us.

Do you not see that we have consistently taught that there is an outer false path to salvation and an inner true path? The outer false path is where you think, in its most primitive version, that by being a member of a particular outer religion, you are guaranteed to be saved. In the more sophisticated versions, you may think that if you are an ascended master student, and if you do all of these outer things right and produce certain outer results, then you are guaranteed to be saved.

But what we have said over and over again is this: It is your state of consciousness that determines whether you can be saved, whether you can ascend, whether you can enter the spiritual realm. You will not enter the spiritual realm until you reach the 144th level of consciousness. You will not reach that level if you think it is a matter of producing specific outer results. In fact, you will not rise from the 48th to the 49th level of consciousness if you think that all that matters is the outer results you produce.

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