03. Letting old spirits die

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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The Maha Chohan I AM. In this discourse we will again consider the question: “What is the Holy Spirit?” We are approaching the topic and answer gradually, that you might have a greater understanding of this extremely important topic.

We go back to the concept of the 144 levels of consciousness and the fact that a new co-creator starts out at the 48th level. And then – if it chooses to raise its consciousness and engage in the Path of the Seven Veils, the Paths of the Seven Rays – it gradually works its way up through the seven rays towards the 96th level of consciousness.

Spirits and the seven rays

As I explained, anything you do is done with energy. Anything you do is done with consciousness. The energy aspect is what we have called the Ma-ter light. You form a matrix in your mind, and then you allow your consciousness to flow through the matrix and thereby project that matrix upon the Ma-ter light, which then takes on the form.

Anything that has consciousness flowing through it, becomes animated by consciousness. What you are actually doing is you are creating a spirit. We have given various teachings on this topic already. We have talked about how a new co-creator often takes on what we have called a pre-defined role in order to have a foundation for starting its creative efforts. Yet as you continue to co-create through that role, you gradually begin to create a spirit. This spirit, of course, does not have self-awareness as you do, but nevertheless it is a spirit. It is a being that has a certain sense of awareness, a certain survival instinct, and therefore a built-in desire to grow.

What happens is, that as you work your way up through the first three rays, you are simply experimenting with your creative powers. There is the joy of experimenting with the First Ray. There is the desire to evaluate on the Second Ray, whether the results you produce are the results you want. Then there is the love of the Third Ray, which can be the pure love of creating, but eventually becomes the love for creating for some higher purpose.

This can lead you to the point, where you accelerate yourself on the Fourth Ray and begin to evaluate your co-creation based on something outside yourself. For you are striving for some greater sense of purpose, something that has a positive effect on life beyond your own sphere of self. This continues through the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Ray, until you end up at that 95-96th level consciousness, where you then face the initiation of whether you will take a giant leap – a quantum leap – or whether you will continue to seek to reinforce what you have created up until this point.

You are not the spirit you create

And what is it that you have created? You have created the outer self that is a spirit. The extreme importance of the concept of the Conscious You is, that it is the Conscious You that has created this outer spirit, but the Conscious You is not the spirit. The Conscious You has not become the spirit and has not been changed by this spirit. The Conscious You is still what it always was created to be, an open door and nothing more—and nothing less.

The test that you face at this point – when you have completed the initiations of the seven rays – is simply this: Will you now let that spirit that you have created die, so that you can be reborn into a higher sense of self? This is what Jesus alluded to in a mystical way, when he told Nicodemus that only the man who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven. This refers to the Conscious You. Only the Conscious You can ascend back to the spiritual realm.

The spirit that you have created, what many people call the soul, cannot ascend. It cannot ascend, my beloved. What can ascend are the positive experiences that you have had through that spirit, and that becomes part of your causal body [ See The Power of Self ]. But the spirit itself cannot ascend; it must be allowed to die in order for the Conscious You to be allowed to rise to the next level, and go beyond the 96th level, moving towards the 144th level.

What needs to happen at the 96th level is that you actually allow the spirit you have created to die, so that you can – as Jesus put it – be born again, be born of water. When you are born of water, you take on a new self, which is, of course, not completely different from the old self. Yet it is a distinctly new self, and you consciously know that it is a new self.

Then you start growing towards the 144th level. As you do so, you are again creating a self, a spirit. When you come to the 144th level, you are – like Jesus demonstrated on the cross – you are paralyzed, you are crucified, and you realize you are crucified by your own creation. Therefore, you can, while hanging on the cross, realize that nobody is going to come and save you from your own creation and free you from the spirit you have created. You are the one who must give up the ghost and let that spirit die once more, whereby you can then be born again, be reborn of fire in the ritual of the fire of the Ascension Flame, that completely accelerates your being but does so by shattering the matrix of the spirit that took you to this point.

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