MM 02. Power and will

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

More I AM. And a master, I AM. Thus, I am a master of MORE. And I am here to show you how to become more on the First Ray. Let me begin by giving you an overview. You are, of course, familiar with the teaching that there are 144 possible levels of consciousness. You are aware that the purpose of this series of discourses, and the purpose of the books we are bringing out, is to show you how to rise from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness by mastering the initiations of the seven rays.

Yet, let me now consider what happens when you first descend to earth. As we have said, when you first descend to this planet, you descend to the 48th level of consciousness (if you are a new lifestream, that is). In the ideal scenario, what would happen to such a lifestream? Well, the lifestream would descend with a point-like sense of self, a sense of being connected to something greater – although it has no clear vision of the I AM Presence – and the lifestream descends with a desire to experiment with its creative abilities.

Thus, at the 48th level, the most important ability that you naturally have, in the ideal scenario, is the will to experiment. This is the will to try something new, and just see what response you get from the material universe, which we might consider a giant feedback machine. Whatever you send out, will be mirrored back to you by the cosmic mirror.

If you now look at this willingness to experiment from a slightly different perspective, what is this state of consciousness? Well, it is partly what the Buddha talked about when he talked about “beginner’s mind.” It is what Jesus talked about when he said that unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom. The state of mind that you have at the 48th level is that of innocence, holy innocence.

The importance of innocence

In the ideal scenario, you could walk up through the initiations of the seven rays without losing this innocence. You would, of course, gain experience, but this would not take away your innocence, although you certainly would become more mature and in some ways more sophisticated. But you would still be innocent in the sense that you would have no impure, self-centered intention about putting down any other form of life. And you would not have been exposed to other lifestreams who had an intention of putting down you and your creative efforts.

Do you see that in the ideal scenario, it is possible to expand your creative abilities, to grow in awareness of your creative abilities, without ever encountering the mindset – the consciousness – that seeks to put you down and judge you according to some relative, dualistic standard, according to which you must be either right or wrong? And if you do something wrong, then there is something wrong with you.

Now of course, you have all been exposed to precisely this state of consciousness, even in this lifetime—and, I can assure you, also in many past lifetimes on this planet. For just look back on planet earth and see how this very consciousness of judging, evaluating and putting down has infused life on this planet for as long as you have recorded history—and I can assure you: for much longer than that.

As we have said, you do not have the ideal scenario. The idea that I want to plant as a seed in your mind here is that the goal of walking the Path of the Seven Veils is not to acquire some sophisticated mastery of mind over matter, whereby you can produce visible phenomena that will impress other people. It is not even to acquire any specific wisdom or any particular sophistication in doing this or that. The primary goal of walking the path of the seven rays in the current conditions on earth is precisely this: To recapture your innocence, so that you are able to express the creative energies of the seven rays in complete innocence.

This, of course, is a new twist that not many spiritual students have been aware of. We have for now over a century taught openly the teachings of the ascended masters on earth through various messengers and teachings. Yet is has hardly been recognized at all that the real goal of walking the path is to recapture what was lost, namely that innocence that is truly paradise on earth.

The lost paradise

How will you manifest paradise on earth? Did not Jesus say that the kingdom of God is within you? So is it not logical that the way to manifest paradise on earth is to attain a certain state of consciousness? And what is the consciousness you have in Eden? Well, before you have eaten the forbidden fruit, and therefore cast yourself out of the paradise that was Maitreya’s Mystery School, you were in a state of innocence. This was a state of holy innocence, where you freely experimented with your creative abilities without evaluating them based on a standard created from the separate, dualistic mind.

You see, what you have encountered here on earth is the standard that was created by the fallen beings, and it was a standard that was created specifically to destroy the innocence of the holy innocent. It was created to make sure that once they had lost that innocence, it would be extremely difficult for them to recapture it.

For how difficult is it to regain your innocence in the current environment on earth, when you are constantly attacked either by other people or by dark forces? Or you are attacked by the many spirits, that the Maha Chohan has exposed, that are roaming around in the collective consciousness, always seeking to manipulate you into some kind of struggle, some kind of game, to prove something right or prove others wrong.

My beloved, just look at life. Can you not recognize this consciousness and see how it infuses every aspect of society, every aspect of human interactions, and how you have been exposed to it yourself? Well then, let me put it to you that we now have a certain reversal of the original scenario. In the ideal scenario you would start out in innocence, and then you would grow and retain your innocence while becoming more sophisticated and mature. But now, as you come to me and desire to take the initiations on the First Ray, then we have almost the opposite. You are now somewhat sophisticated and mature in the sense that you know many things and have many experiences with life on earth, but you have lost the innocence.

It is not realistic that I can – at the very 48th level of consciousness, as the first initiation – help you regain that innocence. In fact I, as the first Chohan, cannot do so. It is only as you go through all of the seven rays that you have the opportunity to regain that innocence, so that when you reach the 96th level, you will have fully recaptured the innocence with which you first descended.

That is why you can then pass the initiation on the 96th level without going into using your creative abilities in a self-centered way, or even in an aggressive way that is aimed at controlling others or fighting some epic battle or other. This gives you the long-term vision. And it is important for you to keep in mind – as you walk this Path of the Seven Veils – that for each step you move closer and closer to innocence. You need to consider: “What is it that takes away my innocence right now, at my present level of consciousness?”

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