02. The two types of spirits

Ascended Master Maha Chohan through Kim Michaels.

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I AM the Maha Chohan. In this chapter we will consider the question: What is the Holy Spirit, the One Spirit, the River of Life?

You know the teaching we have given [See The Power of Self], of how the Creator first manifested a void by withdrawing itself into a singularity, then projecting itself out as the first sphere. And after the first sphere ascended, it became the foundation for creating the second sphere, and so on until the sphere in which you live, in which the material universe is found. What you need to understand here is this: God has not singled-handedly created the world of form.

The Creator has not sat there as the almighty, remote Creator and created the world of form, so to speak, from the outside. Creation is a two-fold process; it is a process whereby the One Creator creates individual self-aware extensions of itself, sends them into the latest sphere, and then they co-create the world of form from the inside, forming a figure-eight flow with the Creator.

And thus, what we see is that these self-aware extensions of the Creator create, essentially, in the same way as the Creator creates. For what exactly is it that the Creator creates, when it creates an extension of itself? What is the Creator?

How Spirit creates

The Creator is Spirit. How does Spirit create? You look at this process from the vantage point of the material universe, where you have – for a variety of reasons that we need not go into here – been conditioned, programmed, to see the material universe as being separate from Spirit. You have the subtle image in your minds that God is a Spirit, but God created a world of form that is not Spirit, that is separated from Spirit.

This is highly inaccurate, and it is non-constructive for your spiritual growth. Surely, we of the ascended masters understand full well that there are levels of consciousness, and that there are some levels of consciousness, where you are simply not ready to grasp the truth that I will give you here. So we understand that there are people who need to hold on to the image, that matter and Spirit are separate. For this is the only way they can have the experience that they desire to have; the experience of being separate, disconnected beings. Of course, the Law of Free Will must be allowed to outplay itself, so that they can have that experience until they have had enough of it.

Yet the deeper truth that I wish to reveal to those who are ready, those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, is that Spirit cannot create something that is separate from Spirit. Spirit cannot create something that is not Spirit. So, how does Spirit create? By creating spirit.

The Creator itself is beyond form, as you can conceive of form from inside the world of form. Yet in order to create the world of form, the Creator does not create a form that is separate from itself. The Creator, which is Spirit, can create a form in only one way, namely by creating a spirit, a spirit that is created in two distinct elements or phases.

First, the Creator must envision a matrix, a form, a geometric shape, which is what Saint Germain calls a symbol. Then, the Creator allows the stream of its own Being, consciousness and Spirit to flow through the matrix. This matrix then becomes animated by the Creator’s Spirit, and therefore becomes a spirit that has a distinct form. This spirit is now charged with the task of maintaining that form.

Spirits and self-awareness

Now then, as you look at life from inside the material sphere, you are used to thinking in terms of inanimate matter and animate life forms. This is comparable – with some latitude for not taking things literally – to what the Creator does. The Creator creates inanimate forms that are upheld by a spirit that has consciousness but does not have self-awareness. Then, the Creator creates co-creators, who also have a form and therefore also started out as a matrix in the Creator’s mind endowed by Spirit, endowed by a portion of Spirit so concentrated, so intensified, that it makes them self-aware. So we now have spirits with awareness but no self-awareness, and Spirits with self-awareness.

Thus, you see a very important distinction. An “inanimate” spirit, so to speak, cannot transcend the basic matrix according to which it was created. It cannot consciously and deliberately transcend itself, recreate itself, redefine itself. This does not mean that the spirit cannot evolve; it can indeed evolve as you conceive of evolution in nature. It can evolve within the parameters set by its original matrix, which means that it can become more of that matrix. It can gather to itself energy, even consciousness, and therefore it can grow in power, in sophistication. But it cannot change itself deliberately and consciously.

In a sense, it cannot bring forth something that is new in a revolutionary or transcendental way. Yet a self-aware “animate” Spirit, a co-creator, does indeed have the ability to step back, look at itself and decide that it wants to be something different than what it is right now. And therefore, it can remake itself, recreate itself, transcend itself.

This means something profound. The co-creative Spirit has the same ability as the Creator, which is to formulate a matrix in its mind and to direct the stream of its consciousness through the matrix. Thus, a co-creative Spirit can create form, a new form not seen before. The inanimate spirit does not have the ability to envision or imagine something beyond its own matrix. It has enough consciousness to know that it exists, that it wants to survive and that it wants to grow by gathering to itself more energy, more consciousness, and it can even expand itself within the matrix that defines it.

A co-creative Spirit can envision, imagine, a new matrix. But of course, there are limitations to what a co-creative Spirit can envision, and the limitations are set by the matrix that defines the co-creative Spirit. So you see, there are two phases in the evolution, the growth, of a co-creative Spirit. The first phase is that you are focused on creating forms, and the second phase is that you realize, that in order to create forms that are completely new, you need to recreate yourself.

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