01. Recreating your sense of self

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Ascended Master Maraytaii through Kim Michaels.


Maraytaii is my name. I am a representative of the Divine Mother. Whereas Mother Mary is the representative of the Divine Mother for earth, I am a representative of the Divine Mother at the galactic level for your galaxy. I am not the highest representative of the Divine Mother at the galactic level, but I am one of the representatives.

Thus, I am come to earth to bring a gift, a gift that I bring in oneness with other representatives of the Divine Mother for earth: Portia, the Goddess of Justice, Nada, the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, Kuan Yin, a representative of Divine Mercy, and of course, Mother Mary. We bring you this gift of what we have called the Song of Life.

It is a gift from the Divine Feminine to all people on earth. It has a simple purpose, and that is to give you the teachings and the practical tools to bring yourself into harmony, into synchrony, into resonance with the Song of Life. What is the Song of Life? Let me explain.

The creative role of sound

The Maha Chohan in his book [Flowing with the River of Life] has explained how the force of the Holy Spirit has been created by self-aware beings – starting in the very first sphere – who have used their co-creative abilities to transcend their sense of self and create that which is more. The Song of Life is part of the River of Life, the movement of the Holy Spirit. But it is a specific aspect of it. For what is it that stirs the undifferentiated Ma-ter light into taking on a specific form and maintaining that form over time?

Well, it is what you on earth would call sound. And you have been given the teaching that when God started the creative process, he supposedly said: “Let there be light.” But you see, this is an explanation given to human beings at a certain level of consciousness, for on earth you know that you cannot speak, you cannot create sound, unless there is a medium through which the sound can propagate.

So you see, what is stated in Genesis is not the very first act of creation. The first act of creation was to create the Ma-ter light, which is undifferentiated and has no form. This could not have been done through sound, for there was no medium through which the sound could propagate. And thus, it was done through the awareness of the Creator.

But once the Ma-ter light was brought into existence, there needs to be a force that can stir it into form and maintain that form. We have explained that you are co-creators, that you have the ability to formulate a mental image in your mind and to then superimpose or project that image upon the Ma-ter light. But how do you project an image upon the Ma-ter light? Well, you do so through what is the equivalent of sound, but which is not necessarily audible sound. It is, instead, a rhythmic movement that has certain sequences that repeat in a pattern, a matrix.

And it is this rhythmic movement that not only stirs the Ma-ter light to take on a certain form, but that gives that form a continued existence by repeating the pattern. And it is thus this repetition of the pattern that maintains the form.

Your mind is a musical instrument

Now, you know that in order to produce sound, you need some kind of instrument. But an instrument does not have to be physical or material, for you understand, do you not, that if everything in the material world is created from sounds stirring the Ma-ter light, there could not have been a material instrument that created material form. For what would then have created that instrument when there was no form?

Thus, you see, creation starts at a higher level where your I AM Presence creates a certain sound, a certain rhythmic matrix, which it then projects into the identity level. Your identity body then becomes an instrument for amplifying and magnifying that soundless sound from your Presence and then projecting it into your mental body. Where your mental body now becomes the instrument at that level of creation, again amplifying, perhaps changing somewhat, the sound and then projecting it into the feeling body. Where your feelings might distort it even more, before it is projected onto the material level where this projection of rhythmic matrices literally forms your physical body and the state of health or unhealth of your physical body.

So going back to Genesis and the statement that God said: “Let there be light,” you understand that the God referred to in Genesis was the level of creation of the Elohim, who took the light from the etheric, the identity level, put it into rhythmic motion, then projected it into the mental, then into the emotional, and then into the physical. And then, out of the light that had now taken on the vibrations of the material spectrum, they then created the earth by again projecting a sound matrix, if you will, upon the Ma-ter light.

This is how everything has been created. This is how any form can be maintained over time, because there is a rhythmic pattern that is continually being superimposed upon the Ma-ter light, causing the Ma-ter light to maintain a certain form.

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