MM 01. Introducing the First Ray

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE I AM. Yet, I am more than the name. I am more than any name. For truly, how can a name – given in the words you can understand on earth – capture the fullness of an ascended, God-free being?

What does it mean that I am an ascended being? Does it mean that I am so different from you that you cannot relate to me? Nay, it does not. For truly, I was once embodied on earth as you are today. I have ascended because I have completed the process that you yourself are in the process of completing. And indeed, it is my only desire for the release of these discourses to help you become more consciously aware of the path that you have already been following, likely for many lifetimes.

So, again, I am not so different from you. I am simply further ahead on the path that all self-aware beings have the potential to follow.

The ascension is not evolution

Yet, while I do not want you to see yourself as being fundamentally different from me, it is indeed necessary for you to recognize that there is a fundamental difference between the ascended state of consciousness and the unascended state of consciousness. The ascended state of consciousness is not simply a further evolution of the unascended, or human, state of consciousness. For it is not possible to evolve the human state of consciousness to a point where it smoothly crosses over to the ascended state.

If you know anything about the latest discoveries of modern physics, you might know that there was a point, when scientists developed a branch of science called quantum mechanics. The basis for this science was the discovery that light, although a wave that propagates through space and thus has no fixed location, is not a continuous phenomenon. Light is emitted in discrete units, called quanta, and thus the name “quantum mechanics.”

This is important because, as we have explained in the previous two books in this series, human beings have the potential to be at 144 different levels of consciousness. You qualify for your ascension by rising up through these levels, until you reach the 144th level.

Yet the important point here is that this is not a continuous, smooth process. Every time you rise from one level of consciousness to the next, you are not simply going through an evolutionary process. You are, in fact, required to make a quantum leap in consciousness in order to rise from one level to the next. And of course, the greatest of all quantum leaps is when you have reached the 144th level and then take that final leap to the ascended state.

Nevertheless, as you rise through the levels and become more consciously aware of the process, you learn to quickly give up the current sense of self and thereby be reborn as a new and more mature sense of self. And the more you are used to this process, the less of a leap it will be for you to leap into the ascended state. Yet it must be recognized that it is still a leap. It will always be a leap. And what does it require to make the quantum leap from one level to the next? It requires a conscious decision.

Master MORE cannot teach everyone

Thus, I start this series of discourses by making you aware that I am a spiritual teacher. But I cannot teach just anyone on earth. There are many people who are not ready for the kind of teaching that I can offer. For naturally, as an ascended being, I offer a teaching that is aimed at taking you towards the ascension.

If you have other goals, as might be perfectly legitimate according to the Law of Free Will, then you may not be ready for me. For you might not be ready to make the decisions that you need to make, in order to take advantage of what I have to offer you.

Thus, you might need to find other teachers for a time, or you may need to spend some time studying in what we have called the School of Hard Knocks, where you experience the physical consequences of your frame of mind—what you are projecting out with that frame of mind. And you experience those consequences until you have had enough and cry out: “There must be more to life.” And when you cry out that there must be more, then I, Master MORE, can indeed come to your aid. But my ability to help you will be dependent on your willingness to make conscious decisions. And you cannot make conscious decisions without consciously looking at yourself.

Thus, I tell you: Even though I am the first master that people encounter when they start the Path of the Seven Veils – the Path of the Seven Rays – I cannot teach everyone. Yet, I do indeed try to teach as many people as possible. But because people are at different levels of willingness to look at themselves, I have devised different ways to teach people, according to their willingness to look in the mirror and honestly consider their own state of consciousness.

For the purpose of this discussion, I wish to make you aware that in my etheric retreat over Darjeeling, India, I teach at two major levels. I have a part of my retreat that you might compare to one of these large soup kitchens that you see in some cities on earth, where people who are homeless or disadvantaged can come in and receive a meal. The facility I have in my retreat is aimed at those who have come to the point where they have cried out: “There must be more to life!” Yet they are not yet willing to truly look at themselves and ask the conscious questions.

So I allow them – during the night in their finer bodies – to come to my retreat and enter the soup kitchen, where they stand in a line, coming up to the servers who serve them a bowl of soup—somewhat adapted to their individual needs and state of consciousness. And then they partake of that soup and leave my retreat, sometimes traveling to other places, sometimes going back into their bodies. And in most cases, they have no conscious awareness of having been to my retreat, only retaining certain fragments of the lessons that were, so to speak, built into the soup that they received. I am, of course, here speaking metaphorically—I trust you understand.

After having attended my retreat for some time, then there will come a point when people are ready to not simply eat their soup and then leave but to pause, to look around, and to ask themselves: “Where am I? What is this place? Is there perhaps more for me here than just receiving this bowl of soup and then leaving?”

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book The Mystical Initiations of Power.


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