Will you accept or reject my love?

TOPICS: No need to blame women for the fall – The law of perpetual growth – The River of Life – Unworthiness comes from pride – Your potential to follow the example set by Jesus – Mother Mary’s life – Your divine plan – Mother Mary loves us as she loved Jesus –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 12, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Oh my beloved hearts, how grateful I am to be in your midst. I am so grateful to be invited by loving hearts who welcome me. I wish you could feel that even I, as an ascended being, am sometimes burdened by the fact that the Mother Flame is so unwelcome in many places on earth.

No need to blame women for the fall

Oh how that Mother Flame has been put down over the centuries, and even the millennia. What a curse has been put on the Mother of God and the feminine aspect of every lifestream. What a curse has been put on women, blaming them for the Fall of Man. It was called the “Fall of Man,” not the “Fall of Woman,” because it was the fall of the feminine aspect of every lifestream—both men and women.

All chose, all chose to adapt to the ways of the world. All chose to accept the temptations of those who had already separated themselves from God and who desired to pull others with them. These tempters wanted to steal people’s love, their light, that they could no longer receive from Above because they were not willing to receive it in love.

There is no reason to blame women; there is no reason to blame anyone. God does not want to blame any human soul because blame is a fear-based emotion, and fear breeds fear and it traps you in a downward spiral, whereby you become more and more separated from your spiritual self, from who you really are. God has no desire to see you separate yourself from who you are, from your highest potential. God desires every human being to be all that they are, all that he created them to be, and even to be more, because he gave them free will.

When you use your free will in love, you will grow and become more than God created you to be. And thereby God becomes more through you, and the entire creation is magnified. This is true love; not human love that is conditional and shuts off the flow of love. Human love wants to own and gather to itself. And once it has gathered what it thinks is enough, it wants to keep it by controlling it. When you love another person in a human way, you are afraid you could lose them. So you want to control them and bind them to you.

The law of perpetual growth

The law of this universe was explained by beloved Jesus when he said, “He who seeks to save his life, shall lose it.” You see, in this world that which does not grow will deteriorate. If the Mother Flame becomes unbalanced, it will contract until matter itself collapses, and that is indeed what you see in what your scientists call a black hole. The magnetic pull, the gravitational pull, in a black hole is so intense that all order, all structure, breaks down. Even matter itself breaks down. And yet I must tell you that many human beings on this earth have created their own personal black holes in their energy fields and their subconscious minds. And collectively, humankind has created these black holes all over this planet.

Almost every large city has such a black hole over it, and it overwhelms people’s minds, so they cannot think clearly, so they cannot see the truth of Christ. They see only the dualistic truth, and even that which they think is true is not true in the ultimate sense. And that is why you see so many religious people, even so many Christians, who fight over this or that interpretation of scripture. And why do they fight? Because they have lost the key of knowledge that the lawyers took away. And as Jesus said, “Woe unto you lawyers, for ye have taken away the key of knowledge.”

The key of knowledge is that you can know truth in your heart, but it is more than that. The key of knowledge is that God’s truth is a Living Truth that is forever growing and expanding and transcending itself. God has not created a static universe. God has created a universe that is constantly expanding, and even your scientists have realized this. Expansion is growth, it is self-transcendence. It is your willingness to be more today than you were yesterday and to be more tomorrow than you are today.

The River of Life

God’s creation is a river, and a river is constantly flowing. When the Conscious You was formed, it was born into the river of life and it joyfully, like a little child, was flowing with that river. But then someone on the shore was tempting you to believe in a lie, and when you accepted that lie, you grabbed on to something on the shore, on the river bank. And some of you even pulled yourselves completely out of the river, and you are now standing on dry land. You have forgotten that the river even exists. All you see is the dried-up desert, and your life seems desolate with no purpose. You have no vision, you have no sense of meaning.

Look at the world today. Look at how many people drift through life aimlessly, feeling like there is no deeper meaning to their existence. And yet if they would only turn around, they would see that the River of God has always been there. And it is just a matter of turning your back to the desert of illusions and lies and once again plunging yourself into the life-giving water of the River of God.

This truly is the inner meaning of the baptism by water, namely that you step back into the flow of God, where you are willing to grow and transcend. And then, as you keep growing and increasing your understanding, you can make yourself ready to receive the baptism by fire, where you have the connection to the spiritual realm. And you are not just flowing with the River of Life, but you are now directing the flow of that river through your consciousness.

You have now followed in the footsteps of my beloved Jesus, who showed you the way that all of you can walk, until you too can say, “I and my Father are one, I and my I AM Presence are one. I am no longer a human being, I am no longer a child in the spirit. I have put away childish things, and I have become the spiritual being that I truly am, a co-creator with my God.”

Unworthiness comes from pride

My Beloved hearts, God has no greater desire than to see every human being come back into the River of Life. God has no desire for you to feel like a sinner, to blame yourself, to hold yourself back in fear, thinking you are not worthy. All of these feelings, the feeling that you are not worthy to be in the River of Life, these feelings truly spring from pride.

That may surprise you, because when you feel really bad about yourself, you don’t feel prideful at all. But you see, at a deeper level, your outer mind is saying, “My soul is not worthy.” Yet your lifestream was created by God, and that means you are saying that God must have created something that is not worthy. And if you hold on to that belief, you are saying that you know better than God what God created. In reality, God created a perfect lifestream because God created you in his image and likeness. And therefore, those who put you down, those who put themselves down, those who claim that you are nothing but mortal sinners, they are the prideful spirits, the prideful beings, the false prophets about whom Jesus spoke. And truly, if the blind lead the blind, they shall both end up in the ditch.

What makes you spiritually blind is pride. So go not after the prideful preachers of the world, those who tell you that you are no good, that you are not a spiritual being, that you need something from outside yourself in order to be saved. Do not buy their wares. Center in your heart, reach for the love of Christ, reach for the love of the Mother of God, the love that is so tender that few people can bear it. And yet, I so long to share it with all.

Your potential to follow the example set by Jesus

Your potential is that you can expand your consciousness, until you attain the same Christ consciousness that my beloved Jesus demonstrated 2,000 years ago. But you cannot do this in a mechanical way by following an outer ritual. You must do it by going within, by transforming your consciousness. In the beginning, this will be uncomfortable, and you have heard the saying, “No pain, no gain.”

Truly, I do not desire to see any of you experience pain, but I must tell you that there is a truth here, in the sense that most people on this earth have become comfortable in their state of suffering. They have become so used to the pain, which they experience daily, that they are numb to it. Before you can grow out of that pain, out of that state of consciousness, you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone.

You must be willing to look at some of your beliefs and realize that they are not the highest possible, that there is more to know, that there is more to understand. And that is why you see so many people who go through life being busy with the things of this world, not paying any attention to their own spiritual growth or to the spiritual side of life. And then they experience a major crisis, be it a health crisis, an accident, the death of a family member or the loss of a job. And all of a sudden, their new pain is so much more intense than the old pain with which they had become familiar, that they now wake up and say, “There must be a better way. There must be a way out.” And then they turn to the spiritual path.

My Beloved hearts, I have seen people do this millions of times. And although I welcome anyone who becomes spiritually awakened, I would so love to see people wake up before they hit the wall, before they experience a crisis. I would so love to see people wake up because they connect to the love in their hearts, and they just know from within that there is more to life, there is something higher.

To do that, the Conscious You must be willing to surrender itself to the masculine polarity of itself—the spiritual self. It must be willing to listen to the messenger sent by God, sent from Above, the messenger who comes into your life and says, “There is more. You don’t have to be stuck here. You can grow and go beyond this.”

Mother Mary’s life

This is really the story of my life. I wish I could give you a sense of what I felt when I was sitting there in the monastery, in solitude after my morning prayers, and I thought it was going to be just another day. And suddenly, there was a rushing like a mighty wind, and there was a bright light shining in the room. And there was the angel of God, standing in my room. My soul literally went into shock; his light was so bright, his vibration so intense that nothing on this earth compares.

If you will listen to my voice, I am giving you now the sense of the intensity of the Light of an archangel, at the level that I think you can bear, the level that will show you that there is more to life, there is something beyond, there is a higher state of consciousness, without burning you with the fire that is too hard for human beings to bear. Yet you can grow to the point, where you can bear that fire, where you can stand in the fire of God and like the bush that burned before Moses, you are burning with the spiritual fire, but you are not consumed.

You have allowed the fire of God to burn away your fears, your misqualified energy. You have invoked that fire from above to burn away the misqualified energy you have created over hundreds, and in many cases thousands, of lifetimes. And this fire is so intense that it can burn away the misqualified energy, created over thousands of lifetimes, in just one lifetime—if you truly apply yourself.

Many of you, who are the spiritual people today, should realize that you are the spiritual people because you know you are ready to take that step. You are ready to step out of that limited sense of identity as a mortal human being. You are ready to come up higher and you are ready to say, “Yes, Jesus is my older brother. He is not an idol, put up there on a pedestal. I will stop dancing around this golden calf presented by orthodox Christianity by turning Jesus into this superhuman that no one can reach. I will accept him as my older brother. I will follow his example, and I WILL come up higher. I will follow the example of Mother Mary, and I will ask that the Angel of the Lord, in the form of my own Christ self, will appear to me and show me the next step, show me the illusions I need to leave behind, so that I can fulfill the plan that my conscious self made before I came into this lifetime.”

Your divine plan

The greatest problem on planet earth today, the only problem on planet earth today, is that so many human beings have forgotten who they are and why they are here. And this is understandable, because the energies in this realm are so dense, so heavy, that it can easily overpower you, and you lose your memory of why you came. Yet those of you who have started the spiritual path, who are awakened, should realize that there are no limitations of how far you can go on this path, except the limitations that you accept with your outer minds.

Thus, when the Angel of the Lord appears to you and says, “You can let the Christ be born in you,” it is because the angel knows you are ready, as the angel knew I was ready to give birth to the physical Christ child. My devotion had caused my energy field to be filled with love, to be filled with grace. And you too can purify your temple, until you are ready for the Christ child, the spiritual Christ child, to be born in your heart. And thereby you become the Christed being that you truly are, that you already are in heaven. This is the being that is covered over by a mortal sense of identity, built from the illusions of this world.

Mother Mary loves us as she loved Jesus

I come to you with the intensity of a mother’s love for your lifestreams. I want to see you be all you can be, as I wanted Jesus to be all he could be. Please do not think that I loved Jesus more than I love each and every one of you. I am an ascended being. My heart is capable of infinitely more love than the heart of a human being in a physical body. My heart is big enough to hold every human being on this planet. And I hold the vision that you will become all that you are and that you will fulfill the plan for which your soul came into this lifetime.

I love you with the same love that I had for Jesus. I ask you to go into your heart and sense whether what I am saying resonates with your inner being. See whether giving my rosaries resonates with you, and if it does, then use the tools I have given and spend a little time attuning yourself to my heart, so that you can feel my love. Even more importantly, I hope you come to the point, where you have let go of enough fear that you can not only feel my love, but you can accept that love. I hope you can accept that you are worthy of the love of the Mother of God.

That love is given freely to all. You do not have to earn my love; I have already given it to you. Your choice is whether you will accept my love or reject it because you believe you are not worthy. And therefore I tell you, “You are worthy! God created you worthy and God desires YOU to accept that worthiness and to accept the love of the Mother of God and the love of the Father of God.” I therefore seal you now in the love of my mother’s heart, in the love of Jesus himself, who is here now to seal your hearts. And therefore I say, “Abide in this love for as long as you like— even forever. Amen”


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels