What did Kim Michaels give up in order to become a messenger for the ascended masters?

TOPICS: Psychic control – Psychic forces and ascended masters –  It’s all about intention – The inferiority-superiority problem – The need for external validation – Having a grudge against other people –

By Kim Michaels

In this and the following article I will describe the one thing that in my experience determines whether you become a messenger for the ascended masters or for lower forces. As I mentioned in the first article, there are forces in the emotional mental and lower etheric realm who will be happy to tell you anything your ego wants to hear, even pose as ascended masters. In this article, I will call these forces “psychic forces.”

I call them psychic forces because they are obviously not in embodiment, so they cannot physically do anything to you. Thus, they can influence you only through psychic means, meaning they seek to influence your emotions, thoughts or sense of identity—wherever you are vulnerable. They may, of course, also seek to influence you through other people, but those other people are also under psychic control.

Psychic control

What is psychic control? It is where some force outside yourself (be it psychic forces or other people) seek to get inside your head and influence your mind. The goal is to influence your free will; to get you to make certain choices. However, this is generally accomplished in a camouflaged way by seeking to influence how you look at and/or feel about yourself, life, other people or certain situations. In other words, psychic forces often seek to influence your perception. And because you make choices based on your perception, you cannot choose an option that you do not perceive.

Perhaps you are already aware that you have been exposed to psychic control all of your life? If not, one obvious example is where other people attempt to make you feel guilty, so you will give them what they want. Have you ever encountered an aggressive sales person, who attempted to get you to buy something? Have you ever watched commercials on television? When I was growing up, the entire educational system in Denmark was based on psychic control. There were certain ways you were supposed to behave, and if you didn’t, you were supposed to feel bad about it. There was also a clear tendency to try to scare people into behaving a certain way.

My point here is to help you see some of the attempts at psychic control to which you have been exposed. And by seeing the more obvious ones, you can then start to build your discernment and come to see the more subtle ones. As I went through the process of raising my consciousness, I became much better at sensing psychic forces. I got to the point, where I can read psychic energy by its vibration. I also became less afraid of it, and thus I was able to have some forbearance with people around me who would attempt to influence me through psychic methods. In fact, I have often allowed people to expose me to psychic manipulation in order to give them an opportunity to see that I did not submit to it. This has not always worked, because most people simply do not see what they are doing.

Our society is so heavily influenced by psychic manipulation, that most people do not realize what has been done to them, and thus they do not realize when they are doing the same to others. Our egos routinely use psychic manipulation as a defense mechanism to create or maintain a sense of being in control of our lives. Yet for some people, psychic manipulation is used much more aggressively, and they directly seek to influence others instead of just reacting to what is done to them.

Psychic forces and ascended masters

The point I am working towards is that psychic forces have to manipulate you, because they need something from you, namely the energy you receive from your I AM Presence. However, they cannot steal that light in its pure form, because they cannot take it in. For example, a being in the astral realm cannot absorb the light of pure love; it would be very agitating, almost toxic. So this being seeks to get you to misqualify love by lowering its vibration and then expressing it as a lower emotion, such as anger. The astral being can then absorb this lower energy.

This is important because the ascended masters have ascended, meaning they are free from ego and self-centered needs. They reside in the spiritual realm or the upper etheric realm, which means they do not need to receive any energy or light from beings in a lower level. The masters can get all the light they need from beings above them. In fact, the masters are part of the true hierarchy that steps down spiritual light so that we can absorb it. In other words, the ascended masters don’t want to get anything from you; they want to give to you—as you are able to receive.

This means that the ascended masters have absolutely no need to get into your head and manipulate you through psychic means. They don’t want to influence your free will by limiting your perception. They want to free your perception, so you can see all of your options and thus make truly free choices.

The conclusion we now reach is that in order to qualify as a messenger for the ascended masters, you must be able to reach the masters. Which means you must be able to walk past the temptations of psychic forces without responding to them. As a visual illustration, imagine that the material realm is the ground level, and you are standing in front of a tall building. As you walk through the front door, you see a staircase going down, and it leads into the astral realm. You see another staircase going up, and it leads through the higher levels of the emotional realm, the mental realm and the etheric realm.

As you walk up the staircase, each story will have certain psychic forces, who are seeking to drag you to go into that floor. They will use whatever unresolved substance you have in your four lower bodies in order to tempt you. If you have any strong desires or attachments, they will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Only if you ignore all of these temptations, and continue to walk up the staircase until you reach the higher levels of the etheric realm, will you become a messenger for the ascended masters. If you stop at any of the lower levels, you will become a “messenger” for psychic forces. So what will it take to ascend the staircase?

It’s all about intention

If you read my second article, I describe a series of steps that I went through. If you step back from the specific initiations, you will see one underlying theme. What actually happened to me was that I gradually depersonalized my life, meaning I started transcending my personal needs, wounds, desires and expectations. 

This is essential, because I came to that point of total surrender, where I surrendered my personal agenda (as I could see it at that moment). And only if you have no personal agenda, can you be a completely open door for the ascended masters—who also have no personal agenda.

Now, here is where we need to be careful. I am not saying that my experience of surrender meant I was now free of all hangups in my personal psychology. As I said earlier, the ascended masters want many messengers in the Aquarian age. If they required us to be perfect and ego-free before they would start working with us, then they would find it very difficult to find any messengers. So it is a practical reality, that none of us will be perfect when we start as messengers. 

Yet it is my understanding that until you have to a large degree overcome your personal agenda, you will not actually start working with the ascended masters. You may start working with psychic forces who portray themselves as ascended masters, and who will validate your personal agenda. Yet that is obviously not the same as being a messenger for the real masters.

So what I am saying is that if you do transcend a sufficient level of personal agenda, the ascended masters will start working with you (if it is in your divine plan to be a messenger and if the timing is right). Yet you will have a trial period, where you are on probation. And the big question during this period is whether you will be willing to come to see and then surrender any remnants of a personal agenda. If you do not, you may lose the contact with the ascended masters. You may then stop being a messenger (which is perfectly fine) or you may start working with the false hierarchy, being absolutely convinced that the real masters support your agenda (and this is not so fine).

I have met people who have been in the ascended master teachings for 30 plus years, but who have not developed the ability to read the vibration of psychic forces. And the reason is that these people have not understood that the ascended masters are completely beyond any personal agenda that you could possibly have here on earth. Thus, these people actually believe that the ascended masters already have or one day will validate their personal agenda—which they think is not only benign but often also in line with the plan of the masters.

When I had my experience of the Creator and whenever I have experienced the ascended masters (which happens every time I take a dictation), I was at first shocked at how utterly impersonal these spiritual beings are. I experienced that I came out of the Creator’s Being, and thus the Creator loves me as an individual being. Yet the Creator has no love whatsoever for my ego and outer self, because the Creator doesn’t even see them. An ascended master does see my ego and outer self, but it also has absolutely no love for them. An ascended master loves the pure me, and thus it will never do anything to validate my ego—for that would only make it harder for me to dis-identity myself from the ego.

Now take note of one essential point. What I am saying here is that when we first hear about ascended masters, we cannot understand or experience their non-personal state of consciousness. Thus, we inevitably project our own personal perception upon the masters. The masters will allow this for a while, and you can even receive personal guidance from the masters for a time. Yet if you are not willing to look beyond your personal perception and receive a direct experience of the real masters, then you will eventually lose contact with the real masters and will instead  – without realizing this – slide into dealing with psychic forces who masquerade as ascended masters.

Why can’t some people see that the ascended masters are completely impersonal? Because they are so identified with their egos, that they cannot see how the ego has distorted their perception in order to gain control. When you find an ascended master teaching, the Conscious You will be offered a frame of reference for questioning the ego’s perception filter. Yet if you are not willing to do this, then the ego will simply use an ascended master teaching to reinforce your perception filter. So you will now end up believing that your perception filter is based on an absolute truth given by the ascended masters and therefore never needs questioning.

Yet the simple fact – which it took me over 20 years to see – is that ALL of our perception filters have to be questioned and discarded before we can ascend. There is absolutely NO part of  the ego’s dualistic perception that we can take with us into the ascended realm. Thus, the path of the ascension is the path of transcending every aspect of a personal agenda. If you have not understood this, you either will not make contact with the ascended masters or you will lose the contact after a time. 

Do you see why, as a messenger for the ascended masters, you cannot allow yourself to use psychic means to get something from other people? What does it really mean to be a messenger for the masters? It means that you find your place in hierarchy. One aspect is that you are now able to receive all of the spiritual energy you need directly from the masters, meaning you never need to get energy from other people. And if you don’t need to get energy from others, why would you need to use psychic manipulation?

As I said, I am able to read the vibration of psychic forces or people with a psychic intent. I have had people who come at me claiming that I am wrong or that they are messengers for the masters and I am not. Yet if their vibration is clearly psychic, do you think I pay any attention to their claims? Why would I, when I clearly sense they have not let go of a personal agenda? So let us look at some examples of personal agendas that can derail your messengership.

The inferiority-superiority problem

The masters talk a lot about the consciousness of duality, in which you always find two opposite extremes. One example of this is the inferiority-superiority dynamic. Most spiritual people start out life feeling like outcasts, because other people often look down upon our spiritual beliefs and activities. This along with the general inferiority complex found in society has the effect that we often begin the spiritual path by feeling inferior. 

Yet here is the point about the duality consciousness: it creates a closed loop, from which you cannot escape without reaching for the Christ consciousness. For example, if you see yourself as inferior compared to other people, you can see only one way to overcome this, namely to seek to become superior compared to others. Yet in the reality of the Christ mind, you are created as a unique individual. And in uniqueness, there is no need for comparisons. You are here on earth in order to be the open door, so your I AM Presence can express your divine individuality. Whether this is inferior or superior based on some value judgment made up on earth is completely irrelevant. 

Until you begin to see this, you will be trapped in the closed loop of feeling inferior and then seeking to find some way on earth to become superior. And of course, when you find an ascended master teaching, it is entirely possible that your ego can use it to build an artificial sense of superiority. My ego certainly did, when I joined The Church, and I have seen it happen to many other people. In The Church it was said that we had the highest spiritual teaching on the planet, that we were the forerunners of the Golden Age and that our decrees were saving the world for Saint Germain. Thus, many people fell for the ego trick that if we are members of this advanced organization, we must be superior to any other spiritual people on earth.

It is highly advantageous for you to overcome this dynamic before you start working as a messenger. If you do not, it is inevitable that you will use your messengership to build a sense of superiority, and this can in my observation be extremely dangerous. In The Church the messenger had set herself up in a position, where no one could really say anything to her, no one could object to her decisions. She would even say to her husband that he was not allowed to talk to a messenger “that way.” And in my observation, this did lead The Church to take a turn that could have been avoided by having more input.

Take note that as always there is a need for balance. As a messenger, you will likely be confronted with a wide array of people who will seek to control you and make you be a messenger as they think a messenger should be. You obviously need to be immune to this and be a messenger the way the ascended masters want you to be. Yet what I am saying here is that as long as you seek superiority, you will not be able to tune in to how the masters want you to be a messenger. You will seek to be a messenger in a way that fulfills your need for superiority. In other words, you will want to use messengership in order to make yourself and your position seem very special.

I was once contacted by two men who were long-time members of The Church. They believed that they had been contacted by the ascended masters and that they were meant to be the next messengers. I didn’t necessarily disagree with that, because I felt they were both very sincere, and I believe the masters want many messengers. Yet as we talked, they started telling me how they had been fascinated by an American televangelist, called Benny Hinn. 

The messenger for The Church had said he had the Holy Spirit, so these two men had studied him. He would rent a football arena and fill it with tens of thousands of people. He would then have various phenomena manifest, such as people jumping out of wheelchairs and being knocked down by the Spirit. So these two men had built the expectation that one day they would be like that and stand in front of 10,000 people, manifesting all these visible phenomena that no one could deny, even having the ascended masters appear visibly on the stage with them.

When I heard that, it became clear to me that even thought they might have the potential to be messengers, they simply were not there yet. They were obviously driven by a personal agenda, which was a mixture of a desire to do something for the masters, but inextricably mixed with a quest for personal glory and for being special. I remind you that Jesus did not have a very glorious personal life, so why should we expect to be recognized by the world?

I have seen other people who thought they were messengers or who wanted to be messengers, and they would do all kinds of things to give themselves an aura of unquestionable authority. I once talked to a person who had attended a conference with an organization that claims to have taken over from The Church. It has two messengers, and they seem to function very much like it was in The Church, where they show up at certain times, and it is announced that “The messengers are here.” Almost like a celebrity making an entrance.

I knew a person who thought she had been called to be the next messenger, and she started out working with Alpha, who is the highest representative of God in the world of form. Now, in The Church, where the messenger was also seen as the ultimate authority, Alpha had only given a dictation once or twice. Yet this person, who was just starting out as a messenger, believed she started out working with the highest being in the universe. I personally think it is much more likely that we start working with a master who is closer to earth.

Then, of course, there are people who claim to be reincarnations of famous people from history or to be incarnations of spiritual beings. I have met a person who claimed to be the incarnation of a goddess, and used that to build the appearance of being an authority. I have also met people who claimed to be the twin flame of an ascended master, even the twin flame of more than one master. 

I was once contacted by a person who also thought she was a messenger, and who had written a book about the process she went through. She and a friend had driven all over the Southwest United States and performed spiritual work. They believed they had been led to do this by the masters, which is not impossible. Yet in the end of the book, she described how they had finally established some kind of spiritual wall, and this had causes a realignment of the entire universe. At that point, I lost interest, because it makes no sense to me that two people on this little planet can perform spiritual work that affects the entire universe. 

Here is where my working-class upbringing has always helped me. My father was an honorable man with a lot of integrity. He taught me a very important lesson, namely that it doesn’t matter what position you have in society; what matters is how you behave as a human being. And I believe this is exactly what Jesus taught us. 

My point being that if you need that kind of “pomp and circumstance” to make yourself seem important, you are probably seeking to cover over a massive inferiority complex. And then you should stop claiming to be a messenger for the ascended masters and work on your psychology, until you come to the point, where you can fully accept yourself and thus transcend the inferiority-superiority dynamic.

I have observed that for a time, the ascended masters will tolerate that you seek superiority through messengership, because I have seen how the masters will go quite far to help a specific person rise higher. Yet I have also seen that there will come a cut-off point, where people who have not transcended the need for superiority will stop working with the real masters. I have seen people move to working with psychic forces, while being absolutely convinced they are still working with the real masters. 

You then see such people go on a frantic quest to prove their superiority by having their “masters” regularly tell them that now they have this attainment, now they have received that mantle, and now they are the twin flame of this master or the incarnation of that god or goddess. I mean, the psychic forces will keep this going for as long as your ego finds it believable. They won’t stop, so you have to.

The need for external validation

Many years ago, when I was new in my first spiritual movement, the meditation movement, there was a big shake-up in the organization. It was basically a power play between a group of new leaders and some of the old leaders. At the time, I was still very naive about spiritual movements, so I was hoping that spiritual people would treat each other better than non-spiritual people do. I was so shocked and disappointed by the way people behaved, that I left the movement and decided never again to get involved with a spiritual movement.

If I had kept up that decision, I would obviously have missed my divine plan, so a couple of years later, I did join The Church. Yet I was quickly faced with a situation, where a group leader in Denmark acted in a very controlling manner, that also disappointed me greatly. I passed that test by deciding that I could not let this person stand between me and my personal relationship with the ascended masters. This realization has followed me ever since, even helping me pass the test of not letting the messenger for The Church stand between me and the masters.

One thing is absolutely clear to me: It is my primary responsibility to make sure that no one or no thing here on earth comes between me and my direct, inner relationship with God, my I AM Presence and the ascended masters. As the Bible says: “Let no man take thy crown.” If you allow anything on earth to determine your relationship with God, then that something becomes your God. And truly, thou shalt have no other gods before me.

As I have described, the start of my messengership came when I surrendered myself completely unto God and Jesus approached me directly. This was a completely personal experience that had nothing to do with anyone else. At the time I started in 2002, the messenger for The Church had retired. Yet even so, I would not have dreamt of seeking her approval for my messengership. The reason being that I know it is my personal responsibility to know where I stand with the masters. And if I need the approval of someone on earth, then I am obviously not where I need to be with the masters. And then I need to stop claiming to be a messenger, work on my psychology and get back to being right with the masters.

In The Church there were, over the years, quite a few people who thought they were going to be messengers, and who asked for the approval of the messenger. In each case they were told to stop immediately, and if they did not, they were kicked out of The Church. I understand that this was partly because the messenger for The Church had certain control issues, but I also see that there is a deeper valid mechanism behind it. If you seek the approval of an external authority, you are not a genuine messenger for the ascended masters, and thus how could a true messenger validate you? The mere asking for approval proves you have not worked out your personal relationship with the ascended masters. So how can you be a messenger for the masters? 

Over the years I have had various people come and denounce me as a messenger. I have even had one person claim that I only received my mantle through her and thus it could be taken away through her. Which was obviously a misunderstanding or a deliberate misinterpretation of how I became a messenger. In each case I have felt an aggressive psychic vibration from such people, and it was obvious they had a personal agenda. Yet regardless of what people might say, it is up to me and me alone to know whether I am (still) a genuine messenger. And I have to stand and fall with my inner attunement. 

That is also why I cannot and will not validate other people as messengers. I once had two people who wanted me to use my mantle as messenger to make calls for them to start their mission. When I refused to do so, they first became angry but eventually I think they understood my reasoning, as described above.

I can give you some hints based on my experience for how to be and not to be a messenger. Yet in the end, the masters will need messengers with different backgrounds who can reach different groups of people at different levels of consciousness. If you are meant to reach a different group of people than me, you cannot necessarily be a messenger as I am. And I certainly cannot validate your messengership, because how will I be able to validate what the masters cannot bring forth through me?

When I started as a messenger, I was still carrying with me some of the overlay from The Church. Yet in 2005, the masters started giving teachings through me about non-duality, and they went far beyond what was given in The Church. Again, The Church was the last organization sponsored in Pisces, but I am a messenger for Aquarius. The Church thought it had the highest teachings on the planet and that its teachings would be the foundation for religion for the next 2,000 years. 

I don’t think that way about the teachings given through me, because I understand the nature of progressive revelation. When a new teaching is given, there has to be a group of people who can hold the spiritual balance for that level of teaching to be brought forth. Yet what can be given depends on the level of consciousness of these people and the level of consciousness of the messenger. 

Why did The Church fail to have a new messenger? I think mainly because the majority of members did not transcend a certain level of consciousness, so there was no platform for bringing forth a higher teaching. I fully expect that the masters will in the future bring forth teachings for a higher level of consciousness than what I can receive. And how can I validate a teachings that is at a higher level than what I can receive? I can, however, evaluate teachings that come from a lower level. If you send me a “dictation” that has a clearly psychic vibration, don’t expect me to pay much attention to it.

Having a grudge against other people

One of the more dramatic outcomes of the duality consciousness is the epic mindset, which defines two ultimate polarities, such as God and the devil, good and evil. It then says that here on earth, this battle is going on, making it possible to label certain other people as being evil or working for evil. As the ascended masters explain, this mindset has been the “justification” for some of the worst atrocities in history. If you are driven by the inferiority view of being afraid of some ultimate evil and the superiority view of representing some ultimate good, there is no amount of violence or aggression that you cannot justify. Of course, such “justification” always comes from psychic forces and never from the ascended masters.

There is a personal version of this mindset, which causes people to have personal conflicts with others. And I have seen people use the teachings of the ascended masters to validate their own position and to put down those with whom they disagree. The Church had several lawsuits and other troubles, and it was often said unofficially that the people who sued The Church or spoke out against the messenger were fallen angels. I have met other people who went from conflict to conflict, and who were always convinced that the people who disagreed with them were fallen angels. 

And of course, it is a delicate argument. Obviously, there are fallen angels in embodiment and many people are blinded by the fallen mindset, which means they can be controlled by psychic forces. And obviously, when you take a stand for the light, you will become a target for psychic forces and the people they control. Yet I still feel it is potentially dangerous (and ultimately unnecessary) to label people with whom you have a personal conflict as a fallen angel or something similar. Because once you take radical responsibility for yourself, as described in my second article, you really don’t need to label others. 

I mean, if you consistently label others, when does it begin to sound like you are looking at the splinter in your brother’s eye rather than working on your own unresolved psychology? The ego will always seek to deflect responsibility away from yourself by projecting blame upon others. But how long can we stay in this pattern and still maintain contact with the ascended masters?

Of course, psychic forces will gladly validate you and put down those who disagree with you. I have seen how people who claimed to be ascended master students could instantly be turned towards condemning someone based on very superficial evidence. They literally became like a lynch mob, and they felt their aggression was fully justified by what the other person had supposedly done (not bothering to investigate whether the claims were true). I have seen people claim to be ascended master students while obviously wishing that another person would die or have something tragic happen to him or her. I have even encountered people who seemingly would have felt that divine justice had been executed if something bad happened to me. 

Yet as I said, I have experienced both the Creator and the ascended masters. I have experienced them as completely and utterly beyond any concerns of my ego, outer self and personality. That is why I say the masters are completely impersonal, meaning they will not in any way validate or support the agenda of my outer self. And if I seek to use my messengership to support such a personal agenda, I think I will lose it very quickly.

I mean, is it really realistic to expect that cosmic beings and ascended masters are so concerned about you, that they will give dictations about a personal conflict you have with another person? Is it likely that these beings will portray this conflict as an epic struggle between good and evil? Is it likely that they will give dictation after dictation, where they portray you as being the ultimate representative of good and truth, while portraying the other person as the ultimate representative of evil? Is it likely that the real ascended masters don’t have much to say about world conditions, but only talk about your personal situation? I mean, when does it begin to dawn on someone, that this cannot be the real ascended masters? And if it isn’t the masters, then who is it?

Only when you free your mind from such lower personal agendas, can you see what is the very core of messengership. That will be the topic of the next article.


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