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TOPICS: Why America is vulnerable to natural disasters – Americans are worshiping a false god – The power elite lulling the people to sleep – The spiritual cause of the hurricane – Of the people, by the people and for the people – America’s karmic vulnerability – The need for an energy policy – The vulnerability in the Gulf – Be a separate and chosen people – Maintain a positive vision for the future – The need for new technology – Similarities between the United States and the Roman Empire – Be the creative elite in action – Understanding what rosaries can and cannot do – Difficult questions for America – Everything on earth is interconnected –

Ascended Master Saint Germain, August 31, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Why America is vulnerable to natural disasters

Friends of Freedom, I am Saint Germain, and I am come to speak to you about the recent hurricane disaster to hit the United States [Hurricane Katrina]. I have elected to speak on this topic instead of Mother Mary because I am one of the primary ascended beings sponsoring the United States of America. And this is a disaster that has national implications and has either a long-term positive potential, or a long-term negative potential for the entire nation.

Let me make it clear from the beginning that all members of the ascended masters have great compassion for those who have lost lives, family members, homes or businesses – and even have lost their way of life – as a result of this disaster. It is not my intention to in any way sound like we are insensitive to the suffering of the people on earth.

Yet I am not come to extend compassion—I am come to give understanding. After all, it is a common reaction that when human beings are exposed to situations that shock them out of their normal state of awareness, they ask, “Why did this happen?” Unfortunately, many people ask, “Why did this happen to me,” rather than asking the overall question of what brought about this event and what might be the lesson that needs to be learned from it.

My Beloved, Mother Mary has spoken abundantly about the connection between humankind’s consciousness and natural disasters. She has attempted an almost impossible task, namely to awaken people to the reality of the current situation on earth without inducing fear into their beings.

It is a very sad fact that so many people on earth are asleep and refuse to be awakened to any understanding beyond what they want to believe. And thus, the only way to awaken such people is to shake them out of their spiritual coma by some event that is so devastating that they simply cannot ignore it. That is why we of the ascended masters must often stand by and watch as the karma and the misqualified energy produced by certain groups of people unleash various calamities, such as the tsunami disaster right after Christmas and now this hurricane.

I can assure you that we would gladly see all such calamities averted, and we have given you the tools to avert such disasters in the form of Mother Mary’s rosaries and even the violet flame decrees that I have been releasing on this planet since the 1930’s. Yet it is a sad fact that despite our efforts to awaken humankind, the vast majority of people on this planet simply refuse to be awakened by any form of positive spiritual teaching. There are so many people on earth that we cannot reach with a positive teaching, for they respond only to fear and a calamity that they can feel and touch with their own bodies. This then is the main cause for this recent hurricane disaster, and the real cause is that the American people have refused to be awakened from their spiritual sleep, from their spiritual coma.

Americans are worshiping a false god

My Beloved, since you are a spiritually inclined, a spiritually aware, person, I am asking you to take a step back and look at the United States of America today. I am especially asking you to look at the state of consciousness of most people in this nation. We have a nation that has been gifted with unparalleled prosperity and unparalleled freedom, not only economic freedom and political freedom but also freedom to be who you are, freedom to live life according to your highest vision. Yet what have most American’s done with that freedom? They have become as spoiled children who are used to getting everything they want. They have developed the attitude that they are entitled to get everything they want, that it is a basic human right to get everything they want, and that they can whine and complain when they don’t get everything they want.

If you look at the state of consciousness that affects most Americans today, you will see that they have developed a new religion. Most Americans will claim that they are religious people, and most of them will claim that they are Christians. Yet their true religion is the religion of worshipping what Jesus called “mammon.” This is not simply money, but also comfortability, material goods, material pleasures, material security. Most Americans worship comfortability, a comfortable way of life, beyond everything—including beyond the freedom that is the original purpose for establishing this nation and allowing it to become both prosperous and powerful.

I am one of the primary ascended masters who have sponsored the United States of America. I did so because I saw the need for a nation who could provide a bastion of freedom against the rising red tide and a rising tide of totalitarian forces seen around the world. Yet instead of using their prosperity and power to promote true freedom, the American people have allowed themselves to be lulled asleep by a comfortable lifestyle. Instead of using the freedom they have been given to raise their vision for a better society, they have accepted a limited vision based on creature comforts. They have refused to acknowledge that freedom comes with a responsibility and an obligation to use their freedom and prosperity to help other people, both the poor in their own nation and the poor and disadvantaged around the world.

Instead of using this freedom to set others free, too many Americans have started worshipping the god of mammon. And thus they sit in their churches every Sunday, feeling holier than thou, because they have declared Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior. Yet they do not realize that they are not worshipping or following the true Jesus Christ, the real Jesus. They are indeed following an idolatrous image of Christ. They are dancing around a golden calf created by the false pastors that control most of the so-called Christian churches in the United States.

The power elite lulling the people to sleep

These false pastors do not want the people to be awakened, they do not want them to think for themselves, and thus they are carrying on a tradition of lulling people to sleep, a tradition that was started 1,700 years ago with the founding of the Roman Catholic Church by the Emperor Constantine. He was indeed trying to lull his people to sleep in order to maintain his power.

This pattern of putting the people to sleep, so that a small elite can control a majority the population, has been continued and reinforced ever since, not only by the Catholic Church but by most of the mainstream Christian churches. This is indeed a pattern that is in such opposition to the mission of Jesus that it is nothing less than blasphemy. Jesus came to awaken people so that they could choose the immortal life of Christ, the immortal life of the Christ consciousness, rather than the death of the human consciousness, the duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ.

So the problem we see in the United States today is that too many people worship the god of comfortability, and they want their lives to continue as they are today. They do not want to seriously change their lifestyles, change themselves, change their attitude to life. They do not want to reach for a higher understanding of life. They do not want to take responsibility for their own lives, for their own salvation or for their nation. So they are allowing a small elite, a power elite, to run almost every aspect of life in the United States, from the churches to the government to the media and the educational establishments—and of course the business world.

The spiritual cause of the hurricane

What has happened here is that instead of using their freedom to educate themselves and become guardians of the Mother Light, the American people have allowed themselves to be bought off by a small elite who gives them a comfortable lifestyle in exchange for allowing the elite to have unlimited power over this nation. And it is precisely this refusal to take responsibility for your life and your nation that made the United States vulnerable to this hurricane.

How can this be so? How can there be a connection between a natural disaster and a refusal of the American people to take responsibility for their nation? My Beloved, do you think it was a coincidence that this hurricane went up through the Gulf of Mexico, hitting the oil facilities in that part of the country? It was indeed no coincidence because one of the main areas in which the American people have been asleep is in terms of energy policy.

It is an undeniable fact that for many decades oil has been one of the major causes of tension on a planetary scale. Oil was one of the hidden reasons behind the second World War. The American people, and many other people around the world, have been given a false image of the real causes of this war. They have never been told about the hidden power plays of the rivaling power elites that brought about this war in an attempt to establish greater planetary control. And ever since then oil has been one of the major causes of tension on this planet.

The need for a national policy of energy independence

My Beloved, what does it take to awaken a people to the fact that they need to drastically change the course of their nation and demand that their leaders put in place a responsible policy for making their nation self-sufficient and thereby less vulnerable to being dragged into armed conflicts that do not serve the cause of freedom? This nation is one of the primary consumers of oil on the planet. Yet it has enough oil resources and technology to be virtually self-sufficient. Nevertheless, the United States is not self-sufficient when it comes to energy, and this is a result of a behind-the-scenes manipulation by the powers who want the United States to be vulnerable to being dragged into military conflicts that do not serve the cause of freedom but serve the cause of global control.

What does it take to awaken the American nation to the fact that people need to make it a national priority to establish self-sufficiency in terms of energy? What does it take to make people realize that they cannot allow their leaders to keep them dependent on receiving oil from the most unstable and volatile region on the globe, namely the Middle East?

You have heard the saying that history repeats itself. But why does history repeat itself? It repeats itself for one reason only, namely that people have not learned the lesson from the first event, and therefore they draw to themselves another disaster as another opportunity to learn their lesson and change course.

How many people in America today remember the oil crises of 1973? Yet this was a crises so powerful that it should have been a wake-up call to the United States, as it was a wake-up call to many nations in Europe—although those nations have since lost their determination to become independent of middle eastern oil.

My point here is that the United States had a very powerful wake-up call in 1973. Yet because the American press and the American leaders did not expose the truth to the people, most Americans do not realize that the entire world was on the brink of a third world war over oil. Only an absolutely extraordinary effort on the part of the ascended masters prevented this war, which would most certainly have been very devastating and most likely would have led to at least a limited nuclear exchange.

Yet the American people remained largely asleep. Then there was another oil crises in the early 1980’s. And although prices went up, the American people remained asleep. They did not demand that their leaders make this nation self-sufficient. Then there came another situation with the first Gulf War, where once again the vulnerability of relying on middle eastern oil was exposed for all to see. Yet after the war the American government simply made behind-the-scenes deals with the Arab nations, so that the United States could continue to rely on middle eastern oil and therefore continue to be vulnerable to being drawn into a future crisis.

Once again, there came a wake-up call on September 11, 2001. Should it not have been obvious that the terrorists coming out of the Middle East was a clear demonstration of the instability of that region and therefore a possible disruption of the oil supply? Yet did the American president make it a priority to lessen or remove the dependency on middle eastern oil? Not so. He continued the decades-long tradition of having virtually no energy policy. Instead, he allowed this nation to be drawn into an armed conflict that has done nothing to promote the cause of freedom and democracy, despite his claims to the contrary. It has only further destabilized a region that was already on the brink of violent conflict. And thus you see the clear sign of rising oil prices that could precipitate a global recession. And need I remind you that recession often leads to war.

Of the people, by the people and for the people

So it is indeed the refusal of the American people to stand up to their own government and demand an efficient energy policy, that has made this nation vulnerable, not only to this latest hurricane but to other potential disasters that could come to pass in the coming months and years. Let me make it clear what needs to happen in the United States. Instead of focusing on far-flung goals, such as spreading freedom or democracy around the world or sending people to the moon, this nation needs to make it a national priority of the highest importance to establish complete self-sufficiency in terms of energy supply. This will require a massive effort that will involve every aspect of American society.

And with that I mean that the American people need to start asking some of the very difficult questions that neither the people nor their leaders nor the media have been willing to ask. The American people need to take back responsibility for their nation and demand that the press reports the truth instead of glossing over what is happening in the corridors of power. And they need to demand that their politicians either get out of Washington or start living up to the United States’ constitution, becoming a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Yet how can a government be of the people, by the people and for the people when the people are asleep and do not care about any long-term perspectives and consequences, because they only care about maintaining a comfortable lifestyle for today and tomorrow? This is a most unfortunate situation because it creates a karmic vulnerability.

America’s karmic vulnerability

Those of you who are familiar with karma might have the impression that you make bad karma for yourself when you do something that is wrong. In other words, if you hurt other people, you make personal karma and if a nation hurts other nations, it makes national karma. And based on this, you can look at history and you can see that the United States is a young nation and that it has not been a tyrannical nation like certain other nations. On the contrary, the United States has been willing to sacrifice much in two world wars and in terms of helping other nations around the world in many ways.

Yet, although the United States has not made a huge national karma by doing wrong acts, there is another way to make karma. This is what we might call the sin of omission. It is not that you do something wrong; it is that you do not do something right, something that you could have done and that you were indeed in a unique position to do. This is precisely where the United States has created a very substantial national karma that makes it vulnerable to many forms of disasters and calamities.

Take note that the very cause of this karma is that the American people have allowed themselves to be lulled asleep. Thus, when this karma returns, it will take the form of events that will seek to awaken the American people, that will shock them out of their coma. Was not the terrorists attacks on 9-11-2001 such an event? And while it did have the effect of awakening the American people in the short term, they were not truly awakened to the need to ask the very difficult long-term questions that could have put this nation in a positive spiral of self-examination and self-transcendence.

Instead, the American nation, led by the President, the power elite and the media, took the easy way out by appointing a scapegoat and going after that scapegoat. The American nation looked at the mote in the eyes of other nations instead of looking for the beam in the eye of this nation.

The American people simply wanted terrorism to go away, so that they did not have to make any profound and long-term changes to their lifestyle. They wanted to continue the materially comfortable lifestyle and they wanted their government to make the threat to that lifestyle go away, rather than examining that lifestyle and seriously considering whether it needed to change.

The need for an energy policy

Once again, we now see a natural disaster that has hit the nation’s oil supply and production capacity, with the result that oil prices have gone up nationwide to the point that it might put the economy into a recession. What precipitated this disaster was, as I have said, that the nation has been asleep and has not developed a determined energy policy. Instead, this nation has allowed its energy policy to be dominated not only by a hidden power elite who has global geopolitical goals, but also by large multinational oil companies who think only about short term profits for their companies and shareholders and do not care about the long-term perspectives for a nation. Therefore, allowing the oil companies to make the biggest possible profit has been a more important driving factor behind United States’ energy policy than has the actual goal of providing long-term stability and prosperity for this nation.

Likewise, you see that both the republicans and the democrats are more concerned about scoring cheap political points than about working together to make the fundamental changes that are needed in order to put this nation on a positive track. And although the American people witness this political wrangling on a daily basis, they have not stood up to their elected representatives and demanded that they do the job for which they were elected. Why have not the people demanded that the politicians in Washington start taking care of the long-term interests of this nation, instead of catering to the short-term interests of their own political party and the special interests of lobbying groups that should have no influence whatsoever on the democratic process?

Well, the people have not demanded this because they are so busy living their comfortable lives, that they have no vision of the long-term potential of this nation, nor do they care enough to educate themselves about this potential. They want to continue living the comfortable life they are living, and they want their politicians to secure this life, so that they do not have to make personal or national sacrifices in order to promote the true cause of freedom.

My beloved, be aware that although I talk about a power elite with a hidden agenda, I am not implying that all politicians are aware of or involved with such a conspiracy. Most politicians have no desire to support the agenda of such an elite, but neither will they do anything to acknowledge the existence of a power elite until their constituents demand it. Thus, we see that as long as the people remain asleep, they cannot elect the kind of politicians who can change the course of this nation. And thus, we see a political apparatus that is impotent when it comes to asking long-term questions and making decisions that require sacrifice. Instead, they are focused on giving the people what they want, namely a continuation of a comfortable lifestyle.

The vulnerability in the Gulf

Why then did the hurricane hit where it did? Well, part of it was that there is a concentration of oil production, oil distribution and oil refinery capacity in that area of the nation. But what made that area particularly vulnerable was the fact that you have a very particular lifestyle in that area. And it is a lifestyle that outpictures the two extremes of the American people’s unwillingness to change.

As Jesus has explained so eloquently on his website, the very characteristic of the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of duality, is that it defines two extremes and then it seeks to make people believe that one extreme is right and the other is wrong. Yet both extremes are wrong, and no matter which extreme people go into, they are still trapped by the duality consciousness.

So what do you see along the Gulf Coast of the United States? Well, on the one hand you have the city of New Orleans, which is one of the major party capitals of the United States. It is not called the Big Easy for nothing because it truly is a place where the predominant attitude is that anything goes. This focuses the consciousness that the American people want the easy and comfortable lifestyle, that they want all the material pleasures and comforts they can possibly get, and that they want to party without caring for tomorrow or even further into the future.

Yet at the same time you find in this region what is called the Bible Belt. And here you have a number of people who are not into the party lifestyle but sincerely believe that they are living a moral and religious form of life. Yet as I explained earlier, they have fallen into the trap of worshiping a false Jesus. And thus, they believe that by going into the opposite extreme of the party lifestyle, they are doing what Christ wants them to do.

Yet they too are caught up in wanting to maintain status quo in terms of maintaining the American way of life. They might want to put some restrictions on the people who want to party, but they are not willing to seriously question their own lifestyle or the long-term direction of this nation. They think it is a matter of making this nation conform to Christian doctrines and certain outer rules of behavior, and that will fix the problems in this nation.

Yet the problem, as I have explained, is that people are asleep because they are trapped in the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of anti-christ. And only by rising above that consciousness, can the people free themselves from the vulnerability that is the real cause of the problems facing this nation. And thus, you see that most people in the area hit by this hurricane are trapped in one of these two extremes. And this is indeed the state of consciousness that made the region vulnerable.

Another major problem is the fact that New Orleans is the voodoo capital of the United States. Voodoo is a most insidious practice that is almost diametrically opposed to the invocation of spiritual energy that many of you have practiced by using Mother Mary’s rosaries. It is indeed no coincidence that the entire Caribbean region has many people who practice voodoo and at the same time has a high occurrence of hurricanes.

The practice of voodoo becomes a focal point for the consciousness of anti-christ that has been created by both the party-goers and the Bible quoting Christians. And thus, those black magicians who are skilled in the voodoo arts can indeed use the energies from both peoples as a way to increase their power. Yet these people are so blinded by their spiritual pride, that they do not realize that those who sow the wind will indeed reap the whirlwind. And thus their capital of New Orleans was indeed hit by a karmic return that they had not expected.

Be a separate and chosen people

Now my beloved, I am well aware that this is a very somber discourse that strikes a different tone than what you have been used to hearing from Mother Mary. I am also aware that this might sound like I am insensitive to the suffering of the many people who have been affected by this hurricane. Yet I can assure you that my heart goes out to the people whose lives have been devastated. Nevertheless, would it be compassionate to extend sympathy and do nothing to prevent future disasters that could affect many more people?

The brutal fact is that there are many people in the United States, including in the area affected by this hurricane, who are truly good and well-meaning people. They simply want to live a normal life and take care of their families. They have no ill intentions toward anyone, and thus we might say that they have never done anything bad to bring upon themselves a disaster like this.

Yet when the good people on this earth allow themselves to be lulled asleep, they will inevitably support the evil people who are attempting to gain absolute power and control. It has been said by one of my disciples that, “For evil to triumph, it only takes that good men do nothing.” And it is an eternal truth.

The good people of the United States have not done enough to take command, to take dominion, over their nation and make sure that their government is of the people, by the people and for the people. And therefore, the people who want power and control have taken over the government and other institutions of society. Thus, the good people have become mixed in with the bad people, as Jesus explained in his parable about the tares among the wheat. And thus, when a karmic return comes back, that return will affect both the good people who did not create the karma directly and the bad people who did create the karma through their actions or lack of actions.

What is the solution? Well the solution is that the good people come apart and become a separate and chosen people, who are elect unto their God because they have elected to reach beyond the consciousness of anti-christ and know the truth of Christ, that will make them free from the manipulation of the power elite. There is literally no other solution that will prevent a precipitation of future disasters in the United States, disasters, I might add, that could be even worse than this hurricane.

Maintain a positive vision for the future

Let me now go beyond the somber note and seek to bring this discussion to a more positive level. I am fully aware that the people who truly need to change their consciousness are not likely to ever read this discourse of mine. Yet I wanted those of you who are open to my words to be aware of the real cause and the real problem in this nation. For by being aware, you can use the power of your vision and the power of your work with Mother Mary’s rosaries to bring about an awakening among the people.

I do not desire you to in any way focus on the negative portents. As Mother Mary explained in her latest discourse, it is indeed time for the most spiritually aware people on this planet to focus their attention on bringing about a Golden Age that will simply melt away the many problems that exist on this planet. Yet for you to be fully efficient in this effort, you need to have a realistic awareness of the hidden causes behind many of the events you see in the world.

For example, it is not constructive for you to simply give rosaries or to pray to stop future hurricanes. If you want your visualization and your calls to be effective, you need to focus on the awakening of the American people. You need to make calls that people are awakened to the need to ask the difficult questions. You need to make calls that the American media will be transformed, so that it will start debating the serious issues instead of glossing them over. And you need to make calls for the establishment of an energy policy that can make this nation self-sufficient.

The need for new technology

Most of all, you need to make the calls, as mentioned in the Golden Age Invocation, for the bringing forth of new technology that can remove the planetary dependency on fossil fuels. There is more than one form of technology that can be brought into the material universe. Certain forms of technology have already been brought in, but the American government has allowed big multinational companies to suppress this technology, in direct opposition to national interest. This is another area for which to make calls, so that the otherwise legitimate goal of protecting business interests through patents will not be allowed to jeopardize long-term national interest.

You can also make calls that your present government, even your present President, be awakened to the need to focus more attention on the long-term needs of this nation, rather than policing the world or sending men to the moon or to mars. There is absolutely no point in exploring other planets before you have taken care of your own nation and its most pressing needs, such as energy self-sufficiency.

You might also envision that the American people are awakened to the need to conserve natural resources, including cutting oil consumption where possible by driving more economic vehicles or by building energy-efficient houses. Much can be done by simple changes in lifestyle, changes that show a real willingness to come up higher instead of continuing to worship the comfortable lifestyle.

Similarities between the United States and the Roman Empire

My Beloved it has been revealed in the past that many present-day Americans are indeed reincarnated Romans. Therefore, you can draw important parallels between present-day America and the Roman Empire. You can especially learn from looking at how the Roman Empire, after being at the height of its power, started deteriorating because of internal power plays and the unwillingness of the general population to stand up to their leaders.

This is what made the Roman Empire vulnerable to foreign invasion. And although I do not foresee an actual military invasion of the United States, I can tell you that the American nation is nevertheless vulnerable to other forms of negative influences from abroad, including terrorism—even terrorism on a larger scale than seen before. And of course, the American nation is highly vulnerable to natural disasters.

Let me assure you that it is not my intention to in any way cause the spiritually aware people on this planet or in the American nation to adopt a pessimistic outlook on life. I am indeed completely in alignment with Mother Mary and Jesus and the assessment that we need the more spiritually awakened people to focus on the immaculate concept, to focus on the highest possible vision for the future and for the manifestation of a Golden Age.

Yet as I have said, you need to have some awareness of the problems that exist on this planet, so that you can visualize and pray for the antidote to those problems. I do not want you to focus on the problem. I want you to focus on the solution. But how can you focus on the solution if you are not aware of the problem or the real cause behind the visible problem.

How can you bring about a better future, if you go along with the current attitude of the American people and focus all your attention on living a comfortable lifestyle? Therefore, I need you to recognize that the current situation in the United States is quite similar to the situation in the Roman empire after it started its decline. Thus, I need you to make an effort to rise above the mass consciousness. Therefore, I say with all the power of my Being, “DON’T DO LIKE THE ROMANS!”

I need you to be the watch-persons on the wall who will not only watch out for the Barbarians – the national karma – that is approaching, but will do something to consume that karma before it makes landfall. And to truly consume it, you need to make an effort to awaken the American people to the need to change the nation’s course.

I have no desire to see you magnify the darkness, but it simply is not possible to counteract the darkness without being aware of its existence and its cause. Can you see that the entire problem that makes the United States vulnerable is that people are asleep, and thus they are not aware of the hidden causes behind the events they can observe? It is simply not possible for the spiritual people to produce positive change without rising above that blindness. You cannot be the forerunners for the Golden Age unless you realize how the Golden Age can be brought about. And a Golden Age can be brought about only by replacing the problems in society with the antidote.

Be the creative elite in action

The problem today is that the lowest ten percent of the population, the power elite, have been very successful in imposing their vision for a new world order upon the United States of America. And the eighty percent of the general population are asleep and are not realizing that they are being manipulated into accepting a lifestyle that might have certain creature comforts but is a very far cry from the highest potential for this nation. As Jesus has eloquently explained, the only possible solution is that the top ten percent of the population raise their vision, so that they can counteract the vision of the lowest ten percent. It is absolutely necessary that the spiritually aware people focus their vision on manifesting a Golden Age. But to do this, you must have an awareness of the factors that are preventing the manifestation of a Golden Age, so that you can visualize the solution that will consume those factors.

Imagine that you have a movie theater, where there are two projectors that are projecting a movie on the same screen. One projector is projecting a horror movie, whereas the other is projecting a movie about the ideal society. Which of the two movies will dominate the screen? Well, the one that has the greatest power of light and the clearest possible vision behind it. And thus, your main focus should be the positive vision of the Golden Age. But you cannot be blind to the fact that for a Golden Age to manifest, certain problems must be overcome. And the more precise is your understanding of those problems, the more precisely you can focus your positive vision to consume the darkness that currently covers the land.

I encourage you to envision the creation of a miniature sun centered in the Atlantic, East of the Caribbean. Visualize a sun that can counteract the potential for future hurricanes by consuming the dark energies focused through voodoo. I cannot promise you that there will not be more hurricanes to hit the United States during this season, for it is indeed likely that this will happen. It is also likely that there will be another tsunami in the Indian Ocean before the New Year, although it is not likely to be as powerful as the last one. I can also tell you that the nation of Japan is extremely vulnerable to a large-scale earthquake or even a series of earthquakes. This is said to encourage you to visualize that such calamities are avoided. Yet I must tell you that there are many events that cannot be counteracted completely by your rosaries.

Understanding what rosaries can and cannot do

As I have explained from the beginning, the main problem on earth is that so many people are unaware, are in a spiritual coma. This is not only in the United States but worldwide. And as Mother Mary has explained, it is indeed imperative that humankind is awakened to the reality of the connection between people’s consciousness, between the mass consciousness, and natural disasters. And thus there are certain disasters that can be consumed through rosaries and prayer work. And there are other disasters that cannot be consumed, no matter how many prayers or rosaries you might give.

This latest hurricane is a typical example of a disaster that could not have been averted by the giving of rosaries. The only thing that could have averted or mitigated this disaster was an awakening—on a national scale and especially in the area affected by the hurricane. If people in the area and nationwide had truly been awakened to the facts I have described in this discourse, the hurricane could have been turned back through prayer work and rosaries. Yet, as I have also explained, it would have been virtually impossible to awaken these people to a danger that they did not believe could happen or could be as extensive as is the case. The reason being that these people were so trapped in the two extremes I described earlier.

My point is that the main focus for your rosary work should be the awakening of the people. You need to be aware that what you are doing with the rosaries is to transform the energies and resolve the dualistic beliefs in the mass consciousness that prevent people from being awakened. Yet you are in no way seeking to overrule people’s free will. It is a fact that as long as people are burdened by energy and trapped in dualistic beliefs, they cannot make free choices. Removing people’s burdens will give them the option to choose, but it will not guarantee that they will change their lifestyle. So your rosaries can give people an opportunity to come up higher, but no amount of rosaries can guarantee that people will be willing to change their outlook on life and their lifestyle.

Thus, you must be aware that although your rosaries are essential for bringing in a Golden Age, you cannot guarantee the prevention of all disasters. If people are not willing to change through inner guidance, they will precipitate calamities as another opportunity to wake up. My point is that even though certain disasters can seem very negative, they can also be looked at as a part of the larger process that WILL gradually awaken humankind.

You might consider that what has been happening since Mother Mary released her rosaries is that the entire planetary consciousness has been purified and raised. That is why things are far more fluid and why disasters can more easily be mitigated. Yet you still have localized pockets in which people living in certain areas have not responded to the growth in the planetary consciousness. And your rosaries cannot at the present moment penetrate all such pockets. For that to happen, we need many more people giving rosaries and working on their Christhood.

Difficult questions for America

I would much prefer that people would learn from inner guidance. Yet for that to happen, they must be willing to ask the difficult questions. Therefore, let me ask you to consider some of the questions that the American nation should be debating. Is it rational in an age with an increasing frequency of hurricanes to have a major city that is below sea level? So if that city has been destroyed by one hurricane, is it rational to rebuild the city in the same place? Surely, you can build a taller levee, but what is to prevent the emergence of a more powerful hurricane?

Likewise, is it rational to allow private people and large businesses to build on the beach in an area prone to hurricanes? Is it rational that the entire nation should be economically burdened by certain people who want to live a comfortable lifestyle without considering long-term consequences? Is it rational that one of the poorest states in the country should allow the development of a gambling industry that might provide local jobs but does nothing to combat poverty on a larger scale. In fact, it compounds the problem by preying on those who look for an easy way out and thus end up losing what little they have.

Is it rational to continue the irresponsible practice of having no consistent national energy policy? Is it rational to allow the most powerful nation in the world to be dependent on oil imports from the most unstable region of the world? Is it rational that a nation allows such obvious vulnerabilities to increase the likelihood of a karmic return that will affect everyone? These are indeed questions that should be sprawled across the headlines of the nation’s newspapers and should be debated by the pundits on television. But what do you see in the American media? You see only a continuation of the easy-going lifestyle that ignores the difficult questions.

My Beloved, I am indeed the prime sponsor of the United States of America and I have invested much of my spiritual light in this nation. It is my full intention that the United States will be one of the major forerunners for the Golden Age of Aquarius, that I likewise sponsor. I have every intention of continuing to release the know-how that can make this nation one of the forerunners for new technology that will increase the prosperity of this nation. Yet I cannot continue to give my sponsorship of Light and to release new technology to a nation that remains asleep and refuses to take responsibility for its own future.

Thus, I am absolutely determined that this nation must be awakened one way or another. And if the American people do not want to take lessons in the school of spiritual guidance, then they must take those lessons in the school of hard knocks. And thus we might say that the school master has knocked on the door, and in the process has knocked down the house. And if the American people do not want to see many more knocks like these, then it is time to consider that there is a better way to learn your lessons than to allow the answers to be blowing in the wind, as the old song says.

Everything on earth is interconnected

It is indeed time, and high time, to awaken to the reality that planet earth is one, interconnected whole and that the interconnectedness goes beyond physical matter. There is indeed a greater interconnectedness in terms of energy, the energy system, which is far beyond what scientists so deceptively call the ecosystem. The energy system on this earth is one, interconnected whole, and the collective consciousness of humankind is the most powerful force in that whole. Therefore, everything that happens in Mother Nature is connected to the state of consciousness of humankind.

I can assure you that within the next century this fact will become widely accepted, and people will look back on the present time with much the same attitude as you now have when you look back at the people who believed the earth was flat. I was indeed embodied as Columbus, and thus I was an instrument for helping people overcome the illusion of a flat earth. I wish I could be in embodiment today and bring forth a new discovery that could help people overcome the illusion that their consciousness has no influence on the physical planet.

Yet I am not in embodiment, and that is precisely why I need you. I am willing to help and inspire anyone who is willing to make an effort to enlighten humankind to the reality of consciousness as the unifying factor and as the first cause behind all visible events. If you would apply yourself to me and follow the advice of Mother Mary, namely to ask for my direction after you have given the Golden Age invocation, then I will indeed help you as much as possible according to your individual level of Christ awareness. Try me and let us see what we can do to awaken a planet to the potential to manifest a Golden Age through the golden-age consciousness.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels