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TOPICS: The courage of those in the Soviet Union – The immovables – A dark cloud over the earth – Raising the whole – The old must be broken down – Sharing your Presence –

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Ascended Master Jesus, June 13, 2010 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I, Jesus, come to give you a somewhat different perspective on how we of the ascended masters look at the people on earth. You have heard and experienced other masters come with great power. For, indeed, we do have the power, and we do use it to penetrate the density of people’s consciousness. And thus, indeed, it has been necessary to provide this great thrust of the outgoing power in order to penetrate this dense cloud, this dense structure, that has been holding down the Russian people for so many decades.

The courage of those in the Soviet Union

Yet I come to give you the Omega perspective, the Omega aspect, of the love that we have for all human beings, including the people of Russia and the people in the nations that used to be part of the Soviet Union. We actually look at you – many of you – as being among the most courageous people on earth. For you have been willing to allow yourselves to come into physical embodiment under one of the most repressive systems ever devised by the fallen beings. You have been willing to come into embodiment at a time when that system died, and where there, then, would be a great upheaval and chaos, a great uncertainty as to how nations and peoples could actually cope with suddenly not having the weight of the oppressive system upon them.

The question would then be whether people would go into all kinds of extremes, all kinds of perversions, of the so-called freedom they now had—those perversions, of course, being held somewhat at bay by the oppressive system. Would they go into these extreme expressions, that you have seen in many western nations, where people could not cope with the freedom; they did not know how to balance their expression, to balance their lives. And therefore, they had to go into these extremes, as you saw, for example, in the West during the 60’s with drugs and music and the hippie lifestyle. And as you have seen also in the extremes of materialism, seeking to attain more and more material possessions. Or even going to the extremes that you see in the fundamentalist or fanatical religions, of seeking to become so holy for the purpose of feeling holier than thou, that you also become a fanatic.

We see that those in this former sphere of the Soviet Union; those who are spiritually inclined – whether they have even heard of the ascended masters or not – they are among the most courageous people on earth, for they have chosen to embody in one of the most difficult situations on earth in order to provide that balancing aspect. And certainly, I can very much relate to your situation, based on my own experience of embodying in the Middle East 2,000 years ago—another very difficult situation, with people who are very closed-minded, very set in their ways.

The immovables

So I know, indeed, what it is like to be a spiritual person, to have a vision that there is a greater potential, but to feel like – whenever you try to express yourself and your potential – you are up against this wall that you cannot move. You feel as if other people are so closed-minded, as if society is so closed, that there is nothing that can penetrate the resistance you feel. My beloved, there were times during my three-year mission in Palestine, where I was on the brink of despair. They are not all recorded; only the night in the Garden of Gethsemane is recorded in the scriptures. But I had other points, other situations like that, where I cried out, where I felt this frustration of knowing, that people could be set free by changing their minds, yet feeling how unwilling they were to even consider that they might change their minds.

It can be an overwhelming feeling, can it not? And yet, I come to give you a sense of co-measurement. For you may look at my life as Jesus, and you may – from a certain perspective – look at the outer events, and you might see that lifetime as a failure. After all, I was killed like a common criminal without having achieved anything physical. There was really no organization, just a band of people who had been following me, yet when I left they were in a chaotic state of not knowing what to do next.

Then you may look at how they still managed to form a movement that eventually grew, but then – when that movement became the official state religion of the Roman Empire – the original teachings and example that I set were perverted and turned upside down. And so, even though you today have a so-called great religion of Christianity with over a billion followers, they are not truly following the real Jesus but a false image of a false Christ, created by the forces of anti-christ. So you may look and see, “What has actually been accomplished in these 2,000 years since I walked the earth?” Yet this is looking with the outer eye, with the human eye. You are looking at physical events and you are thinking that there should be physical changes.

A dark cloud over the earth

Well, if you look deeper, you will actually see, that there have been many changes that were brought about by Christianity, or rather the mindset that some have at least tuned in to. Yet what I want to give you here is the sense of what happens at inner levels. You see, my beloved, if you were able to come with me and look at the earth from the ascended perspective, you would be able to see what has happened at the level of pure energy, at the level of consciousness. And you would see that in the millennia and centuries before my birth in the physical, there was indeed a dark cloud hanging over the earth. It formed almost like an encrusted shell, that the people could not break through. It was very difficult for people to break through that shell and establish any contact with their I AM presences or with the ascended level of consciousness.

Yet, as the result of my taking physical embodiment, that shell began to crack and crumble. And over the past 2,000 years, this momentum has been reinforced by the many spiritual people who also have taken embodiment on earth. And whether they were Christians or not, they have also made a contribution – by their mere presence on the planet – to breaking up that shell. You will see, that most of you have been in embodiment almost continually for these past 2,000 years, and therefore you have also been part of this process.

If you look at the deeper levels, you will see that – even though you may look at the outer events and see that the earth is still far from the Golden Age – at inner levels the work that needed to be done during the age of Pisces has actually been done. And therefore, it is now possible for a critical mass among humankind to actually establish a connection to the spiritual realm. And therefore, the potential is there for the shift into the golden-age consciousness. This shift can happen much more quickly now than if the process had not taken place over these past 2,000 years.

Had I not taken embodiment, it would not have happened at all. Had you and many others not taken embodiment, the earth would still have been at a stage, where it was difficult for the majority of the population to establish a true spiritual connection. So you see, you might look at your own lives and wonder: “Have I made a difference, am I making a difference?” But you are making a difference.

We are not here talking about physical changes or creating an organization that attracts great numbers. What am I really talking about? I am talking about what other masters have said: provide people with a frame of reference. Provide people with a demonstration, that you are in a state of consciousness that is higher than the normal state, that is higher than their own state. And therefore, you give them that frame of reference, that there is more to life than what they experience in their current state of consciousness. And thereby, you give them a choice, a real choice.

Do you see: we of the ascended masters are not truly looking first to physical changes—we are first looking to a change in consciousness. We are not seeking to force people into the Golden Age. We are seeking to give them the best possible opportunity to choose to enter the golden-age consciousness—and then the golden age will be manifest through that change in consciousness. But we know – and you should know – that it must happen as a result of free choices. It cannot be forced, for that defies the entire purpose of creation.

Raising the whole

When you are on the spiritual path, every time you take a step up in consciousness, you are making a contribution to the forward progression of the earth, the Golden Age, and the work of the ascended masters. Every step you take up is making a contribution. You might say, that your individual contribution seemingly makes no difference on the whole, but if all other spiritual people said the same thing – and no one made those small individual contributions – then how would the whole ever be raised up?

You see, every one of you is part of the forward momentum of humankind. Every one of you is making a contribution. By the mere fact that you have been in embodiment in Russia, or in one of the former Soviet republics, you have made a contribution to the downfall of communism, and you have made a contribution to the transition into a new form of life. You may look at the chaos that is here now, but had you not been here, that chaos would have been far worse. And it would have taken much longer to transcend it and move into an upward spiral that is obvious to all.

There is an upward spiral in Russia and the former Soviet republics. There is an upward spiral on a planetary level. And it is just a matter of time before it breaks through to the point, where most people can see it and acknowledge it. You cannot detect such an upward spiral by looking at external, isolated events. For if you are willing to look for the events that prove that the earth is doomed to go to hell, then you can always find such events. But we do not look at such events the same way. For do you understand what we have been saying throughout this conference: the old structures must be broken down before the new can be born? And so, is it really a sign that the earth is going to hell, that some of these old structure are broken down, or is it actually a sign that the earth is approaching a moment of rebirth?

The old must be broken down

The financial markets on the earth cannot enter the Golden Age. The old structures must be broken down before the golden-age economy can be reborn. You cannot bring the new until the old is broken down, so the only question is: “How can the transition happen?” Will sufficient numbers of people wake up, realize how the power elite has been manipulating the economy, and then demand change in the way that Mother Mary described: not with force but in a way that appeals to the heart of the people. Or will they remain blind, so that the old structures will have to be forcefully and physically broken down by the second law of thermodynamics, so that people are forced to look for a new approach to the economy?

This is what you see throughout the earth, this is what we have called the school of hard knocks. People will learn from the school of hard knocks, for they are creating the knocks. And there will come a point, where the knocks become so hard, that they can no longer ignore them, they can no longer ignore the need for change. Yet you are here to give people an alternative to the school of hard knocks, and you do this by your mere presence, by being spiritual.

It is not a matter of going out there and preaching a particular teaching, seeking to make everyone follow the AskRealJesus website or become members of some organization. It is a matter of raising your consciousness, so that when you do speak out, you are not speaking from the level of the outer mind, you are not seeking to force people, but you are speaking from a higher level of awareness. And therefore, not only your words but the vibration, the presence, behind the words will penetrate people’s outer minds and their defenses; will reach the heart and rekindle that inner knowing that: “Yes, there is a better approach, there is a better life.”

Sharing your Presence

When I walked the earth in Palestine, I many times encountered people, and – when they heard me speak – they sensed my Presence, my vibration. And therefore, they were lifted up to a reconnection with their own higher beings. This is not portrayed in the scriptures, for how can you even describe it with words. Many of these people did not become part of the Christian movement. Many of them went away, but their lives were set on a new course just from having encountered me one time. And therefore they went away, and although they did not become part of the Christian movement in an outer sense, they became part of the Christian movement in an inner sense. For the Christian movement was not about gathering members to an outer organization, but about forming that upward momentum of raising people’s consciousness, a momentum that spread like rings in the water of the collective consciousness.

This is what you have been doing and what you can do in even greater measure, by becoming aware of the need to share your Presence in everything you do. Whenever you encounter people, share that Presence. Provide the alternative to the force-based mindset or to the fear-based mindset. Show people that you are not trapped in this mindset. And then you can change a person’s life in a second, just by them sensing your vibration. And thereby, that encounter awakens something within themselves, where they now begin to sense the vibration of their own higher being, sense that they are formless beings—that they are not bound by form because they have seen you not being bound by form. And thus, they are rekindled into that awareness, that they too have the potential to go beyond these restricting forms that they have lived in for so long.

This is your greatest potential; this is your greatest service. Become more aware of it! Dare to acknowledge that you do have some attainment on the spiritual path, that you do have some connection to your higher being, that you do have a gift of the Spirit, that can be given by God through you—when you are consciously aware that you are the open door, when you accept that you are the open door.

Do not meet people with any intention, that you have to change their minds or make them believe a certain teaching. Meet them only with the intent to share your Presence with them, and then let it be up to the Spirit how that takes place. Be willing to be the open door, even though you do not know what your I AM Presence will express through you. Do not put restrictions on your I AM Presence, according to what you think is appropriate or even spiritual or will be acceptable to them. Dare to be the Presence in action, whatever that Presence might express through you. This is the sign of the truly Christed ones: you have no predefined, preconceived, intention or opinion. You are the open door. You are a clear pane of glass, through which the light of the sun of your Presence can shine. This is the ultimate service.

I am not saying you should not preach or share ideas; I am saying: do not formulate an intent or a plan with your outer mind. Surrender these structures in your mind. Use the cosmic wrecking ball of Kuan Yin to shatter those structures—and then just let the Spirit flow. It is only your ego that needs structure, because structure gives the illusion of continuity—and that gives the illusion of security or safety. Your formless spirit, your conscious self, does not need structure. When it recognizes itself as a formless being, then it is willing to flow with the Spirit, flow with the River of Life, wherever it takes you.

Thus, be of good cheer, for you have found favor with God. Indeed it is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom—when you will only let go of the structures that prevent it from being manifest in your lives. And thus, I come to say to you who have been part of this conference, part of the AskRealJesus website and the upward momentum that has been created through the many people who have studied the teachings and who have practiced the rosaries and invocations. I come to say to you, that you have multiplied the talents given, and therefore I can say with complete joy and gratitude: “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Thou has been faithful over a few things, come now into the joy of the Lord and we will see what more can be given through you in the times ahead.”

I came to bring joy to the world. You came to bring joy to the world. Thus, I AM the flame of joy for planet earth. Dare to come into oneness with that flame of joy, if you feel your calling to bring joy to the world. And then, I Above and you below shall indeed bring the joy, that will dispel the doom and gloom and usher in the Golden Age of freedom.

For when you are free, how can you not feel joy? And when you feel joy, how can you not be free? For only in freedom is there joy, but you attain freedom only through joy. For the 6th ray comes before the 7th, and so you will not attain joy by thinking you must be free before you can be joyful. You must realize that joy comes first, for joy comes when you feel joy regardless of outer conditions. And then, when you realize, that your joy does not depend on outer conditions, then you are free from the outer conditions. For then your mind has changed, so you realize that no form can affect the formless.

And this is the true joy of God, the true joy of the Spirit that I AM.


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