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TOPICS: Those without spiritual light mirror back your own light – The Rosary of Nurturance – Receiving the kingdom without dying – The illusion of time and space – Accepting the nurturance of God – Taking command over the four lower bodies – How to have nurturance – Faith, knowledge and prayer – Never doubt the process – Why the power elite want to uphold the illusion of lack – Transcend time and space –

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 2, 2005

There is rejoicing in heaven in this hour. There is excitement. There is joy. There is the sense that a line has been crossed, that a point of no return has been reached and that the earth will never be the same.

My Beloved hearts, you are the cause of that rejoicing, for you have been faithful over the few things that we have given you in the Rosary of All-pervading Wisdom. You have been faithful and have given this rosary every day for these past 33 days, and in doing so you have forged a trail in the collective consciousness of humankind. You have cleared a pathway through the jungle of lies and illusions that fill up the mental body of planet earth, the mental body of humankind and the mental bodies of each individual on this plant, except for the rare few who have managed to attain a level of Christhood that allows them to see through the lies. And of course, those of you who have been able to recognize the value of this rosary are among those who have a degree of Christhood. And thus it has been your privilege and your calling to be the forerunners and to forge this trail for the millions who are behind you and who are waiting for the trail to be opened, so that they can follow it and see their way home.

Thus I can tell you that this vigil has been a tremendous accomplishment on a planetary scale. You have been the instruments here below and we have been the instruments here Above for turning a new page in the history book of planet earth. Never again will the lies and illusions of anti-christ have the same hold over humankind. Never again will the forces of anti-christ be able to fool people, as they have been able to fool them for thousands of years.

Thus I congratulate you, and all members of the ascended masters give you a standing ovation, not to boost the pride of the ego, for you are the ones who have been willing to beat down your egos through this last rosary and through the Rosary of God’s Will. Therefore, it is appropriate that we give you recognition, not the recognition of the ego that so many people seek and that even so many people on the spiritual path seek, but the true recognition of the Christ within you, the I AM Presence within you that truly is the doer in your lives.

And when you give these rosaries, you should know that they are specifically designed to provide a chalice here below, a chalice of words, that is raised up so that the Conscious You raises up that chalice of the Living Word, whereby your I AM Presence can pour the pure light of God into that chalice. Because the cup of Christ that you raise up will hold the light of God, so that it will not spill on the ground and so that the pearls will not be cast before swine, the swine as a symbol of your own egos and the forces of this world.

Those without spiritual light mirror back your own light

So many people come to the spiritual path and come to spiritual organizations with a desire to have their egos pampered, to be praised, to be recognized, to stand out from the crowd and feel that they are somehow better than others because they are members of a particular religion or organization, because they follow a particular teaching or guru and because they do this or do that.

My Beloved hearts we have seen these ego games played over and over again for millions of years—millions of years, I tell you. We have seen millions of people awaken, for a brief moment, to the spiritual side of life, find a spiritual teaching, start to apply that teaching, and then gradually, without even noticing it, they get caught in the age-old ego games. And they use that spiritual teaching to prop up their egos, their sense of pride, their sense of being the favorite sons, the chosen people.

We have had enough of those ego games. And I know that some of you who have been willing to give these last rosary vigils have also had enough of those ego games. And therefore, it is time and high time that some people on earth choose to set an example for all people to see that it is possible for everyone to rise above the human ego, to be free of the lies promoted by the forces of this world and to simply BE who they are as God-free beings. It is time that someone demonstrate that one can be the sun shining from within themselves, instead of seeking some kind of recognition from the world, thinking that they need something from the world in order to shine their light.

There are indeed many people on the earth who need something from the world in order to shine light because they have no light of their own. They are empty shells. And many of the so-called high and mighty on the earth, many of the politicians, the business people, and even many of the artists and thinkers, those who are recognized by the society as celebrities, many of these people have no light of their own. But they have learned a skill that is taught to them by the father of lies and his henchmen, and that is to be a mirror that mirrors back the light of those who follow them.

You see, there are many people on earth who are truly the sons and daughters of God that have come into embodiment to set this planet free. And they know deep within their beings the importance of being obedient to the higher will. This is truly the higher will of God, the higher will of their own I AM Presence, the higher will of the masculine aspect of their beings, to which the Conscious You must be obedient and aligned in order to be whole and to be nurtured and to fulfill its reason for being in this world.

Yet when the Conscious You forgets why it is here, forgets its reason for being, its divine plan or even its knowledge that it is a spiritual being, then the self does not know what true obedience means. It knows it needs to be obedient to something higher, but it does not know to what it needs to be obedient. It tends to look for some leader in this world that it can follow. And the false leaders know this, and so they set themselves up and claim to have some authority, or some skill, or some importance, and then the sons and daughters of God, who accept this person as being of importance, send that person their light. And the person then uses that light to mirror it back to the world and prop up the false image of their self-importance.

And you see this so many times, so many times over and over again by the important people, the so-called important people, of this world. And you find them everywhere, even in spiritual organizations, where they set themselves up as leaders for the glorification of their egos and not for the glorification of the I AM Presence and the God behind the I AM Presence.

Truly God has no need to be worshipped as Jesus has explained. Yet God allows people to worship him because God is beyond the ego and will therefore not misuse the light sent in worship. And in worshipping God, people will at least not worship an idol on earth, and that is better than worshipping a false idol down here. And hopefully people can then transcend the need to worship anything outside themselves and come to the recognition, as Jesus told you, that the kingdom of God is within you and that you need nothing from this world in order to be whole in order to be fully nurtured.

The Rosary of Nurturance

And this then brings me to this next release of a most magnificent rosary. And my beloved, I know that every time we have released a rosary to you, I have said that this is the most important or the highest rosary yet. But you must understand that when we bring forth a new rosary, that rosary comes out of our own beings and it truly is a higher rosary than could be given before because the other rosaries have brought the collective consciousness to a higher level. And thus this Rosary of Miracle Nurturance could not have been brought forth even two months ago.

You see, had there not been the foundation set of the vigil of the Rosary of God’s Will and the vigil of the Rosary of Wisdom, it would have been pointless to bring out this rosary because the collective consciousness would not have been ready for it, and your individual consciousness would not have been ready for it. And thus, it would have been like casting pearls before swine, even though I do not consider any of you to be swine. Nevertheless, what has happened over these past months is that we have carved a trail that has led us to the point, where we can now address the central problem in the relationship between God and man. And that central point is that it truly is, as Jesus said, the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Receiving the kingdom without dying

And this does not mean, as many people believe, that after you die your soul will ascend to heaven and then you will inherit the kingdom. No, it means that God wants to give you the kingdom right here on earth because he wants to turn planet earth into his kingdom, where there is no darkness, no evil, no lies, no illusion, no suffering, no pain and no lack of nurturance. Do you see, this truth has been hidden for so many thousands of years because the prince of this world and his henchmen have carefully hidden it, and they have destroyed all teachings, or attempted to destroy all teachings, that have brought out this truth and they have killed all prophets that preach this truth.

You see, they want planet earth for themselves. They want to keep God out of this earth, out of this material universe. They want it to be a place where God is not found. And how can they do this? They can do this only by fooling God’s sons and daughters into believing that it is not possible to have God’s kingdom on earth and that God’s kingdom can only exist in heaven. Thus, they can inherit God’s kingdom only after they leave this planet.

They have even used the magnificent example set by Jesus to come in with subtle lies that make it seem like Jesus had to die on the cross and thus it was only after his death that he was resurrected, and likewise only after your death will you inherit the kingdom of God. Oh my beloved, there are even some New Age teachings that reinforce this view, giving rise to a belief that the goal of life is to make your ascension and that you will make your ascension only after the death of your physical body. But you see, this is a misuse of the teachings we have given. For truly, the goal of life is to ascend but ascension means the ascension to a higher state of consciousness. And you can ascend to a higher state of consciousness right here on earth while you are still in a physical body.

You can ascend by recognizing that the kingdom of God is within you. It is already within you. You can inherit the kingdom right here on earth. You do not have to go to some physical heaven portrayed by some religions. You do not have to go anywhere else because there is only one place to inherit the kingdom of heaven and that is right here. And there is only one time to inherit the kingdom of heaven and that is right now.

The illusion of time and space

You see, in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven, you have to transcend the illusion that you are separated from the kingdom, and that illusion is based on the two coordinates that human beings call time and space. The illusion that if you are here, you cannot be everywhere and that if you are in this particular moment, you cannot be in the eternal now. This is the illusion created by the consciousness of separation from the source of all life. This is the illusion created by Lucifer and all those who followed him. It is the illusion they have done everything in their power to force upon the people of earth, and they will do everything in their power to prevent you from escaping that illusion.

But my beloved hearts, they will not be able to maintain the stranglehold which that illusion has had over the minds of humankind. Because the chains have already been broken. And as more and more people shatter the illusion and throw off the shackles that you are limited by time and space – that time and space separates you from God’s kingdom and prevents you from inheriting that kingdom – well then, the trail in the collective consciousness will be expanded and more and more people will be able to discover and follow it. And thus, we who are above time and space have created a plan to help those of you who still think you are trapped in time and space to transcend that final illusion, which is truly the illusion of death. Not so much the illusion that death is the end, but the illusion that eternal life and the kingdom of God does not begin until after death, until after you exit this world.

The illusion that we have come to shatter is the illusion that you cannot inherit your Father’s kingdom while you are in a physical body on planet earth. The illusion that although it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, you cannot have that kingdom on earth because earth cannot express the perfection of God. Oh, what a lie this is. What a lie it is. What a ridiculous lie it is. And one day you will truly see how ridiculous it is and you will laugh with me. You will laugh at the devil until he runs away and gives up planet earth, seeking some other place to play his tricks on those of weaker minds.

Accepting the nurturance of God

What will it take for you, while you are here in a physical body, to accept that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom and to accept that kingdom of the abundant life, the perfect nurturance of your soul?

I am fully aware that when you look at this planet you will see so many people who are suffering, so many people who are in pain, who do not have enough to eat, who live in abject poverty in a seemingly hopeless situation where they have no chance of improving their lot. You will see so much pain and suffering, so much lack of nurturance. You will see so many people who feel that they are not nurtured by God and for whom the promise that God will give them his kingdom might even seem like an insult added to their injury.

And yet this is an illusion. It is a very persistent illusion for many people. And I am aware that some of you have had very difficult lives, but I am also aware that over these past thirty-three days, some of you have reconnected to the divine plan that the Conscious You created before you came into embodiment. You have reconnected to the higher will of your I AM Presence, to the higher desires of your conscious self. And you know that what you have experienced was something you chose to experience, so that you could show other people that it is possible to rise above it.

So what is the key to beginning a journey of rising above your present situation, your present difficulties? What is the key to starting the process that will help you come to the point of fully accepting your Father’s kingdom right here on this earth? The key was given by beloved Jesus to this messenger when he was training him to serve in this capacity. He told him one very important sentence:

“If you do not have it, you do not need it.”

This is the starting point of the journey that can lead you from where you are now, wherever that may be, to the point where you can fully accept your divine inheritance. No matter how difficult your situation might be, your situation can serve as a stepping stone, as a springboard for coming up higher in consciousness, for transcending some human limitation. And this transcendence of some aspect of your current situation is the key to inheriting your Father’s kingdom. This was explained by Jesus in another statement:

“His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” (Matthew 25:21)

You see, no matter what your situation is right now, no matter how difficult it may seem, no matter how difficult it may be, you chose that situation so that you could demonstrate for others that it is possible to experience great difficulty and to still transcend it and come up higher and use whatever outer situation you have to raise your consciousness and come closer to inheriting your Father’s kingdom. This is the lesson of the all pervading wisdom that penetrates any difficulty you might be facing to make the Conscious You realize that there is more, that there is a way out, that it is possible to come up higher.

Yet as beloved Jesus also explained in his discourse on healing, you cannot give away something until you fully own it. The key to transcendence is to first accept your situation as it is right now, to accept that you chose it, that it is a result of choices you made. These may be imperfect choices that you made in the past and thereby created the karma you are now facing, but more than likely, part of them were also choices you made when you designed your divine plan and your goal of demonstrating the path of overcoming human limitations in this age.

And yet, as Jesus explained, sometimes when you come into embodiment, you are so overwhelmed by the difficulty of your situation, that you forget this higher goal, and so you will not accept this or that aspect of your outer situation, whether it be a disease or some other aspect of your situation. And therefore, you subconsciously or consciously push it away from you. You try to avoid it. You try to ignore it. You try to escape it in various ways without fully taking ownership.

And this means that you are not faithful over a few things because you have buried your talents in the ground. You have buried whatever talents God gave you. And remember Jesus’ parable about the talents, and how one servant was given ten talents and another was given two. So even if you feel that life has dealt you a difficult hand, this is still a result of your past choices and it is still your platform for transcendence, for coming up higher. The key is to accept your present situation, to take ownership of it, to accept that it is the result of choices you made in the past. And therefore, by discovering those choices and replacing them with better choices, you can transcend your current situation and your current state of consciousness.

So many people live their entire lives feeling that, “If only I had this or that, then I could be happy or then I could fulfill my mission.” Yet as Jesus explained, you will not progress until you accept that you currently have everything you need. You might not have everything you need to fulfill your highest desires, but you do have everything you need to transcend your current situation, your current level of consciousness. And when you do transcend, when you prove yourself faithful over the things you have been given, then God can multiply your talents and give you more.

So as you continue this process of using what you have to take the next step on the path, God will multiply what you have. And when you come into full alignment with your divine plan, the entire universe will rejoice in helping you fulfill that plan, and thus you will have everything you need. For the promise that God will reward you is not only a promise, it is a divine law that is as inevitable as the law of gravity seems to most people.

Taking command over the four lower bodies

And yet what is the key to going through the process of coming up higher? Well it must begin with the acceptance, by taking ownership, of your situation. And when you have taken ownership, you can say, “I accept this situation as the result of my past choices. And in that acceptance I also declare that I know that when I change those choices, when I replace my past choices with enlightened choices, then my situation will change.“

And then you can start focusing your attention on the process of changing your consciousness and making better choices rather than focusing on the outer situation and the unfairness of that situation, which only keeps you trapped in a lower state of consciousness, a sense of being a victim, a sense of being paralyzed and being unable to do anything about your situation.

And when you have overcome that sense of being a victim, of being paralyzed, then you can begin to realign yourself with the totality of your greater being. And the first step in that process is to realize that there is a will that is greater than the outer will of the ego and the outer will of the forces of this world, even the people around you. And that will is the will of your I AM Presence, which is the will of God individualized for you. And that was what we had you do in the vigil of the Rosary to God’s Will. You realigned yourself with the higher will. And in realigning yourself with the higher will, you cleared your etheric body. And as Jesus has explained, you have four bodies and the highest of those lower bodies is the etheric body which holds your sense of identity.

By realigning yourself with the truth that you are a spiritual being, no matter how mortal or human you might seem, you have taken the first step on your road back to inheriting God’s kingdom. For truly God’s kingdom cannot come from below; it must come from Above—from a higher vibration. All good things are from Above, and as Jesus has explained, all good things must cycle through the four levels of the matter universe and that is why you start at the top. You cannot inherit God’s kingdom by starting from the bottom and work your way back up. You need to start from the top and let the light of God descend because it is the light that will transform you, not the lower will, not the lower energies of this world.

The next step is to go within the next body, the mental body and clear that mental body of the illusions, the ego-illusions and the illusions of anti-christ. And this is what you did in the Rosary of All-pervading Wisdom. After that comes the third step, which is to clear the emotional body, and the emotional body is the body that makes you feel nurtured or makes you feel that you are deprived, that you are caught in lack, limitations, suffering, and pain. It might make you feel that you are unjustly dealt a difficult hand by life, that you are unfairly treated by God who is withholding his abundance from you while giving it to others.

This is the Cain consciousness of being jealous of those who have more in this world, even though many of those who have the most in this world have very little in the spiritual world and thus they have nothing of real value. They have no treasure laid up in heaven because they have chosen to have their reward on earth.

You see, my beloved, the emotions are like water and you know how the water of the ocean is easily whipped into waves that are chaotic, and so is the emotional body of man. The key to realigning that emotional body with the reality of God is that it must be under the control of the mental body, specifically the mind of Christ focused in that mental body. You might see the emotional body as a child and you are the parent, and through the mental body, the higher reasoning of the Christ mind, you can make the child understand that it needs to behave in certain ways in order to be rewarded. And if that it does not behave in those ways, it will be punished, it will not receive the reward.

How to have nurturance

That is why you will see that the new rosary of nurturance speaks to the emotional body, speaks to the emotional aspect of the soul, as to a child. And it explains to the child what has happened and why the child feels deprived and why the child cannot receive its reward until it comes into alignment with the reality of how that reward can be received.

This rosary is most profound. And as you give it, you will sense the profound effect not only on your own emotions, but there will be an effect on the emotional body of humankind, and that effect will be unparalleled in known history. Truly, you will see an overall calming of the emotions. But you will also see some people who will rise up and act out the very worst of the immature and childish emotions.

You will even see some of the mighty people on earth, some of the powerful people on earth, who will act out childish and immature emotions on the world stage. And they might indeed cause some temporary suffering, but even this is part of the plan of helping more and more people see the immaturity and the dysfunction of the collective consciousness and the collective emotions, so that they will say, “This simply cannot go on. We must discipline that unruly child. This is enough, and we will not tolerate this behavior anymore.”

Faith, knowledge and prayer

I would like to speak to you on a topic that is extremely important in terms of accepting God’s nurturance. You have all heard about the concept of faith as it has been promoted by so many religions, but especially the orthodox Christian religions. You have all read in the Bible that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). But what you do not always realize is that even this particular Bible quote is a distortion of the true teachings of Christ.

Jesus did not teach that faith is the substance of things hoped for. He taught that knowledge is the substance of things hoped for. And with knowledge he did not mean outer, intellectual knowledge. He meant inner knowledge, gnosis, the true inner gnosis whereby the knower becomes one with the known. Jesus did not teach that you should pray to an external God and then simply believe the answer would be forthcoming. And if your prayer is not answered, you should just keep believing indefinitely, as if those who keep believing will eventually be saved.

Jesus taught and demonstrated that you invoke God’s assistance from within yourself, and you do so with the absolute inner knowing that when you ask, you WILL receive. And thus, if your prayer is not answered, you can reason that you did not have the true inner knowing. Perhaps you had faith, but not yet the full knowing that is the highest aspect of faith. So instead of simply keeping on believing, you can go to work on yourself, on resolving the blocks that prevent you from having the inner knowing – the absolute certainty – that comes through oneness with your Christ self. You see, many Christians have completely misunderstood Jesus’ teaching on faith, and they have instead accepted the teachings of anti-christ that keep them suspended in a state of outer faith that blocks their inner knowing, their true Gnosis.

This is a most essential key to inheriting your Father’s kingdom. You see, most religious people have also been brought up to believe in a completely false teaching concerning prayer, concerning invoking something from above, concerning invoking God’s assistance in their lives. They have been taught a serpentine lie that springs from the mind of anti-christ, namely that prayer is invoking a miracle. And sometimes the miracle happens, but most of the time it does not happen. And there is no way to know when it will happen and when it will not happen, because it is all a mystery that is decided by God. But you see, this is a complete fallacy because God does not sit up in heaven and arbitrarily decide to give one person a miracle and to withhold it from another.

It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give his kingdom to all of his children. But to inherit that kingdom, you must realign yourself with the reality of God. And you cannot do that through outer knowledge, through intellectual knowledge, through outer faith or through blind adherence to some ritual. You can do that only by going within. You can do it only through gnosis, whereby you transcend belief, you transcend faith, and you come to the inner knowing that when you invoke God’s intercession, God’s Presence, in your life, your call WILL compel the answer. Ask and ye shall receive. Because truly it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7).

But you see, there are two things you need to know. First of all, you need to know that when you ask, your desire cannot spring from the lower desire of your ego or the desires that have been put upon you from your culture and the forces of this world. These lower desires are self-centered and they disregard the whole. And precisely because God wants ALL of his children to inherit the kingdom, he cannot answer a prayer that seeks the abundance of one person by depriving the whole. Thus, when you pray from a selfish desire, you create a counter-force that opposes the fulfillment of your desire. In a sense the entire universe will oppose the fulfillment of your desire. And if you seek to take something by force, the counter force you create will take from you what you seek to possess. As Jesus said, “For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.” (Matthew 25:29)

Unto everyone who has love and regard for the whole shall be given and he or she shall have abundance. Yet to him who has no love, everything shall be taken away by the very counter force he creates in seeking to fulfill his ego-centered desires. So in order to truly ask, you must realign your desires, your desire body, with the higher desires of the Conscious You, that are part of your divine plan, and with the higher will of your I AM Presence, that is one with the will of God for your lifestream.

And when you are in that state of alignment, then the answer to any prayer will be given because the entire universe will gladly assist in fulfilling your divine plan. The reason being that your personal divine plan is in alignment with the greater plan of God, and thus what is best for you is also what is best for the whole of God’s creation.

Never doubt the process

You must also realize that the answer to your prayer must follow the process, whereby the pure energy of the spiritual realm becomes lowered in vibration, until it manifests as the energy that makes up the material realm. So the answer to your true desire is instantly given by God. But before that request, before that answer is manifest physically in your life, it must cycle through the four levels of the material universe. And if you have blockages, if you have wrong beliefs or unresolved substance at any of those levels, then the answer to your prayer can be blocked at any of those levels. And therefore, it can take time. There can be a delay between your prayer and the point where the answer to your request is manifest in the physical.

And the more blockages you have in your four lower bodies, the greater your delay. And this is actually the creation of time, where the delay shows the distance between where you are right now in consciousness and where you would be if you were in the full Christ consciousness. The key to precipitating God’s answer to your prayer is to overcome that sense of distance, that distance in consciousness, and this cannot be done in one single step. But it can be done by being faithful over the few things that you have right now.

In order to be faithful, you need to know that when you are willing to surrender yourself to the higher will and the higher desires of your Conscious You and I AM Presence, you WILL receive an answer to your call. And if that answer is not forthcoming, you should never, ever allow yourself to go into a state of doubt or to go into a state of blaming God for not answering your prayer. Instead, you should reason as follows, “If my prayer, if my invocation, is not instantly answered, there is always a reason. One possibility is that my prayer is not in alignment with the higher desires of my Conscious You, with my divine plan, and with the higher will of my I AM Presence. And thus I must reexamine my prayer, reexamine my consciousness and be willing to come up higher. Or it is possible that the answer was given but it has not cycled through into the physical because I have too many blockages that are slowing it down or holding it up. And so by continuing to work on myself, to work on removing those blockages through discovering the hang-ups in my psychology and through transforming the negative energy that blocks the descent of God’s light, then I know the answer will be forthcoming.“

If you ask with a pure mind and heart, you WILL receive. And this is the key to inheriting your Father’s kingdom; that you overcome the doubt that has been put upon people by the prince of this world for so many eons. You must overcome that doubt and you must replace it, not with faith as taught to you by the orthodox religions because faith without works is dead. And works does not necessarily mean outer works, it means the inner works of your knowing, your being willing to reunite yourself with your inner being, the higher desires of the Conscious You, the will of your I AM Presence.

Thereby, you not only believe, but you know that the call compels the answer and that it will be given. You know this because you realize that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, and thus having God’s abundance is the natural state of affairs. Thus, if you do not have abundance, you know that something is blocking it from manifesting in the physical realm. And when you remove those blockages, the abundance will naturally and inevitably descend. So if the answer is not immediately forthcoming, you know that you must change yourself and then, when you bring yourself into alignment with who you really are in God, the answer will be manifest and you will receive the nurturance that you so desire.

Yet the works are also the knowing that you are not in this world to accumulate the treasures or to lose yourself in the pleasures of this world. You are here to transcend. You are here to fulfill your divine plan, which is to demonstrate, for all people to see, that it is possible to overcome the human condition and all limitations of that condition.

Why the power elite want to uphold the illusion of lack

You need to reach deeper than the outer desires, the false desires, programmed into your mind by a consumer culture that makes you think that you are incomplete unless you have this or that trinket that they offer you for a price. And what is behind this culture? It is the very consciousness of anti-christ, which makes you think that you are incomplete in and of yourself, that you need something from somewhere outside of yourself in order to be complete. And thus, the kingdom of God is outside of you, and you must go through some door outside yourself to enter that kingdom. This is the entire strategy of the prince of this world; to make you believe that the kingdom of God is outside of you, and that you must go through a door, through this or that religion, through this or that belief system or through this or that pleasure or possession. My Beloved, can you not see that his scheme is set up for only one purpose, namely to control you!

In making you believe in this lie, you automatically come to believe in the lie of lack, that there is not enough of God’s abundance in this world for everyone. And thus, some people are the haves and some are the have-nots. And the difference is that the haves have been willing to take it by force, to control it, to hold on to it, to hoard it, whatever they want to possess. They have taken their reward here on earth instead of laying up treasures in heaven. And in thinking that you need to possess one aspect, one thing, then you set yourself apart from the flow of God’s abundance that flows as a giant river through all of God’s creation.

And yet, because of free will, that river has been diverted so that it currently by-passes planet earth and so many people live in lack, suffering and poverty. And this is not the will of the Father, for it is his pleasure to give all of his children his kingdom. Yet you have the free will to reject that kingdom, if you so choose. And many souls on earth have done that because they have somehow come to accept the illusion that they want or need to experience lack, that they are not worthy to have the fullness of God’s kingdom or that it is not possible for all people to have the abundant life.

My beloved, much of this lie springs from the fact that Lucifer and certain other beings in heaven wanted to be recognized as being above and beyond other beings created by God. Anyone caught in the mindset of anti-christ wants to uphold the culture of lack on earth, so that they can have more than the general population and therefore feel that they are above and beyond that population, that they are more and more important. And this is a perversion of the expanding force of the Father, the drive to become more.

You see, they are not trying to become more, they are trying to trick you into becoming less so that it seems like they have more, they are more. But in reality, they are less for they have no love, no light, in them. And they can only maintain their illusion of being more by forcing you to live in poverty. And that is why the power elite on this earth does not want the abundant life to be manifest on earth. They want to stand out as an elite that has more than the rest of the population.

This is in complete opposition to the will of God, the vision of God, the original desire of God for this planet and this universe. Before you can inherit your Father’s kingdom, you must overcome the temptations, the temptations that Jesus experienced when he came out of the wilderness and was tempted by the devil. And take note that in one of those temptations, the devil promised him that he could have all the kingdoms of this world if he would fall down and worship the devil.

And there are people on earth, those in the elite, who are pursuing that dream, thinking that they can somehow come to own and control and possess all of the kingdoms of this world by following the devil—even though they do not see it as following the devil and would never admit that they are devil worshippers. They think they are either doing what God has appointed them to do or even doing God’s work because they are his favorite sons.

Transcend time and space

I come to call you to overcome that illusion. And if you will faithfully give this Rosary of Nurturance, you will indeed make great strides toward that goal. I know that this rosary will be difficult for many of you because this rosary goes to the very core of your relationship to God. You will feel that all of the emotions stored in your emotional body that oppose your oneness with God will rise up and challenge your progress on the path. And your ego and the forces of this world will truly tempt you to give up on this rosary. But I must tell you that those of you who will be faithful over the few things you have been given in this rosary, will indeed transcend, and thus you will inherit the many things that God is waiting to give you.

I say to you, “Take this gift from my heart, from the gift of beloved Omega who is the highest representative of the Divine Mother in this world of form. Even the gift of our beloved Father, Alpha, who is the highest representative of the Divine Father.” Oh yes, my beloved, balance is the key and that balance can be obtained only through the inner knowing of which I spoke. The inner knowing whereby you realign yourself with the true desires of the Conscious You and the higher will of your I AM Presence, so that you do not seek to own, control and possess the abundance of the Divine Mother as it is found in this world. And so that you do not seek to take heaven by force by using the power of the Father to take, instead of allowing God to give you all, as you are ready to receive. This state of inner knowing is the state of grace. It cannot be achieved through the intellect or through the emotions. It can be achieved only by realigning yourself with your I AM Presence through the mind of Christ, so that you know who you are as a spiritual being. And your mental and emotional bodies are in alignment with that greater identity and with your divine plan that is an expression of that identity.

You see, all good things are from Above, meaning from the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm. But you receive them by going within, for remember that the kingdom of God is within you. Therefore, all true nurturance comes from within yourself, from the sun of your I AM Presence shining through the Conscious You and outer mind. You will never feel the true nurturance for which your soul yearns as long as you keep thinking that the key to being fulfilled is to get something from outside yourself. True nurturance, true happiness, true fulfillment means wholeness, completeness, in your soul. And that can only come when your soul is once again consciously filling its place as a planet orbiting the sun of your I AM Presence.

And thus, having spoken for a full hour, your cup is full and runneth over. I leave you for now to contemplate this teaching, and I advise you to read this discourse over and over again because it will work together with the rosary and the affirmations in the rosary to truly resolve the blockages that prevent you from accepting the Father’s kingdom that he is offering you in the eternal now, the eternal now that can be accessed from any point in space and from any point in time. Because truly, time and space is the ultimate illusion. Shatter it! Transcend it! Go beyond it! Leave it behind! Take my hand, and I will lead you beyond the illusion, beyond the illusion of time and space, until you have conquered the last enemy, which people call death.

In the name of the Divine Father Alpha, the Divine Mother Omega, the Divine Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I seal you now and I seal your four lower bodies, especially your emotional body. And I say to that emotional body, “Peace be still and know that the I AM in me is God!” It is finished.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels