The resurrection of the Divine Mother in Holland

TOPICS: A community like that of the early followers of Christ – Use the tools you have today – Be in tune with your time – Do not isolate yourselves – The potential for the Dutch people – The resurrection of the Divine Mother – Recognize your potential  – Many people are ready to awaken – Maintain balance – Surrender is the key to true power

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 11, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I, Mary come in response to you raising up the chalice. Therefore, I ask you to jump to your feet and give an affirmation with me. Say with me: “Let there be light in Holland this day and forevermore!” (9x) “And there is light.”

A community like that of the early followers of Christ

Take a look at yourselves as modern-day spiritual people. And then acknowledge, my beloved, that you have the potential to establish a modern-day version of the very community that was established by the first followers of The Way of Christ 2,000 years ago, after Jesus had made his ascension and we were left to carry on the flame that he brought. I, myself, was part of that early community, which of course mainstream Christianity see as the community of Christians.

But it truly was a community of those who realized, that we were followers of The Way, a new way, a universal way. A way that transcended Jew and Christian, and any other label that we human beings are so good at putting upon each other—as we said to ourselves back then. For we, too, realized, that the greatest problem on earth was division. And we saw that division back then in our society, where we saw the division between Jews and other ethnic groups, even though there was not the nation states back then that you have today.

But we very much saw that division between tribes, between peoples. And we saw that this was what we were called to rise above, for truly, what Christ came to show us was that behind all the outer divisions – beyond ALL of the outer divisions – is the universality, that we all came from the same source. And thus, we must find our way back to that inner recognition, where we realize, that we are more than the outer divisions, more than the outer forms, more than the outer manifestations. As this latest invocation so powerfully expresses—that you are more than your outer form.

Use the tools you have today

But you also realize, that you are more than the ego, more than the self that is born out of the lie of separation. This is the illusion that you can be separated from that source, and thus, separated from all other self-aware beings, who are now seen as separate beings, instead of complementary facets of the shining diamond of the mind of God. Take a look – in your mind – at a diamond. Could you ever separate one facet from the diamond and have it float around separately in space? No, for it has no meaning to talk of a separate facet of a diamond, for a diamond is a whole. So is the body of God on earth a whole.

Yet, through the process of self-awareness and free will, it is possible to build the illusion, that one facet of the diamond mind of God, the Body of God, can be separate, can be separated from the whole. And then, that facet can begin to act as if it was a separate being, who then has to seek to possess something for itself, instead of floating with the River of Life. Flowing with that ever-moving, ever-transcending stream, that surely will give you all that you need when you need it. If only you give up that sense, that you need something for the separate self—that you need to possess, own and control.

This is the community that we established so many centuries ago, where we, in the beginning, had a great sense of loss, that Jesus was no longer there. And only gradually did we come to that inner recognition, that Jesus was still there, with us, within ourselves. And this then, is what began to form the community. For you see, Jesus was there to show us, that we all had the potential to be more than human beings. As long as he was there, we saw him as the leader and thus, he had to withdraw for us to step up and recognize the Christ in ourselves, instead of only recognizing it in him.

And this was a very delicate process, not made any easier by the fact that we did not have the tools that you have today, the awareness of psychology, the concepts of the ego, the concepts of talking about feelings. There are so many things today, that you take for granted, but they simply were not there 2,000 years ago. There was not, among the general population back then, a sophisticated understanding or conceptualization of the human psyche. So there was no way to understand that there are aspects of the psyche—and that one aspect can be called the ego and can be based on the illusion of separation, whereas another aspect is real, and came from the One Source.

Be in tune with your time

Consider the blessings you have today—in the much more sophisticated understanding of the psyche, of the healing of the psyche. And then realize, that this is the backbone of a spiritual community and your potential to take that community to a higher level of service to life. For you see, back then, we had to focus more on the things that appeal to people in their state of consciousness, so we took a different approach. This was, of course, perfectly valid at the time. But I am not saying that you should try to copy it, nor should you, as some religious groups have done, try to live the same way as we lived 2,000 years ago. For you should be in tune with your time.

Nevertheless, I ask you to recognize, that many spiritual groups are going through the same process that we went through in that first community, where we were following a new way, the new way of Christ, a higher way of Christ—a way that transcended the human divisions. And then, in today’s age, you can take that beyond, by incorporating the teachings of the psyche and helping people see, that the division between different groups of people is not real, is not inevitable, is not something defined by nature, or defined by God. It is an artificial creation of that element of the human psyche, the ego. And all of their problems, all of their diseases of the body, all of their diseases of the mind – including the stress that they feel under in the modern-day lifestyle – all of this is caused by this division in the psyche, making them a house divided against themselves.

And this makes them divided against other people, thereby entering into a dualistic struggle with other people that consumes their life energy, their attention, their time, their opportunity to be in this magnificent sphere, that the material universe truly is, regardless of the outer appearances. For certainly, you can help them see, that the outer appearances are ultimately unreal. And the Ma-ter Light can as easily outpicture a higher vision, as the imbalanced vision that is currently being imposed upon it through the mass consciousness of the people.

Do not isolate yourselves

We do not want spiritual people to create a sense of community, that you are isolated or separated from the rest of society. That is why we indeed honor those who take a universal approach. But we ask you to consider, that even this can be taken to a higher level, where you not only work with people individually, but also begin to recognize, that you might let your voice be heard in the greater community of the society in which you live. For there is much need in today’s world for Divine Direction and for an example of those who are willing to follow a higher way.

Take note that I do not talk about those who are willing to follow some outer doctrine or outer teaching, but who are willing to follow the inner law that cannot be written, that cannot be defined as the one law that should be applied in all circumstances, but is the Law of Oneness, the law of transcendence, the law of integration, the law of seeking to raise up all life. This means seeking to take any condition that is there, acknowledging that it is manifest, but that it is only temporary and ultimately unreal. And then seeking to help people see this, so that they may choose to create a higher manifestation by acknowledging that the current condition is something they have created and that it is not the only thing they can create—for it is indeed not inevitable.

The potential for the Dutch people

Consider how spiritual people fit into the society that you have here in Holland or the Nether-Lands, as they are called. Consider that you are not Dutch; you are co-creators with God. You are followers of The Way. You have been followers of The Way for many lifetimes. But in this particular lifetime, you chose to embody here in this country. And then ask yourself why. Why are you here, in Holland? What was it that drove you to volunteer to embody in this nation, given the particular consciousness that it has? What was the potential you saw for the nation and for your own role in bringing about that potential?

When you look back at the history of this nation, consider what you see, consider what that says about the consciousness of the people. Consider its good qualities, its limiting qualities, and how you might help raise up that consciousness to maximize the good qualities and transcend the limiting qualities.

As an example, consider that the Dutch people have for centuries been in a battle with Mother Nature, to secure their country from being flooded by the ocean. Consider then, that the ocean, the water element, represents the emotional body. And then consider, that the Dutch people have a potential to demonstrate how you can be at sea level, or even below sea level, you can be immersed in that emotional miasma, yet you can rise above it and build something that is not pulled down by the turmoil of the emotional body. You can establish a sense of a firm foundation of order out of chaos.

As in many ways, the Dutch people have demonstrated in the outer, but have not yet demonstrated in the inner, in the psyche. Look at the nation of how everything is organized, orderly, neat, how the houses and the gardens are so well-kept and well-maintained. And see this as a positive quality but also be willing to see that any quality can become unbalanced. As I directed the attention of this messenger to notice one example of how many houses have trees outside, where they have built, out of wood, a trellis and are forcing the tree branches to grow horizontally, in straight lines, rather than growing in the natural pattern. So that out of having had to struggle with Mother Nature for centuries in order to survive, has grown a certain desire to control nature, to control the mother element.

And then see, that this can lead to many conditions, where a society becomes a closed circle, so that the matter realm becomes an end in itself. And the Dutch people believe, that they have a right to do whatever can be done, to secure some physical advantage, which you see out-pictured in how they deal with certain problems, including drugs and drug abuse, including sexuality, including euthanasia and other conditions. Where people think that they have a right to control every aspect of life with the outer mind and the separate self.

The resurrection of the Divine Mother

Given the Law of Free Will, you do have a right to seek to control everything and possess it for the separate self. It is your right to experiment with your free will in this way. But as it says in the invocation, when you create that closed circle, that closed system, then you become subject to what we have called the second law of thermodynamics, but which is the contracting force of the mother element, that will break down anything that is not transcending itself.

Dutch society has in many ways become that closed circle, and you see that even though the Dutch have such ingenuity and ability to create order, well, there are certain problems in society that defy their ingenuity, that defy order. And you see that there are certain problems, that cannot be solved, because they are simply an expression of the fact, that in the closed circle things have begun to break down. For there is not that willingness to go beyond, and therefore what has happened in the psyche of the Dutch nation is indeed the putting to sleep, the euthanasia, so to speak, of the Divine Mother. And you have now created an earth mother, that you seek to control with the separate self, the outer mind.

What is in need of happening is the resurrection, the reawakening, of the sleeping beauty of the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine. And how can this be accomplished? It can only be accomplished in recognizing that the Divine Mother is always one with the Divine Father—never one without the other. And this is the process, that you have gone through in yourselves, in your spiritual awakening. Where you – as the feminine element of your total being, the lower being that you are, your soul, your conscious self – you have come to recognize, that there is more to you than this lower being. You have a higher being, a Divine Self, an I AM Presence, or whatever it may be called, but there is more to you than the lower. So you have begun the process of integrating with that higher being. And thus, you have transcended the consciousness, that makes the material universe a closed box.

And this is the potential to set an example of how, in the modern-day society – that you have here in Holland and in Europe and other parts of the world – it is nevertheless possible to go beyond materialism and find a meaningful spiritual approach. You can help people see, that this is far beyond the traditional religions, that so many people in modern society have rejected, or have come to question, or have come to see that there must be more than this. But they do not know what, they do not see it—and yet you have seen it. And you can help other people see it, by relating it to specific aspects of life with which they have concerns, by writing, by speaking.

Recognize your potential

You may look at yourselves, and how you get an inner prompting and then your outer mind says, “Oh no, that can’t be true. Not little old me. How could I possibly do something that affects the entire nation?” But you see, my beloved, as you integrate with your higher being, there comes a point, where you have to ask yourself: “Do I believe the spiritual teachings that I am following are true? Do I believe that the spiritual practices I am doing actually work? For after all, I have been following and studying spiritual teachings for some time. I have been practicing spiritual techniques. I have been working on my psychology. Do I believe that any of this works? Do I believe that it makes a difference?”

If the answer is “No,” well then stop doing it and go out and enjoy life. But if the answer is “Yes,” then recognize that you are transcending your former sense of self. And as you keep transcending the former sense of self, there must come a point, where you say, “I am not that little old me, who thinks that he or she can do nothing, because I was brought up to think I am nothing and cannot make a difference on earth. I am not that separate self, that has been programmed by the consciousness of anti-christ to deny that the Christ can be born within me. No, I am more than that separate self, and I am willing to recognize, that the Christ can indeed be born within me. And although the little old me of the separate self cannot make a difference in my nation, the Christ within me, God through me, can indeed make a difference.”

This does not mean, that you have to go on a crusade and go out as you see so many religious people go out and preach and try to convert everyone. It means that you simply have to recognize, that you can be more. And that you can be the open door, for saying something at the appropriate time, that will make a difference, not only in individual lives but also in society as a whole.

When you look at yourselves and you look at the growth in consciousness, do not fall into the trap of thinking, that you are the only ones who are growing in consciousness. This is a common mistake, that we see in many spiritual communities, where they see, “Oh, we are so different from people in society who just live the material life and drink and make merry. They reject us, they do not understand us. But at least we must be better than them, for we are spiritual and we are growing spiritually. Whereas they are not.”

Many people are ready to awaken

All life is interconnected. As Jesus said, “And I, if I be raised up, will draw all men unto me.” There is an underlying oneness of all life. As you have raised your consciousness, you have pulled up many others who are beginning to rise above the mass consciousness. But there is an Alpha-Omega action. You may look at yourselves, and if you are realistic you will see, that you could not have raised your own consciousness alone. If there had not been other people out there – who were also willing to raise their consciousness – then you could not have made the progress you have made.

It is, thus, an interactive relationship. And the image, the understanding, I want to give you here is, that there are many more people out there than you think, who have raised their consciousness at inner levels, but who have simply not come to a conscious outer recognition of the process, of their potential, of the spiritual side of life. But they are very close to breaking through. Which means that one remark, one article, one writing, one expression, one book from you, can make a difference, can reach these people and certainly awaken them as you, yourselves, experienced an awakening—where you went from not being consciously aware of the spiritual side of your nature, to suddenly being aware of it and feeling like a whole new life had opened up to you.

So many people out there are ready for that awakening. But you see, what they are ready for is not some religious rebel-rouser or hellfire-and-brimstone preacher, for they are past that level of consciousness. They are ready for someone who has not studied spirituality but who has lived it. And who is expressing it, not in a willful, forceful manner where you say to yourself, “Oh I have to go out and save the world and restore Christianity for Jesus, or bring The Golden Age for Saint Germain, or restore the Divine Mother for Mother Mary.” But you do it in a way, where you are simply letting it flow from within, daring to be who you are, daring to express your higher being instead of using the outer mind to think, that you have to do or be a certain way.

Maintain balance

Do you see the delicate balance here, my beloved? You do, as spiritual people, have a potential that can be very far-reaching. But we do not want you to focus on this with the outer mind and become all frantic, thinking that you have to do this and you have to do that and you never have time to enjoy life. This is what we have seen in many spiritual organizations, where the students became so focused on having to save the world, that they felt they had no more time to actually be alive. And in becoming so focused with the outer mind, they lost the inner direction, the higher direction from their own higher beings. And so they had to force everything instead of letting it flow.

There is a fundamental difference between understanding something with the mind – deciding with the mind that now I have to implement this understanding by doing this or that or the next thing – there is a fundamental difference between that approach and the approach of going within, of being willing to flow with the River of Life. You have been willing to go through a process of looking at the beam in your own eye, working on your psychology, looking at what it is that prevents you from being your higher self in action, from being who you really are, and then coming to that surrender of being willing to be who you are. And in that surrender, recognizing that your higher being is real, that your higher being does have the potential to express itself through you—if you will only let it by not holding on to the image of yourself as a small powerless being.

This is the potential, my beloved. For you see, the difference between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, is precisely that 2,000 years ago the Christ could not be born in millions or even 10,000 people. They were not there in consciousness, the collective consciousness was not there. Therefore, Jesus came as the forerunner, as the one who embodied the Christ consciousness, calling everyone else to come up higher.

Surrender is the key to true power

But in this Age of Aquarius, the consciousness has been raised, the example of Jesus has been internalized by many people. We now have the potential for many people letting the Christ be born within them. And thus, we have no intention whatsoever of seeing a spiritual movement become centered upon one leader or two leaders or a few leaders. We have every intention of seeing communities and movements where many, many people dare to express their Christhood at whatever level that Christhood is manifest, and constantly then striving to come up higher through that surrender, which is the master key to rising in Christhood.

You cannot make or force Christhood to happen. You can only surrender into it. Whereby you recognize, as Jesus expressed, “I can of my own self, – the separate self – do nothing.” “It is the Father – the Higher Self – within me that doeth the work.” “Yet, I and my Father are one.” I and my higher being are one. And thus, “My Father worketh hitherto and I work,” because I am willing to be the open door. I am willing to not hold back and to not limit what God can do through me.

This, my beloved, is my final thought for this release. I want to leave you with this thought: Seek to become aware of how you are limiting what God can do through you. This messenger considered that question a number of years ago, and it was truly the beginning of the process, that led him to his present level of service and has the potential to lead him beyond, to even higher levels of service, as each of you have a potential to go far beyond what you or your peers and family and friends of old think is possible for you.

This, then, is truly the meaning of the invitation to come up higher, to transcend the old sense of self. It is not simply an invitation to enter an ark in order to survive, physically. It is an invitation to enter the ark of the covenant. Which is a symbol, my beloved, for those who are willing to look beyond the separate self and the material realm. Those who are willing to recognize, that they are the Divine Mother in embodiment and that as such they are one with the Divine Father. And therefore, they are here to manifest the vision of the Divine Father, so that it may come to expression in the energies of the Divine Mother, so that there may be that correspondence, as above, so below. Be here below, all that you already are Above.

Ponder this; ponder this, for this truly is the challenge of Christ, the essential mantra and message of Christ for the next 2,000 years. You are well on your way to recognizing this, but there are still elements in your being where you limit your self-expression, the God-self expressing itself through the being, through the self, that is anchored here below. So be willing to ponder it, my beloved.

And thus, I thank you, for coming together, for being here, for providing us a platform, for providing us a chalice that the light may be poured into, and thus start a chain reaction, that will lead to a seismic shift in the consciousness, not only of this nation but of the European continent and beyond. My Beloved, be sealed in the joyous heart of the Divine Mother, that I AM.


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