The Living Christ is the true King of Britain

TOPICS: What shall we do with a drunken people? – Why truth is no longer the highest authority – Why there is no absolute system – Can the Church of England be transformed? – Preach the Living Gospel of Christ – Preach the universal Word – Dare to question the Church – Calling forth the Judgment of Christ upon the Church –

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Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Indeed, as a young boy, I travelled to the British Isles with my uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. I visited among other places Glastonbury, which at the time was a spiritual center, based on the philosophy of the Druids. I sensed the light in this land, and I saw a limited vision of the potential of the people in the future of this land. That is why I instructed Joseph of Arimathea to bring the Holy Grail to this land, not so much as the physical cup but as the matrix of the quest for the Holy Grail. Which then became the foundation for the legend of King Arthur, where you will see, my beloved, that those knights that went out looking for a physical cup, came home empty-handed, as every other knight since then who has been searching for a physical cup of Christ.

Yet those who went out seeking for a state of consciousness, for an inner vision and experience, well, even if they did not find the full cup, they were nevertheless transformed by the quest itself. Yet, after 2,000 years of people being on a quest for the Holy Grail, well I, Jesus, would indeed like to see many people in this age go beyond the quest and find the Grail. For it is time that my true teachings are understood and are shouted from the housetops of every nation. And there is indeed a potential that this can begin in this nation. For my beloved, even though you may look at the British people and see their current state of consciousness, I assure you that many among them are truly spiritual people and that the top ten percent of the most spiritually aware people have the potential to understand the true teachings of Christ, to embrace them, to accept them, to live them and to demonstrate in an undeniable way, that every human being on earth has the potential to be the living Christ in embodiment. Thus once and for all, putting an end to the lie that there is only one Son of God.

What shall we do with a drunken people?

What will it take for the British people to make that shift in consciousness? Well, there are certainly some hurdles that need to be overcome, as other masters have talked about. So I would bring a couple of  more things to your attention, and let me begin by referring to the popular old song, in which there is a line that says, “What shall we do with the drunken sailor, early in the morning?” Well my beloved, what shall we do with a drunken people at the eleven o’clock hour, when it is time to rise to a higher level, but they are so drunk that they cannot even sense that it is time to change.

You look at the British people, and especially the young people, and you see how alcohol has always been a part of the culture, but how in the last few decades, the misuse of alcohol has become far more extreme than it used to be. And you must ask yourself why this is so, and I will explain it to you. It is because cycles have changed to the point, where the people can no longer allow themselves to indulge in escapism of any kind. And therefore, the pressure of the light building – the light that is descending from Above but is not being expressed here below because people are burying their talents in the ground – well, it builds a pressure, so that people must take the very behavior that they need to let go of in order to grow, they must take it into more and more extreme measures, so that they can finally wake up and realize this is too much and cannot go on.

I would bring to your attention that even science itself has realized that the brain develops in certain stages, and I can assure you, my beloved, that when young people under the age of 20 indulge in alcohol – especially when they drink to the point where they pass out – well, I can assure you that their brain development is actually limited, so that later in life, their spiritual faculties cannot be fully developed. And thus, you see a young generation that is limiting its potential – and in many cases people are aborting their divine plans – in the teenage years through drugs, but especially through alcohol, because alcohol has been around for so long that it is considered normal, almost a rite of passage, to drink.

A balanced use of alcohol is not necessarily a problem, but the extreme abuse is indeed a problem. Yet I am not the one to simply preach that you should stop this or that behavior, without explaining where the behavior comes from. And you can see, that it very much comes from what has already been explained by Saint Germain and Mother Mary, of the people numbing themselves. Why do they numb themselves? Well, they do so because they sense there is no real purpose or meaning to life, my beloved. Because if they had a sense of purpose, well then they would certainly be willing to abstain from anything that would destroy that purpose, prevent them from fulfilling it. But they are not brought up with the sense that life in general has a higher purpose, nor with a sense that their personal lives have a specific purpose.

They are made to feel that they are nobodies, that nobody cares about them, that they have no particular value, that they have no contribution to make to society. So why not eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die? Only, we have already died today, in the very fact that we have grown up in a culture, where children are not taught that they are spiritual beings, that the earth is only a transitional phase, and that they are here to express their spiritual individuality, and help bring society forward toward a Golden Age.

Why truth is no longer the highest authority

My Beloved, there are many abuses of power on this planet, and certainly other masters have already spoken about them, but one of the greatest abuses of power must surely be the abuse of taking away from the people the sense of a higher purpose, a higher meaning to existence. Of course, those who have taken that away from the people are those who have already taken it away from themselves by separating themselves from the oneness of the River of Life. And thus they have no higher purpose, they see only the purpose that is self-centered—around the separate self.

So even those who are the worst abusers of power, would do better if they knew better. The problem is that as long as they are not willing to overcome the consciousness of separation, they simply cannot know better. And this is what you run up against, time and time again in the Government, in the Media, in the churches. Some of you have experienced personally, that you express a higher truth that you see, that you experience as truth, but those in power cannot see it as truth. Why, my beloved?

You know it is truth because you have reached beyond your separate sense of self, connected to a higher part of your being—and through that connection you have experienced that this is real, this is truth. But those who are in power do not have that connection, for they are so trapped in the consciousness of separation. So upon hearing the truth you are expressing, they do not have the inner experience, the inner confirmation, that it is truth. For them it is just another idea, that can be set up against other ideas and argued against indefinitely with the intellect. This is why you see, that because those who are blinded by separation have been allowed to take over and dominate politics and religion and other institutions of society, well that is why truth is no longer the highest authority. That is why might is right.

Why there is no absolute system

Why did I come to this earth? Well, I came first and foremost to give people that key of knowledge, that allows them to connect to truth within themselves. Not by intellectually understanding an outer teaching, but by experiencing the spirit of truth within themselves. For this is the only factor that can help humankind rise above the dualistic struggle. Yesterday was raised a very important question of how the living word can be restored as the ultimate authority in society. And the answer was given that it cannot be institutionalized, and this my beloved is the key that you need to ponder until you fully internalize this truth.

When you look at humankind, can you not see that there has always been a quest to come up with the ultimate system? This might be a religion coming up with the absolute truth—an absolute, infallible religion. It might be a political system—communism, capitalism, what have you. It might be an economic system. But the dream is that we can come up with some ultimate system, and once we have established that system, we will have the perfect society.

This is not how a truly Golden Age is brought forth. For there is no system that will work indefinitely. And why is this so? Well, go back and listen to or read the wonderful discourses given by Saint Germain in California, about how past Golden Ages deteriorated. And you will see that any system you create becomes a closed system, and therefore immediately becomes subject to the second law of thermodynamics, which is, in a sense, the force of the Holy Spirit that compels everything to grow and transcend.

So what I need the most spiritual people to realize, is that bringing forth the Golden Age is not a matter of coming up with some ultimate system or philosophy that will answer all of your questions. You need to let go of this dream, for it is a dream that springs from the ego and has been espoused by the power elite for eons, by those fallen beings who left off the oneness with God. And therefore, in their separation, they attempted to achieve through control what God would have given them freely if they had been willing to stay in the River of Life.

The ultimate system, so to speak, is the flow of the River of Life. And that flow cannot be encapsulated, cannot be imprisoned, in a system on earth. It must remain the flow that changes society as the need arises, for surely, even the ego will pervert the concept of a Golden Age and think that a Golden Age is a static society. But it is not—it is a society that is constantly growing and therefore going through different phrases.

You will not have a Golden Age society, that remains the same for a thousand years, even though some Christians interpret the Bible to mean that I thought that there would be a Kingdom of God that would remain steady and the same for a thousand years. No, my beloved, the Kingdom of God – manifest on earth as a Golden Age society – is a society that is constantly growing towards greater and greater abundance.

And what does that mean? It means that the society is going through distinct phases, just like the growth of a human child that grows from infancy to childhood to adulthood. Only, a Golden Age society will keep transcending itself, and therefore will never go into the stage of old age and death that human beings experience. What does that mean? It means – to use a crude analogy – it is perfectly natural for a baby to wear diapers, but it is not natural for a ten-year old child, is it? So, a society needs certain ideas, certain rules, at one level of its growth, but when it transcends that stage, it no longer needs the same rules and ideas. And that is why you cannot have a system, that can be applied to a society for the indefinite future. For if the system or the philosophy or the idea is based on truth, then it will cause the society to transcend itself, and that means that the system must also transcend itself. And then it really is no longer a system as envisioned by most people.

What is needed is not the emergence of some kind of system, but the emergence of a critical mass of people who are willing to acknowledge their Christ potential and express that. So that at any given moment, they can bring forth through their higher selves – they can bring forth from the River of Life – the exact answers that are needed in order to bring society forward. But more than that, they can also bring forth a constant recognition that society needs to be aligned with timeless principles in order to be sustainable, in order to avoid disintegrating from within.

For only through transcendence is there sustainability. Only through death is there survival, meaning the death of the limited, separate self. Only by being willing to lose ones life for Christ’s sake, will one find eternal life, and that applies to an entire society as well. For only when you are letting the old die, can you be reborn into a new identity, a new being, a new nation in Christ. So give up the false dream of an ultimate system, an ultimate philosophy. You can keep chasing it forever, but why not recognize that this is the dream of the fallen beings, this is the dream of those trapped in the ego.

And you know better. You are spiritual people, so you do not need the ultimate system or the ultimate religion. You need a living system, a living philosophy, a living church that is based on the living Christ, and therefore the River of Life is flowing through that system, through that church, through that government, through those educational institutions, through business. Certainly, you can see that of all the institutions of society, the business world is probably the one that understands the best the need to adapt to changing circumstances, the need to transcend one’s former way of thinking. But this must be transferred to all areas of society.

Can the Church of England be transformed?

The one area of society, where you will find the greatest resistance to this truth is precisely in religion. And in British society, you will find that the greatest resistance to change is precisely in the Church of England. For even though the monarchy is very resistant to change, the Church is even more so. And this is what you see in general in religions throughout history, even the religion of the Jewish people that rejected me as the Messiah.

They knew the Messiah would come, my beloved, but when the Messiah arrived, they would not acknowledge him, for they did not want to change, as I indeed prompted them to change. I prompted them to let their old sense of identity die, so they could be reborn of the Spirit, but they would not. So the question today is: can the Church of England be renewed and become a living breathing organization, that can fulfill the spiritual needs of the British people in the modern world? I leave it as an open question, for I have no firm answer to it, for it is dependent on the free will of the people themselves, of the leaders of the Church and of the top ten percent of the most spiritually aware people.

The Church of England is built on the foundation of the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church was from its very inception conceived as a system – a closed system, a closed institution – that was not conceived as a tool for teaching the true teachings of Christ, for setting the people free. No my beloved, it was conceived by Constantine as a tool for suppressing and controlling the Roman people. Those who cannot see this have not been willing to take an honest look at the history and the origin of the Catholic Church. They have not been willing to look at the institution of the Catholic Church and compare it to the scriptures that give at least a glimpse of my true teachings. For even if you look at the scriptures that have survived – that have been allowed to be given to the people by the institution of the Church – even if you look at them, you will see that there is a gaping discrepancy between my teachings and the institution of the Catholic Church.

When you look at my teachings, you will see that I preached an entirely different concept of spirituality, of salvation, of the Kingdom of God than what has been taught by the Catholic Church from the very beginning. I preached that the Kingdom of God is within you, meaning that you do not need an external institution in order to be saved, for salvation is an inner individual process, namely the quest for the Holy Grail. The Catholic Church, from the very beginning, perverted that concept by going back to what has been the bane of religion from the very beginning, where religion places itself between people and God, saying “You cannot come to God except by going through the outer institution, the outer system.”

Preach the Living Gospel of Christ

From the very beginning, it has been based on a denial of Christ. Truly, I told my followers to go out into all the World to preach my gospel to all creatures, to turn all people into my disciples. But did that mean that I wanted my disciples to go out into the world and make them members of an outer church and make them blindly follow the dictates and the doctrines of that church? Surely, that was not what I meant. I meant to go out and preach the truth that the kingdom is within you and is a quest for a higher state of consciousness. For you too have a Christ potential, as you saw the Christ potential in Jesus.

If that gospel, that living gospel, had been preached to all creatures, if that tradition of the living Word, of the Key of Knowledge – where the Church does not tell people what to believe or burn them at the stake for believing what is beyond church doctrine, but instead encourages people to seek truth from within, to seek a direct encounter with the Spirit of Truth, instead of telling people to fall down and worship the graven images created by the Church – well, my beloved, if that had been maintained, do you think that Britain and so many other Christian nations would have had a culture, where young people grow up without any sense of purpose, without any sense of meaning?

Surely, the only way to give people a sense of purpose and meaning is to show them, that there is a higher purpose, there is a quest for something better, something beyond in their personal lives and in society. To show people that when they reach for that beyond, when they reach for that Holy Grail, they can find a higher state of consciousness, a state of joy that is beyond happiness and unhappiness, but is the eternal bliss of God. They can find a state of peace, that passes understanding, because it passes the duality of the intellect that must always operate with two opposite polarities. But in the spirit of Truth there are no opposites, and thus the peace of God is unopposed by anything.

If people grow up in a culture with that sense of purpose, do you think they would have a need to numb themselves with alcohol, drugs or other forms of escapism? Surely, they would not. Do you see the almost incomprehensible difference between the culture in which all of you have grown up and the vision of the culture I am outlining, where people grow up knowing they have a purpose, that society has a purpose of not just maintaining status quo, of not just allowing the power elite to suck the light and the lifeblood from the people, but to grow towards more and more abundance, where all people experience the abundant life.

Ah, what a difference this would make, my beloved! And can you not sense – when you look at the scriptures, when you look at the person who walked the earth as the Jesus you know from the scriptures – can you not sense, that this is what I would want for all people on earth? That they knew the true teachings of Christ, and that they knew their identity as Sons and Daughters of God who are here for a purpose, a greater purpose, a grander purpose. And when you see this, can you not realize that you have a right to demand that that vision is what drives your society. You have a right to stand up and say, “This is not right. We cannot continue a culture and a society that is not based on a foundation, that is built on the sand of the ego consciousness, not on the rock of the Christ consciousness”. And thus, do you see that I am reissuing the call to go out into the world, to preach my true gospel to all creatures?

I am not hereby telling you that you need to go out and convert people to a certain religion. Not all people need to accept the AskRealJesus website, LINK to accept that someone can bring forth teachings directly from me. I am asking you to become even more universal and realize that you have a right to state the truth that you know in your hearts. Not in the sense that you go into a dualistic argument with people, but that you have a right to express that there is something more, there is something that is real, that is true in a higher sense than the human ability to make everything relative, and to discuss everything as just another argument.

Preach the universal Word

So my beloved, this is what I encourage in you—become universal! And in order to help you overcome your fear of speaking out, I would remind you of what we have said before: It is not your job to convince or convert other people. So many religious and spiritual people go out to evangelize, to preach, but they think they have to preach a certain system, a religious system because they have to get other people into the fold. For they think only those who are in the fold will be saved. Do you not see what I have been saying in this discourse? Any system on earth is a closed system, so no matter which closed system you are in, you will not be saved, for the true key to salvation is to be in the River of Life. Now, you can be in a system on earth and still be in the River of Life, but only if you have that inner recognition that there is a higher truth, and that you are willing to flow with it.

So you see, it is not your job to go out and convince other people of a certain truth. It is your job to present them with a choice between the myriad of dualistic ideas and an idea that comes from the higher truth of Christ, the higher principles. You will see in today’s world, that many people already sense at inner levels that there is a higher truth. And that is why you will see that many spiritual people resent any attempt to convert them to a particular church or a particular system. But those same people will not resent you if you simply share a universal truth with them, and just allow them the freedom to do whatever they do with it.

So consider this. Many of the people who go out and preach a religious or spiritual truth do so because they still have an ego-based need for acceptance. They are actually hoping that other people will accept what they say, so that they can feel accepted in themselves. For they do not have the love for themselves that Mother Mary spoke about. Yet, as spiritual people you need to strive for that love, and when you have that love for yourself, when you know you are in that flow of the River of Life, you will not go out and preach your truth from the point of deficit, from the point of you needing something – whether it be acceptance or recognition or something else – from other people. You will be in the flow of the River of Life, as Saint Germain was talking about, where he said that you come from a state of being full, so you can give to all without needing to receive anything in return. And when you do that, you have that unconditional love, where you freely share who you are, you share the truth that you have internalized, and you leave other people completely free, for it makes no difference to you whether other people accept or reject what you say.

My Beloved, listen to what I am saying. When you are in the flow of the River of Life, you know that your purpose, your fulfillment, is to let your light shine. You are like the sun, who is just shining its light upon earth, and the sun is not in the least bit affected by what human beings do with the sunshine that reaches earth. For the sun continues to give, and when you have set yourself free from all sense of not being worthy, all sense of not loving yourself, you can have that freedom to just shine your light with other people. And you know that when you have expressed your truth, you have done your job, and surely by expressing that truth, you have multiplied your talents. And you know that you don’t need to receive anything back from the people, for in you multiplying your talents, surely God will multiply what you have given to others and give you more.

You have then escaped the consciousness of lack, that springs from the fallen consciousness, where you think that you have to take something from earth. Instead, you realize that God is the source of all good and perfect things, so why do you need something from other people when you can receive directly from the source. This is true spiritual freedom. And it is what Maitreya spoke about in the last chapters of his book. It is what will change the religious debate on this planet. And it is indeed true, that if you could change the religious debate, all others areas of society would begin to change as well.

Dare to question the Church

As we have said before: question the unquestionable. Question what no one else has been willing to question. Question why the nation of Britain has a church which has been around for centuries, yet anyone who is willing to take an honest look can see, that it is not fulfilling the spiritual needs of most of the people. You might question whether it ever fulfilled their spiritual needs, but that is of lesser importance. What is important is that surely you can see that it does not fulfill their needs today. So if the Church is not fulfilling the needs of the people, why are we upholding that church in its present form instead of changing it? Why indeed, my beloved?

If you are walking down the street and you suddenly feel you have a stone, a little pebble, in your shoe that is hurting you, how many steps do you have to take, before you decide to take your shoe off and remove the pebble? So what is the insanity that prevents an entire nation from standing up and demanding change, so that they have a church that can fulfill their spiritual needs in this age? Surely, this is the form of insanity that prevented the people from seeing that the emperor was naked. And can you not see, that that form of insanity is completely unreal? It is based on an illusion, and thus it only takes one little boy who will stand up and cry out, so that everyone is suddenly awakened from the illusion and can see what was obvious all along.

And therefore, do you not see that just a few people, if they keep asking the question, can build a momentum. And certainly, if more and more among the top ten percent of the spiritual people in Britain will keep questioning the Church, then it will not take that long before the national awareness shifts and people wake up and realize—this is completely silly, that we maintain this church when it is not fulfilling anybody’s needs.

You all know that the Catholic Church in America has gone through a very traumatic period with the exposure of the sexual abuse by priests. Well, my beloved, I must tell you that if the Church of England does not start a serious transformation, there will be a fair share of scandals that will be exposed in this Church. For there is much corruption and un-Christ-like behavior going on beneath the surface. I would hope that this could all be transcended, but I must tell you that if the closed system does not open up very quickly, then it will start to break down from within, and you will see how the behavior of Church officials will deliver the death blow to this institution. And if that scandal or those scandals do surface, then, it is not realistic to believe that the Church can actually survive it. For the people will lose their faith in the institution, and thus we will move beyond the potential for the institution to be transformed and renewed, and it must be collapsed and be replaced by something else. And surely, this is a possibility. But I would prefer if the institution could be somewhat renewed.

Calling forth the Judgment of Christ upon the Church

As my last order of business, I shall make use of the fact that I have a physical messenger who has attained a certain degree of oneness with me, so that I may be physically present in the material realm through this dictation. I shall take advantage of the fact, that so many of you here also have a very high degree of oneness with me, so that you too can be part of anchoring this release of light.

And thus, I hereby – the I AM THAT IAM, Jesus Christ – pronounce the judgment of the Living Christ upon the Church of England, all officials of that Church, all leaders, all members. I pronounce the judgement of Christ upon the blind leaders of the Church of England, and I also pronounce the judgement of Christ upon the blind followers, for surely the followers are the ones who keep the leaders in position. Thus, that judgement is pronounced this day in the physical, and it is the judgement that will divide the way between the real and the unreal. So let it be done, and let that division begin, so that if the Church will not transform itself, will not transcend its old ways, well then what is under the surface must be exposed so that the people can no longer deny it.

Yet I also send out the call that the spiritual people in Britain will realize, that they have a responsibility for making sure that if the Church of England indeed goes down, that the people are not left in a worse spiritual vacuum than they have today, but are indeed pulled out of that vacuum by realizing that there is a universal spirituality beyond these closed dogmatic churches. Only the top ten percent can bring that awareness to the British people, and thereby avoid an even deeper sense of hopelessness and despair that will give rise to an even more intense need for escapism. I call to all the spiritual people in Britain to rise up, to dare to speak out, and dare to express what you know in your hearts: There is more to life, there is more to spirituality than what is expressed in the institutions of society.

Let the people know that there is More. And thus, I say to you: feed my sheep—although they are no longer sheep, for they have risen to a higher level of consciousness, where many of them are ready to see that they are not sheep, and thus they don’t need a fold. They still need a shepherd, but it is not a shepherd on earth, but the true shepherd of the Living Christ that is in the spiritual realm—and that they can find me only by finding me within themselves.

For my beloved, we have spoken about the monarchy. Well, who is the true king of England? Christ is the true king! But Christ rules in the Kingdom of God, and where is that kingdom? Within you! So, let the people of Britain rise up, recognize that Christ is their true king, and that they will only find Christ when they stop looking for him outside themselves and find him in their hearts. Thus, seek me where I AM, for I AM not playing hide-and-seek. I AM willing to be found!


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