The judgment of Christ upon the false Jesus

TOPICS: Binding of the false Christ – The creation of false gods – America worshiping a false Christ – The scribes and Pharisees in America – The need to make a choice for Christ – The abuse of power in Christian churches – Satanic forces in Christian churches – False teachers of the New Age movement – Enlightenment is an empty concept – Transcend the false gurus – 

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ, July 19, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given during a conference in Los Angeles.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I am the hierarch of the Piscean Age. I am the brother in Spirit of Saint Germain, the hierarch of the Aquarian Age.

How do you think it feels for me to have started the Piscean dispensation on earth – walking in a physical body, taking on everything I took on in order to give that initial impetus for the founding of the Christian movement – and then, here I am today, and there are over a billion people who claim to be my followers, yet so few of them are open to my Living Word, to the living Presence, to the living Spirit that I AM? They worship a dead spirit, a dead idol. They worship a spirit that is not a Spirit of God but a man-made spirit that has been created by the Christian movement, especially since the formation of the Roman Catholic Church.

Binding of the false Christ

I have, through this messenger, withdrawn my light from that church. I shall today withdraw my light from all Christian churches in America that are trapped in worshipping the false Jesus that has been created by man. I AM the Living Jesus Christ. I AM the real Jesus. The spirit that has been created by the Christian churches for these many centuries is hereby judged. It is judged by the Living Word and the living Presence of the real Christ, the real Jesus. I therefore, by speaking these words in the physical, command Archangel Michael to send his angels to bind that spirit of the false Jesus. I command you to take it from the earth. I command you to bind and consume all of the demons, all of the fallen beings who have been instrumental in creating, sustaining and reinforcing it. Thus, there is an opportunity for Christianity worldwide and Christianity in America to start on a clean white page.

The creation of false gods

I know well that most Christians are not likely to make use of this opportunity, for they are so attached to this false image of Christ that they will not let go of it, and they will begin to create a new spirit for them to worship. Do you not understand that when it was said to “have no other gods before me,” before the one God, it is precisely because people have for a very long time created false gods that they have worshipped before the one formless God? How did it come to be on planet earth that people would create these false gods?

It was introduced here by the fallen beings. They were the ones who wanted to be those false gods, worshipped by as many people as possible. This is not to say that people had not created some gods before, for there is a tendency for people to see divinity in everything, and this tendency can quickly become the worshipping of a particular god, such as a god of nature or certain aspects of nature. This then can cause people to stop worshipping the formless God, to stop always striving to transcend themselves until they touch the hem of the formless God through the Christ consciousness.

False gods can be touched without the Christ consciousness, but the formless God can be touched only through the Christ consciousness. Those who are not willing to transcend themselves, to transcend their egos in order to take on part of the Christ consciousness (to let that living Christ consciousness dwell within them), they will be left to worship these false gods. When enough people have worshipped the false gods for some time, you create a spirit that has enough awareness, consciousness, and momentum that people will feel like they have had a supernatural or even spiritual experience.

America worshiping a false Christ

When you look at America today (and for that matter beyond the borders of America, but I will focus on America for this particular purpose), you see that there are many Christians who go to church, or they do other religious activities, and they feel they have had a genuine spiritual experience of going beyond their normal level of consciousness. There are indeed a few people who have genuine spiritual experiences by going to a Christian church, for they are able to transcend the outer circumstances and reach my heart. I tell you that the vast majority of the people who claim to have such experiences are not having an experience of touching the formless God through the Christ consciousness. They are having the experience of interacting with a man-made god, the false god created by Christianity, or even the false gods, the false spirits, created by specific churches.

This is not who I AM. This is not worshipping me, following me, being loyal to me, acknowledging me. You do not do me any service by indulging in these experiences where you simply go into an ecstatic or trancelike state and your mind can be taken over by lower spirits. This is NOT the Holy Spirit, for it is undivided, indivisible, and it always points to the formless God, not a man-made image of God or Christ. What is the difference, you might say? The formless God is beyond any image and so is Christ. This is what people either cannot or will not realize. Why will they not realize this? Because their minds have been trapped by the snares created by the fallen beings. The fallen beings cannot (because they will not) experience the formless God or the Christ consciousness. If they could or would experience the Christ consciousness, they would not be fallen beings.

This is, one might say, a black-and-white viewpoint. You understand, or at least I aim to help you understand, that there are certain things on earth that are either/or. Your television is either on or off. It is not in some in-between state. It is either day or night, although there is a brief in-between state. A color is either black or white. It is not black and white at the same time, although it can be a mixture of the two. This is not black-and-white thinking. This is simply distinguishing between various characteristics.

Black-and-white thinking is when you impose a mental image upon reality instead of being willing to experience reality. Black-and-white thinking begins when you create an idol and project that this is God, the only true God, and therefore you refuse to go beyond the idol and experience the formless God. When you experience the formless God or the formlessness of the Christ consciousness, you cannot be in black-and-white thinking. If you are in black-and-white thinking, you cannot experience the formless God.

The scribes and Pharisees in America

What, then, can get you out of black-and-white thinking once you have entered that state of mind? Nothing, nothing from heaven or earth, except your own willingness to question the way you look at life. Surely, you can give people an experience that there is an alternative to black-and-white thinking. This is what I did when I walked the earth in a physical body. This is what many of you can do because you have enough Christ consciousness that you can give people that experience. It still requires the exercise of free will where you are willing to step back, look at your thinking, and say: “Is this all there is to my ability to think? Is this all there is to my mind’s ability to grasp reality? Or can I potentially have an experience that is beyond these mental images?”

The scribes and the Pharisees were not willing to question their images, even when I stood before them in the flesh. The leaders of the Jewish religion were not willing to question their images, for they would not let go of the form that they were seeking to maintain over time. Therefore, they would rather kill the Living Christ than change their thinking, transcend their thinking. The sad fact is that the vast majority of the leaders of Christian churches in America are in exactly the same frame of mind today as the scribes and Pharisees were in when I stood before them in the flesh. Now I again stand, almost in the flesh, and I speak to the mass consciousness of the Christian churches in America. Therefore I say: “Come forth out of the tomb of this false Christianity that worships a man-made spirit that is not the Living Christ!”

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