Overcome your grand illusions to find a higher level of service

TOPICS: See the cosmic perspective – Do you need to always have opinions? – You no longer remember what it was like to be blind – Beware of the ego’s subtleties – Knowing the Way of the Cosmic Christ – Understanding the Holy Spirit – How to have discernment – Be not deceived by your own desires – A higher level of service – Warning or encouragement? – Mother Mary’s gift –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 27, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, say with me now the mantra given by the Great Divine Director, of his ancient name: “EUTAI” (9X). Now say with me the feminine counterpart of that mantra, which is: “MARAYTAII” (9X).

I Mary, as the representative of the Divine Mother for the earth, come to give you some thoughts about what it means to be the Divine Mother, how it feels to be the Divine Mother. For some of you have raised the question, my beloved, what did it feel like for the Divine Mother to be murdered on Lemuria or to see her representative in embodiment be murdered in Lemuria.

You realize, my beloved, that a spiritual being does not have human emotions—as you are used to experiencing them on earth. The Divine Mother has ultimate and absolute respect for the Divine Father. The expressed God has ultimate respect for the unexpressed God. And it is the design and the will of the unexpressed God, that all self-conscious extensions of itself should have free will.

As the Divine Mother, we accept and respect that free will to the ultimate degree, so that we allow ourselves to be the instrument for the outplaying of that free will, in terms of allowing the Ma-ter Light that we are – the Ma-ter Light that is an extension of our Being – to be used by human beings and other self-aware beings throughout the cosmos in any way they see fit. We vow to allow that light to outpicture absolutely any form that God’s co-creators decide to project upon it through the power of their minds.

We who are one with the Divine Mother – who are the Divine Mother – we have made a decision to allow the outplaying of free will. And thus, once we have made that decision, we do not waver, we do not doubt, we do not argue back and forth, we do not analyze—as you so often do on earth. We are true to the decision because it is made with the totality of our Beings. And thus, we have no feelings, as you conceive of feelings, concerning how free will will outplay itself.

See the cosmic perspective

We who are one with the Divine Mother, we who recognize ourselves as expressions of the unexpressed God – as God in form, as God in mater-realization – we, my beloved, see the cosmic perspective. So we see, that when a person on a small planet called earth represents the Divine Mother, then the purpose of that person being in embodiment is not to be the leader of a particular religion, but to serve the greater cause of raising the awareness of the self-aware co-creators, even those who have forgotten who they are and therefore are not strictly speaking self-aware. But they nevertheless have the potential at any moment to switch back into self-awareness, the awareness of the self as a spiritual being, as an extension of God.

Our purpose is always to facilitate the growth in consciousness, that is the ultimate purpose of the world of form; the growth that we fully realize can only – only – happen through free will. For it cannot be forced, my beloved. Self-awareness, the expansion of self-awareness cannot be forced from outside the self. It must come from within the self. And thus we recognize, that after beings lost their way, then they started outpicturing all kinds of manifestations on earth that were not in alignment with their highest potential—the immaculate concept that we hold. Yet, in our infinite and unconditional love, this did not cause us to go into a negative feeling of anger, frustration, or even wanting to blame or punish. We simply accepted what was. For we always accept what is—as an outplaying of free will.

And thus, our concern is then how we can help a lifestream, that has started descending the spiral staircase, come to the turning point and again start ascending. And as such, we must meet people wherever they have chosen to descend in consciousness. And we do so with no judgment, with no fear, anger, blame—all the negative human emotions. And my beloved, why do we not have such emotions? Because, we do not have any “shoulds” or “should-nots.” The word “should” is not in our vocabulary.

Do you need to always have opinions?

For you see, my beloved, when you truly, fully, unconditionally accept free will, you do not even have an opinion about what people should or should not do with their free will. You set them free to experiment and we, as the representatives of the Divine Mother, allow self-conscious beings to outpicture whatever they want to outpicture, allowing our light to take on the form that they think they need for some reason or another.

Often, my beloved, it is because they are blinded by the ego, which only sees itself and cannot possibly see the cosmic perspective that we see. And thus, the ego is focused on itself—and our focus is on helping the conscious self of that person see, that the ego is trapped in dualistic lies and illusions, and that the conscious self truly does not need the ego. But yet, what does it take for the conscious self to come to that realization? Well, sometimes it takes that a lifestream outpictures certain manifestations, that from a human perspective might seem negative or selfish. But they are nevertheless necessary for the lifestream to realize, that this is not truly what it needs. This is not fulfilling its true needs, its true longing for something more to life, the longing that the ego can never share and cannot understand but can recognize is there.

The ego seeks to compensate for it by forcing the conscious self to believe, that it needs something in this world. And thus, the person then seeks to attain that something, whatever it may be, and only – in many cases – when that something has been attained, will the conscious self awaken and realize, “No, this did not complete me, this is not what I was seeking, there must be something more to life.” And then – often – it happens that the ego manages to convince the conscious self, that although what it previously told it that it needed was not the real thing, then surely this other thing in the matter world will satisfy the conscious self’s longing. And sometimes it takes many lifetimes before the conscious self awakens and says, “Maybe what I am truly longing for is something that I cannot find in this world? Maybe I can never attain a sense of completeness from anything in this world, maybe there is something beyond that world. And maybe I should start looking for it?”

That is when the lifestream comes to the turning point. It has reached the lowest level on the spiral staircase to which it needs to descend. And now it can pause, it can start shifting its gaze from the self-centeredness of the ego to a broader perspective. It can start looking up the spiral staircase and realize, that perhaps it can find what it is seeking by ascending the staircase—since it now is beginning to realize, that it might never find it by descending the staircase.

You no longer remember what it was like to be blind

Many of you who are spiritual people have reached that turning point many, many lifetimes ago, or perhaps some of you did not even have to descend to a low point. So many of you can no longer remember, how it was to be so trapped in the ego’s illusions, that you were always looking for completion or security or belonging in the material world. And thus, it is difficult for you to understand and show patience for those around you, that you see outpicturing conditions that you can clearly see will only limit themselves and can never lead to any kind of fulfillment. And you are of course right, but you are not right when you cross the subtle line of thinking, that because you can see it, others should also be able to see it.

For you must realize, that the reason why you can see something is because you have come to an inner realization. Yet these other people have not yet come to that inner realization, and your inner realization has no effect on someone else. And thus, what unfortunately happens to many sincere lifestreams – even many who descended to earth for the purpose of seeking to raise the consciousness of humankind – is that they get lost in the illusions, they get seduced by the illusions of duality, the illusions of the original fallen angels, who started believing that it would be better if they could override free will and force people to be saved.

You start believing, that other people should start living their lives according to your inner realization. You become caught up in the game that you see in most mainstream religions, of seeking to want to change people’s outer behavior, or outer beliefs, instead of following what has always been the true path of the ascended masters—namely seeking to help people attain the inner realization that is the only key to their progress and growth.

Do you see, my beloved, the fundamental difference between the approach taken by the ascended masters and the approach taken by the fallen beings who are seeking to control? Many of them actually believe they are doing this for a greater cause. They are doing it because it is right, it is in the best interest of all the people. It is even in the best interest of the unfoldment of God’s plan. For God simply cannot understand his own plan and his own creation. For surely, these fallen beings understand it better than the Creator itself.

Beware of the ego’s subtleties

This is the ultimate blindness of the ego. Yet I must tell you, that this consciousness – which is essentially the consciousness that the ends can justify the means – is very subtle, very persuasive. And it is very pervasive in religious and spiritual movements, my beloved. If you study spiritual organizations, you will see a very clear tendency for the members to believe, that they belong to some superior teaching. And therefore, it was only in the best interest of the people, and of God’s plan, and of the plan of the ascended masters, if others were gently forced to see the validity of their teaching, even holding the vision that everyone on earth was converted to their teaching.

Yet they failed to see, that this was simply their egos, playing the ultimate trick of wanting to convert every human being on earth to its own belief system, thereby thinking it could prove that this was the one true, absolute, infallible belief system on earth. A fallacy, of course, which the conscious self can never be fully satisfied with. Nevertheless, the conscious self can be seduced into pursuing this cause for a very long time, before it starts realizing that this is not actually what it is seeking. For it starts realizing, that there must be more to God than what can be captured in any belief system on earth.

Knowing the Way of the Cosmic Christ

We look to you to see, that when Jesus made the statement “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me,” then this too was a test to see, if those who followed Christ would build that sense of superiority, would allow the ego and the false teachers to turn the movement of Christianity into one more religion based on the concept that this is the only true one. We look for you to acknowledge, that when Jesus made such statements, and others that are not recorded in the Bible, he was speaking as a representative of the Cosmic Christ, the universal Christ mind. And thus, when he said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” it was the Cosmic Christ speaking through him. And thus the universal Christ mind is the way, the truth, and the life.

You who have been given a teaching, should not fall prey to the trap of thinking that you should turn this teaching into a system, and that system is now the only true way. For what is the true way? Well, it is the consciousness of Christ, the spiritual consciousness, the consciousness of the Divine Mother, of the Divine Father, and of the Holy Spirit, my beloved. You recognize, I trust, that this is the consciousness that is the Way. And it is the potential in every lifestream to shift its sense of identity, to tune in to that universal consciousness, realize that it is an extension of the One Being, of the Creator, and thus overcome separation and duality.

That, my beloved, is the Way. And that way cannot be followed, if you think that you have now found or defined some ultimate belief system on earth, and thus all you need is to follow the prescripts of that belief system until you are somehow magically saved at some future time. The true way is the Path of Oneness. Oneness with your higher being, with your Creator, with your spiritual lineage Above. And oneness here below, between people in embodiment, who no longer see themselves as human beings, but as the spiritual beings that you truly are.

Understanding the Holy Spirit

As another thought, I would comment on the concept of the Holy Spirit. For the reality is that the Holy Spirit was introduced in the West by Jesus, who said that after his ascension he would ask the Father to send another Comforter to earth. The Holy Spirit then can be explained as the collective momentum of all who have walked the true Path of Oneness. In the case of the earth, it is the collective momentum of all those who have actually ascended from the earth, or have at least passed the initiations of the material realm and thus contributed to the creation of an upward spiral.

Every time a Being ascends from earth, that Being adds its own momentum to that collectiveness of the Holy Spirit, that flow of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did so, Krishna did so, the Buddha did so. All beings who have ascended have added their momentum to it, increasing it every time, making it easier for people to tune in to that Holy Spirit. And therefore, they can receive a portion of the Spirit, that allows you to know truth from within and allows you to go out and speak that truth with the power that has the power to awaken people from their blindness, to shake them out of their blindness and thus give them an impetus for that inner realization.

This does not force people to have that inner realization. But it gives them the foundation for having it, if they are open and willing to have it. And thus, the power of the Holy Spirit can cut through the density of the collective consciousness, the density of a person’s own past momentums, so that the person is shaken and therefore is, so to speak, in an interval in time—put on pause. The person’s mind is put on pause, and now the person has a moment to tune in within and ask if there is more to understand about life, more to experience about life, than the person’s ego-based, fear-based dualistic belief system.

What will it take for you to tune in to the Holy Spirit? Well, it will take discernment, so you can discern between the Holy Spirit and the many false spirits that have been created. There is only one Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is created out of the momentum of those who have successfully walked the Path of Oneness. And thus, of course, they can only create one unified Spirit. Yet you must understand also, that those who have walked the path of separation, they have also created a momentum of the false spirits, and there are of necessity many of those, although some have grown strong because of the collective momentum added onto them by many people in embodiment, even beings who are no longer allowed to enter embodiment on earth but need to stay in other realms or have gone to the second death. They still have added to that momentum of the false spirits.

How to have discernment

You need to have discernment, my beloved, so that you know what is the Holy Spirit and a false spirit. And of course, many things can be used to gradually build your discernment, including considering whether a spirit seeks to make you feel superior to others. For then you know, that it cannot be the one Holy Spirit, but only a dualistic spirit. You also need to make a critical assessment of yourself, to look in the mirror, to look for the beam in your own eye. What makes you susceptible to the lower spirits is your attachment to one of your ego’s desires, which then makes you vulnerable to hearing what you and your ego want to hear in order to fulfill that desire.

And thus, many of you have certain false concepts about the spiritual path, about your role on earth, such as I expounded upon earlier, about you thinking it is okay to force people into the one true religion for their own good. If you have such desires, or even a desire to be seen as a savior of the people, perhaps even THE savior of the people, well then you cannot hear the Holy Spirit. For what will the Holy Spirit tell you? It will tell you how to overcome duality and enter into oneness. For the Holy Spirit is an extension of those who have walked that Path of Oneness, and thus it will expose all illusions in your being. Not all at once, but as you can handle it, and as you are willing.

Iif you have those self-centered desires of wanting to raise up yourself or do some ultimate service for God – thinking that God will reward you and make you an important person, either on earth or in heaven – well, then you will not hear the Holy Spirit when it whispers to you as the still small voice within. You will hear the loud voice of a spirit who will tell you, that this is how you can achieve your desire, this is how you can fulfill God’s cause—by doing this or that outer thing, achieving some kind of glory or recognition from the world.

Be not deceived by your own desires

You are deceived by your desires, your attachments, that center around raising up the separate self, rather than letting the separate self die, seeking only to raise the All. But you see, the All is also in you, so there is a certain validity to raising up God in yourself—for how can you help raise up God in all life if you have not first done it in yourself? But you see, that when you raise up the All in yourself, it is fundamentally different than seeking to raise up the separate self. I must tell you, that the key to attaining this discernment is to strive for balance in all things. And this is where some of you could make great progress on your path, by striving for balance, by being willing to acknowledge where you have been out of balance, where you have attained unbalanced desires of seeking to raise up the separate self, for some grand scheme or another.

Perhaps you even think, that you are destined to be a messenger or a representative of the ascended masters. And thus, you listen to the false spirits, who tell you that there is a shortcut to attaining this status, where you do not need to expose the beam in your own eye, even though all other representatives of the ascended masters have had to do so. No, you are special, so you do not need to follow that path of discipline that Jesus demonstrated. For perhaps, maybe you are even more important than Jesus, you are higher than Jesus, you are more spiritually evolved. Or whatever the ego and the false teachers will whisper in your ear, my beloved.

And if you have an unbalanced desire, you might begin to believe this and entertain grand visions of what should happen, what SHOULD happen. So the question is, when do you then come to the point of giving up this idea of what should happen, so that you are willing to step into the River of Life and flow with that river. Which will raise you up but only to the extent that you are working to raise up the All, the All in yourself, the All in all others.

A higher level of service

The image I want you to hold is that you might be close to stepping up to a more direct form of service. But there may still be an imbalance somewhere in your being, that is deceiving you and thus making you susceptible to the lower spirits that whisper in your ear and thus prevent you – with their constant unceasing chatter – from hearing the still small voice of the Holy Spirit who never seeks to force but only seeks to awaken and inspire.

And thus, if you would take an honest assessment, study our teachings on the ego – study the new Course in Christhood that Jesus has so lovingly prepared for you – well, then you might realize that if you are willing to let go of a few illusions – perhaps just one grand illusion – then you can actually step up to that service, where you can be more of an open door and start fulfilling that part of your divine plan.

I ask you to recognize, my beloved, that until you are willing to give up the unbalanced desires, you will not be able to serve as an open door for the ascended masters. You will only become an instrument of the false teachers, who will whisper some grand scheme in your ear, rather than the true reality of oneness—the oneness of all life.

Warning or encouragement?

And thus, these teachings that I have given you can be seen in two ways. One as a warning that some of you are dabbling in the false spirits, allowing them to deceive you because you will not admit that you have deceived yourself with your ego’s desires.

Or my teachings could be seen as a reward for the fact, that some of you have risen to a level of the path, and some of you have used the teachings we have given, to the point, where you are close to breaking through to a higher level of service. Both interpretations are valid, and I leave you with both of them, so that you might honestly consider which one applies to you, or whether both of them apply to you. For is it not always safe to assume, that while you are in embodiment you might be somewhat susceptible to the duality consciousness, and therefore need to be constantly alert for how it might creep into your container of self?

Mother Mary’s gift

In gratitude for your attention, for your physical and spiritual presence, I will give you a gift—that you might attune to my heart, that you might ask me, as you are willing and able, to release to you my unconditional love for you. So that you can sense that unconditional love and thus let it set you free from all consciousness of wanting to force others or force yourself to live up to some image based on the “shoulds” or “should-nots” created by the masters of duality, the masters of deceit. Thus I ask you to play a piece of meditation music while you tune in to my heart and my unconditional love.

I instructed this messenger to hold his hands up, that you might have the image that I radiate my unconditional love through his hands, in case you need a physical focus. Yet I trust you will know that unconditional love is everywhere, and thus does not truly need to be radiated from any particular vessel, but can be radiated right within yourself, right within your own being, right within these cells and atoms of your being. For truly, unconditional love knows no conditions, so how can there be conditions that shut out unconditional love from some place? [Meditation music was played.]

Thus, my beloved, having received the Alpha portion of this gift, I now ask you to realize that unconditional love wants to flow and raise up all life. So I ask you to now visualize that you are the open door, you are the transformers, so to speak, that you received the unconditional love from Above, and you radiate it out to this earth, to the people or conditions or causes that are dear to your heart, seeking to raise it up in accordance with the teachings on free will I have given. Thus I ask you to play another piece of music and thus visualize, that the unconditional love is not only flowing into you but is flowing through you. And thus, your entire being, every cell and atom in your being, vibrates with that unconditional love and radiates it out to the condition that you visualize as being raised up by that unconditional love. [Meditation music was played.]

And thus, my beloved, my gratitude. And I seal you in the Flame of the Divine Mother, the Flame of Unconditional Love.


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