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TOPICS: Are you loyal to Christ or an earthly institution? – The Golden Age of Saint Germain builds on the teachings of Christ – The insane lie of only one Son of God – It is time to focus on a positive vision for Aquarius – The false image of salvation as a mechanical process – The path of Christhood versus the path of personal growth – The connection between freedom and Christhood – Understanding Saint Germain’s plan for the Golden Age – See the unique opportunity you have been waiting for –

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Ascended Master Jesus and Saint Germain, June 28, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

I, Jesus, come to congratulate you for the fact that we have reached an important turning point—we meaning you here below and us, the ascended masters, Above. But we really desire you to see yourselves as part of the ascended masters. No longer seeing us as being above you, but seeing us as being within you, as being one with you. For you come to see, that there truly is no gap—there is no distance, there is no separation. For we are One with God. And when you are One with God, then you become part of the “We” of the ascended masters, of that flow of the Holy Spirit of all those who have ascended before you, those who have walked the path of Christhood before you.

It is my great joy to announce to you, that we as a movement Above and below have reached a turning point, where we can, truly, begin to move into the completion of the cycle of Pisces and open the door to the Aquarian age. But not just the Aquarian age, but the Golden Age of Saint Germain, myself, Mother Mary, Master MORE and all of the ascended masters. For although Saint Germain surely is the hierarch for the Aquarian age, he is, of course, not on an ego trip. But he is working in Oneness with all of us, my beloved. So it is truly all of us that are part of bringing in the Golden Age.

Thus we will now, during this release, Saint Germain and I, demonstrate a greater union, so that the people who are willing to step up higher, can come to see that I, Jesus, was not an ego-maniac either. I did not come to this planet to be seen as the one and only Son of God, as the one and only savior who would forever be the savior for humankind. I came as part of the ascended masters, as part of the River of Life, and I came to demonstrate the possibility that all people can enter into that Oneness of that Flow of Life.

Are you loyal to Christ or an earthly institution?

And thus, I desire those who are loyal to me to go beyond an outer loyalty to an outer religion, an outer belief system, even an outer image of Christ and see that I am part of the ascended masters, part of that River of Life. And thus, I came indeed to be the hierarch for one cycle in the ongoing unfoldment of God’s kingdom on earth. And thus, what I came to bring, my teachings, my example – even the entire 2,000-year cycle of Pisces – is simply one facet in the unfoldment, in the revealing of the shining diamond of God. And thus, Christianity was never meant to be an end in itself, to be the “end-all, be-all.” It was indeed, as we have said before in previous releases at this conference, meant to set the stage for the next step.

And thus, you will see that if people are truly loyal to me as the living, ascended Jesus Christ – and not to a dead, man-made image created by some self-serving institution, by people who are trapped in, actually, the consciousness of anti-christ – well, if you have that true loyalty to me, then you will look beyond these graven images of Christ, and you will realize the true purpose for which I came. Namely to set the foundation for raising humankind to the level of consciousness, that is needed for people to enter the Age of Aquarius, the consciousness of Aquarius. Which has the potential to bring into manifestation a Golden Age beyond what this planet has ever seen.

Even past Golden Ages will pale in comparison if the full potential for the Golden Age of Aquarius is allowed to manifest through those who will make themselves the open doors by walking the path that I demonstrated and outlined. And thus, I shall, temporarily, yield to my beloved brother, my beloved consort in spirit, Saint Germain, that you may see that we are individuals but we are One in our individuality.

Saint Germain: The Golden Age of Saint Germain builds on the teachings of Christ

My Beloved ladies and gentlemen, truly, even though I have been called by the name Saint Germain – and have gained a certain following by people from various New Age or newer movements – I am in no way disloyal to the cause of Christ. I am in fact truly loyal to the Living Christ—in Jesus, in Maitreya and in myself and in all of you here below.

There can be no question whatsoever, that the Golden Age of Saint Germain is not meant to be seen as something disconnected from the Golden Age of Pisces—that could have been a Golden Age if sufficient numbers of people had truly embodied the teachings and the example set so magnificently by Jesus 2,000 years ago. Thus, there would not have been even a need to talk about a Golden Age of Aquarius if Jesus’ example had been heeded by sufficient numbers of people. Instead of the real conditions, where you saw that the Christian church was turned into a tool for controlling the people and keeping them trapped in the consciousness of anti-christ, and the denial of the Christ within themselves—raising up the graven image that the Christ could manifest only in one person, in Jesus as the only Son of God.

I, Saint Germain, am an Ascended Being. And thus, I am not worshiping Christ from a distance—as so many Christians claim to be doing on earth. For I have been willing to come into oneness with Christ, into oneness with Jesus. For truly, how can there be separation for those who walk the path of Oneness, and who have come to this earth to demonstrate that path and thereby help others overcome separation? There is in no way, shape or form, even a thought in my mind that I could manifest a Golden Age of Aquarius without building on the magnificent foundation set by Jesus. Yet, I must tell you – straight on – that I cannot build the Golden Age of Aquarius on the foundation of current Christianity—because it does not live up to the example set by Jesus.

It is necessary that those who call themselves Christians – or see themselves as having a love for Jesus – will indeed look beyond the outer churches, and will realize, that this is not the true inner message of Christ. And this can never lead themselves or humankind beyond the consciousness that they were meant to go beyond in Pisces, so that they can embrace the freedom of the Aquarian age. And thus, I have said my say for now and will return the floor to my beloved Jesus, that you may truly see the oneness. Perhaps even come to see that although we express ourselves slightly differently, with a different vibration, different tone of voice, different words, there really is no difference. It is almost like the slight turn of the dial between one and the other.

Jesus: The insane lie of only one Son of God

So then, let Christ be raised in all, for that is why I came to this earth. Do you see my beloved, it is complete insanity – and I say deliberately “insanity” – to think that there can be only one Son of God, only one Christed Being on earth. This is the lie that must be exposed. It must be exposed for what it is, no matter how painful it might be for those who have made themselves the blind followers of the blind leaders and would prefer to continue in their illusion, that if they stay loyal members of an outer Christian church, declare me as their Lord and savior, then they will automatically be saved—whereas all others will go to hell.

If you understand the reality of why I came to this earth, you will see that I came to give LIFE, the abundant life to ALL people—not to a select, small group. Do you understand, that I descended in the Middle East precisely because there is hardly a place on earth, where you find a greater concentration of the very consciousness that is the antithesis to Christhood, namely that some people belong to a special group, the chosen people, who are fundamentally above and beyond anyone else?

I came to challenge the Jews to overcome that consciousness – that they had built for thousands of years – of being this little tribe that somehow was favored by God. So that God was only concerned about saving the Jews and was willing to condemn all others to hell for eternity. This is the very consciousness of the fallen beings, who in denying God in themselves must therefore deny God in all others. And therefore, when one person is raised up – and demonstrates an extraordinary consciousness – and they cannot kill that person and they cannot kill the movement he started, well then they will kill the example by raising that person up to some unique status so that no one else can follow.

This is the fallacy of current Christianity. It must be exposed, my beloved. And who can expose it but those who are in touch with the Divine Feminine? For you see, it is the feminine aspect of men and women that has the ability to feel oneness with all life here below. And it is only through the feeling of that oneness, that you can overcome the illusion that only some people are meant to be saved, so that you can tune in to the reality, that God wants to raise up and save everyone.

This is the Mother – the Mother Flame, the Mother aspect – who wants to raise up all of her children, not just a few, and who then can come to see all people as children of the Mother. Thus, you realize that the false image of the male judgmental God – the selective God, the monotheistic God up there in the sky – is truly a false image that has nothing to do with the reality of the Father-Mother God. For truly, when the Father aspect of God, the unexpressed God, has expressed Itself as all self-conscious beings, then what sense will it make that God does not want to raise up every aspect, every expression of itself? But would want to condemn certain people to hell, based on some criteria defined by a particular religion, the religion of a small, little tribe on this small, little planet, called earth—which is like a speck of dust in the vastness of the universe.

Do you see, that thinking that you belong to the chosen people is the ultimate expression of ego, is the ultimate spiritual blindness? It is the ultimate insanity of thinking that out of the vastness of the universe, only these few people who belong to this particular tribe – or this particular Christian fundamentalist church – will be saved, whereas all others will be tossed aside as dry grass that you throw into the fire, for it is worth nothing. How could God possibly think that an extension of itself is worth nothing? It is only the ego who can divide people up based on worth, saying that some people have a superior worth and some people have no worth at all. Thus, again, I yield to Saint Germain.

Saint Germain: It is time to focus on a positive vision for Aquarius

So then, once we have the illusions of Christianity taken care of, my beloved, we can then begin to look forward to the Age of Aquarius. For truly – although we must deal with the problems of Pisces and the illusions of humankind – we of the ascended masters have no desire whatsoever to spend an infinite amount of time dealing with the problems on earth, focusing on the negative, focusing on what must be overcome. For we are, of course, God-free beings. And what does it mean that we are God-free beings? It means that we love expressing our God quality, our God flames, our individuality—that is the individuality that God gave us as the ultimate gift. Thus, I have no desire to continue for an indefinite period of time giving dictations on what is wrong with planet earth and what needs to be corrected—although I certainly will again point out certain problems.

Nevertheless, I desire to get on with the work of bringing forth the vision of Aquarius and what can become of that Golden Age. And thus, I too wish to congratulate you for the fact that – collectively – the spiritual people on earth have indeed raised their consciousness to a level, where it is now possible for us to look beyond the limitations of the Piscean consciousness and start bringing forth that vision of Aquarius—which I shall surely do in teachings forthcoming.

For certainly, this cannot be done in just one release, for my vision is vast, complex and it indeed requires a gradual build-up for people to truly lock in to and understand the vision of Aquarius. But what I will give you now is the sense of what freedom actually means. For if you look at the understanding you have of the true inner teachings of Christ, you will see that what Christ is all about is freedom—setting you free from the prison of the ego, the duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ. This is the cross that you are all crucified on by the ego and the ego’s momentums—by that mortal identity.

And thus, the true goal of Christ is to set people free from having all of their energy tied up in the ego games, so that there is no room to be creative. And this is indeed the joy of Christ: to see people rise up and be free to express their God-given creativity. For do you not see, that the Christian churches have been used not only as a way to control the population in an outer sense – by making them conform to certain outer standards of behavior – but they have also been used to control people in an inner sense by causing them to shut off their God-given creativity, not daring to express any of that creativity. And this is indeed the real travesty of the false Christianity—that it has not allowed humankind to be raised up to the level, where people are ready to embrace the freedom of Aquarius and express their creativity in bringing forth the manifestation of the potential for the Aquarian age. And this, of course, is something I will allow Jesus to expound upon.

Jesus: The false image of salvation as a mechanical process

It is a constant burden to my heart, my beloved, to see how the Christian religion – time and time again – has caused wonderful individuals to go into a vibration of fear, guilt or even a sense that they are not allowed to express themselves, thereby voluntarily shutting off the creative flow. It is a great burden to my heart that the Christian religion has portrayed an image of salvation that presents salvation as a mechanical, non-creative process, even as the completely simplistic image, that the key to salvation is the forgiveness of sins, and that the sacrifice of one person being nailed to a cross 2,000 years ago could pay the debt of humankind for all eternity—for all future sins that could be committed by people who are lost in the duality consciousness. This is a mechanical image of salvation, where people are programmed to believe, that living up to outer requirements is enough to open the door to heaven.

Yet, did I not say, in my parable about the wedding feast, that the man who entered without wearing a wedding garment was cast into outer darkness—as a symbol for being stuck in his own ego creation? I will say to you: “Consider the fact that the ego and the false teachers will do anything possible to prevent you from actually rising to the Christ consciousness.” And it will do this by creating the broad way, the false path, that makes you believe that by fulfilling certain outer requirements – such as being baptized, praying, decreeing, meditating, performing yoga or any other exercise, and by believing in a simple belief system – well, then you will mechanically qualify for salvation.

Yet I must tell you, that there is hardly any spiritual movement on this planet that has understood the reality of the path to Christhood, the reality that the path to Christhood is not a mechanical process. It is indeed a creative process, my beloved. Which is why you cannot give a standard definition of how all people should walk that path. It is indeed an individual path, for you have – each one individually – accepted certain illusions that have caused you to shut off your creativity, to shut off the flow of God’s light and love through your being. And therefore, you must individually come to see that these are illusions—and thereby let them go, surrender them, decide to replace them with the truth of Christ.

The path of Christhood versus the path of personal growth

There is an essential difference between the path of Christhood and what I like to call the path of personal growth. There is a time when the two paths are actually parallel, for you do need to grow personally to a certain level, before you have enough awareness to actually embrace the path of Christhood. But there will come a point – an essential turning point – from which you cannot grow further until you look beyond the path of personal growth. Whereby I mean the focus on yourself, even the growth of your own consciousness, and start looking beyond yourself, your separate sense of self and start raising up the All—instead of being only focused on yourself as the separate self, instead of expanding your sense of self to encompass all life.

For that is the Christ consciousness—that you see yourself as all life. You see your greater Self, and therefore you are willing to let God’s creativity flow through you for the purpose of raising up the All instead of raising up the separate self. In a sense, one can say, that it is impossible to give forth a course in Christhood that will be valid for all people. Nevertheless, if I was not prone to take on the seemingly impossible, I would not have volunteered to take embodiment as Jesus and be the hierarch of the Piscean age. And thus, I have indeed endeavored to do the impossible by having this messenger take down teachings that have been put together in a course in Christhood.

But what I desire to give here is the understanding that this course is not, of course, an end in itself, But it is a first step for those who have walked the path of personal growth to the point, where they are beginning to realize that something is missing. And even with all their focus on raising their consciousness or understanding the spiritual side of life, well then, there is still something missing, they are still feeling unfulfilled. And the reason for this is that you are now ready to step away from the focus on the separate self and expand your sense of self and walk that path of not raising up yourself but raising up your greater Self of the All.

For you are ready to take your insights, to take your experience, to take your momentum and redirect it to working to help other people walk the path, instead of being focused on yourself primarily or exclusively. This then is the culmination of the 2,000-year cycle that I have put into this course. And I can tell you, that no matter what expectations you have about what this course is about, they are unrealistic. And prepare to have them shattered, as you follow the course.

The path of Christhood is not what most people envision, even what most of you – who know more about my inner teachings than most people on this planet – envision, for you still have a grand illusion about what it means to walk the path of Christhood. Because your ego has managed to trick you into thinking, that it means that you become raised to some superior status, whereas in reality it means something entirely different that I will not expose here. But I will tell you, “Prepare, as you study this course, to have your illusions shattered.” And now I will let Saint Germain run with this thought and take it further.

Saint Germain: The connection between freedom and Christhood

It is indeed a great joy for all of us that this course has been brought into the physical. Certainly, it is not the end-all and be-all of what could be said about the path to Christhood, for as Jesus has just said, there is no end-all and be-all. For Christhood is an open-ended process that will never end. And how does this tie in with freedom? You see, freedom is also an open-ended process. Freedom cannot be a permanent state—for then it is no longer freedom. As soon as something becomes permanent, it becomes a prison, and it is no longer free. Do you see this, my beloved?

It is essential that you ponder the reality of freedom and how it relates to Christhood. For you have – all – certain illusions about what it means to be a Christed Being. You think that it is possible to set up some standard for how a Christed Being should be—perhaps based on Jesus, perhaps based on your image of ascended masters and what we are like and the teachings we have given. But I tell you, that all of these images you are holding on to are graven images, and they will only keep you trapped in the mental box that is created by the ego and the false teachers. And only when you are willing to step outside of that box – and embrace total, absolute freedom – only then can you hope to begin to manifest Christhood.

For I tell you, as Jesus says in the course, there is no standard whatsoever for what it means to be a Christed Being. For being a Christed Being means being the ultimate creative being. And in creativity there can be no standard. How can there be, when creativity can never be predicted, can never be planned? For if an activity is planned, it is not a creative activity but a mechanical activity.

And thus, do you see that this course is setting the foundation for helping people quickly cross the gap, cross the distance, that they should have crossed over the past 2,000 years by embracing the inner teachings of Christ. But which many have not been able to cross precisely because the true teachings were taken away from them. And thus, those who will embrace this course can then quickly step up to the point, where they can begin to embrace the Aquarian-age consciousness. And if this course had not been brought into the physical, then there would have been no point in me bringing forth the vision of the Aquarian age, for no one would be able to lock in to it.

For again, most of you have an unrealistic expectation of the Golden Age, as I mentioned yesterday. You think that it can be defined in some final, absolute plan and that I, Saint Germain, have a firm and fixed plan up here. You think I am looking for you to fill in the pieces here and there, as if you were robots who just surrendered your free will to me – as the hierarch of Aquarius – so that you could be the worker bees to fit into the puzzle and thereby gradually assemble the puzzle. But you see, my beloved, that is not my vision at all. My vision is an overall vision of what could be the Golden Age, but it is not a fixed vision. There is infinite room for individual creativity in that vision. There is no final plan! It is a living, breathing plan.

Understanding Saint Germain’s plan for the Golden Age

When I say “the Golden Age,” you might envision a society with beautiful buildings, perfect government, abundance for all people, gold in the streets or whatever grand illusions you might have come to believe. And you may think that this is the Golden Age—some outer manifestation of some opulence. But you see, I, Saint Germain, am not disconnected from the cause of the Great White Brotherhood, including the cause of Christ. For what was the true purpose of Christ? Was it to save people, and force them or somehow get them into the Kingdom of God, even though they have not removed the beam in their own eye and overcome the consciousness that got them out of that Kingdom in the first place? Nay! The purpose of Christ was to raise everyone up to Christhood, so that they could express their creativity. And I am completely one with that purpose.

It is not my plan in the Golden Age first and foremost to bring forth some material condition in this world that lives up to some standard of opulence and perfection. My first and foremost goal is to raise up as many people as possible to express their God-given creativity, and thereby, allow God in them to unfold, and through that unfoldment then bring forth some physical manifestation, according to their creativity. This is my goal, my primary goal, my beloved.

I am not concerned whatsoever about creating beautiful cities with golden streets. I am concerned about raising up beautiful individuals with the golden consciousness that shines and cannot be tarnished by anything on earth, for it retains its shine no matter what it goes through. And therefore, it always transcends current conditions, multiplies the talents and takes it up higher. And that, my beloved, is the Golden Age.

It is not that you will come to a point – ten, a hundred or a thousand years from now – where you will say: “Ah, now the matrix for the Golden Age is finally manifest. And now, we will just enjoy it forever.” The Golden Age is not a closed vision, it is a process of the unfoldment of creativity that can go on forever—or at least until the earth is raised up into a higher consciousness, and the entire material universe is raised up and then becomes a permanent sphere in the spiritual realm, so that we can move on to another sphere and keep the creative process going.

This is my vision for the Golden Age, and what I desire you to understand – what we desire you to understand at this point – is that humankind has reached the turning point. There is an unprecedented potential to lock in to this creative flow, started with Jesus, manifesting then the fullness of Christhood that was the goal of Pisces. But then not only manifesting it individually, but starting to allow that creativity to be expressed through you in bringing forth new solutions that will raise up all life into the abundant life.

See the unique opportunity you have been waiting for

Never before has there been such an opportunity to lock in to that vision, that creative flow—that is God, that is the ever self-transcending God. Do you see, my beloved? This is a unique opportunity in the known history of earth. I am not saying this to cause you to feel burdened or frantic. I am saying it to spur you on to look at yourself and say, “What is it in my own psychology that is preventing me from allowing God’s creativity, God’s light, God’s wisdom, God’s vision to flow through me? What is it that keeps me separated from that River of Life?”

And if you will do this, you will find that there has never been a greater opportunity to actually gain clarity—and if you are willing, then you WILL gain that clarity. We will certainly assist you, both by giving outer teachings and outer tools, but first of all by working with you individually, that you may come to see that last hang-up that we have talked about. Where so many of you are ready to immerse yourself in the creative flow that is Christhood, but there is one last thing, one last illusion, that is holding you back and preventing you from letting go and going with the flow.

This is your opportunity, this is your moment, the moment you have been waiting for, some of you for 2,000 years. For you volunteered to come into embodiment with Jesus to be part of the cycle of Pisces. And yet you were led astray, you lost the vision, you became part of orthodox Christianity, embracing it in various ways until you finally started seeing beyond it and thus find yourself willing to consider a very unorthodox vision of Christianity, such as Jesus has given on his website. Do you see, my beloved? Many of you came to assist humankind embrace the opportunity of Pisces, embrace the potential for manifesting Christhood. And then, giving forth that example, where not one person alone is the Christ, but many other people dare to express their Christhood in their individual ways, so that it is no longer possible to deny or to idolize the Christ.

This is the time you have been waiting for. And there has been something that has been holding you back, either because you were not ready individually or because the collective consciousness has not been ready until now for people to go out and express their Christhood. For people would not have been able to even handle that, my beloved. It would have been so alien to them, that they would have had a strong reaction against it, as you saw the reaction against Jesus.

But I tell you, times and cycles have passed, where it is now time, it is now possible to express that Christhood, to be the Living Christ in action—it is time to let your light shine. It is time to internalize the truth we have given you and shout it from the housetops, even the housetops of the internet or any other means of communication that I have sponsored for this very purpose. And you can quickly see, not only an inner awareness, but also an outer awareness spread around the globe and manifest the victory of raising a critical mass of people to the point of recognizing the reality of personal Christhood. And then, seeing how it can be used to bring forth a new vision, a new society, that does not have all these problems that everyone knows – or almost everyone knows – should not be there.

And you will know this in yourself—how you have not been able to understand how this can go on and no one can see it. Well, cycles have not been there, we had not raised the collective consciousness to the critical level. But I tell you, it is now time, where more and more people will begin to understand—are ready to be awakened. But they need examples, they need the truth.

They need those who are willing to stand up and take whatever reaction comes. For you, my beloved, you are not looking for approval from anyone. You are not looking for recognition. You are the sun shining your light, and it is of no consequence to you what people do or do not do with the truth that you bring. That is up to their free will. But you have chosen to use your free will to be the sun and to express that light. Thus I say, in oneness with Christ, let your light so shine before men that they may know, that this is the light of God shining through you, and that that light may be so strong, that they will come to see that that God is also in them. This is the desire of all ascended masters. This is the goal we are working towards. Choose to be a part of that Flow of Life!


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