Nature was my church

TOPICS: Why did Jesus preach in the hills? – Why Jesus cast out the moneychangers – Jesus preached in nature – Jesus was not born with full Christhood – Those with no respect for God – Many came to find fault with Jesus – Jesus and his feminine polarity – Follow the fire of the heart – Life is joy –

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Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2009 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in a public garden at the site claimed to be where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes. It is located on the North shore of the Sea of Gallilee.

So, my beloved, how did you like to ask permission to come to the place, where I supposedly gave my Sermon on the Mount? Quite an experience, is it not? Or was it on this hill I gave the Sermon on the Mount, or the next hill over or the one to the East? Well, no one really knows, do they? So they guess. They study the Scriptures. They analyze. They look at the landscape. And then they go out and say; “Well, we don`t really know, but we have to pick some hill, so let’s pick this one—and then they think they can set this in stone for all eternity. And what they are doing is indeed building a monument, that demonstrates their own unwillingness to go within and contact the living Christ in their hearts.

The Church built behind me by the Catholic Church is not a house of worship; it is not a house that is dedicated to worshiping the living Christ. It is a statement of OWNERSHIP, for they think they can own the living Christ. They think they can encase my Spirit in a house build of stone, a house build with hands, or in a scripture, a doctrine, a set of rules and regulations. Like you have, indeed, seen it in Jerusalem, in the mosque and at the western wall where you, the disciples of the living Christ, were not welcome, because you would not follow the outer rules, but would follow only your hearts.

Why did Jesus preach in the hills?

So, my beloved, was it this hill or the next? Or does it matter at all? Is it not more relevant to ask why did I, Jesus, go into the hills to preach, instead of staying in the villages? Well it was because they would not let me into their synagogues. They did not want me to come in there and rock the boat. So I went to the hills, where I could speak freely, for there were no buildings, no rules, no regulations. Thus, I could let the spirit blow where it listeth and shatter the mental boxes of those who were willing to listen.

Even those who came only in the hope of some miracle of healing, even those I could speak to from the heart to their hearts. If they were willing to listen within the heart, rather than reading in the Scriptures, studying and analyzing, whether what I said was in accordance with the Jewish scriptures or their interpretation of them, as you indeed see Christians today looking at the Christian scriptures.

And they will analyze whether what I say is in accordance with the scriptures or their particular interpretation of them. As, my beloved, I see people do all the time as they find my website, and they immediately find some little thing that they think is not in accordance with their outer interpretation of the outer scripture. And they use it as an excuse for rejecting the entire site and even rejecting the concept that I, the living, ascended Jesus Christ, could be speaking to humankind today through a vessel who is a nobody, for he is not a member of the priesthood of any authorized Church.

What is the need for external authority, when you have the internal authority of the Living Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Living Word? For if the Living Word cannot stir your heart, then your heart has become like a stone. You are one of the dead, and you can go and bury your dead as far as I am concerned. For I did not come to this earth to preach to the dead, and I am not here to preach to the dead today. I am here to preach to those who are willing to leave the death consciousness behind—with all it entails, including these monuments of ownership, that they have built supposedly in my name. But how could they ever be in my name, for I am forever more than any man-made monument, that they can dream up with their duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ, that wants people to worship an outer symbol, an outer manifestation, instead of going within and discovering that living God, who is beyond all form, thus beyond all manifestations, all religions, all Scriptures.

Why Jesus cast out the moneychangers

Take the temple in Jerusalem, my beloved, where I cast out the moneychangers. Do you believe it was only because they were selling animals or doing sacrifices? Do you believe it was only the moneychangers, or were the moneychangers a symbol of something deeper—this tendency to always want to have a visible outer symbol to worship, instead of being willing to take full responsibility for your own consciousness and your ability to contact the Living God directly within your heart.

Do you see the subtle, but o so essential difference that I am talking about here? Do you see, that when you create an outer symbol – such as a church, a synagogue or a mosque – people can believe, that by going into that building and saying a pre-defined set of prayers – performing whatever rituals have been prescribed – well, then they have done their duty. They have done what they are supposed to do, and now God is supposed to reciprocate by doing something for them. Because they have, so to speak, bought a favor from God by going into this building and uttering meaningless words, that cannot possibly reach the Living God if they are not spoken from the heart—imbued with the love of the heart.

And if they are imbued with the love of the heart, what is the need for the outer words and rituals? You might as well tune in to your heart and send love to the living God or a manifestation of the living God, such as your neighbor. Do you see; it is a mechanical form of worship going into the outer building, performing the outer ritual—and you have supposedly done what you are supposed to do to come closer to your salvation, to the entry into the Kingdom of God.

Now contrast this with the true message that I preached 2,000 years ago and that I preach today. It is that of the inner path to Christhood. Do you see, that anyone who is willing to do what is necessary to pass a membership initiation – whether it is to become a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian – anyone who is willing to pay an entry fee, so to speak, can enter into that external Church. And they can therefore make themselves believe that by doing the outer rituals, they have qualified for the favor of God.

Jesus preached in nature

What did I preach, my beloved? I preached an inner path, a living path, where there is no way to mechanically qualify, for you are qualified only in accordance with your state of consciousness, your openness, the purity and the love of your heart. There is no way of cheating on the inner path. There is no way to walk it in a mechanical manner, whereby you think, that performing an outer ritual is enough. It is not enough! It never was enough! It never will be enough!

You will not enter the Kingdom of God until you find it within yourself. And how can you find it? Well, you can give an outer ritual and prayers for ten thousand lifetimes without finding it. Or you can enter into the consciousness of the little child, you can go within your heart and open your heart to receiving the unconditional love of God—that rains upon the just and the unjust every second, every minute, every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and so forth and so on for all eternity. Do you see, my beloved, THAT this is the path I preached? I went into the hills, because I did not want my message to be associated with or obscured by or fit into any mental box created by the Jewish religion or any other religion. Thus, what was my church? It was the hills, the view of this beautiful Sea of Galilee and it was the blue dome of the sky above. That was my church, my beloved.

You can build any church or cathedral, and you can claim it is the Church of Christ. But I tell you, that if it has walls and ceilings, it is not my Church. There is no building that can hold me, so why even attempt to build a building? For that building would only be an expression of how far you have removed yourself from an understanding of the inner path. The greater and the more elaborate the building, the more you demonstrate, that you have removed yourself from that center-point of the heart, where you can know the living Christ as a living fire burning within your heart.

Jesus was not born with full Christhood

Do you think, that I stood here on this mountain and read from a Scripture or interpreted a Scripture? Or do you think I stood here and spoke the Living Word, imbued with the Spirit as you hear it now? Do you sense, my beloved, that it was the living message that I gave? Why do you think I did not write it down? Because it was never the same message twice—as you cannot step in the same river twice. How do you think that I, the living Christ, could preach the same message twice? Did I give the beatitudes just once, or did I give it many times? Or was it slightly different every time, depending on the place and the state of consciousness of the people, or even my own state of attunement or the level I had ascended to on the path—that I had followed for my entire lifetime.

So forget this nonsense about me being born with the full measure of my Christhood. It is a complete fallacy, as any careful reading of the Scriptures will reveal. What do you think happened to me between the age of 12 and 30? Do you think I just helped in my father’s carpentry shop in Nazareth? Do you think I carved furniture or helped build buildings? Or do you think that I travelled around throughout the East, educating and training myself in the spiritual mysteries of various traditions, so that I understood the inner path completely and fully before I came back here to preach it to the Jews, to those who wrestled with God?

So that I could wrestle with them and confound them in their scripture knowledge and their analytical approach. So that I could shake them out of their mental boxes, turn their mental boxes upside down, inside out and shock them out of this rigid approach. I preached for those who had ears to hear and eyes to see. And for those who clung to their mental boxes, well nothing could be done. They would have to keep playing the dramas that had created those mental boxes, until their time ran out, my beloved.

Those with no respect for God

Some of them did indeed play their dramas by killing the living Christ—those of the Sanhedrin. They were the ones who plotted my death, for they saw the danger that if I kept preaching and attracting five thousand here, eight thousand there and two thousand there, I would soon turn the people against their tradition. And what would that mean? It would mean very simply, that if the people did not fear the tradition, then the Sanhedrin – the power elite of the time – would lose their power over the people. And this, of course, could not be allowed to happen, for they were fully convinced, that their leadership was in the best interest of the people. And it was not in their best interest to follow this, as they said, self-appointed Messiah.

They had no respect whatsoever for me, nor did they have any respect for the people—but beyond that, they did not have any respect for God. For they were not worshipping a living God, but a dead god of their own making, a dead god that they had wrestled with the Scriptures of the past, with the prophets of old, with the Living Word, until they had encoded it in a tradition, that was so rigid, that those who followed them dared not step out of that mental box, even to listen to me or to come and see, whether they could be healed of some disease through the living power of the Spirit flowing through me.

These so-called guardians of the people, representatives of God, those were the ones who were self-appointed as the leaders of the people. They were the blind leaders of the blind, as you see them today in churches, in mosques, in synagogues, in the political establishments, financial establishments, scientific establishments all over the world. There you see them: the blind leaders, my beloved.

But as I spoke in Jerusalem, their day is coming to an end. For as the Christed ones rise up and acknowledge their Christhood – dare to express it as the Living Word, not necessarily spoken in a dictation as right now, but spoken from the heart in whatever context you are called to speak, depending on your background, expertise, experience or even the fire of your heart, as you raise up yourselves beyond this heavy burden, that has been put upon you by following this or that tradition – well then, you will begin to see a difference, you will begin to see that the world will lighten up, the hearts and minds of the people will open up.

Many came to find fault with Jesus

Consider how few people actually lived in this area 2,000 years ago, and then consider what a miracle it was, that there were five thousand people who would come to listen to this preacher, that some saw as the Messiah but many saw as a charlatan. And they came only out of curiosity, hoping to catch me in some error that they could use against me. And you know, that even though I was the Living Christ in embodiment, do you know what happened when people came with their personal dramas and mental boxes, seeking to impose their dramas, seeking to project their images, upon me? Do you know, that the vast majority of them always found some little detail, that they could use to judge me and say: “O this could not be the Messiah. This could not be the Living Christ speaking this way, expressing this way, looking this way, behaving this way.” Any little detail that they could find, they would use to reject me.

This is the same circus going on today by those who find my website. Again, if you come to project and reject, you will always find something that confirms your desire to reject. Go with peace if that is what you want. Go with peace, for I the Living Christ can do nothing for you. Go and bury your dead doctrines, your dead images, your dead mental boxes, your dead personal dramas. Go and bury them in the churchyard, that has been created for you by the blind leaders, who have managed to put their epic dramas upon you, so that you think you have to stay within their boundaries, the mental boxes they have defined. My Beloved, there is no mental box you could possibly create, that could hold me. For if you do not understand that I am here to shatter any mental box you could possibly have created, then you understand nothing of the living Christ.

Jesus and his feminine polarity

When I walked this earth, these hills of Galilee, I was accompanied most of the time by my beloved companion, Mary Magdalene. We held back then, a spiritual office called the Two Witnesses—those who embody, those who hold, that Flame of Christ in the masculine and feminine polarity. And in coming together in union, in oneness and harmony, they can hold that spiritual office. When I walked this earth, there were many, who were critical of my relationship with Mary Magdalene, for we were not married, yet we were companions in every way. And they used this even as an excuse for rejecting me, for I did not follow their tradition. I did not seek the approval of man, but only the approval of God.

The reason why Mary and I were companions back then was that we knew, through the power of the Spirit, that our oneness was needed to hold the balance for my mission, for I could not have done this without the union with the feminine polarity, that divine companion created as my lifestream was created. We could not let anything on earth stand in the way of this, as we met in the physical. There was a need to let everything go, to leave everything else behind, no matter what it seemed like in the eyes of men—who saw it through their personal and epic dramas, through their tradition and judged it harshly, I might say.

This is not recorded in the Scriptures, but Mary Magdalene was married, when she met me, and she left her husband to follow me. She could not get a divorce and thus we could not marry, and this was indeed a cause of judgment and condemnation for many. Yet we knew, that there was a greater purpose to be fulfilled in those three short years, that I had in this area for this mission. So we could not let man separate what God had put together in the beginning. This is indeed the reality, my beloved.

When an office, a spiritual opportunity opens up, and there are those who can fill it, well then if they are willing, they have to put their hand to the plow and never look back. For if they look back, they might be pulled back into the old patterns and dramas, and so they keep looking upwards towards me, the living Christ, as I say to all of you: “What is that to thee, follow thou me.” Let the dead bury their dead. Come unto me on the mount of transfiguration, where you will be transfigured and not even recognize yourselves as you were yesterday or a year or ten years ago.

This is an offer I extend to all who would be disciples of the living Christ in this age, who know they have come into embodiment to manifest that Christhood as one of the ten thousand, one of the millions. Do not look back; look forward. Put your hand to the plow, that I have already set in motion, that has gained momentum, that is cutting through the fields, cleaving the real from the unreal. And when you encounter the inevitable pull from other people, then look to me in your heart, connect to me in your heart and say; “O Jesus, what is that to me; I will follow thee.” And you will feel the return current, as I send the unconditional love of my heart into your heart chakra to fan the fire that already burns there—that you may feel it even more brightly and know, that this is the true star of Bethlehem, that leads you to the birthplace of Christ.

Follow the fire of the heart

Not again an outer symbol, but the inner fire of the heart, that burns evermore brightly for every time you make the choice to leave behind that which is lesser and walk towards that which is more. For I AM MORE. I AM forever MORE. I AM MORE every second, every moment, every instant. I AM MORE, and thus you may take the ultimate guiding rod when looking at yourself, your ideas, your beliefs, your thoughts, your wonderings as to whether you should do this or you should I do that. If an option does not take you to that place of MORE, does not take you onward on your path, then it is not what I want you to follow. It is not the optimal thing to do.

Do that which takes you towards MORE, and you will not lose sight of me. You will not lose your connection to me. But the moment you start going into what is comfortable, at that moment you start sinking into the waters. And even though I may extend my hand as I did to Peter, if you do not grab it, I cannot pull you back up. For you must pull yourself up by looking at the beam in your own eye, looking at the drama, looking at the ego, discovering the oh so subtle ways that you have been tricked into accepting some man-made mental box instead of the Living Truth of the Living Christ.

Life is joy

My Beloved, life is joy. Life is joy! Self-awareness is the ultimate joy, bestowed upon you by an unconditionally loving Creator, who wants you to be all that the Creator is, even more—and thus could do this only by giving you the gift of self-awareness. I know full well, that self-awareness can be seen as a curse and is seen as a curse by many, which is the truth that the Buddha expressed in that life is suffering when seen through the filter of duality.

Blessed are ye who know the difference between the inner path and the outer mechanical path. Blessed are ye who realize, that the living Christ is more than any man-made figure, church, doctrine or ritual. Blessed are ye who seek the living Christ and are willing to go beyond all the outer symbols. Blessed are ye who realize, that following Christ is not a matter of following an outer pre-defined path or ritual. Blessed are ye who realize, that following Christ is a matter of going within, raising your own consciousness, changing that consciousness daily, dying daily to the old consciousness, putting off the old man, putting on the new man, being spiritually reborn in Christ, becoming a new person in Christ every day.

Blessed are ye who are willing to look at the beam in your own eye and realize, that it is your own mental box, your own beliefs and world-views, that are keeping you trapped in a little prison, a mental prison beyond the physical prisons. Blessed are ye who know, that there is no locked door in your mental box, except your own beliefs, your own unwillingness to look at your beliefs and see them for the unreality that they are. Blessed are ye who are willing to reach for the truth of the Living Christ, that will shatter the illusions that make you feel like you cannot or should not or must not leave behind that mental box.

Blessed are ye who are willing to ask the living Christ to expose to you the beam in your own eye, that stops you from seeing the illusions that make up your mental box. Blessed are ye who know, that you can at any moment be reborn by accepting the unconditional love of the living Christ, by letting that love fill your heart and being, so that there is no room for any darkness and shadow. Blessed are ye who know, that you have the right, the authority, the capacity to open your heart and mind for the living Christ to be born in your heart.

And you can do this at any moment. You do not need to wait for some magical time, for some magical astrological configuration or some alignment of the stars. You do not need to wait for anything external, for you can do it at any moment, when you decide that now is the acceptable time. For I am beyond time. I am beyond space. I am with you always.

Do you not understand the inner meaning of this statement? The kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of God is at hand. I am with you always. Ponder this. Ponder this and then, reach for my Spirit, the Spirit of the Living Christ. Invite me into your heart—not for the last supper, but for the never-ending supper, where you eat the bread of life every day, where you drink the blood of Christ every day as the Living Spirit that I AM.

This is my Spirit, that is broken for you in the Living word. Take, eat, eat all of it but know that you can never eat all of it, for it is infinite. There is always MORE, and I am willing to give you that more without end. This is my promise to those who are willing to follow me into life and to leave behind that which is death. LIFE I AM. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. And as long as I am in the world – through those who are in embodiment, who are willing to let the spirit of Christ be born in their hearts – then I AM the light of the world.

Thus, I am the light through those who are the true followers of the inner Christ. And I am the light through the ten thousands and millions more, and I will be more of that light, as you dare to recognize, that you too are more of that light. Thus with infinite gratitude, I seal you in the infinite love of the heart of the ascended master Magda, the ascended master Jesus. We, who are the true witnesses above, seal you in our love. Be it so. Be it so, for it is finished It is finished, my beloved and the living word shall never be extinguished by the dead word, or the dead ritual or the dead stones. [master takes a deep breath.]

Take some time, my beloved, every morning to focus on your breath. Breathe in and know that you are breathing in the Spirit of the Living Christ. And then breathe out and see how that living Spirit is breathed out through you to all life on earth. Thus I am as close as your breath. Remember me. Remember me daily, for I am with you always.


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