Let the era of fiat money come to an end

TOPICS: Willingness to submit individuality to the system – Money must flow as love – Do you need a money system? – Everything that is wrong with the money system – The intensity of the Ruby Fire – The myth of equality –


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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, February 9, 2011 through Kim Michaels. At the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C.

Paul the Venetian is the name of the Being, that you know as the Chohan of the Third Ray. Yet I come not alone. For this is a task that is beyond the level of the Chohan. Thus, I have enlisted the assistance of the Archangels and the Elohim of the third ray of God Love, and they come in the full intensity of God Love, which is indeed the Ruby Fire. I have also enlisted and received Sanat Kumara and Lady master Venus, who will also anchor their Presence here, as we indeed shall endeavor to complete a task as this messenger walks the perimeter of this building, called the building of the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C.

We will anchor here, and in other centers around this Capital that deal with the economy and the finances, we will anchor here the Ruby Fire, that will serve as the dividing line, as the light of such intensity, that it forces people to make the choice between life and death. And thus, we indeed say, as the Word has gone forth from ancient times, “Choose Life!” Choose the life that will get the economy flowing into the golden age matrix, that Saint Germain has prepared for this nation and the world. Yet before this can happen, these monolithic institutions, that attempt to control the money system, must indeed either transform themselves into non-elitist institutions, or they must be allowed to fail.


Willingness to submit individuality to the system
You have all heard the saying “hidden in plain sight,” and indeed here in the center of Washington, D.C – on what is called the National Mall, that houses the monuments and institutions of American democracy – here in this, what we might call sacred place, sits this building that houses the Federal Reserve system. Its architecture very similar to that of many government buildings, thus to give the impression, that this is indeed part of the government that was charged by the ascended masters through Abraham Lincoln with being a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Yet I assure you, that within the walls of this building, there is very little willingness to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. For how do you gain access to this building? How do you become one of the insiders in the Federal Reserve System? Well, you become so only if you have already demonstrated a willingness to submit your individuality to the system. You cannot be a strong individual and enter the banking system that is tied to the Federal Reserve System; it simply is not possible.

If you are not willing to submit to the system, to surrender your individuality in order to gain access to the system, then you cannot gain entry. And thus, indeed, what you see is, that there is hardly anyone in this entire system who is able to receive the higher vision and the love of the third ray. For what you will see here is, that there is no openness to letting the light flow, to letting money flow.


Money must flow as love
You might wonder, why is it the representatives of the third ray of love who are anchoring their light in the money system? Well, it is indeed because the money system represents love; or rather it should represent love. What is love? It is the drive to always transcend, to never stand still—this is what money should be. Money should be always flowing, always multiplying, always adding real value. So then, there should be a constantly growing money supply, but it should be tied to the addition of something that has real value, that raises up life.

What has happened in this nation, and in most other nations, is indeed that life, that the money system, that the flow of the money system has been perverted by the power elites into being a system that stands still, that sits still where there are those who are attempting to control the money supply and the flow of money. You will see that there are many in these United States who advocate a free market economy. There are even those who will claim, that the United States has a free market economy. There are even those in the Federal Reserve System who will advocate this, even though they surely know better.

For there is no other institution in the world who is more dedicated to controlling the free market economy than the Federal Reserve System—because they control the very lifeblood of the economy, namely money itself. And so, what you see is quite simple. The stark reality is, that those who scream the loudest about a free market economy are those who are the least dedicated to making it a manifest reality. For indeed, they are the ones who will say, that a free market economy will lead to chaos, and thus the government must step in and prevent the collapse of financial institutions that have been built on the clay feet of greed, uncontrolled, unrestricted greed. And so, the reality is that the money system is the problem, not the solution.

Do you need a money system?
Why do you need a money system? Just let the money be regulated by the people themselves. Sure, this will lead to some turmoil, but is that not the only way that people will ever learn? How will they learn, if there is a government, that seeks to protect them from the consequences of their own choices? And in so doing, it becomes an instrument for the elite, who are really trying to protect themselves from the consequences of their own choices by getting the people to bear the karma for the choices of the elite.

This is one of the fundamental problems of democracy, of any democratic nation. But in few nations is it more important than in these United States, for how can the government be of the people, by the people and for the people unless the people do two things: Number one: Educate themselves to the existence of the elite and take a stand for freedom and against elitism.

And number two: Become willing to bear the consequences of their own choices, instead of expecting the elite to make decisions for them, and their own government to protect them against the consequences of their choices.

What is the purpose of these United States? Is it to provide some physical structure of a great civilization? Is it to provide some degree of welfare or wealth? Or is it to be a path of initiation for as many people as possible? How then will anyone learn in the current system, where the elite have encaged themselves in these mighty fortresses, where they are so insulated from the consequences of their choices, and where they can use the intellectual reasoning to always explain away or outright deny those consequences?

How will the elite learn from this, when the people protect them by bearing the consequences of the choices of the elite? How will the elite learn? And how will the people learn, when the elite has set up a system, that also seeks to protect a large part of the people from the consequences of their choices? Do you not see, that this is why the elite has allowed the growth of the middle class, so that they can get more and more people to feel, that they are invested in the stock market or the financial system? So that they will go along with the government, when it says that these financial institutions are “too big to fail.”

Do you not see what Lanto said about the elite being like the gentleman farmer Thomas Jefferson, who sat at his comfortable estate and was not willing to give up his own slaves, for he did not want to lose his comfortable lifestyle? The elite is like that, but can you not also see, that a large part of America’s middle class are like that as well? They have now invested for so long, that they think they have all this wealth on paper or in numbers on a computer screen. And they do not want to lose this good comfortable life. And so they are willing to let a large number of their fellow citizens go into the uncertain future of unemployment, just so that they can continue to sit there and enjoy the benefits of the system, that is now protected by the government at the cost of increasing unemployment, and increasing inflation. So that those who have less will have even less, whereas those in the middle class also have less, but it really does not matter for they can still be comfortable.

Do you see, that as long as there is not that solidarity from the middle class to those who are not as fortunate, well, then the United States cannot be One Nation Under God? For what is needed is, that those in the middle class, who have the comfortable lifestyle, dedicate themselves to the spiritual path, so that they grasp the higher vision of equality, equal opportunity among all people. And so that they are dedicated to this, and so that they are willing to sacrifice some of their comfortable lifestyle in order to, so to speak, spread the wealth and give all a more equal opportunity.


Everything that is wrong with the money system
This building, the Federal Reserve Building, represents everything that is wrong, everything that must be transcended, in the money system and the financial system of the United States. Even going beyond to the world, where central banks have, again, in almost every nation been a tool for the elite.

We are not here advocating a communist or socialist revolution, where the workers stand up against the capitalists. We are advocating a peaceful revolution in higher consciousness, where the middle class become the instruments for bringing forth positive change, rather that becoming the buffer zone between the lower classes and the elite.

Can you not see, that this is precisely the plan of the elite? They know that, historically speaking, the threat to their rule has always been the lower classes who have little to lose. And so, they have attempted to create a buffer zone between themselves and the lower classes. It is the middle class who now feel that they have a lot to lose. And thus, they are willing to compromise a lot in order to keep their comfortable lifestyle. This is indeed the dilemma, not only of the united States but most industrialized nations: that the middle class should be a tool for the growth in consciousness, but has now become a hindrance. Because they are so dedicated to worshipping comfortability, that they are not willing to become instruments for change.

This cannot continue! And so, if the middle class will not wake up and realize, that they have become pawns in a game they do not understand – and then educate themselves to understand this game – well, then the second law of thermodynamics will cause the system to collapse. Until the middle class become the open doors who say: “Show us a higher way; we are willing to see it”. And then, again, as Lanto said, when the willingness is there, the help from Above, the ideas from Above, will be readily forthcoming and a new approach to the economy will be released. It has already been released to some degree, but there is not much willingness to listen to those who cry out that fundamental systemic changes are needed in the American economy and financial system.

Where is the willingness to listen, I say?


The intensity of the Ruby Fire
Let those who have so far not been willing to listen, let them be awakened by the intensity of this Ruby Fire, that is so intense that it is difficult to ignore it. And thus, I speak directly into this building, where you sit there, hidden behind your security guards. And you think they can protect you against the people, but your henchmen are also of the people. And there will come a time, where you will no longer be able to trust them, as you have already seen in the leaking of documents by those who have access – and must continue to be given access – if you are to be able to continue to run your system.

For systems do not run themselves, they must be run by people. And this is the eternal dilemma of the fallen beings and the power elite. They know they cannot trust people, so they attempt to build machines and computers that are mechanical and that will carry out their bidding without any conscience. Or they attempt to reduce people to being functionally robots, the mechanized man who has no conscience, who has no heart, and therefore would carry out orders blindly without any humanitarian considerations, or any spiritual considerations.


The myth of equality
This is the consciousness, that the Ruby Fire we are anchoring will challenge; not only in this year but beyond this year. We will challenge the consciousness, that will not acknowledge that all men are created equal; yet also the consciousness that will not go beyond and recognize, that all men are not created equal in the sense that they are the same. They are created equal in the sense, that they have equal rights to exist on planet earth, to be in embodiment on planet earth. And they have equal rights to pursue Christhood while in embodiment.

What then is Christhood? It is the expression of your Divine individuality, for you have become an open door for the flow of love from your Presence. So, what truly should have been written in the Declaration of Independence – but which Thomas Jefferson was not able to receive because his consciousness was not high enough – is that all men are created as individuals. And they have equal rights to express their individuality, without restricting the expression of the individuality of other people. This is the true principle. Equality is not the principal thing; it is the Omega, but the Alpha is individuality and the expression of it. And thus, the Alpha and the Omega of true liberty is individuality and equal rights to express it. And this is precisely what must also be incorporated in a functional economy, a golden age economy.

For can you not see, that what the elite is trying to do, is to prevent individuals from coming up with inventions and ideas, that will overthrow the monopoly positions of the elite, where they feel they have the economy under control? And so, what they truly fear is the creativity, that is the expression of individuality. For they never know when an individual will bring forth and idea or invention, that will overthrow their control, or even bring forth an entirely new philosophy like Jesus did, a philosophy that it took them centuries to bring under their control.

And so I, Paul the Venetian, and the Archangels and Chohans of the Third Ray, with Sanat Kumara and Venus – I therefore say directly into this Federal Reserve Building and the Federal Reserve System: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Thus, I seal this release and I extend the anchoring of this flame to all other monetary and financial institutions in this Washington, D.C. area. So that all who in some way come in contact with this nation’s money and financial system, will be touched by this Ruby Fire, and by its intensity will be forced to awaken and make the choice between life and death. Will you choose freedom, the free-flow of love and the free-flow of the economy? Or will you choose death—the attempt to control that which cannot be controlled?

Let the people decide what they accept as money. And let the era of fiat money, money by decree, come to an end. So that the government cannot be influenced by the elite to force the people to accept money, that they have no faith in, because it is not tied to anything of real value. Thus, let this system crumble, if the people and the elite are not willing to voluntarily transcend it. We of the Ruby Ray have spoken. And so, it is anchored in the physical octave. And thus, this release is finished.


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels