Leave the outer path and follow the inner path

TOPICS: Abandon your idols – It is time for the harvest – Dare to be who you are – Stretching the mind – Don’t disturb me, Jesus – Progressive revelation will not stop – A line in the sand – God’s Judgments upon the false teachers and their false students – 

Ascended Master Jesus, August 19, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

I AM Jesus Christ, and I step through the veil through this messenger. I choose to speak through him because he has chosen to let me speak through him.

I desire you to know that, months ago, Kim was sitting in front of his altar. He sensed my Presence in the room with him. He opened his mind to the vision I gave him of the mission that I desire to accomplish through him. His outer mind responded with some fear and trepidation, but after a short while, he fell to his knees, and from the bottom of his being he said, “O Lord, be it unto me according to thy will.”

You will recall that these were the words used by my mother, Mary, when the Archangel appeared to her and announced that she was to give birth to the Christ child. This then is the point of surrender that we, who are your spiritual teachers, are waiting for. We are holding our breath, looking at our students and disciples, those of you who have been on the spiritual path for decades. We are hoping, we are praying, that you will come to the point of surrender of saying, “O Lord, be it unto me according to thy will.” And then after that surrender step into your spiritual missions and the assignments that we are longing to give you.

Abandon your idols

Do you understand that we never meant for one human being to be singled out from the crowd, to be put up on a pedestal as an idol and to be labeled as the only Son of God, the only one who could possibly manifest Christhood and be who they are in God. That was the label put on me. That was how they put me down and attempted to destroy my mission. So far, they have been remarkably successful. And why have they been successful? Because so many people on earth have been afraid to be who they are, regardless of who the world wants them to be.

Two thousand years ago, I appeared on this earth to bring the dispensation of the Christ consciousness to humankind. I came to give every soul on earth a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. At that time, there were not enough people on planet earth who had reached a level of consciousness in which they could accept their Christhood and express that Christhood. Therefore, I became the forerunner. I became the example, the trailblazer. And as I said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.”

It is time for the harvest

Well, it is now 2,000 years later, and it is time, and high time, that my teachings bear the fruit they were intended to bear. And that fruit is that there be many Christed ones in the earth, that there be many Christed ones in embodiment. And I desire every one of you, who reads these words, to count yourself among the Christed ones walking the earth.

Do not put yourself down. Do not respond with fear or trepidation. If you have fear or trepidation, recognize it, acknowledge it and go after it with all of the tools that you have been given, either through our teachings or through the psychological techniques of the world, of which many are sponsored by the ascended masters.

If you feel any hesitancy about being who you are and being a Christed one in embodiment, or stating that you are a Christed one in embodiment, then go after it.
Resolve it.
Surrender it.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Give it to my Sacred Heart.

My Sacred Heart is a consuming fire, which can consume all unlike itself. My Sacred Heart is overflowing with love, a love for you that is the perfect love which will cast out all fear in your being. It will consume that fear, if you will only let it go.

Dare to be who you are

I desire you to be who you are. I came to this earth to set forth the example that it is possible for a human being, in a physical body, to be the Living Christ on earth, regardless of what the forces of this world say or do. The forces of this world attempted to kill my physical body, thinking they could kill my teaching.

I was not that easy to kill. So after my resurrection, what was their only option? It was to kill my example, to put me on a pedestal, so that no one dares to follow in my footsteps and consider that they could be a Christed one as I was.

Do you understand what I am saying? Do you truly understand the inner meaning of these words? There IS only one path, and that is the inner path. At a certain level, a soul needs an outer teaching; it needs to follow that teaching. This is all good and right because the soul needs protection, it needs an anchor point. But at a higher level, the soul needs to move beyond that outer teaching. The soul needs to follow the true path of the ascended masters, which we have given on this planet for eons.

And that true path is:
You take the teaching.
You absorb the teaching.
You become the teaching.
And then, YOU become the teacher. You become the next teacher who is witnessing to the truth of the path.

This is your calling. We of the ascended masters have sponsored many organizations to bring forth the true teachings on the inner path. But our goal has never been to create students who forever remain students and followers. Our goal has always been to raise you up to be the masters that you truly are and to be those masters in physical embodiment.

The only teaching that the ascended masters have ever given is the message about the inner path. It has been expressed through many different outer teachings and churches and organizations. It has been expressed in many disguises. But there is only one teaching.
There is only one truth.
There is only one path.
And it is the inner path of becoming all that you are.

It is very difficult for a person in physical embodiment to raise his or her consciousness to truly see the reality and the being of God. But I desire to give you a few words to ponder. In the beginning was only God. There was nothing but God. There was no form; nothing was created. Then God decided to create. God created everything out of itself, out of its own substance, because there was nothing else.

You must understand that God cannot create something that is separate from himself. This is an impossibility. But God chose to create beings with consciousness and free will, and those beings can create a sense of being separated from God. Yet that sense of separation is an illusion because there is nothing but God.

So you might say, “What is then the purpose of creation?” The purpose is that God wants to be more than he is. God always desires to be more than he is. And how can God be more than he is? He can be so only through you, through you who have consciousness, being and will. When you choose to follow the inner path and recognize who you are in God, then you become the more, God becomes the more and all of creation is magnified.

God sent you into the world with a command, “Multiply and take dominion over the earth!” When the earth was first created, when the physical universe was first created, the universe was not consciously aware of its own existence or of its connection to the source. God desires the universe to be conscious and aware, but the universe can become conscious only through you, who have consciousness and being.

I understand that this teaching is difficult to grasp, but I desire you to ponder it because in pondering that which is difficult, you stretch the mind. And in being willing to stretch your mind, you give your Christ Self and you give us the opportunity to expand your mind and your understanding from within.

Stretching the mind

Do you understand that we have never desired to give forth any religious or spiritual teaching that was absolute, complete or infallible. There has never been, on planet earth, any church that had a patent on God, a patent on truth or a patent on the ascended masters. We do not grant exclusive rights to anyone.

We desire to bring forth the Living Word. The Living Word is not a dead outer doctrine. It cannot be fixated in time and space. It is ever flowing. It is alive. It is ever moving. Therefore, the only true church of God, of Jesus Christ and of the ascended masters is the living church, which brings forth the Living Word.

You cannot create a church that brings forth a teaching and then stop the delivery of the word and maintain that church as a living church. The moment that the flow of the Living Word stops, any organization will start stagnating and calcifying.

You might look at a given church and say, “But this church was founded by the ascended masters. We have been told that it has the highest teachings on the planet. We have been told that it has everything we need for our salvation.” Yet I tell you, no church is different from all the other churches we have started throughout history. And if you look at those churches, you will see exactly what happens to any church after the flow of the Living Word stops.

The organization starts calcifying and becoming rigid, and then it attracts people who are rigid, who want to be comfortable, who want to have an automatic path, a guaranteed path to salvation. This then is the false path of the false teachers who have come to this earth since the Fall of Man. They have come and presented an outer path. They have made the promise that, “If you follow us, we can guarantee your salvation.” If you follow the outer organization and follow its rules and doctrines, if you do all the practices that you are supposed to do, if you follow all of these outer rules, you will automatically be saved.

Well, this is a lie!
This is a lie!
This is a lie!
It is an evil lie. It is an insidious lie.
Unfortunately, it is also a pervasive lie, a persuasive lie.

And many people have bought into it on this planet. Millions of people, in fact almost everyone on this planet, have bought into this lie of the outer path. I say to you again, “There is no outer path!” There is no automatic path to salvation because you have free will.

I am Jesus Christ. I have been appointed by God as the savior of all mankind. Do you think I can guarantee your salvation? Nay, I cannot guarantee anything because I cannot and will not act against your free will. I cannot save you for you. Only you can save yourself by making the choice to be who you are in God, to overcome the false sense of identity, to overcome the pseudo self and to be all that you are—and more.

I see some of our best students who have been on the path for decades. They sit there in their churches and they follow their rituals. And they give wonderful prayers, and their heart flames are poured into those prayers. But when I approach them they say, “I have everything I need to be saved. I am comfortable. I am happy following the teachings I have been given.”

Don’t disturb me, Jesus

And from an outer perspective, this sounds all right and well because after all they have their free will. But I tell you truly that what the soul is saying is, “Don’t disturb me Jesus. I am comfortable. I am comfortable where I am, and I do not want to come up higher. I have made many sacrifices during my discipleship. I have faced many tests, many initiations. I have sacrificed. I have given all. But now, I don’t want to give anymore. I just want to sit here with my teachings and my rituals and feel that as long as I keep doing what I am comfortable doing for the rest of my life, I will automatically be saved.”

I tell you truly that many members of Christian churches and other spiritual organizations sit there and feel they have the highest spiritual teaching on the planet, yet I tell you, they are following the way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is the way of death. They are following the outer path as so many other billions of souls on planet earth are following it.

Too many souls are sitting in their churches saying, “But the Catholic Church is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Our church is true. Islam is the only religion. We have everything we need to win our salvation and we just need to stay here and be comfortable and we will automatically make it.”

Do you not see what I am saying here? You think you are better than everybody else because you have your teaching and church. And everybody else thinks they are better than everybody else because they have their teachings. Well I tell you truly that there are billions of souls on this planet who are so wrapped up in the false teachings and the lies of the false teachers that they are literally like corpses wrapped in the burial cloth.

I am Jesus Christ. I have been given the office by God to be the savior for every soul on planet earth. And I say to you now as I said to Lazarus, “Come forth! Awaken! Come forth out of the tomb of the false teachings and their wares and their outer path and their lies. Come forth and disentangle yourself from the nets they have cast to catch you, to bind you to the false path.”

Progressive revelation will not stop

I am Jesus Christ and I tell you truly—progressive revelation will never stop as long as there is one unascended being on planet earth. We of the ascended masters have been given the assignment to save every lifestream on earth, and we are going to see the job through to the finish.

How can we save lifestreams on earth? I have just told you that every time we give a teaching, it happens that after a while people start calcifying and becoming comfortable. They start using the tool that was meant for their lifestream s’ liberation to make themselves comfortable. And at that point, that teaching no longer works, and therefore we must give another one. And therefore there must be progressive, ongoing revelation.

Do you not see what I am saying here? So many people have not understood this point, yet it is the most vital point of the teachings of the ascended masters that you could ever understand. If you have not understood this one point, you have not understood the core of our message.

I must tell you that there is no such thing as an absolute teaching, an absolute religion, an absolute church. You say, “But we have been told that our church has the highest teaching on the planet and that we have everything we need to be saved.” And in some cases you do have everything you need—if you embody it. But if you do not embody it, it will become a trap. Do you understand what I am saying? What I am saying is that you need to expand your concept of what is a false teaching and a true teaching.

There have been many true teachings and churches on this planet. Yet if you take a true teaching and turn it into an outer path, an outer teaching, then the true teaching suddenly becomes the false teaching because you have used it to stop your progress instead of using it to climb ever higher.

There is no stopping while you are on planet earth. There is no being comfortable. This then is the most dangerous point, and I must warn those who are truly our best students. Those who have been following the spiritual path for a long time, whether in this church, in that church or in no church.

We have such high hopes for you and for what God can do through you, and we desire to see those hopes be fulfilled. But presently what is stopping you from being who you are is precisely this point. The most dangerous point is that you have climbed the path to a high level, and then you somehow become comfortable at that level. You somehow subscribe to some belief, some idea, that you don’t have to take the next step. You have done enough, you have come up high enough, you have sacrificed enough.

I would remind you of my words, spoken 2,000 years ago, “He who is willing to lose his life for my sake, shall find it.” I tell you truly—I am an easy master. Why do you think God sent me to planet earth? Because I am such an easy master. I am so easy to please. I require so little.

I only require that you give your all to me—all of your human self, all of your ego, all of your false sense of identity concerning who you think you are. That is all I require. And when you realize that if you give your all to me, I will give my all to you, then it suddenly is not such a big requirement.

If you met me on the street, and I said to you, “If you give me one dollar, I will give you ten million dollars in return,” would you lose anything in that bargain? Oh truly, you would lose the one dollar, but which would you rather have, the one dollar of the human self or the ten million dollars of the Christ self and the Christ consciousness and the eternal life of that Christ consciousness? This then truly is the choice.

A line in the sand

I now draw a line in the sand and I say, “We of the ascended masters demand change, we demand growth!” You cannot remain the same. When you understand the Law of Free Will, you understand that this is not a violation of your free will. You have a right to deny the path of growth, but you do not have a right to deny it forever. There comes a day when you must choose whom you will serve, and this day is it.

I am Jesus Christ, and I speak these words in the material universe, and therefore these words become the judgment even as they were when I walked the earth physically. I demand change. We of the ascended masters demand change. And why? Because we have sown the good seed in many spiritual organizations, and we are entitled to a harvest. And that harvest can come only through you, by you stepping up to the plate, internalizing the inner path, becoming the teaching and becoming the teacher.

How can you follow Jesus Christ and the teachings of Jesus Christ? By becoming Jesus Christ in embodiment. I am not saying that I want you to become clones of me. I want you to be the Christ that you are and to express the individuality of the Christ that you are.

This is the only demand of the path. This is the only way to fulfill the true path. If you are not becoming the Christ, you are following the way that seems right unto a man. And in that respect I must say that you cannot become the Christ. The only choice is to be the Christ or to not be the Christ, and you are making that choice every moment of every day.  So therefore I now say, “Choose to be!”

Some people say they have everything they need for their salvation. I say, “Prove it!” Prove it by embodying the teachings that you have. I have no desire to make you a follower of any particular outer teacher. I only desire to make you a follower of the inner teacher, the Christ within, the only true teacher there is.

Do you understand it? We of the ascended masters send you outer teachers because you cannot discover the path on your own, and then you turn the outer teachers into idols that prevent you from locking in to the inner teacher. This must stop! This must stop now!

God’s Judgments upon the false teachers and their false students

I am Jesus Christ, and I hereby pronounce God’s judgment upon the false teachers and their false students. Those who have embodied the false path. Those who have been as the lawyers of old that I rebuked. Those who have not entered in to the inner path and those who are trying to prevent others from entering in.

I hereby pronounce your judgment. I pronounce the judgment of all false teachers on planet earth. And I desire you to hold in your consciousness the vision of a mass awakening of human beings all over the earth who suddenly wake up, come out of the tomb of the false teachings, start unwrapping the burial cloth with which they have been bound and tied down, suddenly discovering the sun of their spiritual selves.

This is the vision I desire to give you, and I desire you to hold it. We do not desire to see every human being on earth become a member of one particular church. We desire to see every human being discover the inner path wherever they are. Will you hold that vision for me?


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels