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Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 4, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Out of the eternal flow of the River of Life, I am come. You have known me as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. You have known me as the representative of the Divine Mother for earth. Yet I am more. For I am an immortal, ascended being, and I have ascended precisely because I have committed myself to being in the flow of the River of Life that is the essence of God’s Being.

The River of Life is the very process of God Itself transcending Itself and becoming more. And all those who are the sons and daughters of God – and who are committed to being about their Father’s business – have indeed committed themselves to taking part in that River of Life. And by transcending themselves and becoming more, they help God and the All become more.

My Beloved hearts, many of you have grown up with a view of God as a static, never-changing Being residing in some heaven beyond your reach. Human beings have a need to have a perfect God. And although God is truly perfect, God is not perfect in the human sense of the word, for human beings perceive perfection as something that could never change, that could never grow, that could never transcend itself, that could never become more. Yet this is not God’s perfection. For God can indeed become more. In fact, God’s entire reason for Being is to become more.

Why God created the universe

I explain this in great detail in my book about the abundant life. But I will give you a brief summary. The essence of what human beings call God, the highest manifestation of God, is what we might call the pure Being of God. The pure Being of God resides at a level that is beyond what can be understood by the human mind or that can be described in the words and images found in this world. Yet the pure Being of God can be described as the Allness. And in the Allness there is no room for separateness, for something that is apart from the Allness. There is no room for separate beings, beings who see themselves as being apart from their source, apart from their God.

So when your universe was created, the Allness of God contracted itself from a certain area within the Allness. The light and the energy that is God was contracted into a singular point in the center of a sphere. And that sphere became what some religions call the void. This void is empty compared to the Allness. And thus it is possible to create in the void forms and beings that seem to have a separate existence.

Yet it is not the purpose that these beings should remain separate forever. It is the hope that they will grow in their recognition of who they truly are as extensions of the Creator. And thus, they will voluntarily merge back into the Allness, yet now with the knowledge and the experience of what it is like to be apart from the Allness. And therefore, they have a new appreciation for being in the Allness.

So you see my beloved, your universe started when the Creator at the center of this world of form expanded Itself out and created a sphere that was set apart from the void by the fact that it contained some amount of light. Your Creator then created self-conscious beings and sent them into this sphere with the command to multiply and have dominion. They were to multiply their creative talents and their light, given to them by their Creator, and thereby take dominion over the sphere in which they lived. By multiplying their light, they would increase the intensity of light in their sphere, until that light had reached a critical intensity and this sphere was now filled with light.

When that had happened, God expanded the original sphere and created another sphere outside of it. This new sphere was not filled with light, but had enough light to set it apart form the void and thus the creative process started over again with a new set of co-creators sent into that sphere. This creative process has continued through many levels. And the material universe in which you live is simply the latest part of this process. Your universe is set apart from the void, but it is not yet filled with light to the point where it is possible to directly perceive that everything is created out of God’s Light and everything therefore came from the same source.

The purpose of being MORE

This is what makes it possible for human beings to maintain the illusion that they are separate beings, set apart from God, set apart from each other, and even maintain the illusion that there is no God, that there is no source beyond what they perceive with their senses. Yet it is not God’s desire that this state of emptiness should remain forever, which is why God created human beings in His own image and after His likeness and sent them to the earth with the command to multiply and have dominion.

Thus, you are here to multiply your talents, to multiply your light. And when you do so, you place yourself in the River of Life that is God’s perpetual flow of self-transcendence. You are therefore becoming a co-creator with your God, making a personal contribution to increasing the intensity of light in this universe, so that the universe can gradually be raised up and so that the kingdom of God can be manifest on earth. Which truly means that the earth now vibrates at a level that makes it part of God’s kingdom of Light.

So you see, you are not simply here to live an ordinary material existence and leave the earth as you found it. You are here because before you came here, you made the choice that you wanted to be part of God’s River of Life. You wanted to descend into this universe and increase the intensity of the Light and help make it part of God’s kingdom. You made this choice out of love, out of love for your Creator, and out of love for yourself as an extension of that Creator.

This was not a self-centered or selfish love. It was truly a realistic love because you recognized yourself as the unique and uniquely valuable individual you were created to be. Thus, there is no conceit in loving your Divine Self. There is only the supreme realism of acknowledging who you are and from where you came.

My Beloved, I give you this teaching so that you have a foundation for understanding the purpose and the significance of my new invocation to the River of Life. This invocation is designed, in every detail, to help you overcome some of the many illusions that abound on earth, illusions that spring from the mind of anti-christ, the mind that always sees itself separate from God. This is opposed to the mind of Christ, which always sees itself as one with God and thus declares, as did Jesus, “I and my Father are one.”

Why you are on earth

Thus you see, because the intensity of the Light in the material universe has not yet reached a critical level, the mind of anti-christ can exist in this universe and maintain its illusions. When people are trapped by this mind, they will be firmly convinced that there is nothing beyond what they can see with their outer senses or what they can conceive of with their outer minds. Yet in reality they have limited their own ability to perceive and conceive. They have limited their vision and their imagination. And thus they have created their own mental prison. And they use certain beliefs and ideas to affirm that the prison exists and that there is nothing beyond it.

This, my beloved, means that these people are trapped. Instead of truly being who they are, who they were created to be, they have fallen under the illusion that they are less than what they were created to be. They are trapped in the mental prison of thinking that they are mortal human beings. Many of them thinking that they are sinners by birth and that they can do nothing right. Some of them thinking that there is no God and that they are a product of a process of randomness, meaning that at any moment a random act could wipe out themselves or an entire planet.

You came here out of compassion for those who were trapped in this state of consciousness of being less. You came here because you wanted to demonstrate for all to see that there is an alternative, that you do not have to be less. In fact, you can be more than a human being, more than a sinner. You can Be a son or daughter of God on earth. You can be a Christed Being on earth and thus you can actually be in God’s kingdom and manifest the spiritually abundant life even while you are here on earth, even while you are in outer circumstances that may seem less than ideal to the human mind.

This is why you came. You came to demonstrate for all to see that you can be MORE and that you are willing to be MORE. Truly, most people on earth have been overwhelmed by the density of the energies on this planet. They have been ensnared by the subtleties of the serpentine mind, the mind of anti-christ. And thus, they have fallen under the spell of the illusion that they are less, that the earth is less and that it could never be more than what it is right now.

The River of Life Invocation

Yet my beloved, because you are a spiritual being, you know within yourself that this is not the only way to live, that there is an alternative, that it is possible for you to be MORE. And thus, to give you a very powerful tool for getting yourself back into the River of Life, it is with great joy that I release the River of Life invocation. You will notice that this invocation is quite different from the last several rosaries I have released. It does not focus directly on world conditions, but focuses more directly on psychological aspects.

Yet as you call for your own healing and upliftment, you will surely be calling also for the healing of the collective consciousness of humankind. As you challenge the illusions of anti-christ in your own being, you will challenge them on a planetary scale. And thus, even though you are not directly making calls on world conditions, you will still be giving an immense service to the raising of the consciousness of humankind.

My Beloved, this invocation is extremely powerful. It is an immensely powerful tool for raising your own consciousness and for raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole. I must tell you that not very long ago this invocation could not have been released because the planet was not ready for it. What has made the planet ready is that so many people around the world have taken up the use of my rosaries, that you have paved the way for the release of this new invocation.

For this I am immensely grateful. For you see, it is our joy to give you every tool you need in order to raise up yourselves and this planet. We already have the tools. But there is no point in giving them to you until you are able to make use of them and until they can have the intended impact on the planet.

The impact of vigils

My Beloved, I wish to express my gratitude for this series of invocations on world conditions that you have been giving now for several months. I have not addressed this issue earlier, but I wish to do so now. These rosaries, all of the Golden Age invocations and the Rosary of Infinite Light, have truly had a major impact. They have prevented numerous calamities big and small, including a very large earthquake in Japan and a new earthquake and tsunami in the Indian ocean. These two events alone would have been of such magnitude that they would have had a major impact, not only in that region of the world, but on a world scale due to the economic fallout.

I must tell you that you have also averted many acts of violence, even the outbreak of warlike conditions. I am not hereby trying to over-inflate your sense of importance. But I am trying to give you a realistic sense that because my rosaries and invocations are the most powerful tools, those who give them become the apex of the pyramid of all people on earth who are using spiritual tools whether it be from this or that spiritual tradition. And thus, each person giving my tools is, so to speak, standing on the shoulders of many people who are using less effective tools. You become a focal point and a combined momentum of all the other people, and your own calls will now be directed by you through your attention and the affirmations you give in your rosaries. This is why even a few people giving these rosaries can make a major difference.

The Middle East is not a holy region

I am asking you to seriously consider that there is a consciousness on this planet of ascribing undue importance to the region of the Middle East. This is in large part due to the Judeo-Christian tradition and the religion of Islam. Because all of these major world religions originated in the Middle East, there is a very old tendency to think that the Middle East has to be the holiest region on the planet.

My Beloved hearts, this is not so. On the contrary, the Middle East is one of the darkest areas on the planet, which is precisely why God has sent so many prophets there to lighten up the conditions and the people. I would therefore like you to consider that you need to set yourself apart from the planetary consciousness of thinking that the Middle East is somehow more important than any other region on earth.

You need to realize that you are where you are because your home region is where your divine plan is to be outplayed, at least for the time being. Therefore, focus your attention, focus your calls in the rosaries and focus your immaculate concept on the region where you live, move and have your being. For truly, we need those who know a particular region to envision the highest possible vision for that region. This does not mean that you should ignore the global perspective. But it does mean that you should have your priorities right, so that you do not become overly anxious or concerned about some remote part of the world where you are not living.

Thus, I ask you to let go of all fear concerning the Middle East. The forces and people operating in the Middle East do not have nearly the power that they might seem to have. Their power is rapidly diminishing as they are being judged by their own anger, hatred, and their deeds of violence. Every outburst of violence and anger brings forth God’s judgment of the people, the dark forces and the consciousness behind them. And thus, their power is diminished.

They may still seem to be a threat, but I ask you to hold the immaculate concept that the Middle East is cleared of darkness and therefore is no longer a threat to the peace on earth and the good will among men and women. Hold the immaculate concept that the Middle East is set free from the oppression of anger, hatred and the desire for revenge. Hold the vision that people are set free to have true self-determination in their nations. And hold the vision that the women are set free from the oppression by men, by society and by the Muslim religion.

My Beloved, holding the immaculate concept means more than just envisioning a better future. It means truly believing that that future is a reality. And when you truly believe this, you have no reason to fear the imperfect appearances that might still be going on in the Middle East. Do not fear. And if you discover fear in your being, be willing to look at that beam in your own eye and pull it out. For it has no place in the consciousness of a co-creator who is in the River of Life. Be willing to surrender it and transcend it. Be willing to accept the perfect love of God that casts out your fears and empowers you to become more so that you transcend the fears. Rise above them just as you have risen above your childhood fears of sleeping with the light turned on.

Know God’s Light within you

My Beloved hearts, even Jesus had such childhood fears and would be afraid to sleep in the dark. Yet I tell you, he overcame those fears when I told him a bedside story about God having an eternal light in heaven, a light that was anchored in his own heart and that could always light up the darkness in his mind, the darkness that was the real cause of his fears. Even at a tender young age, Jesus understood this story. He connected to that divine light in his heart and from then on, he overcame his fear of the dark because he knew that the light was within him.

You too have a light in your heart, in your heart chakra. It is the flame of God’s love, wisdom and power that shines in the darkness. And though the darkness comprehends it not, you can comprehend it and you can be at peace in knowing that God’s light is within you. And as long as you are wiling to multiply that light, to freely give what you have freely received, you will become MORE. And when you are in the process of becoming MORE, you do not need to fear the limitations on earth, the imperfect appearances on earth.

You see, the limitations on earth, no matter how insurmountable or how unchangeable they might seem, cannot hold back the person who is willing to take God’s light – the light in the heart – and multiply it so that you become the MORE. My Beloved, you might notice that my new invocation uses the term “MORE” and “the MORE.”

You might notice that it uses that term interchangeably with the term “Christ”. This is no coincidence, for the Christ is a representative of the state of consciousness that is committed to being the MORE in action on earth, to lifting up all life, to challenging all those who are stuck in a consciousness of thinking they are less. The Christ is even committed to challenging people’s illusions, so that they can see beyond them and see that they are not trapped by those illusions. They are not trapped by their fears that makes them afraid to question the lies of the mind of anti-christ, that makes them afraid of becoming MORE and thus breaking the bonds of their limitations.

If you will commit yourself to giving this invocation and contemplating the words in it, you will find the release of a new sense of peace, joy and comfort, a new sense of hope that truly you can transcend the limitations in your own life. And thus you can transcend the sense of being limited by world conditions. You can transcend all fear that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, as the popular saying goes. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that the world is not going to hell. The world is going to heaven, or rather the world is transcending the consciousness of hell and rising towards the consciousness of heaven.

The essential challenge on earth

Thus, as the light intensifies, certain areas will seem darker because the shadows become more intense in contrast to the light. But let not this fool you into entering a state of pessimism. For once again you must see that anything that happens, even the most seemingly severe world conditions, are simply a part of the eternal challenge that is described in the invocation. The challenge that will exist as long as there is still enough darkness left in this universe to allow the forces of anti-christ, the consciousness of anti-christ, to continue to exist here. As long as these forces are here, they will present you with the challenge. Will you choose to believe in their lies and thus be less? Or will you choose to believe in the truth of Christ and thus be more?

Thus, I say to you, that those who have given my rosaries and invocations have chosen to be MORE. And I will give you the reward for your service, an invocation that for many of you can be a breakthrough into a new state of consciousness, a new state of connectedness to your own higher being and to your God, a new sense that with God all things are possible in your personal lives and on a world scale. Thus, embrace this invocation. Run with it. Flow with it. Give up the need to feel separate from the River of Life.

Immerse yourself in that River. Reclaim your true identity as a true son or daughter of God. And accept your rightful place in God’s ever-moving, ever-transcending River of Life. Be all that you are. Be here below all that you are Above. And flow with me as I continue to transcend myself and become more than any images of Mother Mary held by the Catholic Church or any other spiritual teaching or institution on this planet.

For I truly take joy in becoming MORE every moment. And when you plunge yourself into the River of Life, you too will discover this infinite joy of knowing that you are a part of the All that is your God and the body of your God on earth. Thus I seal you in the peace of the infinite joy of the MORE. Be MORE—forevermore.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels