If you love me, give my Rosary of God’s Will

TOPICS: Learn from Abraham – Balance is the key to being a pure messenger – A gift for making peace with God – God is waiting for you to take a stand

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 20, 2005

My Beloved hearts, I am your Mother Mary, and I come on the wings of the Presence of God’s Will and his momentous release of Light. I come to bless the release of the new Rosary of God’s Will, which is truly a momentous rosary that can realign yourself, and eventually en entire planet, to the will of God. And so I bless this beautiful rosary.

I request that, as you give this rosary, you spend a little time contemplating the true meaning of the events that took place almost 2,000 years ago, when my Son Jesus demonstrated the path that leads you to surrender yourself entirely to the Will of God. I ask you to contemplate that the events that led to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus illustrate the process that your soul can go through as it separates itself from the anti-will of the ego and is resurrected into oneness with the true will of God.

Your ego represents all of the people, all of the forces, that attacked Jesus and sought to prevent him from fulfilling his mission. Your ego represent the people who nailed Jesus to the cross, as your soul is truly nailed to the cross of ego-illusions. And thus, Jesus’ final surrender on the cross, where he gave up the ghost, represents the point of total surrender, where the Conscious You finally decides that it will no longer engage in the ego-illusions, that it will no longer seek to defend or justify them, that it will no longer seek to hide or defend its original choice to turn away from God. Instead, it will surrender that choice, and the ego-illusions that sprang from it. It will give up the ghost of this anti-will, these illusions. And thus it will allow its own ego, and the sense of identity – the soul – built on the ego, to die on the cross. And in allowing the ego to die, the Conscious You is then resurrected into the true life, the immortal life, of knowing that you are a son or daughter of God, an individualization of God, that sprang from the will of God, the desire of God to be more through you.

Thus, you attain immortal life because you are now willing to perpetually transcend yourself, to become more of who you are. You are no longer trapped by the desire to defend the mortal identity of your ego, causing you to seek to stop your growth rather than allowing that growth to take you beyond your limited sense of identity.

Learn from Abraham

Oh my beloved hearts, truly the passion and compassion expressed by the Presence of God’s Will is shared by every member of the ascended masters. It is especially shared by the representative of God’s Will for planet earth, the beloved master M, also known as El Morya, who was the incarnation of Abraham. If you study the life of Abraham, you will see that he truly demonstrated the willingness to follow the will of God over the will of his own ego. He was willing to move out of his home country, to move out of the sense of identity in which his ego was comfortable. He was willing to wander in the desert, not knowing where he was going, but trusting that God would lead him, one step at a time, until he arrived at his final destination.

This is the journey of every lifestream, where the Conscious You must decide to leave its comfort-zone, to leave its dualistic, mortal sense of identity, in which the ego believes it has everything under control. The Conscious You must decide to take one step at a time and trust that its Christ self will lead it in the right direction.

Balance is the key to being a pure messenger

Many people think I am the exclusive property of the Catholic church. Some people think I express myself only through one particular apparition or that I have appeared in only one or a few places, be it Fatima, Lourdes or Medjugorje. Others think I speak through only one particular messenger or organization.

All of these beliefs are the products of ego-illusions that seek to project a dualistic image upon God and God’s representatives. And as all ego-illusions, this image springs from the ego’s desire for control. Yet the human ego will never control any ascended being, and thus our progressive revelation continues regardless of human expectations, as beloved Archangel Michael recently explained.

Another reason for my appearance is to show you what it takes to be a pure messenger for an ascended being. Yes, I do speak through many people around the world, but not all of them, are pure messengers, and the reason is that they do not have balance in their beings. To be a pure messenger, you need balance between the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother.

If you do not have this balance, you can still serve as a messenger, yet your message will be distorted by the desires in your subconscious or conscious mind. Thus, you will tend to move into one of two extremes. One extreme is to focus on the negative portents, giving dire prophecies about cataclysmic changes, seeking to awaken people through fear. The other is to focus on the positive, giving a message that all is well and that God is ultimately in control.

The first type of message often paralyzes people, making them think they can do nothing. The second type often pacifies people, making them think the don’t need to do anything—specifically, you don’t need to confront your ego or the forces of darkness by taking a firm stand for truth. Both reactions spring from the ego, and its attempt to control you by making you believe that you either cannot or don’t need to do anything to separate yourself from it. Thus, you will see many messages on the internet that are either overly negative or overly positive.

The balanced reaction is that you do indeed need to do something about the current conditions on earth. You need to take an active approach and separate yourself from the illusions of your ego. You need to put on the mind of Christ and take a stand for God’s truth. The reason being that free will reigns supreme on earth. As Archangel Michael explained, the ascended masters have the power to remove all darkness from the earth, but we do not have the authority to use our power. Human beings have the authority, but you do not have the power. Thus, the solution is that you give us the authority to release our power through you. Yet to be the open door for the release of God’s power, you need to be perfectly balanced. And to be balanced, you need to rise above the illusions of the ego, so that you cannot be trapped into one of the innumerable dualistic extremes.

Therefore, I have shown you myself through the flame of Father and through the flame of Mother. If you like one of my expressions and feel reluctant about the other, consider that you might not have made peace with either God the Father or God the Mother. And if so, strive to find your inner balance. As one tool to attain balance, give my rosaries and ask me to restore balance in your being. I will help you as you are willing to give up the unbalanced illusions of your ego.

A gift for making peace with God

My Beloved hearts, I too come bearing gifts today, and I come with the gift that if you will take my hand, I will add my momentum of surrender to the momentum of your Christ self. I will take you by the hand, and I will lead you back through the veils of ego-illusions that separate yourself from the original decision, when your soul first chose to turn away from God.

If you will contemplate what caused you to turn away from God while you are giving one of my rosaries for 33 days, you will find that I will truly lead you by the hand, until you see that original serpentine lie that the Conscious You accepted and which caused you to turn away from your spiritual teacher and your I AM Presence. If you will faithfully do this, you will arrive at the point, where the Conscious You can be resurrected into your true identity as a son or daughter of God. That is, if you are willing to fully surrender yourself to the will of God and give up the ghost of ego-illusions.

You have been programmed to believe that Jesus is above you, that he was the only son of God and therefore the only one who could be resurrected. Yet I tell you, all people are sons and daughters of God, and therefore all have the potential to follow in the footsteps of Christ. And when you allow your ego to die on the cross – without the death of your physical body – the Conscious You can be resurrected into your true identity as a son or daughter of God. You can then follow Jesus’ call to do the works that he did, and do even greater works because you build on the momentum of Jesus and all other ascended beings.

When you align yourself with the ascended masters, you can become a focal point in the earth for the collective attainment and momentum of the ascended masters to be expressed through you. You can become the open door for the manifestation of the will of God on planet earth. As more and more people dare to be that open door, you will see that things will begin to change so rapidly that all the darkness and all the seemingly insoluble problems will fade away as dewdrops fade away under the rays of the rising sun.

God is waiting for you to take a stand

My Beloved hearts, the sun of God’s Will is truly rising on earth, and if you will but separate yourself from the anti-will of the ego, and realign yourself with the true will of your being and I AM Presence, you will enter the kingdom of God within you, even while you are still in this limited physical body. You will feel the true life of the will of God stream through your being and express itself through all your thoughts, feelings and actions. Thus, you will see that the will of God will be manifest on earth. It will consume all darkness until all people share the abundant life that is the will of God for this beautiful planet.

Contrast the beauty of nature with the ugliness created by man in some areas. And then realize that God’s will is that this planet expresses only beauty, love, peace and harmony. It is not God’s will that there should be conflict, pain and suffering on earth. And when you realize this truth, you realize that you, as the son or daughter of God, have an absolute right, given to you by God, to take a stand for truth on earth, to take a stand for God’s will, to take a stand for love, peace and harmony. And you have a right to call forth the will of God to consume the anti-will of the egos of humankind and the anti-will of the forces of darkness that think they own this planet.

You have a right to say, “No more! I will separate myself from the anti-will and from all darkness. And I will BE the will of God manifest on earth.” And thus you have a right to demand that God’s will consumes the darkness, the pain and the suffering, restoring God’s kingdom, God’s peace, God’s harmony and God’s love to Mother earth and all her children. My Beloved hearts, if you love me, give my Rosary to God’s Will and set earth free from the anti-will. Set your brothers and sisters free from the anti-will. And set your own selves free from the anti-will. heaven is waiting for the authority to clean up this planet, yet that authority must come from you.

I am your Mother Mary, but I am also an ascended being, and as such I have the perfect balance of the expanding and contracting forces of God. And thus I am also one with the Will of the Father. And therefore, I am one with the Father who will not accept that his sons and daughters are trapped by the anti-will. And therefore, in oneness with the will of the Father within me, I say: “Let there by Light on earth, and only Light. And there IS light. It IS finished!”

Therefore, I seal you now in the unconditional love of the Father-Mother God, anchored in my own Being and in the Being of my spiritual brother, Jesus. We seal you now in the love of the Mother of God and the in the truth of the Son of God. We seal you in the Will of the Father and we seal you in the self-transcendence of the Holy Spirit that bloweth where it listeth and thus dispels all ego-illusions that trap your selves. It is sealed.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels