If you love me, give my Rosary for Mother Russia

TOPICS: A dispensation for consuming totalitarianism in all of its disguises – Progressive revelation will never stop – A warning to the spiritual people in Russia – Our word will not be stopped! – Rise above fear! – Rise above your egos!

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, February 11, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

A dispensation for consuming totalitarianism in all of its disguises

I AM Michael, the Archangel, and I come this day with billions of Blue-flame angels who have taken up formation, shoulder by shoulder, around the Equator of the earth. There are so many angels that they form seven complete circles around the circumference of the earth. On my command, my angels take off and fly in formation toward our meeting place in the Northern Hemisphere. The sound of their wings is like the rushing of many waters. It is indeed a sound that is similar to a tidal wave on the ocean, yet our force is not a destructive force. Our force is a tidal wave of Light that has the power to sweep away all darkness upon the earth.

My angels now fly in formation and they concentrate their bands over the Red Square in Moscow. As they take up formation, I take up my place in their midst. I am indeed come to announce that on this day, February 11, 2005, I, Archangel Michael, am establishing a focus of my Light over the Red Square in Moscow. I establish this focus in the heart of what used to be the most destructive totalitarian force on this planet, namely communism itself. I establish my focus here, in this dark place, because I am come to give the sons and daughters of God on this earth the power to consume all totalitarianism on this planet.

Therefore, I announce to you that I and my angels have been given a dispensation by God, whereby we can give an extraordinary multiplication of any prayer and call made by any human being for the consuming of totalitarianism in any of its disguises. God has said, “No more! It is time to remove totalitarianism from this planet and establish the mind of Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ as the rightful ruler of planet earth!”

Therefore, I announce to you that I have the all power in heaven and on earth to consume all totalitarian forces on this planet. Yet I must tell you that I do not have the authority to consume these forces because of the Law of Free Will. Only you, who are the embodied sons and daughters of God on earth, have the authority to banish totalitarianism from this planet. My Beloved hearts, do you see the equation? I have the power, but I do not have the authority. You have the authority but you do not have the power. The obvious solution is that you give me the authority to use my power on your behalf.

You can give me this authority in many ways, including a simple prayer. Yet I am come this day to release a new rosary that is especially designed to give the sons and daughters of Mother Russia an opportunity to consume totalitarianism in their country. This is done because Mother Russia became the breeding ground for communism, and thus a very strong magnetic pull – a very intense vortex of darkness – was created in the heart of Mother Russia, focused here in the Red Square in Moscow. This magnetic force has pulled on the entire planet, and therefore there is some truth to the saying that as Mother Russia goes, so goes the world.

Yet I will make it clear to you that you can also invoke this new dispensation for the consuming of totalitarianism through my regular rosary. And thus for those outside of Russia, I encourage you to use my regular rosary until other rosaries might be released.

Progressive revelation will never stop

I now speak directly to the sons and daughters of God on earth, and I speak especially to all who call themselves students of the ascended masters. I come to awaken you to the reality that the ascended masters will not be stopped by any human individual or any human organization.

We have been given the task by God to save planet earth and to save every soul on planet earth. We take our task seriously. Do you really think that we will allow the salvation of a planet to depend on the whims of a small group of people forming a small organization? Do you really think that even though we have previously sponsored organizations, we will allow any one organization to jeopardize the salvation of an entire planet because the members of the organization have become rigid and are no longer open to our Living Word?

I must tell you that if you think so, you have sunk into an illusion that is dangerous, not only for your individual progress, but for the salvation of the planet. Therefore, I say to you, “Awaken from this illusion and realize the truth that progressive revelation will never stop!” How can you fall prey to this trap of believing that when progressive revelation stops through one organization, it will stop altogether? Can you not see that this is the same folly that caused the orthodox Christian church to reject the progressive revelation through the Holy Spirit that the Lord Christ initiated with his disciples?

How can you fail to see that the very mindset, which argues that progressive revelation will stop because it has stopped through one particular messenger or organization, is indeed the very mindset, the very consciousness, of anti-Christ? Progressive revelation is a river, and the nature of a river is that it always flows. Progressive revelation will not stop! When the ascended masters stop speaking through one messenger or one organization, it does not mean that we have nothing more to say to our unascended brothers and sisters. As people progress in consciousness, we can give them a progressively higher teaching and this process is never-ending.

You are not the ones who decide what the ascended masters should do or say, and the reason is simple. You are not karmically responsible for our words, but we are. And therefore, the choice is ours. Your choice is whether you will accept our choices and accept our words, or whether you will deny them and thereby step outside the River of Life, the river of the Living Word that has been flowing since the beginning of time and will not stop until the end of time.

So the question is simple. Do you want to stand on the banks and in your pride look down upon those who are flowing with the River of Life, thinking you are an advanced student while in reality you are standing still? Or will you step into the river and be baptized by immersing yourself in our Living Word?

A warning to the spiritual people in Russia

I am stern. I am direct. And I will be even more direct by issuing a warning. I now address specifically those in Russia who consider themselves spiritual people. If you take an honest look at the state of affairs in Mother Russia, you will see that she has indeed entered a downward spiral. The government is becoming more totalitarian every day, eroding your freedoms. The economy is descending into turmoil. Corruption is rampant. The life span has declined to the lowest of any industrialized nation. Hopelessness and despair abound. And many among the Russian people actually believe they were better off under communist rule.

If you cannot see that Mother Russia has entered a downward spiral that could lead her back toward totalitarian rule, then you are blind, you are spiritually blind. And spiritual blindness has only one cause, namely pride. Therefore, I say to the spiritual people in Russia, “Take an honest look at your nation and be willing to admit that she is in decline. Then take an honest look at yourselves and be willing to admit that you have not been able to prevent Mother Russia from entering this downward spiral.”

This should cause you to pause and consider why you have not been able to prevent this downward spiral from taking hold. And you could reason that it is because you do not have enough people to invoke the necessary momentum of light to turn back the darkness. And it is true that if you had greater numbers, you could turn back the darkness. But I must tell you that this would require millions upon millions of people, and you simply do not have the time to attract that many people before the dark spiral, the downward spiral, will have reached the point of no return from which it can no longer be reversed.

So when you have the humility to see the stark reality of the situation, you should consider that the ascended masters are not blind to this predicament. And therefore, you should consider that either we have abandoned you and have abandoned Mother Russia, or we are perfectly willing to release to you new and powerful spiritual tools that can help you turn around the downward spiral.

Therefore, if you consider yourself a spiritual person, you should be willing to recognize the Light, to recognize my Presence, in this dictation and in the rosary for Russia that I am releasing this day. You should be willing to recognize the Light in the dictations by Mother Mary and Jesus and the release of the magnificent rosaries by Mother Mary. And you should be willing to realize that my rosary for Russia, combined with the rosaries of Mother Mary, are the only way to turn around the downward spiral of Mother Russia before it is too late.

I can tell you that if the majority of those who call themselves spiritual people in Russia would take up these rosaries, then you could turn the downward spiral around and prevent Mother Russia from sliding back into totalitarianism. Thereby, you could consume the very downward pull of totalitarian forces, and you could start an upward spiral that could cause not only Mother Russia, but many other nations, to throw off the shackles of totalitarian forces that are threatening to drag this planet into a third World War—a war that would be more destructive than any war seen since the days of Atlantis.

I come to issue a stern warning. I respect the free will of each and every one of you. I respect that you have a right to denounce my words through this messenger and denounce my rosary. Yet I must tell you that if you do so, you will make personal karma, the karma of neglect because you will commit the sin of omission. This will affect your personal growth, and when you pass from the screen of life, you will see the difference it could have made in your personal life, and in the life of Mother Russia, if you had accepted my words and our rosaries. Yet this will only be your personal karma.

However, if you have set yourself up as an authority figure and you use your position to denounce my rosary and the rosaries of Mother Mary, then I must warn you that you will make a far more severe karma by causing others to ignore these rosaries. Depending on the number of people you influence, your personal karma can quickly spiral out of control to the point, where you have little chance of balancing that karma in the remainder of your lifetime.

I am not giving you this warning to institute fear, because fear has no place in the consciousness of a true spiritual person. Yet I am giving this warning because some of you are so trapped in fear that you are afraid of looking at progressive revelation in any form. Therefore, I have to jolt you out of that fear by giving you the stark realism that ignoring our Living Word and our ongoing progressive revelation does indeed carry a karmic price tag. And thus you can decide whether you will remain in your fear-based state of consciousness and pay the price, or whether you will let go of your fear and accept the fact that progressive revelation will continue to progress indefinitely.

Our word will not be stopped!

Hierarchy will not be stopped! Our Living Word will not be stopped. We have never given any messenger the exclusive rights to deliver the Living Word for us. We have never given any organization, any group of students, the right to decide whether progressive revelation will continue or whether it will stop.

The very nature of our service to God is to help human beings rise above their egos and separate minds. Therefore, we will never conform to, or submit ourselves to, the expectations that spring from people’s egos. And thus our progressive revelation will always go beyond the egotistical expectations that spiritual people have built. We will never conform to the mental box of any human being or group of human beings. In fact, we come to shatter those mental boxes because only by going beyond those mental boxes will you progress and put on the mind of Christ.

What I am saying is that I, Archangel Michael, have need of you. Mother Russia has need of you. Mother Mary has need of you. Saint Germain has need of you!If Mother Russia goes down the drain of totalitarianism, how can Saint Germain’s golden age be manifest on this planet? And therefore I say to you, if you consider yourself a spiritual person, then use my rosary for Russia and use the rosaries of Mother Mary.

My concern is what you do in your heart. And therefore I say, “If you love me, give my rosary. If you love Mother Mary, give her rosaries. If you love Saint Germain, give the rosaries for the bringing forth of his golden age in Mother Russia and on the entire planet!”

Rise above fear!

It is time, and it is high time, that those who call themselves spiritual people, rise above fear, rise above the fear that is a motivating factor for giving decrees or going to church services or even belonging to a particular church. It is time for you to rise above this fear that has caused you to be trapped in what Jesus has called the outer path. This is also the path that the Bible talks about, namely, the way that seemeth right unto a man but the ends thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12).

I can tell you that a substantial number of spiritual people have used a spiritual teaching to trap themselves on the outer path. And I know these students are very comfortable in their self-created mental boxes. They feel superior to any other spiritual people on this planet, they feel they have the highest teaching and the most powerful techniques and that they alone are saving the planet. Yet I must tell you that these students are trapped in an illusion, they are trapped in spiritual pride that makes them blind to our Living Word.

If you are on the outer path, you are not saving the planet for Saint Germain no matter how many decrees or prayers you give. There is only one way to save the planet for Saint Germain, and that is to manifest your Christhood. If you want to bring in the golden age of Saint Germain, then you must follow the teacher of the Piscean age and internalize his teachings to the point, where you let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5). Only when you build on the foundation set by Jesus, can you bring forth the golden age of Saint Germain. Do you think the golden age of Saint Germain can be built without a solid foundation? Do you think the golden age of Saint Germain can be built on the shifting sands of the human consciousness by those students who follow the outer path? I tell you: “No, this simply is not possible!”

The golden age of Saint Germain must be built on the rock of Christ, the rock of the Christ consciousness. And thus I say to you, “Stop dancing around the golden calf created by those who claim to be spiritual leaders, but who have not the humility to see that they are not worshipping the true God but an idol of their own making! Stop following the blind leaders before you follow them into the ditch.”

Be willing to humble yourselves and see that you have gone astray from the true teachings of the ascended masters and that you need to climb the mountain of God, until you find the sacred fire in your heart, the fire that will consume all unlike itself. Do you think the ascended masters are blind to the fact that so many of our students have become trapped on the outer path? Do you think that we will just abandon you without attempting to give you teachings and tools for rising above that outer path. Nay, I say! We have not abandoned you. We have given you teachings and tools, namely, the teachings of Jesus, the teachings of Mother Mary, the rosaries of Mother Mary and the rosaries of Archangel Michael. If you will study these teachings and apply these tools, you can quickly rise above the outer path and thereby take your rightful roles as those who will bring in the golden age of Saint Germain. We have not abandoned you—have you abandoned us?

Rise above your egos

You should realize that many of you have used spiritual teachings to build up your egos to the point, where you have become like the scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 5:20) who cannot recognize the Living Christ in your brothers and sisters when they stand before you. You should be willing to recognize that you have become as Paul before his conversion, where he felt that he was one of the most righteous Jews, and therefore his persecution of the Christians was justified. Therefore, I say to you on behalf of Jesus Christ, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks” (Acts 26:14).

It is hard for you to maintain the illusion that you are the most advanced spiritual people and that you are saving the planet for Saint Germain. And I can tell you that as cycles progress, and as those who do not flow with the Living Word are left behind, it will become more and more difficult for you to maintain this illusion. Thus I say to you, “Be willing to be as Paul who acknowledged the blinding light of his Christ self that appeared to him. Be willing to recognize that it is the light of Christ and that the Lord Jesus Christ speaks through that light. Therefore, be willing to go through a conversion, like the one experienced by Paul where he turned his life around 180 degrees. And instead of persecuting the true representatives of Christ, he now joined them and became an open door for the delivery of the Living Word of Christ.”

How sad it is that I, Archangel Michael, should have to chastise spiritual people in this way. Yet whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth (Hebrews 12:6), and thus what you have felt in this dictation is the intensity of my love for you. Therefore, I now ask you, “Do you love me? Do you love Michael, the Archangel?” If you love me, keep my commandments. Here is my most important commandment, which is indeed the need of the hour brought to you by the Chief of the Darjeeling Council, “Give Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Russia! Give the rosaries of Mother Mary and turn around the downward spiral of Mother Russia, so that she can rise and throw off the shackles of totalitarianism and become the bride of Christ that will be a shining example to all nations.” If you love me, if you love Saint Germain, then use our rosaries to set the foundation for the golden age of Saint Germain to be fully physically manifest in Russia and from there spread to the four corners of the earth.

I have spoken, and I seal you now in the intense fire of my love that will not leave you alone in your comfortability and your illusions. I seal you in the unconditional love of Mother Mary who cannot understand how you can ignore or neglect the immense gift she has given in her new rosaries. I seal you in the love of Jesus Christ who cannot understand how you can ignore his new teachings, given to help you manifest your Christhood and win the victory of Pisces for an entire planet. I seal you in the heart of Saint Germain who cannot understand how those who have been open to the delivery of the Living Word for many years can suddenly shut up their ears to that Living Word.

And thus I seal you in the hearts of those who love you so much that we do not want you to remain trapped in the consciousness of anti-Christ. And thus we keep hounding you like the hounds of heaven, urging you to come up into the consciousness of Christ. Be willing to lose your former life to find the immortal life of the Christ consciousness! It is finished.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels