I officially inaugurate the Aquarian age—catch my enthusiasm

TOPICS: There if a forward progression to life – This marks the official beginning of the Aquarian age – How civilization has changed – Understanding the challenge that Jesus hurled at humankind – The consciousness of elitism must be transcended – Overcome the attachment to outcome and stop judging yourself – Understanding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – Question your preconceived opinions about the Aquarian age – Moving away from force-based technology – Shifting into the Aquarian age consciousness – In the Golden Age, diversity will be seen as the greatest potential – Become an expert in one area – Democracy is the most demanding form of government – Christ proved the triumph of individuality over structures – Pessimists will not bring the Golden Age into manifestation –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, March 22, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

I have been known for some time now as the ascended master Saint Germain. Yet, Saint Germain is but a name, and I am more than a name—for I am a Living Spirit, constantly transcending myself as an expression of the Flame of Freedom, that I have chosen to merge into, to become one with, to become the embodiment of for planet earth. This is how I earned the office of the Hierarch of the Aquarian age—by being willing to transcend myself, until I had raised my self-awareness to the level, that is required for one to serve in the position of being the main hierarch for a 2,150 year cycle on earth.

Jesus had done so before me, likewise raising his sense of self-awareness to the point of being able to serve as the hierarch of the Age of Pisces. I received great inspiration from Christ—not from the outer life of Christ that was preserved in the image given by the official Christian churches, but I received inspiration from within, through my own ponderings over many embodiments on the true inner message of Christ. A message that I tried to express, as best I could, through various embodiments, including through the works of Shakespeare and the writings of Francis Bacon, seeking to always instill that drive for self-transcendence as the very key factor, that will bring about a new and better age—no matter where you are.

There if a forward progression to life

For is it not so – and is it not obvious to those who have opened their minds and hearts – that the key to growth is always self-transcendence? Life is transcending itself; everything is constantly transcending itself. You may look at nature, you may look at the cycles of winter, spring, summer, fall, winter and so on, and you may think, that this is but a repetitive cycle. But look at history down through the millennia, down through the eons, and see that it is not just a cycle that repeats itself, for there is a forward progression. There is a progression that brought forth, gradually, more complex life forms, until a physical body had been brought into existence with a brain and nervous system sophisticated enough to support the embodiment of the living spirits, the individualizations of the Creator’s Being, the co-creators that we are.

Look even at the earth revolving around the sun. Look how you might have grown up with the image, that the earth simply moves around the sun, and when it has moved around the sun one time, it returns to the same position that it was a year ago. This is the common perception—or rather the common misperception. For my beloved, you do not seriously believe, do you, that the sun is stationery in space? Have not your scientists told you that the universe is constantly expanding, have they not told you, that your sun is one star in a larger system, called a galaxy, and that it moves along with that galaxy? Even the entire galaxy is moving in space, so you see – when you think deeper about this – that when the earth has revolved around the sun one time, it does not come back to the same position in space. For the sun has moved, meaning that the trajectory, the path, of the earth around the sun is not an elliptical orbit: it is a spiral that moves in a clear direction.

And such it is with everything in the material universe. Everything is moving, not in circles but in spirals—spirals that have a clear direction. It is either upwards or downwards. It is either an expanding spiral or a collapsing spiral, for there is nothing in between. The dream of the elliptical, stationary orbit is but a dream. Where does this dream come from? It comes from the human ego, which wants to preserve itself by stopping the forward progression of the entire universe, if it could. And given that I cannot, it seeks to create the impression of something stationary. And because of free will and the density of the matter realm, it is indeed possible to create the image that something is stationary, something can be preserved, something can survive for a time in its present form. Indeed, this is the central challenge of life but it is especially the challenge faced by humankind right now.

This marks the official beginning of the Aquarian age

For I, Saint Germain, come with great joy to tell you, that this day, March 22, 2010, marks the first day of the Aquarian age. The changeover from the Piscean to the Aquarian taking place at midnight, between the 21st and the 22nd of March, 2010. And thus I, Saint Germain, greet you as the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age on this first day of the Aquarian age. What is the significance of this day? Well, this can be viewed from two different perspectives. First, from the overall perspective, the significance is simply this: everything has changed. Everything has changed. Everything on earth has changed in an instant, and nothing will be the same.

Yet will people notice that everything has changed? Not for a while—for some of them for a long while. Let me take you back, if you will, to the day before I, embodied as Columbus, discovered America. After a long struggle with the crew on my ships, I was relieved to wake up to the discovery of land. When you look back, you will see that that day, October 12, 1492, truly marked the beginning of a new era, with the colonization of America and everything America stands for in the world today. Nevertheless, the day itself hardly seemed significant at all. It was a day that most people did not notice as being any different from any other day.

I, of course, noticed it, chiefly because through the discovery of land, there was less risk that I would be thrown overboard by my own crew. And that was a fate I preferred to avoid at the time, being somewhat attached to my physical body, even being somewhat attached to the desire to make a significant discovery. For I was, of course, back then an unascended being and not free of ego. There was a certain amount of ego in the entire desire to discover new land. There was even a certain amount of ego in the desire to prove the old mindset wrong, to prove once and for all, that the earth is not flat, even to prove the fallacy of the Roman doctrines—that I was not much in favor of in that embodiment. Having, of course, suffered from the abuse of the Christian churches for several embodiments, and having clearly seen how – during those times of the Middle Ages – it was indeed the Catholic Church, that was the major hindrance to progress in Europe and to the dawning of a new age.

Nevertheless, beyond a certain ego involvement, a certain desire to prove them wrong, there was also a deeper desire to be part of the River of Life that brings civilization forward. And so it has been with many other people throughout history, who have brought forth new ideas, new ideas that brought civilization forward. In some cases the people were driven by selfish motives of fame or fortune or writing themselves into history. Yet they were still open to being the recipients of a particular new idea, that brought society forward. And this is indeed how civilization has progressed, in the past 2,000 years, from the stage that you saw back then to the stage that you see today.

How civilization has changed

Let us look at the civilization of 2,000 years ago, and let us look at the dominant civilization of the time, namely the Roman Empire. You will see, that the Roman Empire and the Roman church have provided the major challenges – they illustrate the major challenges – that humankind must transcend – were meant to transcend – during the Piscean age. The challenges people must transcend in order to move into the aquarian age consciousness, and therefore manifest the golden age, that is the highest potential for the Aquarian age.

What is it indeed, that the Roman Empire and the Roman Church represent? They represent the consciousness that started with the original fallen angels, when they fell in a higher sphere, out of the arrogance of thinking they knew better than God how to run God’s creation. They thought that they formed an elite with special powers, with special wisdom and insight and intellectual prowess. And therefore, they thought that they deserved to rule the people. They deserved to rule the new co-creators in the sphere into which they had fallen, after they refused to self-transcend and ascend with their original sphere. They thought that in their sophistication, they were better suited for ruling over the co-creators, who were yet new and yet experimenting. Yet the co-creators were simply the children of God, and as Jesus said: “Unless you become as little children you shall in no wise enter the kingdom.” And so, they were not nearly as unsophisticated as the fallen angels thought—and as they think to this day.

You see, what the fallen angels did was they created a standard for sophistication, that was based on themselves and their own state of consciousness. This was not a universal standard, it was not a logical standard, it was not a natural standard, it was not a standard set by God—it was a standard set by the fallen consciousness, the consciousness and duality and separation. It was a standard that attempted to make a virtue out of necessity, the necessity that you are in when you enter duality, and therefore cannot be one with the River of Life. And therefore, you must take everything by force, for it will not come to you easily when you are not willing to surrender yourself, your separate sense of self, into that flow of the River of Life.

This is the very consciousness of taking by force, and the fallen ones had no other option. And thus, they attempted to make it seem like taking by force was a virtue, and that those who were the best at forcing others were the ones, that were best suited to rule, and were indeed the ones that should be seen as the most sophisticated—even as the representatives of God on earth. This is the height of their arrogance. The Roman emperors proclaimed themselves as gods on earth, requiring the people to worship them as such and accept that everything they said or did was infallible.

Ahh, the dream of infallibility. Is that not also the dream of a stationary orbit, that something stands still and can be preserved. For the emperor’s word is always infallible, no matter what it is and no matter what the consequences. And this is precisely the consciousness, that was carried from the Roman Empire, and as the Roman Empire began to crumble was transferred to the Roman church, the Roman Catholic Church. Where it also was declared that the Pope was infallible, that he was speaking for God, that he was the only true representative of Christ on earth.

Understanding the challenge that Jesus hurled at humankind

So then, this is the consciousness that humankind has been up against for these past 2,000 years. Certainly, they have been up against it before, but they have not really been up against it; they have been subjected to it. For it was only 2,000 years ago that humankind received a true opportunity to see and transcend this consciousness. And what gave them that opportunity to transcend the fallen consciousness, the consciousness that something on earth can be infallible, can be permanent? Well, it was, my beloved, the incarnation of Jesus as the living Christ. When he walked the earth those 2,000 years ago, he hurled the challenge at humankind: there is a higher reality than the fallen consciousness. “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father will ye do, for he was a murderer from the beginning.” He murdered truth, the fallen ones murdered truth, murdered innocence, murdered the very transcendence of life.

For life is transcendence. Without transcendence, there is no life. Life is not in a stationary orbit; life is constantly transcending and renewing itself. And a species that will not adapt and renew itself, will become extinct. That is the one valuable lesson, that can be learned from the entire concept of evolution and the survival of the fittest—meaning the most adaptable, those who are most willing to transcend the old matrix.

Look at the life of Jesus. Born in humble circumstances, born like any other man—despite the myths that were added later about a star appearing. I was there as Saint Joseph – or rather, as Joseph the carpenter – when Jesus was born. You have seen the images of a manger with a star appearing above it. Well, I was there and I saw no such star, my beloved. This was an entirely metaphorical thing, that could only be deduced by those who had inner sight—not a physically visible star, as the legends would have it.

For what have they done to Christ? He embodied as an “ordinary” human being in order to show the potential that all have. The fallen ones, of course, did not want people to realize their true potential, so what did they do. Well, first the Roman emperors tried to suppress Christianity. And then, when it became clear to one pragmatic emperor – one political animal by the name of Constantine – that it could not be suppressed, what did they do? Well, they said, “Let’s use it then—if we can’t kill it, let’s use it. Let’s accept it as the official religion, but of course in doing so, let us add a few subtle conditions that no one will notice—a few conditions that twist and turn Christianity.”

Not that this was an invention of the emperor Constantine; it was already started by other fallen beings who had joined Christianity, and who had started to glorify Jesus and set him up as an exception rather than as an example. And so, it was easy for Constantine to magnify this, to put the support of the Roman Empire behind those who had the view of Christianity, that most suited his political ends. Gradually, you saw the formation of a church which elevated Christ to the status of God, thereby being fundamentally different from other people on this planet, therefore being completely unsuited to serve as an example for them and their potential, for he was so different. He was of the same substance as the father, he was God from the very beginning.

Well, my beloved, you are all God from the very beginning, because without him was not anything made that was made. And thus “ye are gods” as Jesus himself said. And that, of course, is precisely what the fallen ones do not want you to realize. They do not want you to realize your true co-creative potential.

Not that you are gods in the sense of the fallen ones wanting to set themselves up as god on earth. You are not God in the fullest sense; you are individualizations of God. That does not mean, that anyone of you is superior to any other, for how can one expression of God be superior to another expression of God? You are all individualizations of God, you are all equal in your uniqueness. Yet what the fallen consciousness has done is, it has imposed that value judgment, whereby it now becomes possible to say, that due to certain characteristics here on earth, one person is unique, one person is above all others—be it an emperor, or a pope or Christ himself.

The consciousness of elitism must be transcended

This is the very foundation for the consciousness of elitism, the consciousness of exclusivity. And this is the consciousness, that humankind has been faced with the challenge of transcending during the past 2,000 years. For by the very embodiment of Jesus himself, the challenge became absolute, in the sense that no human being on earth has been able to ignore it completely. Yet of course, many human beings have ignored it to a very large extent.

And what you see in the past 2,000 years is indeed the pattern, that the majority of the population have wanted strong leaders to rule them, precisely because that meant, that they could ignore the challenge of acknowledging and expressing their true creative potential. Look at the teachings we have brought forth about the human ego, about dramas personal and epic. Look at the teachings and read between the lines, and you will see, that what we have given you are the very keys to overcoming this precise consciousness that I am addressing here. Whereby you overcome your own reluctance to acknowledge yourself as a co-creator with God, to acknowledge your co-creative potential.

We have given you the keys to overcoming this consciousness. Yet the problems here is, that this requires a certain effort, as it seems. It is not truly an effort, in the sense, that you have to struggle against something. But it is an effort in the sense, that you do have to go through a process, that will seem like a struggle. Because you do have to go through the process of raising yourself beyond the downward pull of the mass consciousness—that simply wants to live an unconscious life, an unawakened life. And thus, you have to follow the process – demonstrated by Jesus, demonstrated by the Buddha and other spiritual examples – of raising, of accelerating, your consciousness, your sense of self beyond the level of the mass consciousness. So that you can accept, that you are not simply a human being, you can accept that you are a co-creator with God, you are an individualization of God.

And therefore, you do have the potential to be part of the Golden Age of Aquarius, be part of co-creating and manifesting that age as a physical reality on planet earth. This is somewhat of an effort. Many of you have been engaged in this effort for decades, but you have not fully engaged it—yet. You have fallen prey to a subtle state of consciousness, that we have also exposed in our many discourses and dictations, namely the belief that you can follow an outer path. As we have said before, even in spiritual organizations, there is that consciousness of believing, that if we only study the outer teaching, give decrees or prayers or rosaries, do this or do that, then we will one day ascend.

But as we have explained, most recently by Serapis Bey, the ascension is not an automatic or mechanical process. It will never happen by you doing outer things. The outer things may have a beneficial effect of transmuting energy, but they will not raise your consciousness. For raising your consciousness can only happen as the result of a conscious will, a conscious decision, a conscious choice.

You have been given free will by God, and what has enabled the fallen beings to rule the earth is precisely that they have found ways – clever ways – to subdue free will, to make people give away their free will, to give up their choices, and leave the choices to the rulers, the emperors, the kings and the potentates of this and that system. You have been given an individual free will. It can be exercised only by you, and it can be exercised only consciously. And given the current state of the mass consciousness on earth, it is indeed a certain effort, that is required for you to consciously choose beyond the mass consciousness.

This I freely admit, as it was an effort for me as Columbus to choose to go against the mass consciousness and say, “No, the earth must be round.” We all understand this in the ascended realm, yet we have all raised ourselves above it, and we know you can do the same. We also know, that you can do it only by doing it as we did it: by consciously making the effort, making the determination, that you are willing to be conscious, that you are willing to make conscious choices—conscious choices, instead of blindly following the mass consciousness, or the leaders who claim to have superiority, even infallibility. This is the choice faced here at the beginning of the Aquarian age. Will you begin to make conscious choices—for which you take full and exclusive responsibility? Or will you find some guru or leader, who claims to have some infallible characteristic, and then blindly follow that leader?

For as the Great Divine Director, and my own guru, has recently explained, divine direction is not a straitjacket; it is not that you have one choice to follow divine direction and then you make no more choices, for now you just do what you are told from above. Instead, the reality is that divine direction has only one purpose: it is to help you make better choices and thereby grow in self-awareness and the use of your co-creative abilities.

Overcome the attachment to outcome and stop judging yourself

You see, an aspect of the fallen consciousness is the attachment to specific outcomes and results on earth. And therefore, they have set up this entire consciousness, that certain of your choices are wrong according to some standard. And they use this to get you to judge yourself, until you have had so much pain of making these so-called wrong choices, that you finally reason: “I’ve had enough of making these wrong choices—I will no longer make any choices.” I will follow an outer leader, I will follow a religion, I will follow a guru or messenger. Or, I will seek for some divine direction from someone who will tell me what to do. Well, my beloved, if you are looking for some nonmaterial entity to tell you what to do, I can assure you, that that nonmaterial entity will not be a member of the ascended masters.

For we do not have the goal to get you to a point, where you never make wrong choices on earth. Our goal is your overall growth in self-awareness. And as we have said many times, you can grow equally from any choice you make, whether it is “wrong” or “right” according to some earthly standard. Our only concern is to help you learn and grow, and thereby transcend and grow in your co-creative ability and awareness. That is our concern.

Do you, really and truly, my beloved, believe, that we sit up here and watch your every move and judge you harshly? Do you believe, that for every choice you make, the karmic board is sitting up here with a scorecard, and they put a little check when you make a good choice and they put a minus when you make a bad choice? And they add up all the minuses, until you reach some critical mark and then “Bam” you are going down into that fiery hell, that the Christians have portrayed so vividly for so many centuries. Do you seriously believe, that this is how the karmic board works? Because if you do, I can tell that you, that you have fallen prey to the fallen consciousness and their mind control and their brainwashing, and their projection of these false images into the collective consciousness.

And if you seriously believe, that this is how the karmic board and the ascended masters work, then it is time for you to realize, that you have been had by the fallen angels. And it is time to wake up and throw away these preconceived image, based on duality and judgmentalness. It is time to go within and be honest and say: “I am beginning to see how the fallen consciousness has affected my view of God and my view of the ascended masters. And I am hereby determining – by my free will choice – that I am willing to know God and the ascended masters as they really are. I am willing to know reality.”

My beloved, ask and you shall receive. Ask with a willingness to look beyond your mental boxes, your preconceived opinions, your epic dramas, and we will reveal our true beings to you. For we are right here with you all the time. It is only in your mind, that there has been created the impression, the image, of a distance, of an unbreachable gulf between you and us. And that unbreachable gulf was created precisely in the fallen consciousness. For there is an unbreachable gulf between the fallen consciousness and the ascended consciousness. There is no question about this. There is a gulf between the fallen consciousness and the ascended consciousness. But you are an individualization of the Creator’s Being, and you have a choice: Do you want to step into the fallen consciousness; do you want to step into the ascended consciousness?”

To which station do you want to attune the radio of your consciousness? Turn that dial of consciousness. It may have been stuck on a certain station for many embodiments. The dial might have gotten a little rusty, my beloved. It might be stuck on a station, that it has been tuned in to for so long, thinking perhaps it was the only station—or that it would get you to heaven if you just kept tuning in to it long enough. So make that effort to wrest the dial free from the corrosion, to get it moving again. Turn it back and forth perhaps for a little while, just to clear the rust and the dirt. But then turn it towards the higher stations, until you reach us. For it is not that difficult, but it has become much easier, as the planet has shifted from the piscean to the aquarian mindset.

It requires less of an effort today to tune in to the reality of the ascended masters than it did yesterday. And, as time progresses, and as the collective consciousness continues to progress, it will require less and less of an effort. But it will still require the choice, that you are willing to question your old mental images, the graven images. Without a willingness to question your graven images, no progress is possible. This is the way it has been always—always. For free will is the essence of growth.

Understanding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—these are three of the rights defined in that document, the Declaration of Independence. But what is life? It is that which does not stand still, but is constantly transcending itself. If there is no self-transcendence, there is only death, which is why Jesus said, “I have come that all might have life and that more abdundantly manifest.” Life is Christ, Christ is transcendence—self-transcendence, constant, constant, ever-flowing self-transcendence. Without self-transcendence, there is no life, only a repetition of that which is. And that which is is death—this is the death consciousness.

My beloved, if you are a spiritual student of any kind, then I tell you: the cycles of time have turned. You are now in the Aquarian age. You have an unprecedented opportunity to tune in to the aquarian age consciousness, the golden age consciousness. And thus, it is time to let the dead bury their dead. Let those who will not question their mental boxes—just let them be. Move on. Question your mental box, raise your self-awareness, start making conscious decisions. Go within and find the point of stillness, as I have said. And start acting from that point, as Gautama Buddha explained at New Year’s.

Now then, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life is self-transcendence, then what is liberty? Well, men think that it is some permanent state, where they have a certain form of government that gives them certain laws and rights. But I tell you, again, nothing can stand still, everything must be transcended. So liberty is also self-transcendence. Only in constant self-transcendence, will you remain free. For, my beloved, you may think that in the past there was a tyrant, who did not give the people certain rights. You may think that you have now created a government, even a constitution, that gives certain rights to its citizens, and that these rights are written into certain laws. And therefore, you may think that you have it made. But I tell you, that it is not so, for as you can see, even in the United States today, the constitutional freedoms are constantly being eroded. And in fact, the very laws that yesterday seemed to set you free from some tyrant, will now become a limitation in themselves. They might hold society back from transcending, going to a higher level. And thus, again, only in self-transcendence can there be continued liberty.

Which then leads us on to happiness. And what is happiness? Can there be happiness without self-transcendence? Nay, there cannot. There can be, perhaps, some impression of happiness, and that is what people seek two create on earth by defining an outer standard for happiness and saying, “When I have this or that, then I must be happy!” And then they seek to spend their entire lives acquiring what will supposedly make them happy. And when they get it, they end up realizing, that they are not in a permanent state of happiness, for now the main concern is to defend and maintain that which supposedly makes them happy.

So, while they didn’t have it, they were striving to acquire it, and now that they have it, they are striving to maintain it. And either way, this takes them away from happiness. For what is happiness? It is constant self-transcendence, and what is self-transcendence? It is that you are not attached to anything on earth, for you know you are more than anything on earth, and whatever you have on earth only serves as a vehicle for your self-expression. And any day, your self-expression might go in a different direction, spontaneously, without you knowing ahead of time, as Jesus so recently explained in Rome. And therefore, if you are surrendered to the flow of the River of Life, you are not attached to any outer possessions. You are willing to flow and to take your self-transcendence in new directions, in new spheres, that you may not have been able to even dream about before, when you were so focused on a particular form of self expression.

Question your preconceived opinions about the Aquarian age

There is nothing wrong in being focused on a certain sense of self-expression right now. But when you become attached to it and think, that it has to be this way for the indefinite future, or even for the rest of your lifetime, well, then that self-expression has become a limit to the expression of your Spirit. And thus, I tell you: if you have any preconceived opinions, any preconceived images, of what the Aquarian age should be – or what your life and your contribution to the Aquarian age should be – then this day marks the start of the cycle, where it would be highly advantageous for you to reconsider those images. If you truly are to make the shift from the piscean to the aquarian age consciousness, then I can assure you, that all of your preconceived images about the aquarian age and your own self-expression must be questioned.

Many of them must simply be transcended, for they are obsolete. They were based on the old consciousness and what you could see and what humankind could see in that old consciousness. But that consciousness is gone, the old cycle is gone. And therefore, it is time for a new vision, it is time to open your imagination to see the reality of what the Golden Age can be—not what it seemed like seen through the filter of the piscean mindset and the piscean cycle.

This is also what Christ represents to you—the challenge of Christ to always look beyond your mental box, to leave your nets and follow Christ for a time, until you begin to see from within what is the self-expression, that you desire to bring forth in the Aquarian age. Whatever you have done up to this point was what you needed to do; you needed to have that experience. I am not asking you to blame yourself or think, that you have been wrong in doing what you have been doing. It is not a matter of blame. You have done what you have done because you needed that experience, and it was a necessary step on your path. What I am asking you to consider here is, that the cycles of earth have irrevocably changed, and therefore if you want to unlock your true aquarian potential, you need to rethink everything.

You need to realize, that the way you have looked at yourself and the Aquarian age and the teachings of the ascended masters so far has been, in subtle ways, affected by the Piscean mindset and by the consciousness of humankind. And if you really want to make this shift, you need to rethink, you need to question everything. Question everything, be willing to question—not in the sense that you evaluate that something was wrong. I am not asking for a dualistic judgment; I am only asking you to question by saying: “Is there possibly more? Could there be more to understand, could there be more to envision, could there be more to imagine? Is there a higher form of expression, that is possible for me in the Aquarian age? Is there a higher expression of some aspect of society, that is possible in the Aquarian age? Is there a higher expression of some form of technology, that is possible in the Aquarian age?”

Moving away from force-based technology

For I can assure you, that in the Aquarian age you will see the emergence of a new form of technology, based on a new state of consciousness, that is not forced-based. Look at so much of the technology you have in the world today, especially in the field of energy. Look at how it is force-based. Take oil; how was oil created? Organic life gathered, died and was put under pressure until it became a liquid, black substance. How is oil extracted? By force, by drilling into the earth. How is it refined; again by force. How is it used to power your cars? In an internal combustion engine, where the force of an explosion forces the pistons to move. Force, force, force—everywhere force.

Contrast this with the statement made by Jesus at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, “Fear not little flock, for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” This is the antithesis of force-based technology and a force-based economy and a force-based world. Certainly, there is a potential that humankind will one day reach a level of collective consciousness, where they do not even need technology but can manifest their needs directly through the powers of the mind. Yet that stage is some ways off. It would be a potential towards the end of the Aquarian age, if the Aquarian age unfolds to its highest potential. But until then, there will be a need for technology—a new form of technology, however, that is not based on force but is based on a higher understanding of nature, of the material universe and of the spiritual laws behind it. So that people can work with life, with Spirit, with nature—and therefore develop technology, that will truly allow you to produce energy without burning any fuel whatsoever.

This is a real possibility in the not-too-distant future, but it will require a major shift. First of all, it will require humankind to begin to question the fallen consciousness. For I, as the Hierarch of the Aquarian age, am not about to release technology that, at the current level of consciousness, would instantly be monopolized or suppressed by the power elite. I will not release this technology until I can be sure, that it will benefit all people equally, and will not be used—not only for profit but even for political control purposes by the power elite.

You may think that they are already certain forms of technology in existence, that have been suppressed by the elite—I am not even denying that. But what I am saying here is, that there is technology in my etheric retreat, that is far more advanced than anything that is even dreamt of, save by a very few individuals who have attuned their consciousness to the potential for the Aquarian age. And that technology will enable you to produce unlimited amounts of energy without having a centralized production facility or even requiring a centralized distribution network. And therefore, it cannot be monopolized by any corporation or any country.

It is truly liberating technology, for you realize, do you not, that the reason why humankind has been limited to force-based technology is, that humankind has been under the fallen consciousness. The fallen consciousness, off course, cannot conceive of a non-force-based technology. But even if they could, they would not want it, for force-based technology is precisely what allows them to monopolize technology. For those who can conquer the force, or the right to use force, can also gain a monopoly.

And surely, you recognize that no ordinary family can build a nuclear power plant in their backyard. And this is another example of the complexity of force-based technology, that requires such huge and complicated plants, that they can only be built by governments or huge corporations—and therefore, by their very nature, are open to being controlled by the power elite. The technology I am talking about is so simple, that it can be built by anyone and that you can have a generating plant, a small plant, right in your own home, that can meet all of your energy needs, without requiring you to ever pay the oil companies, or the electric companies, or the gas companies ever again. This is the kind of technology I desire to release. It is in existence in the etheric realm, but until the consciousness shifts, it will not be released.

Shifting into the Aquarian age consciousness

And how is the consciousness going to shift? Well, only by those who see themselves as the forerunners of Aquarius being willing to question the way they look at everything, to question what limits their imagination. Be willing to question what limits your imagination. This is, right now, possibly the greatest service you could render to the ascended masters and to humankind. Question what limits your imagination, including questioning what already limits your perception. For if you will not question your current perception, how could you ever free your imagination to soar beyond what you perceive as the limits for life? How then, will you question your perception? Let me suggest two areas, where you might begin: church and state, religion and politics. These two are like two sides of the coin of life. They truly represent the Alpha and the Omega, the masculine and the feminine.

Politics may be a too limited word, for truly what it involves is everything that is the feminine aspect of life, the practical, outer expression of life in your personal life, in society, in politics, in technology, in education, in the family—in every practical aspect of life; this is the Omega aspect, the Divine Mother. The Alpha aspect, the Divine Father aspect, is not simply religion – as it has traditionally been conceived – but every aspect of how you imagine your potential. As we have recently said, the masculine is “what can be done,” the feminine is “how it can be done.” And this is the highest potential of church and state, where church, religion, is meant to represent the masculine, that gives you a vision of what to do. And then, state, or the feminine, gives you the practical vision of how it can be done, how you desire to express it.

What, then, is the primary preconceived idea, that you might question? Well, it is another aspect of the fallen consciousness, namely that there is only one right way to do it. This is, again, tied in to what I have explained about the judgmental consciousness, that wants to set up a standard for what is right and wrong, and evaluate everything based on that standard. Take that consciousness, make an effort to see it as an expression of the fallen consciousness, and then realize, that I am not here talking about going into the opposite extreme of saying that anything goes. For, when you reach for the Alpha of the vision of the Spirit, you know what can be done, what should be done and what is not right because it will not provide growth for yourself or for other aspects of life. But even when you see what can be done, and what is right from a higher perspective, there are still many ways that it can be done.

Many times we see our spiritual students have a correct vision of what should be done, but they cannot agree on how it should be done. And then, what do they do? Well, they fall prey to the belief, that there can only be one right way to do it, and that even we of the ascended masters have only one right way to run an organization, for example. And thus, what happens? There is the inevitable division into factions, where one faction will say: “Our way is the way the masters want.” And the other faction will say: “No, our way is the way the masters want.” And so, they are locked in a battle, they are divided amongst themselves, and therefore the house cannot stand, their organization cannot reach its full potential.

Realize, that there will be many different ways to do the same thing, that can all be valid and all be a contribution. For we realize, that in the fallen consciousness there is this underlying mentality, that there is only one right way to do it, and that all should conform to it. Is this not, my beloved, what we have exposed recently in Rome, in the Roman Catholic Church, of the suppression of individuality by the structure? The submission to the structure, thereby the individual suppressing its individual creativity in order to conform to the structure.

Well, if you are ascended master students, question the idea, that in the Aquarian age there will be only one valid religion. Question the idea that we of the ascended masters want to see the emergence of one religion. Question the idea that we of the ascended masters want to see all people recognize the ascended masters and one particular teaching of the ascended masters as the superior religion of the Aquarian age.

In the Golden Age, diversity will be seen as the greatest potential

Do you see the fallacy of the fallen consciousness? What is the essence of the fallen beings and their desire for control? They must suppress not only free will, but individual creativity. Each one of you is an individualized extension of the Creator’s Being. What makes up your individuality? Certain characteristics, a certain crystalline structure, as the Great Divine Director explained recently. Your individuality is the crystalline structure, and when the light of God shines through it, your individual crystalline structure can bring forth an expression that is unique, that is not in competition with others, that does not exclude or destroy or obscure the expression of others. But they all compliment each other, forming a beautiful facet of life.

This concept cannot be fathomed by the fallen consciousness, for to the fallen consciousness diversity can be seen only as a threat—whereas in the ascended consciousness, diversity is seen as the ultimate expression of God. Why did the Creator choose to individualize its own being? Because the Creator wanted to express itself as many individual facets, having them all form, each, a facet of the diamond mind of God. The Creator has given you free will, because the Creator desires to see variety, individuality, diversity.

This is the Creator’s desire; that is why the Creator has expressed itself as many individual co-creators. The Creator could have sat there, as the Creator, and created an entire world – it could even have populated it with robots – where everything was perfect. But the Creator did not desire to do this, partly because the Creator realizes, that such a mechanical creation gets awfully boring after a while. Nevertheless, the Creator decided to express itself through diversity. And so, we of the ascended masters are committed to seeing that expression.

And what is it, that is the essential challenge of humankind? You look back at history, and you see, that what has brought about progress is diversity. The Egyptian civilization may seem to have built great structures, but it did so by suppressing individuality, except for a very few. And the Egyptian civilization collapsed, as did the Roman civilization and other civilizations of antiquity. What have you seen in western civilization of today: a greater and greater expression of individuality, of diversity.

This is the vision that I hold for the Aquarian age. This is the age of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listed, the Holy Spirit does not like to be confined by these monolithic structures. It wants to express itself through individuals, yet an expression where the individual does not see itself as a separate being – which is the product of the ego and the duality consciousness – but sees itself as an expression of the whole. And therefore, the individual expressions on earth will see their expressions as facets of a whole. And that is how the Age of Aquarius also becomes the age of community.

Come ye into unity by knowing, that you are expressions of the same source. It is not “come into unity by being the same,” that is what the fallen ones have attempted to achieve on this earth for eons. That is precisely what Christ embodied in order to challenge—to show that you as an individual have a right to go against the power elite, to go against the mass consciousness, to go against everything that wants to suppress individual creativity. You have a right to do as Jesus did, to express your individuality, even if it flies in the face of all conventions of your society. You have a right to go into the most holy temple and overturn the tables of the moneychangers, who have set themselves up in that temple, where they have no right to be.

This is the promise of individual creativity, this is the potential. Christ demonstrated it 2,000 years ago, you – who call yourselves spiritual people, or ascended master students, or whatever you call yourselves, but you who consider yourselves to be the more aware people in this age – you are meant to demonstrate today what Christ demonstrated 2,000 years ago. You are not meant to demonstrate, that you can do what people have been doing for 2,000 years, namely submit yourself to a Pope or a structure. You are meant to demonstrate individual creativity and your willingness to express it.

Become an expert in one area

How, then, will you express it? Well, we have given you so many keys in these last couple of years, where we have been talking about the duality consciousness and non-duality, that I see no reason to give you more, but I will make one suggestion. If you look back hundreds of years, you will see, that people back then lived a very simple life. The majority of the population had accepted a certain station in life. They were peasants, or whatever they were, but that was their station in life. They were content to follow the power elite that ruled their society, they were content to go to war and sacrifice their lives if the king told them so. They were content to live on the lands appointed to them by their overlords, and that was the way they saw life.

Why had they submitted to this? Because they did not want to be awake and make conscious decisions. Therefore, they wanted some overlord to make decisions for them. What has happened in society since then? Look at your society today—what is it characterized by? The one word is information. There has never been more information available at any time in recorded history. Why did the medieval people not revolt against their overlords? They did not have the information, but why did they not have the information? Because they did not want it, they did not want to take responsibility and educate themselves and open their minds. They wanted to remain where they were comfortable, even if they were not truly comfortable.

Yet, they were still comfortable in feeling, that there was nothing more they could do about life. Therefore, they were content to whine and complain about things, instead of doing something about them. This is precisely what needs to change today. If you will be part of the change to the Aquarian age, stop whining about conditions in society and start being part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem. Stop whining, thinking that there is nothing you can do and that other people must do something. Start looking at yourself as a part of the change—and see that you can do something.

What can you do? Begin by educating yourself, begin by making an effort. This has two aspects, again an Alpha and an Omega. The Alpha is, of course: raise your own consciousness, overcome your own psychological limitations, free your imagination. But then educate yourself about some aspect of society, that is close to your heart. Become an expert. Study what there is to know. I am not saying you need to get a formal education and some position, but study the information that is available in such abundance. Filter it, sort it out, become an expert, so that you know what you are talking about—and then talk about it. Start talking, start speaking out. There has never been better opportunities, through the Internet, through forums and chat rooms and so many other avenues that are available to you today. Start talking, but know what you are talking about.

Democracy is the most demanding form of government

You must overcome the fallen consciousness, saying that only the elite have something valuable to say. What has happened in your society? Look back a few hundred years and you will see that 99.9% of the people were ruled by a very small group of people. Sometimes just one man and a few dozen people around that leader would rule an entire nation. What do you have today: democracies. Again, there is a tendency to think, that the government should rule, the government should make decisions, and so people in America or in other democracies are constantly whining and complaining about their government. But it is, after all, their government.

Where, my beloved, can you show me a contract that says, that when you have a democratic government, all you need to do is go into a little booth every four years and put an X in some predefined box? And then you have fulfilled your responsibility as a citizen in a democratic nation. Do you have such a contract? I am not aware that anyone has such a contract. But then why do 99% of the people in democratic nations act as if they have such a contract?

Democracy is an extremely demanding form of government, for it is not a form of government where the people can remain asleep. If they do, then their democracies will not be democracies, for they will very quickly be ruled by a power elite. Yet take note of an essential difference. A democracy is still a democracy, which means that the people have a far better opportunity for taking back their government than they had under a totalitarian form of government, where it often required bloodshed.

There are so many people in today’s world who are beginning to awaken to the fact, that there is something wrong in their democracies, that there are hidden forces that are ruling their democracies, and it is not truly ruled in the open or ruled by the people. This is true. I applaud these people for being in the beginning stages, but when are they going to move from the beginning stages to the more advanced stages? For you see, in the beginning stages you realize that something is wrong, but you still think you can do nothing about it. And therefore, all you can do is whine and complain and hope that someday somebody else will do something about it.

Well, let me ask you for a little bit of logical reasoning here. Let us say you are a citizen in a democratic nation, and you come to the realization, that not everything is as it should be in your government. There is a hidden conspiracy, there is a small elite, who is doing things behind the scenes, that is not honest and not straightforward and not in accordance with what is in the best interest of the people. You become aware of his—I am not disputing that this is happening. But now you become aware of it, and so how do you expect that this might change?

Do you think – in your mind, do you envision – that someday one person will come in – as the hero riding on the white horse, riding into one of the old towns in the American West – pulling out his sixgun and shooting all the bad guys, and then they live happily ever after? Is this what you envisioned? Do you think Barack Obama was that man on the white horse? Or that anyone else could be that man on the white horse?

Do you see, that you cannot overcome the problem of elitism, if you are envisioning that another elite is going to come in and throw out the bad elite? For whether it is a “good” elite or a “bad” elite, it is still an elite. And you will not overcome elitism even if a “good” elite is running your society. You will overcome elitism only when a critical mass of the people in that society wake up and decide to take responsibility for their own nation, for their own government, for their own lives, for their own destinies.

Christ proved the triumph of individuality over structures

This is the change, that has been underway for the past 2,000 years and beyond, but especially initiated by the coming of Christ. For what did Christ do? He proved the ultimate potential of individuality—the triumph of individuality over structures built by the fallen consciousness. The triumph of the individuality of God over the death consciousness, that denies individuality and individual creativity. This is the change that has been happening over these past 2,000 years.

If the Aquarian age is to be a Golden Age, this change must be greatly accelerated. And it will be accelerated only, when all of the people who are beginning to wake up – realizing that there is something wrong in their democracies – go beyond complaining about it, go beyond longing for some other elite to take them away from the bad elite – and realize that the man on the white horse, the woman on the white horse, that is going to ride into town and make a difference is YOU. You are the person who must make a difference, by educating yourself, by speaking out, by taking responsibility.

Do you see, as I have hinted at before, that even the concept of conspiracies and conspiracy theories can be used by the fallen consciousness to make you feel, that it is so overwhelming for an ordinary person to fight against this worldwide conspiracy, this secret society, that you do nothing. Do you see, that throughout the ages, the fallen consciousness has always done this exact thing: put out some idea – depending on the moods of the time – that there is some overwhelming force running your society and that you, as an individual, have no opportunity to make a difference, that you cannot stand up against it. But did not Christ demonstrate, that the individual can stand up against it? Even if the power elite kills him, then Christ will bring about their judgment and thus society will progress.

But in today’s democracies, it is not necessary, that you stand out as one individual and is killed—this is not necessary if many people will stand out at once. For you realize, of course, that a power elite can kill off one or a few individuals. But they cannot kill off tens of thousands of people who are all speaking out. Then they will give up their power—they will because they realize, it is the only way they are going to survive.

Look at even the Roman emperors, the most megalomaniac leaders you have seen – just about – in history. They thought they were gods on earth, but why did a Roman emperor build the Colosseum? It was to entertain the people, but it was really to divert the attention of the people. And what does this show you, my beloved? It shows you, that even a Roman emperor – who thought he was God on earth – was still afraid of the people. Because if the people had woken up in sufficient numbers, he knew he would have lost his power. This was true 2,000 years ago; it is equally true today. Whatever secret conspiracy you might envision that is running this world behind the scenes, I tell you: they have no power to stand up to the people—when the people wake up in sufficient numbers and decide to take responsibility and demand, that their leaders be held responsible for what they do.

If you could see it from my perspective, you would see that the camel’s back, the Dragon’s back, has already been broken. The control of any power elite group of this planet has already been broken. The people have not realized this, but it would only take a slight shift in consciousness, before the people could wake up and once and for all break the stranglehold of any power elite, no matter how powerful you may envision it to be. As a visible example, look at what is happening to the Catholic Church. Look at how people, after decades of silence, are finally speaking out against the abuse by Catholic clergy. One of the most entrenched institutions that this earth has ever seen, can no longer stem the tide of them being held responsible.

Do you see what is happening behind the scenes here? Do you see what we have talked about, how a structure requires the suppression of individuality? But, a structure also offers something for those who are willing to submit part of their individuality to the structure. It offers them, that they can hide behind the structure, as you have seen Catholic priests hide for decades while they were abusing children. If these priests had been abusing children out in secular society, they would have been caught and put in jail decades ago. But they managed to hide behind the structure for decades. Yet the fact that they can no longer hide, and that this scandal will spread worldwide, shows you that a shift has happened.

And if you could see what I see at inner levels, you would see, that even the worst conspiracy you could possibly imagine cannot survive in the Aquarian age consciousness. The Holy Spirit will blow where it listeth, the Sword of Christ, as Gautama Buddha said at New Year’s, will cut the veils, that will expose these hidden power elite structures one by one. And they cannot survive once they can no longer hide. The power elite can only thrive in the darkness, they cannot survive when the light of Christ shines upon them. And the light of Christ is being shined upon them by those who are willing to raise their consciousness and make the calls through our invocations.

Pessimists will not bring the Golden Age into manifestation

Thus, it is a new day. If you cannot sense my joy and my optimism, then I suggest you do some serious rethinking. For it will not be pessimists or fatalists who will build the Golden Age of Saint Germain. It will be the optimists, who are willing to question their mental boxes and question every idea, that puts a limitation on the creativity of God, expressed through the individualizations of God. That is the final sentence.

The Golden Age will be built by those who are willing to acknowledge, that with God all things are possible—when the creativity of God is expressed through the individualizations of God. And with that, my beloved, I bid you adieu for now. But I look forward to speaking to you many times in the years to come. I have much to unveil about the Golden Age of Aquarius. And I am anxious, I am eager, I am filled with joy at the prospect of unveiling my vision for those who have eyes to see.

Open your eyes, and you shall see Saint Germain’s vision for the Golden Age of Aquarius. Oh what a vision it is, oh what a vision it is. Not fashioned exclusively by me, but by the entire spirit of the ascended masters who work with planet earth. It starts at the central sun, filters down through cosmic beings, through archangels and Elohim, through ascended masters, holding various offices, through the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, through the cosmic Christ, Maitreya, through the individualized Christ, Jesus, through that beloved being, Mother Mary. And then through the office that I hold, that of the Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius.

We are all one. There are no divisions in heaven, there are no divisions in the ascended realm. There are no different lineages, my beloved, that can be in competition with each other. We are all one, we are one in this vision of bringing about God’s kingdom in physical manifestation on earth. And then we will move on to numerous other planets, that are ready to be awakened to the reality that there is MORE. Be sealed in that Flame of MORE, that flame that will never stand still, for it is always MORE.


Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels