I need those who will walk the Path of Peace

TOPICS: Why is Jesus the Prince of Peace? – The keys to the Path of Peace – Stop focusing on conflict! – Love one-another as Christ loves you – Overcome the ego’s unrealistic expectations – Visualizing the Rose of Peace over your solar plexus  – Become a prince or princess of peace –

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Ascended Master Elohim of Peace, May 4, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Peace. Peace. The world is crying out for peace but there is no peace—or so it seems. Yet consider what is the source of peace. From where must peace come? Can it come from this world or must it come from a higher realm? My Beloved, the source of peace is the God Flame of Peace. And true peace on earth can come only when that Flame of Peace is allowed to shine its light to consume the shadows of war, conflict, even the warring in the members of God’s people on earth.

I am the Elohim of Peace. And as you might know, “Elohim” is a name used for God in the Hebrew Bible. In reality, there is more than one Elohim. For we, the Elohim, represent a level of God, a level of God consciousness, that is not the highest level of the Creator itself, but an individualization of, a representative of, the Creator. Thus we, the seven Elohim, have played a part in the creation of the entire material universe, and we did indeed create planet earth as a platform for God’s co-creators.

We, the seven Elohim, represent the seven primary God Flames, also known as the seven rays, which are simply forms of energy that have combined to build the material universe. The first flame is the flame of the Will of God. And as you – a co-creator evolving in the material universe – begin the path of self-mastery, you must begin on the first ray of God’s Will. And only when you have mastered – to some degree – that flame of God’s Will, can you move on to the next step of the path, which is to master God Wisdom.

Then you can move on to studying under the hierarchy of God Love. And when you have obtained some mastery of love, you can move on to the fourth ray of Purity. When your being has reached a critical mass of purity, you can move on to the fifth ray of Truth and Healing. And only when you have attained an uncompromising dedication to truth and have healed your four lower bodies, then can you move on to the sixth ray of Peace.

Why is Jesus the Prince of Peace?

My Beloved, some of you will be aware that Jesus was called the Prince of Peace, and it is indeed because he served on the sixth ray of Peace and ministering service. He did indeed study under the Elohim of Peace that I AM. I taught him many things. As he, at inner levels, attended the retreat of the Elohim of Peace, located in the etheric realm over the island chain of Hawaii.

Why did Jesus study under the Elohim of Peace? Because he came to inaugurate the age of Pisces, which is the sixth age in a series of seven that are meant to take humankind and the earth to a higher level where, indeed, the Golden Age and the kingdom of God can be physically manifest on this planet. Thus, Jesus came to inaugurate what is designed to be the Age of Peace—meaning that in this past 2,000-year cycle, humankind was designed to overcome all war.

Yes my beloved, I understand that when you look at the world today, you will see that there is much war and rumors of war going on on this planet. Indeed, one might say that the tension is building and that there is a potential for war here, there and everywhere. Yet, if you could see deeper, if you could see to the level where I see, you would realize that these are simply the death throes of the forces of war that have been ruling this planet for thousands of years. Yet their opportunity is fast coming to an end.

And thus it is time – it will shortly be time – for them to either surrender their warring ways and start the Path of Peace or to be taken from this planet, so that the earth can continue to grow without being pulled down by the weight of these lifestreams—who have, for thousands of years, dedicated their entire beings to making war, mastering the art of war, always engaging in the dualistic struggle to destroy what they have defined as the enemy. Yet in reality these lifestreams are warring against themselves because they are trying to deflect attention from the conflict in their own beings by creating conflicts between themselves and others. Thereby, they have an excuse for defeating the enemy without instead of finally facing, conquering, and defeating the enemy within that is their own egos.

The keys to the Path of Peace

So my beloved, Jesus came 2,000 years ago to give everyone the essential spiritual keys for walking the Path of Peace and obtaining that inner peace that is the absolute necessity for bringing about outer peace on earth. Jesus has given you a profound teaching on how the top ten percent of the most spiritually evolved people on this planet are the ones who have the potential to take the earth into the Golden Age.

Yet I must tell you that for this to happen, it is absolutely necessary that these top ten percent dedicate themselves to the Path of Peace, which means that they must overcome – and I say MUST overcome – the warring in their own members. For without overcoming their warring, how can there possibly be peace in their own beings? And if there is no one in embodiment to anchor the Flame of Peace, then how can there be peace on earth?

You see, I, the Elohim of Peace, am bound by the law of God to not cast my pearls before swine. And thus, in order to radiate the Flame of Peace to planet earth, I must have open hearts who can be the open doors for the Flame of Peace. Yet how can you be the open door unless you have first dedicated your own being and life to the Path of Peace, to the cause of peace, so that you have been willing to overcome the warring in your members and thereby become a worthy focus in the material universe for the spiritual flame of Peace?

It simply is not possible to bring peace unless a critical mass of people on earth dedicate their lives to becoming the open doors for peace. This is not possible because the law of God mandates that human beings have dominion over the earth. Truly I, the Elohim of Peace, have access to the infinite supply of God’s peace. My Flame of Peace could at this moment flash forth a radiation of peace so strong that it would consume all war and conflict on this planet and instantly consume those who are not willing to give up their warring ways.

Yet, this would be a violation of the Law of Free Will, which states that you who are in embodiment have dominion. I do not have dominion because you are the ones who must decide that you will no longer accept war on this planet. And in order for that decision to carry authority and have dominion over the earth, you must first be willing to decide that you will no longer have the warring in your own members. And thereby, you can then become a focus for the flame of God Peace. This is what Jesus had obtained. And he showed a magnificent example of how others can obtain the same.

The illusion behind war

My Beloved, study some of Jesus’ teachings. Why do you think he told you to turn the other cheek? Is the saying not a magnificent teaching on how to overcome war? No matter what anyone does to you, you do not respond with violence. You respond by turning the other cheek. And when you do so, you become an open door for the God Flame of Peace to shine through your being. And thus, that God Flame of Peace will consume the warring in other people. Yet, if instead you respond to violence with violence, you close your being to the Flame of Peace. You close your solar plexus chakra to the Flame of Peace. And instead you engage in – and thereby inevitably reinforce – the downward spiral of violence and conflict on this planet.

Look at history and see how – for thousands of years – human beings have created such downward spirals in any number of places on this planet. Look how individuals who are loving and kind – individuals with the best of intentions – are time and time again drawn into such a downward spiral of conflict that never ends. How can such a downward spiral possibly come to an end? There are those who are so blinded by the warring in their own members, by their own egos, that they think the only way to stop a spiral of violence is to take it to the extreme of destroying those whom they have defined as the enemy that is the cause of the violence.

Yet this is nothing but an illusion. And Jesus gave any number of teachings to attempt to shake people out of that illusion and make them realize that you cannot combat violence through violence. There is only one way to stop a spiral of violence and conflict, and that is that someone must decide to respond to violence with non-violence. Someone must decide to turn the other cheek instead of perpetuating the spiral of violence that can otherwise go on indefinitely, eventually becoming a self-reinforcing spiral that pulls people into it as a black hole pulls everything into its nothingness.

Ponder these facts. Study the teachings of Jesus, the life of Gandhi and other people who have truly embodied the principle of turning the other cheek, refusing to respond with violence. There is no other way for war to be banished from the earth than by having the top ten percent of the people on earth fully embody the principle of non-violence. Yet, in order to embody that principle, you must overcome the warring in your own members. You must follow Jesus’ teaching and be willing to look for the beam in your own eye instead of focusing all of your attention on the mote in the eye of another.

Stop focusing on conflict!

My Beloved, I must tell you that I see many very sincere spiritual seekers who have gotten themselves into a blind alley by focusing on the many problems on earth. Truly, this was addressed by Mother Mary in her discourse, but I want to emphasize it because I clearly see that many of you have not understood what Mother Mary was saying. You have not let a word to the wise be sufficient because you have decided not to be wise on this issue.

Thus, I must tell you that there are those of you who are constantly focusing your attention on problems, conflicts and things that could potentially go wrong on this planet. You indulge in this or that article, posting on the internet or emails that spell out various disasters or areas of conflict. You are deliberately looking for something that can feed this need to feel that the world is on the brink of disaster.

Yet, consider what I have said: that you have dominion over the earth. The top ten percent of the people on this planet have dominion over the earth in the sense that if most of them believe the earth is on the brink of disaster, then this planet WILL be on the brink of disaster. Yet if most of the top ten percent of the people sincerely believe and live as if the world is on the brink of a Golden Age, then this planet WILL be on the brink of a Golden Age.

Do you see—it is all a matter of decision. It is all a matter of where you place the focus of your attention. Is the glass half full or half empty? Is the world going to go into a spiral of self-destruction, or is it going to go into a Golden Age? Well my beloved, if you believe that the world is on the brink of destruction, then obviously you cannot be at peace in your being, neither can you be the open door for the Elohim of Peace to radiate the Flame of Peace that can take the world away from the brink of destruction.

And thus, I have need of those who will stop focusing on the darkness and instead focus on the light that is within themselves. For truly, I have watched many spiritual students. And I must tell you that many spiritual organizations were started and sponsored as part of our process to bring forth a culmination of the Piscean Age by bringing a critical number of students to the point of mastering their individual Christhood, so that we could have a sufficient number of people in embodiment to be the open doors for the Flame of Peace.

Jesus came to start the Age of Peace but he is not allowed to finish it. In order for the Age of Peace to come to its culmination, a critical mass of people in embodiment must decide to embody the teachings of Jesus to the point where they too become the Christ, where they too become the princes and princesses of peace. And they can take a stand on earth and say, “Thus far and no farther. The warring in my members has come to an end this day. And thus I am a focus for the Elohim of Peace and I am radiating the Flame of Peace that consumes all war and conflict on the earth.”

Love one-another as Christ loves you

My Beloved hearts, I have need of those who will understand another of Jesus’ profound teachings, namely, that those who truly are the disciples of Christ are known by the fact that they love one another as Jesus loved them. This is a most essential key. For truly, in order to turn the other cheek and not engage in any violence or anger no matter what other people do to you – in order to truly turn the other cheek to anything that is done to you – you must love other people as Christ loves everyone.

And how does the Living Christ love people? He loves them as he loves himself. And what is the self of the Living Christ? Well, it is God. And thus the Living Christ loves everyone because the Living Christ sees God in everyone. The Living Christ sees God in itself, and thus it loves others as itself because it realizes that other people are itself because they are part of the one Body of God on earth—out of which you too are a part.

The Living Christ, while seeing all imperfections, does not focus its attention on the imperfections. When the Living Christ sees another person, the Living Christ focuses on the immaculate concept and the potential for that person. It focuses attention on the positive potential and sees only the imperfections as a temporary roadblock. And then the Living Christ does whatever is necessary to help the other person overcome that roadblock and grow into the fullness of its highest potential.

This is the essential key. The Living Christ never, ever has any desire to put down, limit or destroy any other part of life. The Living Christ has only one desire and that is to raise up every other part of life because it knows that only by doing so does it raise up itself. Jesus himself said it, “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me.” The reason is that Jesus knew the oneness of all life. He saw that all other people are part of the Body of God, and therefore when you hurt any part of that body, you are hurting the whole—and therefore you are hurting yourself.

Only when you come to this realization, can you fully love others. And only when you fully love others, can you fully be a focus for the Flame of Peace. Because only when you seek to raise up others, instead of seeking to punish them, can you radiate the Flame of Peace that will consume their propensity for anger or violence.

Darkness can be removed only by bringing light. Therefore, conflict and war can be removed only by bringing the Light of Peace. And in order to remove conflict among the people of earth, someone must bring the Light of Peace by loving everyone as God loves everyone. This is the key to peace on a planetary scale. But then what is the key to peace on the individual scale? What is the key whereby you personally can become the open door for the Flame of Peace?

Overcome the ego’s unrealistic expectations

Ah, my beloved, what is it that robs you of your personal peace, your inner peace? Well, it is true that everything begins in the heart. And the key to attaining inner peace is to purify the heart, a work which you have begun with this latest invocation. Thus, it is indeed the work done by this invocation that has magnetized my flame and opened the door for the bringing forth of this teaching. Thus, you might consider this a work well done.

But I come to take this to another level. For I see that so many people, who are sincere spiritual seekers, are pulled away from peace because their attention is pulled away from the heart. Truly, if you could center your attention in the heart, and through that contact your own personal God Flame, you would never lose your peace.

But too often your attention is drawn away from the heart, and in many cases it truly is drawn into the solar plexus chakra that is right below the heart. This is the chakra that is the center for your emotions. And it is so easy for the forces of anti-peace to stir up this chakra, so that your attention is immediately brought down to the solar plexus and thereby pulled out of the center of the heart.

What is the key to avoiding having your attention drawn into the feeling body, into the wild emotions that are like waves on the ocean, whereby you too become a wave on the ocean of the collective emotional body that is driven by the wind and tossed? Well, the primary factor that robs you of your peace is that you have an expectation of how life should be. And when life does not live up to your expectation, then you go into a negative emotional reaction that immediately pulls you out of peace.

The problem is that during your upbringing in this lifetime – and over many lifetimes – you have allowed your ego to build an expectation that is completely unrealistic and completely out of touch with your original purpose for coming to earth. In the core of your being you have a memory of the spiritual realm. You have a memory of a realm in which there is peace and in which the kingdom of God is manifest. You also know that this is the way things are meant to become here on earth. And thus, you know that you descended to earth in order to bring your God Flame and make a personal contribution to bringing God’s kingdom to earth.

Yet what you do not realize is that even though this is a true expectation, your ego has used it – has turned it slightly, has perverted it – so that now it has become a false expectation. You see, your ego has created the expectation that this earth should be – already – like the kingdom of heaven. And when you encounter conditions that are not the way that you know they should be, the ego makes you believe that it is necessary or acceptable or unavoidable for you to go into a negative emotional reaction.

The ego has come up with any number of false beliefs that seek to justify why it is acceptable for you to go into a negative emotional reaction when the ego’s expectations are not met. But you did not descend to earth with the expectation that the earth should already be the kingdom of God. You descended to earth knowing that the earth was far below the level of the kingdom of God and that you were here to help bring the earth higher.

Do you see the difference? There is an essential difference between expecting that you come to some perfect place that is supposed to live up to the standard found in heaven, or between expecting that you come to an imperfect place and that it will require work, effort and patience to bring the earth to the level of the spiritual realm. If you descend expecting earth to be perfect, you are easily trapped into responding negatively when you encounter the fact that the earth is not perfect. Yet if you expect that the earth is not perfect and that you are here to work, then you are not as easily pulled into that negative reaction.

My Beloved, do you see what I am trying to tell you? When you allow yourself to think that the conditions you encounter in life should live up to a certain outer standard of perfection, then you make yourself vulnerable and you open yourself up to disappointment. And this disappointment will immediately pull you away from the centeredness of peace.

Yet why do you become disappointed? So many people allow their egos to make them believe that they have nothing to do with, that they did not cause, the sense of disappointment. Why, certainly it was these other people or these imperfect conditions on earth that caused these disappointments. But a true spiritual seeker needs to realize that your disappointment was not caused by anything outside yourself. It was caused by an inner condition, namely that you have an unrealistic expectation of what life should be like here on earth.

You came here to bring your personal God Flame and to let that light shine.You came here to let the light shine during any conditions you might encounter on earth, so that the perfection of your God Flame could consume the imperfections that you encounter on this planet.

What has happened instead is that you have allowed your ego to create a very subtle expectation that you should not allow your light to shine until certain outer conditions are met. Do you see the subtlety here? You are here to consume imperfections, and the only way to do this is to let your God Flame shine through you in the face of all imperfections. Instead, you have allowed your ego to trick you into thinking that when you encounter imperfections, you should stop your light from shining. Instead, you should look for certain outer conditions to be present before you can let your light shine.

Think back to Jesus’ words. He told his disciples that those who wanted to be known to the world as his true disciples should love one another. He also told you that it was not enough to love those who loved you, that you had to love even your enemies. Do you see how this connects to what I just told you? Do you see that Jesus was saying that you should love all people no matter what they do?

Instead, the ego has tricked people into thinking that you should love other people only when they live up to certain outer requirements. Only when they supposedly deserve your love should you give them your love. But you see, this is the lie. For truly, there is no such thing in God’s mind as deserving or not deserving. Jesus told you that God lets the sun rise upon the evil and the good and the rain descends upon the just and the unjust.

So you see, my beloved, God does not create conditions. He lets his light shine upon all because he knows that letting the light shine is the only way to raise up a person. And it does not matter how much that person is trapped in darkness, for only by letting the light shine will the person be free of the darkness. If you are to love other people as Christ loves you, then your only concern about other people must be to help them overcome whatever darkness is temporarily clouding their minds. You are here to set them free by loving them, by shining your light upon them. You are not here to judge them according to a human standard and judge who is worthy of your light and not worthy of your light.

I am not thereby saying that you need to treat all people the same, or that you need to indiscriminately let other people abuse you. For the light of God is highly intelligent, and it will give to each person what that person needs in order to be free. But in order for you to be the open instrument of this light, you must overcome the expectations, even the expectation for what other people should be like. You may look at a person and you may say, “That person is trapped in darkness and needs to be set free,” but you have no need to make that judgment.

You simply remain centered in the heart, centered in your God Flame, and then you allow your God Flame to give to that person what that person needs. And for some it may be unconditional love. For others it may be tough love that challenges their illusions and calls them to come up higher by demanding that they see that there is a better way.

Visualizing the Rose of Peace over your solar plexus

My Beloved, not long ago it was the anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl in Russia. You might have read that although people cannot approach this contaminated place, nature has taken over. Even in this intense radiation, plants are growing. Imagine a rose growing in this contaminated atmosphere, yet still radiating its fragrance. It does not matter that there is no human being around to appreciate the fragrance. For the rose is not there to be appreciated. The rose is there to radiate its fragrance, and the rose is focused on doing its job.

It was not long ago that it was the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. Truly, if you want to find an example of how human conflict can reach an almost unthinkable extreme, you would be hard pressed to find a better example then the Nazi death camps. But I must tell you that in several of these death camps the commandant, or the commandant’s wife, had a rose garden. Now imagine a rose growing in proximity to one of the darkest places on earth. Yet the rose is not touched by this darkness. It is not concerned by it. It does not judge. Whether it be a prisoner in the death camp or one of the people who push the prisoners into the gas chambers, the rose will radiate its fragrance.

The rose does not hold back its fragrance. Anyone who walks up to the rose will receive the fullness of its fragrance because the rose is not here to judge; it is simply here to radiate the beautiful fragrance that can uplift anyone who smells it. And thus, even the commandant of a Nazi death camp will receive the fragrance of the rose because that rose is only concerned about lifting up any human being by sharing its fragrance.

I come to give you a gift. I come to give you the gift of visualizing the Rose of Peace over your solar plexus chakra. This is a rose that is pure white in appearance. But my beloved, it is not like the roses you see on earth because the Rose of Peace is self-luminous. It radiates light. It does not simply reflect the light of the sun, it radiates brilliant white light from within itself. And thus, my gift to you is that you visualize this rose of peace over your solar plexus chakra whenever you feel that you are pulled into a negative emotional reaction concerning any condition in your personal life or on a planetary scale.

Visualize that Rose of Peace over your solar plexus chakra. Visualize how it radiates its light and spreads its fragrance of peace until your entire energy field is filled with that light and that fragrance. When you encounter conditions on earth where there is no peace, then visualize the rose of peace over that area and again visualize how it fills the entire area with the light and the fragrance of peace.

Become a prince or princess of peace

Ah, my beloved, if you would give the greatest service for eradicating conflict and war from this planet, then commit yourself to walking the inner Path of Peace, so that you can learn from Jesus, so that you can learn from the Prince of Peace, until you too can become a prince or princess of peace. You can inherit your Father’s kingdom and then give it to all.

The sixth ray is the ray of Peace. And the seventh ray is the ray of Freedom. The earth is destined to move from the Age of Peace into the Age of Freedom. Yet, how can there possibly be freedom until there is peace? For if you do not have peace in your own being, how can you possibly be free? You will be enslaved by the emotional thralldom that pulls you away from peace at the slightest provocation. As soon as some condition on earth does not live up to your expectation of perfection, then you are pulled out of peace. And since hardly anything on this earth can live up to the expectation of perfection, you are constantly in a state of non-peace.

Likewise, how can the Golden Age of Saint Germain be manifest on earth as long as the dark clouds of war are hanging as a constant threat over this planet? How can nations truly build the Golden Age if everything they build could be destroyed in a matter of minutes through a nuclear holocaust or even through a conventional war? Look at the nation of Iraq today. How can you build a nation, how can you build a future, when at any moment a bomb can be exploded and destroy what people have built?

This shows you that the key to freedom is peace. And I have now given you the key to peace. Will you apply it, or will you allow the ego to continue to trick you into believing that only when certain outer conditions are met, can you be at peace?

The ego wants you to think that only when certain conditions are met in your personal life, can you be at peace about your own life. And only when certain conditions are met in the world, can you be at peace about the future of this planet. Yet I tell you: it is a lie. For the outer conditions are nothing but the reflection of your inner conditions. And thus, you will never have conditions of peace in your own life or on your planet until you make the decision to be at peace inside yourself—regardless of the outer conditions.

You see, my beloved, the essential expectation that the ego has built is that your inner peace depends on peace in the outer world. This is the illusion of the ages, for your inner peace depends on nothing outside yourself. Your inner peace depends on only one thing—your inner contact with, your centeredness in, the God Flame of Peace. And there is nothing that can stand between you and that inner contact with the Flame of Peace because, as Jesus also told you, the kingdom of God is within you. Meaning that no outer conditions in your own psychology or being, or on the planet on which you live, can come between you and your oneness with God, your oneness with the Flame of Peace.

Thus, stop looking for peace outside yourself. Start looking for peace the only place it can be found—in the kingdom of peace that is within you, in the Flame of Peace that I AM, and that I am willing to share with all those who will dedicate themselves to being at peace regardless of outer conditions.

Thus, peace be still and know that I AM God. Peace be still and know that the I AM Presence within you is God. My peace I leave with you. Multiply it and radiate it to all life so that this planet can be at peace.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels