I challenge you to rethink the concept of ownership

TOPICS: Understanding that everything is made of God’s Light – The world is designed to give you abundance – Challenge the sense of ownership – Overcome your attachments to owning anything – Challenge the illusion of lack – Equality without socialism – Limiting the power of corporate entities – Revision of the patent laws –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain (6), July 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

So I come again to give you the next chapter in this unfolding series of discourses, continuing with the theme of being willing to question everything. I must now bring to your attention the need to question one of the fundamental institutions of human society, indeed of human life on this planet, namely the very concept of ownership. My Beloved, what can you really own on this planet, where everything is so fleeting that it can be here today—gone tomorrow? What do you own when you come into this world? And what can you take with you when you leave this world?

Well, what you do own – or at least what you ideally should own – when you come into this world is your own being, your own mind, your own psyche, your own soul. And then, as you spend time in this material realm, you grow in stature. And when you leave, you take with you the growth that you have internalized—the wisdom, the love, the power that you have become. That, my beloved, is what you can take with you, whereas you well know that you cannot take with you any material possessions.

Understanding that everything is made of God’s Light

There are many of you who are spiritual people and therefore are not as attached to money or material possessions as the people of the world, especially the elite. Thus, I encourage you to contemplate in your hearts a very simple truth: Everything comes from God, for without him was not anything made that was made.

Everything you could possibly have in this world is made out of the Mother Light, which is God’s own light, an aspect of God’s Being that the Father has allowed to manifest as the Mother Light that can be trapped in any form. Yet behind the forms, there is a universal aspect of the Mother Light, which is what we have called the River of Life.

Think about this, my beloved. What you call form is something that has at least a temporary existence. Which means that someone has taken a mental image, projected it upon the Ma-ter Light, thereby drawing a portion of the Ma-ter Light out of the River of Life, causing it to stop flowing with that river and instead taking on a material form. This in itself is not wrong. For how could you exist in the material world, unless there was something that had a material form? The problem comes in when people are influenced by the duality consciousness, that causes them to feel a sense of separation from their source and from the River of Life. When they feel that separation, inevitably along with that feeling comes the fear of loss.

But the fear of loss is in a polarity with another more subtle feeling—namely the feeling that you – meaning the separate you that now sees itself separated from the body of God and the River of Life – the feeling that that you can actually own something in this world. When you have that sense – that desire for ownership – well then once you have something, you want to keep it. For the fear of loss drives you to clutch what you have and to hold on to it. And do you see, how this very deep-seated, very subtle, psychological mechanism causes you to separate yourself even more from the River of Life?

The world is designed to give you abundance

You have been sent into a world that is very well designed for giving you the abundant life. In fact, God has designed this world to give you anything and everything you want. However, if you seek to own something, you will limit your possessions to that which you can currently conceive instead of flowing with the River of Life.

Do you see, that you have been given free will by God? And you have been given the ability to impose images upon the Ma-ter Light, causing the light to take on form, whereby it will temporarily stagnate in a certain form. As I said, you have the right to do this, to create any form you desire. Yet what God desires to see for you, is that you do not settle for the forms that you can currently conceive, but that you are part of the ongoing movement of the River of Life. So that, instead of holding on to one limited form, you are constantly transcending yourself, constantly transcending your former mental images, so they do not become graven images. And therefore, you are not seeking to hold on to one particular form, for you are willing to transcend that form, allowing that form to become more.

This is what the human ego and those who are trapped in the fallen consciousness cannot fathom. For they believe that if a particular form is changed, they will lose that form. And in a sense this is true. For if you have ten dollars in the bank and they accrue interest and now you have twelve dollars, well in a sense you have lost the ten dollars, at least the sense of having ten dollars in the bank. But is it really a loss, or have you received something more?

Challenge the sense of ownership

You who are the spiritual people have the opportunity – not only in your own lives but also in the collective consciousness and even by speaking out about this in society – you have the opportunity to challenge the sense of ownership, the very subtle programming that has programmed almost everyone, at least in the more affluent nations on this planet, to believe that one of the main purposes in life is to own something and to accumulate what you own. And this very subtle programming is the primary factor that prevents the manifestation of the abundant life on this planet. And with the abundant life I mean a state, where every human being on this planet has enough to eat, has a decent place to live and has a standard of living that gives that person free time and energy to pursue spiritual goals.

This planet is perfectly capable of sustaining 10 billion people in a state of affluence. But obviously, it is not doing so right now. And the reason is that the bottom 10 percent of the people – the power elite – are so trapped in the sense of ownership and the fear of loss, that they have accumulated the world’s wealth and resources to themselves, concentrating it in their own hands—thereby taking from someone else.

This is, as I said, partly a completely unconscious drive, that springs from the fear of loss and the illusion that the separate self can own anything. But it is also a desire to be better than others, because they have more gadgets, more things, more possessions. So this is what prevents the shift—whereby even nature itself would change, so that it could produce the abundance that would feed even more people than are currently living here. Again, I look to those in the top 10 percent, those who are the more aware people, to come to a higher understanding of this and to demonstrate it in your own lives. Demonstrate that when you give up the need to own something for the separate self, well then you become one with the River of Life.

This does not mean that you do not have personal possessions. For there is a certain validity in having certain possessions, but you do not have those possessions in order to have them, to have the sense of owning them. You have them as tools for fulfilling your divine plan. For you have now transcended the consciousness whereby owning something has become an end in itself. And instead, you realize that ownership of anything in this world is simply a means to the greater end of fulfilling your divine plan, helping to manifest God’s kingdom on earth.

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