How does Kim Michaels take dictations from ascended masters?

TOPICS: Not trance channeling – Where a dictation comes from – The state of mind necessary for receiving a dictation – Overcoming separation – How a dictation comes through – Does the messenger make up the message? – No final revelation – How much does the messenger’s consciousness affect the message? – How the masters multiply what is in your consciousness –

By Kim Michaels

I have often been asked questions about how I take a dictation, what it feels like and how I experience the different masters. I will talk about these issues in this and the following article.

Not trance channeling

The first thing I want to address is that what I do is not what is commonly called trance channeling. In other words, I do not go into a trance where a master takes over my mind and I am not aware of what is being said. I once read about a well-known channeler who says she is taken out of her body into a higher dimension while channeling, and she allows the channeling entity to take over her body and mind for a time. This entity even uses her body to drink wine, which it supposedly still likes.

I mentioned in an earlier article that even as a child I was aware that my mind is the biggest asset I have and that I needed to keep it as pure as possible. At the same time, I have always been very sensitive to energy and can, as I also described, easily feel when someone or something is seeking to influence my mind through what I call a psychic projection. I have also described that I have always been aware that it is my responsibility to make my own decisions in life.

Put these things together and you will see why I would never dream of putting myself or allowing someone else to put me in a trance. I have always known intuitively that I can never allow anyone or anything to take over my mind. This was something I knew from childhood, and it was confirmed by The Church, where it was said that the ascended masters have complete respect for free will and thus would never take over the mind of a messenger. I totally agree with that based on my own inner knowing and experience. 

For me, taking a message has never been a goal in itself. I have no desire to impress anyone else, so I am not willing to have an entity take over my mind in order to bring forth some kind of unusual message. For me, discernment has always been essential, and I have shunned anything that I sensed was seeking to interfere with my mind. So when I receive a dictation, I am fully conscious and I am aware of everything that is being said. I could stop the dictation at any time.

Where a dictation comes from

As described in an earlier article, there are four levels of the material universe, and the ascended masters only work in the higher levels of the identity or etheric realm. In order to receive a dictation from a master, you have to be able to raise your consciousness to that level. How does one do that?

First of all, one has to have a certain purity in one’s four lower bodies. If you have a lot of emotional turmoil, it is very difficult to go through the noise in the feeling body. Likewise, if you are very intellectual and have a tendency for your thoughts to go around in circles, it is difficult to go beyond the mental body. And if you are strongly attached to a certain earthly identity, you will find it difficult to go beyond the lower levels of the identity realm. For me, there is no doubt that spending all those years giving thousands of hours of decrees was an essential part of my preparation. It definitely transformed a lot of the energy in my four lower bodies, so I could tune in to the higher levels. 

One way to describe the process is that your conscious mind is like a dial on a radio receiver. You know that you can turn the dial and tune in to different radio stations. So it is a matter of being able to turn the dial past he emotional and mental stations until you find the ascended master station. Yet what if the dial cannot turn freely? What if you have certain energy accumulations or strong personal attachments that prevent the dial from turning far enough to reach the ascended master radio station? In that case you might either get static or you might tune in to a lower station.

As I have described in previous articles, if your intention is not pure (for example, you have a grudge against someone and want the ascended masters to affirm it) or if you want the masters to affirm your personal perception of life, how will you turn the dial of the mind far enough?

The state of mind necessary for receiving a dictation

In my experience, receiving a dictation is a delicate balance. I am not in a trance, but I am not in my normal, waking consciousness either. In certain types of esoteric literature, you can find the concept of witnessing or silent witnessing. For example, the entire purpose of Zen Buddhism is to get you out of your normal state of mind into what is sometimes called “beginner’s mind.” This is a state of mind in which you are not analyzing and judging as we normally do. Instead, you are intensely present and aware, but you are simply witnessing what is happening without judging or analyzing it. You might remember that when the Buddha was asked whether he was a God or a man, he said: “I am awake.” PadmaSambhava, the eight-century mystic who brought Buddhism to Tibet called it “naked awareness,” and you can find his treatise on it on the internet.

You find a similar concept in the gnostic teachings about breaking down the subject-object barrier. Instead of seeing yourself as a subject observing an object from a distance, you raise your consciousness and experience oneness with the object: gnosis. You can also find mystics from various schools who describe how they experienced this higher state of consciousness in which they were simply witnessing what was happening without feeling involved in it.

What I am saying here is that the process can be described in different ways, but the core of it is that you go beyond your normal state of mind and go into a frame of mind in which you are neutral. You are open to something from outside your normal state of mind, and because you are completely neutral – have no attachments or preconceived ideas of what should or should not be said – you can avoid being pulled in by psychic entities and reach all the way to the ascended masters.

I had personally experienced that state of mind many times before I started as a messenger. This at first happened spontaneously during my childhood and teenage years. After I learned meditation, I would often experience it during meditation. And after I found the ascended master’s teachings, I would experience it during decrees or while listening to a dictation in The Church. So I was very familiar with how it felt like to be in a neutral state of mind, where you are beyond your normal thoughts, perceptions and attachments. I had also read about this frame of mind, understood it intellectually and understood that it is the ultimate goal of self-mastery and spiritual growth. 

I understood that the key to Christ consciousness is to go beyond the judging mind that can only operate with two dualistic polarities. I understood that the key to Buddhahood is to let go of ALL of your attachments. Why do I think this is so important? Because the value of the ascended masters for us is that the masters are completely beyond the state of mind that keeps us trapped in the unascended state. I understood from the teachings of The Church that we will never ascend until we leave behind that state of consciousness. And I understood that the key to doing so is to attain a frame of reference showing us that there is a state of consciousness beyond the human level. 

This frame of reference can only come from the ascended masters who have transcended the human state of consciousness. I directly experienced that the ascended masters are in this neutral, non-judgmental state of mind. I truly believe that if you cannot go into this neutral state of mind, you cannot tune in to the ascended masters. Instead, you will very easily tune in to some entity in the psychic realm who might pose as an ascended master and validate your perceptions or attachments

As I said, various mystics have described this state of mind in various ways. In the language currently used by the masters, we can say that the core of your lower being is the Conscious You. This part of your being was created in the neutral state of mind, which the masters call pure awareness. Normally, the Conscious You experiences life through the perception filter of the outer self. Yet you can never lose the ability to project yourself out of the lower self and experience pure awareness. I didn’t have the concept of the Conscious You when I started as a messenger, but it accurately describes what I have experienced all of my life.

Overcoming separation

In The Church the image given in the popular culture was that the ascended masters are far above us. This was a clearly Piscean image in the sense that it ties in with the image that God is residing above us in a heavenly realm. Thus, in the Church it was seen that taking a dictation was extremely difficult, which is why the messenger had to be so special and have all this training and mantles in order to take dictations (meaning no one but her could do so). That is also why it was said that we needed to have a large group of people decree for several hours in order to set a forcefield for a dictation to come through.

At first I accepted this view, but over time, I began to see that it wasn’t the highest understanding. During the early 1990’s I read a lot of books about popular science, including quantum physics. I came to understand that the old model of the world was completely outdated and based on our senses. One example of it is the old medieval view, where it was believed that if you could travel up from the earth, you would break through a membrane and physically enter heaven.

I started realizing that the ascended masters are not separated from us by any barrier or distance. Everything is energy, meaning everything is vibration. There is no distance or barrier between me and the ascended masters. The masters are right where with me; they are around me right now. I simply don’t see them because they are in a realm of higher vibrations, but there is no barrier separating my mind from that realm. If I go into the state of witnessing or neutral awareness, I can experience the Presence of the masters. Thus, it is not a matter of crossing a gap or building a bridge of energy to a distant realm. It is a matter of my mind shifting into a different state of consciousness.

As a result of these realizations, I started breaking down the sense of the masters being so far away. I started realizing and accepting that the masters are always with me,  and I started experiencing their Presence. Yet as I have also described, I experienced them as impersonal in the sense that they did not tell me what to do. They simply gave me a frame of reference for making my own decisions.

Why is this important? I am not here trying to say The Church or the messenger were wrong. Yet as I mentioned, my understanding is that The Church was meant to help people overcome the initiations of Pisces. One of those was the idea that only one person – Jesus – could be the Christ because he was so special. In the Aquarian age millions of people are meant to be the open doors for the ascended masters in some way. And how can we do this, if we uphold the image that the masters are so far above us that only very special people can reach them? Even in The Church it was said that there would soon come an age where the masters would “walk and talk” with us. Yet how can that happen unless many people are able to attune their consciousness to the masters?

What I am getting at is that my messengership has, from the very beginning, not been based on the image that the masters are far from me and that it is difficult to reach them. My messengership has been based on seeking to go into a neutral state of mind, which then allows me to feel oneness, gnosis, with the masters. I do not see the masters as being far above the earth, and I am standing in the middle, receiving a dictation from far away that I then repeat. I experience that I go into a state of oneness with the master who is giving a dictation. The master is not speaking words that I see or hear. The master is sending a stream of consciousness into my mind, and my mind then translates this spherical, non-linear stream into the linear words that can be spoken.

If I am special in any way, it is because I have come to understand the value of going into a neutral state of mind, and I have developed the ability to do this at will. In fact, I am always in a certain state of listening, where my mind is somewhat attuned to the masters. Obviously, there are many times when I am busy with some kind of activity, and thus I would not be open to taking a dictation at that moment. Yet I am still aware of the masters and can feel if they give me the impulse that they want to bring forth something. You might call this “listening grace.”

Obviously, my point for writing these articles is that I believe most people can develop this ability by applying the teachings and tools given to us by the ascended masters. And even if it is not in your divine plan to be a messenger, being able to go into neutral awareness will indeed help you tune in to and fulfill what is part of your divine plan.

Just to reach back to what I said about The Church, I believe that in the Piscean age it was more difficult for people to reach pure awareness. I have also experienced that when you are taking a dictation in front of a group of people, their consciousness – being directed at you – can definitely make it more difficult to take a dictation. Decreeing is the obvious way to neutralize this influence by raising the energies. I have personally taken dictations in front of groups of up to 100 people. Yet in The Church the messenger would take dictations in front of groups of up to 4,000 people. So I fully understand she had us decree for several hours in order to raise the energies.

Nevertheless, I still don’t think this was necessary for the masters to reach down to us. It was necessary for us to be propelled out of our normal state of awareness. I many times experienced that after hours of decreeing, I was in a more receptive frame of mind. So the only real question is what it takes for you to reach the neutral state of mind?

I have over the years been trained by the masters to go into a receptive frame of mind at almost any time and in almost any circumstance. In the beginning I thought I had to be in a quiet room, and it was a great challenge to take my first dictation in a public space with traffic around me and people walking right by. And definitely, it was a special experience when I last summer took a couple of dictations in Tiananmen Square in Beijing with 10,000 Chinese talking at the top of their voices. Energetically speaking, is was the most intense environment I have ever experienced, but again, in a neutral frame of mind, it really doesn’t matter. And my point is that I think we all have the ability to reach this pure awareness.

How a dictation comes through

As I said, when a master gives a dictation, the master is sending to me what I can only describe as a “stream of consciousness.” I say stream because I experience it as a constant flow. There is no static message that has a fixed form. It is a living, flowing stream, and it does not come in the form of words. It is ongoing, and if I do not stay with it, the stream will simply move on and I can lose part of the message.

The translation into words happens in my mind, and this is an important point. In The Church many people thought that when the messenger took a dictation, the master could say anything it wanted. They saw a dictation the way many Christians see the Bible, as if it was literally spoken by God. I don’t think that is ever the case, unless you are trance channeling. Only when your mind is completely taken over by the channeling entity, can that entity say anything it wants. 

You can find some very complicated channeled messages on the internet, and they clearly talk about topics that the channeler knew nothing about. Yet in my experience they do not carry the vibration of ascended masters. And I don’t care how complex a message might be, I simply don’t want anything from below the level of the masters. I have no doubt that entities in the mental realm can think up messages that are very complex, but what is the value of something that is simply made up by unascended minds?

The messenger for The Church explained that a master could not give a dictation through her about a topic she knew nothing about. That has also been my experience, and I see it as a function of the fact that the dictation is translated into words in my mind. We normally think of vocabulary as the number of words we know. Yet beyond the words, there is a conceptual “vocabulary.” For example, I know little about medical science and anatomy, and I know the masters cannot give dictations about these topics in as great a depth as they are capable of doing. 

I don’t see that as a limitation. Part of it is that I am a rather practical person. I can see that it would be impossible for me to educate myself to an expert level about all topics known to man. Another part is that I have never desired to be a “perfect” messenger or the only messenger. I clearly see that the masters want multiple messengers, precisely because they want to have people who have expertise in a certain earthy field and still have the ability to receive messages or ideas from the masters.

Does the messenger make up the message?

The Messenger for The Church had several people who were very critical of her messengership. Even a couple of her own children have tried to discredit her, and one thing they have brought up is that in several cases, her staff had researched a topic and some of that research was later brought forth in a dictation. They say this proves that the masters don’t exist as objective entities, but that it was all made up in the messenger’s mind.

Yet based on my own experience, I see no problem here. If the masters wanted to give a dictation about a topic that the messenger knew little about, she simply would not have the conceptual vocabulary that would allow her mind to translate the master’s stream of consciousness into words. The only solution is that she would have to expand her knowledge of the topic, until she knew enough to put words on what the masters wanted to bring forth. I have in some cases had to do that to receive an answer to a specific question on the Answers website. 

For example, several years ago someone sent a question about the Twelve Step Program. I knew very little about this, but after doing some research, I suddenly felt that I knew enough to receive what Jesus wanted to say, and I took the answer. LINK This doesn’t mean that I consider this the ultimate or infallible answer. It is quite possible that someone with personal experience could take a more profound answer. Of course, it is also possible that because I knew nothing about it and had no personal attachments, I could receive a very neutral answer. And at any rate, there comes a point where you simply have to accept that what was said was the best that the masters could say through you at that time. And this leads to what I consider a very important realization.

No final revelation

Everything on earth is an ongoing process. As humankind’s consciousness is raised, new ideas and philosophies can be brought forth. My vision is that the ascended masters have almost unlimited ideas that they could bring forth but that they are always adapting what they bring forth to the current level of consciousness. The masters are NOT seeking to bring forth some ultimate revelation. They are seeking to bring forth a revelation that will take us from where we are now to the next step up. Of course, different groups of people are at different levels of consciousness, so some will receive a higher revelation than others. Yet no one has ever received the ultimate or final revelation. Overcoming the desire for the ultimate is precisely one of the main tests of Pisces.

For a while I have been aware that the ascended masters have sponsored several messengers and organizations since the late 1800s. I have studied the teachings of most of them, and all of them rejected the messengers that came after them. This is almost comical to me, because Christians are rejecting ascended master teachings based on the idea that the Bible was God’s final and ultimate revelation to humankind. Therefore, the only way we can claim validity for ascended master teachings is by accepting that divine revelation is progressive. So how can we claim that “our” organization has progressive revelation, but there will be no more progressive revelation after us? 

How can we allow ourselves to claim that progressive revelation has now stopped? It is as if we now think we can dictate what the masters will and will not do. To me this can only come from spiritual pride. If you believe that you have the highest teaching on the planet – and therefore you must be the most advanced students on the planet – you obviously don’t want someone to undermine your feeling of superiority by taking a higher revelation. So you want progressive revelation to stop. What an ego game.

I am bringing this up because I think that as a messenger it is very important to see yourself as simply one part in an ongoing process of revelation. You are not called upon to be a perfect or ultimate messenger who can bring forth the most special and sophisticated revelation ever. Accepting this can help you avoid the fear that you won’t be good enough or the pride that makes you think you never need to go higher. It can also take away the weight of responsibility, the effect of which is to make it difficult for you to go into a neutral frame of mind and be content to bring forth what the masters can bring forth through you at this time. 

This is also the only way you can accept that what is coming forth through you right now might be exactly what the masters want to bring forth for a specific group of people in a specific situation. Let me expound on that point.

How much does the messenger’s consciousness affect the message?

An important consideration for both messengers and students of the masters is how much the messenger’s consciousness will affect the message coming forth. I have said that a dictation comes as a stream of consciousness and is translated into words in the messenger’s mind. If you are able to go into a neutral frame of mind, you will not consciously or willingly affect the message. Yet since the stream passes through the subconscious layers of your mind, there can and will be some affect on the message.

In previous articles, I have gone to great length to describe what it takes, according to my experience, to tune in to the ascended masters and to be as much of an open door as possible. My vision is that it is possible for us to clear our four lower bodies and to overcome our personal attachments and perception filter so such a degree, that we can take a very pure message from the masters. Yet even if you get to that point, the message will still be somewhat affected by the way you use words and the way you look at life.

For example, I grew up in the western world, and my outlook on life is naturally affected by this. As a child, I was deeply affected by learning about the second world war and the Holocaust. Thus, the masters will sometimes talk about this in dictations. Yet for a messenger who had grown up in a part of the world where this was not as big of an issue, the masters might not say anything about this. 

Likewise, the masters have said very little through me about Africa. I have several times been asked why this is the case. Obviously, the ascended masters have much to say about Africa, but apparently they do not want to say it through me. This might be because I am an outsider and thus not familiar with the prevailing world view in Africa. On the other hand, I have not been encouraged by the masters to educate myself about Africa, so I can only assume they have other reasons for not using me. Pallas Athena LINK said through me that they had trained messengers for the Islamic world, where I, of course, can also only be an outsider. And I have no doubt the masters would like to have viable messengers from many different backgrounds and that they already have some that I don’t know about.

What I am pointing at here is a balance. On the one hand, the messages you get can be limited by your general world view, so there are things the masters can’t talk about because you don’t know enough about it. On the other hand, if you know too much – if you are an insider – you may have certain strong attitudes that color the messages without you even seeing it. A messenger who is neutral might be able to bring forth teachings that an insider could not bring forth, because the insider could not see beyond the world view of a certain group.

Let me give examples. The Church was very much an American organization, and the dictations often focused on the importance of the United States. Many dictations were critical of specific U.S. policies, but could an American messenger have taken dictations that questioned the basic American world view—which the messenger might never have seen as just a world view but might have taken for the only way to look at things? The same, of course, applies to all messengers.

Not long ago I took a dictation from Lady Master Venus in Estonia,  and it naturally talked about the dominant event in Estonian history, namely the 45-year occupation by Soviet Russia. This caused some students in Russia to take offense and accuse me of coloring the message with a negative attitude towards Russia. Yet I didn’t grow up in Estonia, so I am not an insider. I did grow up knowing that the Soviet Union had an aggressive intent of taking over the rest of the world. And yes, I do consider that a well-established fact, partly because I know that most of the former Soviet Republics felt they had been forcefully occupied by Soviet Russia. It was somewhat of a shock to me to realize that many Russians apparently have not learned how the outside world looked upon the Soviet Union. So did this my world view make me biased, or did it make me so neutral that I could take a message that a Russian messenger might not be willing to take? You decide.

Beyond the world view from the environment in which you grew up, you might color your messages with a certain attitude. For example, the dictations in The Church would sometimes have a more ominous tone than anything ever brought forth through me. The Church culture was somewhat fear-based. Again, I am not saying this was wrong, because I think this was designed to help people pass the last Piscean initiations. 

In the 1990’s I started realizing that I needed to overcome a fear-based approach to God, the masters and life. I worked very hard to overcome fear, helped along by my experience of the pink love of El Morya and my experience of God. And I think that was very necessary for me in order to take messages for the Age of Aquarius. I think our challenge in this age is to transcend the fear-based approach to God, the masters and life. So my approach to being a messenger is entirely love-based. I don’t fear God, I don’t fear the masters and I don’t fear any human being. I don’t fear making a mistake and then instantly falling into a flaming abyss. And for me that is important, because it helps me go into a neutral frame of mind, which I don’t see how you can do if you still have fear in your being.

Because of my love-based approach I have reached a simple conclusion. If you take into consideration everything I have said above, you have to trust that when you have prepared yourself as well as you can and go into a neutral frame of mind, then you are bringing forth exactly what the ascended masters want to bring forth through you at that particular time. And if you keep seeking to transcend yourself, you will always be doing this, watching how your messengership spirals upwards over time.

As I have said, the masters are not seeking to bring forth an ultimate revelation right now. So the fact that you have grown up in a certain part of the world and have a certain world view means that as the dictation is filtered through your consciousness, it takes on a form that means the target audience (from the same background as you) will find it easier to understand and relate to the message. So although this is a coloring of the message, there is nothing wrong with it—it is simply the mechanics of how messages are brought forth. In other words, don’t overanalyze yourself and don’t let other people’s biased opinions derail your inner attunement with the masters.

Of course, even though your mind will color the message, the masters will still be able to bring forth more than your mind can do. That will be my next topic.

How the masters multiply what is in your consciousness

I know I have talked about vocabulary and that your mind can color the message in subtle ways. Yet this does not mean I am saying there isn’t more to a dictation than what could possibly come from your mind. On the contrary, the value of a dictation is that when you are working with the ascended masters, they will indeed multiply what is in your consciousness and give dictations that go far beyond what you could possibly have come up with in your own mind. If I didn’t experience that as a messenger, I obviously wouldn’t take any dictations.

I will sometimes have an idea in advance of what the masters want to talk about. I have sometimes sensed they wanted to talk about a specific topic and I would read up on it before taking a dictation. Yet for the majority of my dictations, I have had no idea what the masters would say. I have many times stood up in front of a group of people at a conference and had absolutely no idea what the master was going to bring forth. Many times the dictation has lasted an hour, and I simply stood there in a neutral frame of mind and was awed at the words coming out of my mouth. I have experienced how a master will start talking about one thing, then go into other things that seemingly had no relation to the first topic and then in the end of an hour-long dictation bring it all together in a coherent whole.

I mean, truly, what the masters bring forth is an amazing work of art. It may seem as if a dictation is a linear flow of works with a beginning, a middle and an ending. Yet the flow of consciousness from the masters is always spherical, and it is totally amazing to me how it can be translated into words that actually make sense. And this is where I can’t really give any advice on how to do this part of being a messenger, because it is very hard to put words on what happens as the dictation is being translated into words. 

What I experience is that I get an intuitive feeling that a certain master is present and wants to give a dictation. This is a recognition that the master is there, which feels like a clearly higher energy, almost like a sphere of light. I always recognize the master and intuitively get the name. I then go into a neutral frame of mind, as I have learned to do, and then I simply surrender into the flow of what is coming from the master. I sometimes have an opening remark or the master says: “Master MORE I am, and I am come to…” and then the flow simply happens. I stand there in a natural frame of mind, witnessing how the words flow. 

I do not know what the words will be, but only hear them as they are being spoken, which to me signals that my conscious mind has no influence on the words. If I tried to analyze the words and wanted the master to say something specific, I think it would completely brake the flow of the dictation and it would stop. 

In fact, a dictation is for me a right-brain, intuitive process. One of the hardest things to do is to take specific facts, such as dates, because it easily propels you into the left-brain analytical mind, and then the flow of the Spirit easily stops. I have sometimes had a master give a certain fact, such as a year, and my analytical mind would then think: “Was that really the right year?” And then I immediately have to go back into the neutral state of mind in order to avoid stopping the flow.

Of course, there is absolutely no way I could consciously make up what is being said. I am a good speaker, but standing up with no prepared manuscript and being able to speak coherently for an hour is simply beyond my capacity. And there is no way I could learn by heart the dozen dictations that might come forth during a conference. I have many times experienced reading a dictation and thinking: “Gosh, there is no way I could have said that.” The teaching given is simply so far beyond what I consciously knew, even though I can see that I had the basic concepts that the master could then multiply.

Now I am finally ready to talk about the opening question of how it feels to take a dictation. Yet that will be the topic of the following article.


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