Freeing Europe from the misuse of the WORD

TOPICS:  The Catholic Church is “pacifying religion” – How the Catholic Church distorted the WORD – How pacifying religion serves the elite – Europe as the birthplace of pacifying ideas – How both religion and science pacifies people – Why the top 10 percent are the key – Understanding how the power elite seeks to destroy individuality – Dare to go beyond the false gods – Understanding the pyramid of consciousness –

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Ascended Master Jesus, May 20, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The Catholic Church is “pacifying religion”

In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God. My Beloved hearts, what is the WORD? Well, it is ultimately the Christ consciousness. But on earth, in the material realm, it has another meaning as well. And that is that it is through the WORD that people impress their mental images upon the Mother Light. And thus, it is through the WORD that they co-create. So therefore, the WORD means the beliefs, the images, the world view that you hold in your four lower bodies and that you use in order to co-create your reality in the physical realm.

For it is through your four lower bodies – it is through the beliefs and images that you hold in those bodies – that you impress upon the Mother Light what you want to outpicture. Or perhaps what you do not consciously want to outpicture, but nevertheless the Mother Light forms a mirror and therefore will outpicture whatever you send out. I explained this 2,000 years ago, when I told people to do unto others as they would have others do unto themselves. The meaning being that what you do unto others will be what the Mother Light and the cosmic mirror thinks that you want the universe to reflect back to you in the form of physical conditions.

How the Catholic Church distorted the WORD

When I came as Jesus, I came to restore the WORD to Israel and to the world. For they had lost the true understanding of the WORD and they had lost it precisely because they had become victims of the plots of those who are the fallen beings, who have entered the serpentine consciousness and who have sought to control humankind, as Maitreya explains in his book.  And the primary means for this control is to pacify the people, so that they do not believe they have access to the Living Word inside themselves. And therefore, their entire world view – their entire belief system, their entire concept of themselves, of God, of life – is determined by outer teachings—be it a religious teaching or a political ideology or a scientific mindset and world view.

I came to restore the Living Word to Israel. But most people were not ready for it. And as Christianity began to spread throughout Europe, then certainly the fallen beings saw that this would spell their doom—unless they did something to stop the spreading of the Living Word and the understanding of the Living Word. What did they do? Well, when it became apparent to them that they could not stop the spread of Christianity – although it was not Christianity as you see it today – that they could not stop the spread of the early Christian movement, well they did what they have always done—if you can’t beat them, join them!

They joined the Christian movement, and, through the help of one of their primary henchmen, Constantine, they turned it into an official religion that very quickly became as rigid and closed as the religion that persecuted and killed me when I walked this earth in a physical body.

Dating back to the “conversion” of Constantine, western civilization was set on a specific track, that first was dominated by the Catholic Church—that for many years had a grip on the WORD in Europe. Do you see my beloved? The Catholic Church ruled the population in Europe by controlling the WORD, controlling access to the WORD. They had set themselves up in a position, where they had the physical power to suppress or kill or ban as a heretic anyone who dared to speak the Living Word. And they had defined a doctrine that completely shut out the Living Word, having instead turned it into a dead outer scripture. But not even the outer scripture, for the Catholic Church did not want people to read the scriptures themselves. They only wanted them to have an interpretation that was in accordance with church doctrine.

Even though the scriptures that were written down are no longer, strictly speaking, the Living Word, there is still so many clues in the scriptures that people who read them can connect to the Living Word—if they are willing to go beyond the letter of the outer teaching. So it was indeed a travesty that people were prevented from reading the scriptures.

How pacifying religion serves the elite

You now see that what the Catholic Church represents in Europe is precisely what I call “pacifying religion.” A religion that seeks to pacify people by promoting the belief that the people are as nothing and cannot save themselves. They need an external savior and they need an external institution and its priesthood in order to be saved. In the Catholic Church this became the doctrine that you are a sinner by the very fact that you exist—for you were born in sin. By just the mere fact that you have existence on this earth, you are a sinner. And that means that you cannot save yourself but need to be saved by the vicarious atonement, where I do all the work for you, therefore completely pacifying people. Do you see that this does not only pacify people on an individual level, it pacifies them in the entire society, so that the population at large becomes susceptible to the domination by the power elite?

Do you see – in the history of Europe – how the power elite took up positions in the Catholic Church, took up positions in the noble class. And even though you had some rivalry between the two power elites, I can assure you that even the noble class was quite happy with the Church, because they knew that it was because of that pacifying element in the very deepest aspect of life, namely religion, that they were able to control the people and maintain their physical hold over them. So that is indeed why you see the wisdom brought forth in Maitreya’s book, where he says that if we can change the religious debate on this planet, then everything else will begin to fall into place after it.

Europe as the birthplace of pacifying ideas

When you look at the history of Europe, you see the cradle of a number of ideas that have been used around the world to pacify and suppress the people. First and foremost, of course, in the religious arena, as I have explained. But then see what happened when the religious domination of the Catholic Church began to crumble and the people began to say, “We have had enough. We want to have our freedom to think. We want to have our freedom to look at the reality of the physical octave and what it tells us, instead of being fed these infallible doctrines that truly are out of touch with reality.”

It was an incredible expansion of the mindset of Europe, when it began to be generally known that the earth was not flat and that it was not the center of a very small universe. But that it indeed revolved around the sun and that the sun was the center of the solar system. What you had before that time was a mindset, where the general culture and world view of the population was almost completely out of touch with reality, divine reality.

What you had seen in the preceding centuries was that the leaders of the Catholic Church had created a world view that was entirely man-made. So they had made the Word of God of no effect in their tradition (Mark 7:13). They had indeed created a world view that was so removed from the reality of God, that there was hardly any reality left. And you can see this clearly by the fact that the Catholic Church promoted the idea that the earth, this little planet, was the center of the entire universe—although certainly they believed the universe was much smaller than today.

Can you see, that when it first became apparent to people – and greater numbers of people, namely the top 10 percent – that it was possible to make an observation through a simple telescope – and see that the movements in the heavens did not correspond to the doctrine that the earth was the center of the universe – that this was an incredible expansion of the mindset of Europe? For certainly, then it once again connected to the fact that there is a reality beyond man-made ideas and beliefs.

This was indeed the very central element of the bringing forth of the Renaissance and the many new ideas and inventions that sprung up in Europe. But of course, as always happens, it was not only true ideas that were promoted. For it is inevitable that when there is an expansion of creativity, there will be both true and untrue ideas.So you did see several ideologies that were brought forth here in Europe, such as Karl Marx and Marxism and Darwin and the theory of evolution.

Now, I must tell you that there are some elements of truth even in these ideologies. They are not completely lies. There is indeed a reality to the fact that a country cannot bring forth a just society while allowing those who are the most aggressive people to attain whatever power they can take through force. And therefore, there must be some way to stop this. But of course, it is not the socialist way, where the state owns and controls everything. It is the spiritual way, where the people are awakened, so that they are subject neither to the privately owned companies nor to the state. And that is why communism is not a solution to the problem of the power elite, for it gives the power elite a perfect vehicle through which to attain and maintain power, namely the state itself.

Capitalism and communism form a dualistic polarity that both work towards the same goal, namely a society with centralized control. Either you have a society controlled by the state, as in the communist countries, or you have a society that is controlled by one company that has eventually absorbed all of the other companies and therefore in effect has become the state. Or you can have what you had in Catholic Europe, where you had a society that was controlled by the religious authority which had taken over all areas of society.

It should be possible for you to see, that Europe is indeed an interesting continent, where so many of the ideas that have shaped the world have been born. And therefore, again, as Saint Germain has said, there is an incredible potential on this continent of people rising up and saying, “Enough is enough! We want something more. We want something better.”

And that is indeed already beginning to happen, as it is beginning to happen in other areas of the world. And it can and will – by the grace of God and the willingness of the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people – become an unstoppable movement, that will sweep away the old mindset, the old ideas, and bring forth precisely what Saint Germain talked about, when he said that we need a universal spiritual awakening so that we can overcome the ideology of materialism that denies your spirituality. For it is only through spirituality that the world can be righted and set on the right course.

How both religion and science pacifies people

What I would like to expound upon now is the transition from the Catholic domination of Europe to the current domination by science and the scientific mindset. During the Catholic era, people were presented or viewed as sinners. They were as nothing. They had no inbuilt, inherent divinity. For there was divinity in only one man—Jesus Christ. This of course, is a continuation of the Roman Empire, where they saw that there was divinity in only one man—the Emperor. And thus, after Christianity became the Roman state religion, I became the substitute for the Emperor, the symbol that there can only be one man on earth who has divinity, whereas all the people are below him and fundamentally different from him. You now had a self image among the people that they were nothing, that they were sinners by their mere existence.

As I have said, the scientific revolution did indeed start a process that was highly beneficial in expanding people’s mindset and making them see beyond the traditional view of themselves and the world. Yet, what happened was the same thing that happened to Christianity. After just a few centuries, the power elite began to use science in their eternal quest to suppress the people. You will see that many of the early scientists, including Darwin himself, were indeed religious people and did not believe there was any inherent conflict between science and religion—and that indeed science would simply work within a world view that accounted for the existence of a supreme being and a reality that was beyond human manipulation.

Indeed, many of the early scientists were driven precisely by an understanding of how the Catholic Church had created an entirely false view that was out of touch with reality. And their desire was to use science to bring back some reality in the world view of the people, realizing however that there was certain limitations to what science could discover. For truly, Galileo and others realized that they would never be able to see God through a telescope because God was not located above the sky, as was believed in the old world view.

In the beginning, science was a beneficial movement, expanding the mindset of the people. But then it very gradually turned into a materialistic philosophy instead of a spiritual philosophy. What happened in that process was that now the people were no longer portrayed as worthless sinners, but they were portrayed as only slightly more highly evolved than the monkeys, and therefore as nothing more than animals that had come into being entirely by chance.

Do you see, that whether you consider yourself a worthless sinner or whether you consider yourself an animal—it really is not progress, is it? So the reality is that science has not freed the people’s minds and given them a higher or a more realistic world view. Science has indeed become just another tool in the almost endless string of tools used by the power elite to suppress and pacify the people. So that they can continue to dominate society and attain extraordinary privileges for themselves, while the general population toil and work to support the lifestyle of the elite.

Why the top 10 percent are the key

My Beloved, the greatest potential for an awakening in Europe is that the top 10 percent of the people realize the existence of this power elite, realize what they have always been doing, realize how they have been using any means available to them – including any ideology or belief system – and stand up and say, “We have had enough of this! This cannot go on on our continent. We will not see our continent be responsible for the spreading of these false ideas that have been used to suppress the people.”

“We will instead turn our continent into a cradle for a new, universal spiritual mindset that will finally free the people from the domination of the power elite by bringing forth the truth and the reality that every human being is not simply an animal or a worthless sinner but is indeed a son or daughter of God, is an individualization of God, come here to be a co-creator and bring God’s kingdom to earth. Rather than this kingdom of man that we have seen in so many versions that it is nauseating to look back at the pages of history.”

What can bring about this awakening? Well, as I said, it has already begun. And if you hold the vision and do your best, then you will do all you can do to bring it about and others will pitch in as well. And it will happen. But I will tell you that it has been a clear strategy and goal of the power elite – not necessarily those in physical in embodiment who did not have the awareness of what is going on, but certainly, as I talked about yesterday, the greater conspiracy in the etheric, mental and emotional realm of those who are the fallen beings in the serpentine consciousness exposed in Maitreya’s book – it has been their strategy for a long time to suppress the top 10 percent by making them believe, as we have talked about, that they have no right, they have no authority, to take a stand – they cannot take a stand – and divert them into believing that they are nothing more than animals and that life has no meaning whatsoever.

The ideology and belief system of scientific materialism is indeed the primary means used today to divert the attention of the top 10 percent of the people on this planet. These are the people who at inner levels have the spiritual maturity to be part of the awakening but who in their outer minds have been so misled by the scientific world view, that they have come to believe that they are only animals, that life has no real purpose and meaning, that there is no life after the death of the body. And therefore, there really is no other purpose, no long-term purpose, to life, so it is just, “Enjoy what we have right now, for tomorrow we die.”

There are many people on this continent – and of course throughout the world as well, but especially on this continent – there are many people who have the maturity already to be forerunners for this awakening. But their outer minds have been so twisted and misled, that they do not even dare conceive that they could be part of the spiritual awakening of the same momentous proportions as the awakening brought forth by my mission in Israel or by the Buddha’s mission in India.

Do you see, my beloved? The world truly has examples of how, suddenly, one person started something but others picked up on it, and suddenly a shift occurred in the mindset of an entire area, eventually spreading to the entire world. This can happen again, but as we have said, it must be many people who drive it this time, not just one person. And that is why the power elite have indeed sought to create a belief system that makes people unable or unwilling to even conceive that they could truly make a difference.

Understanding how the power elite seeks to destroy individuality

The reality is that each person on earth has infinite value in the eyes of God, because each person is an extension of God’s own Being. The conscious self of each person is an extension of God’s own being. Therefore, we of the ascended masters, and the Creator of this universe, place infinite value on the individual, on individuality. Certainly, we desire to see all live up to their highest potential – namely your spiritual identity and individuality – rather than the so-called individuality of the ego, which truly is not individuality for it is simply out of the mass consciousness.

Yet you must understand that the power elite have no respect whatsoever for individuality, at least not an individuality beyond their own. They want to destroy your individuality. They want to create a race of mechanized people who are like robots that will passively do whatever they are told by the elite—or that will at least be passively misled into creating the kind of society that allows the elite to stay in control.

Many of you will know from growing up in Europe, that from very early childhood, you were exposed to very subtle beliefs that suppressed your individuality, that caused you to feel that you had no inherent worth, that you could not truly make a difference. And so you look at some of the people throughout history who have made a difference and you say, “They must have been special. I could not do this. What chance do I have? I am worth nothing, for I have been told this by my society from a very early age. I have been treated like cattle, like a sheep that should be herded into the fold and then not make any trouble after that.”

This is what you need to come to a greater awareness of. And you need to come to a determination where you reach for that spark – that spark of divine fire in your own being – and you recognize that you do have a God-given individuality. And by the very fact that you exist, you have the authority to express that individuality on earth. For I can assure you that the truth that, “Without him was not anything made that was made” means that you were made by God. And therefore, God gave you opportunity to be embodied on earth, and that means that God has given you the right to express your divine, spiritual individuality on this planet.

You who are spiritual people should be able to recognize that there is no higher authority than God. And therefore, no authority on earth has the right to take away what God has given. And you have a divine right to express your individuality—and do not let any authority on earth – be it the state or a scientific establishment or the Catholic Church or any other religion – do not let them take it away from you. For if you do, you violate the first two commandments—thou shalt have no other gods before me and thou shalt not take unto thyself any graven image. When you take unto yourself the graven image of the fallen beings, well then you begin to worship that image as reality, thinking there is nothing beyond it. And then you make that image and the people who promote it your god. And then you start worshiping the false gods who have set themselves up, claiming to be the true God.

This did indeed happen to the people at various times during the Old Testament. And you will see this when you realize that there were times when the people believed they were told by their God to massacre other tribes that they had conquered. This certainly could not be the true God of Abraham, the true God of infinite and unconditional love. You see that throughout the history of the world, many people have worshipped the false gods—as many people in Europe today worship the false god of scientific materialism. For scientific materialism is not what it claims to be—it is not a scientific ideology. It is a religious philosophy that simply denies God, instead of worshiping a false god, like the many orthodox religions throughout the world.

Dare to go beyond the false gods

So dare to go within. Dare to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Dare to seek that kingdom within yourself. Dare to connect to what you know in your hearts, namely that there is a truth that is beyond the man-made doctrines and belief systems. Dare to recognize that even though you have been exposed to this manipulation from early childhood, even from early childhood you had an inner sense that there was something more, there was something beyond it. Dare to recognize that you are more than cattle, you are indeed the sons and daughters of God, you are indeed the spiritually mature people who volunteered to come into embodiment to drive the awakening that is simply just waiting to happen.

Dare to connect to your divine plan. Dare to Be who you are and dare to stand up and let that light shine. Dare to express it, so that other people can take courage and inspiration from your example and see that perhaps we really are more than animals, perhaps we really are more than sinners, perhaps we all have a divine spark, a potential to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and other spiritual saints and sages who have found a higher way of life. Perhaps we all have the potential to rise above the human condition and bring forth a new philosophy, a new day, a new era in human society that finally breaks the stranglehold that the power elite has had over the people for so many thousands of years.

Dare to take responsibility for yourself, and for your nations, and for your continent and for your world. And you will inspire others beyond what your outer minds can even conceive is possible. For I tell you, even beyond what you do on the outer, there is an immense power in you making the inner decision to accept your spiritual identity. For that will spread like rings in the water in the collective consciousness. Surely, you know that all people are connected through the mind, through the collective mind. And so the real battle for planet earth is not fought in the physical; it is fought in the mental, emotional and etheric realms. It is fought in the mind, for it is a battle for the minds of the people.

Did I not start out saying that it is through your beliefs – through the WORD – that you hold in your mind that you impress images upon the ma-ter light and therefore co-create the physical conditions you encounter? So we have now come full circle, where you realize that the physical manifestations – even the existence of the power elite and their suppression – are simply an outpicturing in form of what is going on at the mental, emotional and etheric levels of the mind. And therefore, it is at these levels that the battle is truly fought and won.

And that is why I want to impress upon you, that even when you make that decision in your own mind – to accept who you are – you are doing something to raise up humankind, especially when you hold true to that decision. And when you are willing to be aware that the onslaught from the mass consciousness will come to you to try to weaken your resolve, to tear down your decision. But when you are willing to stand up against that onslaught – to openly look at your own consciousness and see what beliefs make you vulnerable to the mass consciousness, and overcome those beliefs – well, by you doing this individually, you are actually resolving part of the collective consciousness, the illusions in the collective consciousness. So by freeing yourself, you are not only freeing yourself but many other people.

Understanding the pyramid of consciousness

Humankind can be put on a scale of consciousness that is like a pyramid, where there are various levels, just like you see at the Great Pyramid of Giza that has levels and steps. Each of those levels represents a certain state of consciousness. And at the lower levels of consciousness, the pyramid is the widest, meaning that there are more people at that lower level of consciousness. And as you go up higher, you find more and more aware people, until you reach the apex of the pyramid where you find the highest—the top 10 percent, or even those who are in the top 10 percent of the top 10 percent.

Yet, the entire pyramid is connected, and you will know that if you could lift up the pyramid of Giza by lifting at the top, you would lift the entire structure. And that means that when those in the top 10 percent raise their consciousness, they are not just pulling up one person below them. For below you is a greater number of people, and below them at the level down is an even greater number of people, for the pyramid widens as you go down. So when you pull yourself up, you pull on everyone who is below you, and therefore – suddenly – a shift can occur when enough people raise their own consciousness. This is the magic of individuality and the interconnectedness of individuals. And this is why the fallen ones, the serpentine mind, wants you to deny your individuality, so you do not even try to raise yourself up, so you believe that nothing you do could make a difference.

All of us who have made a difference in the world have started out from this simple premise. We changed ourselves. And once we had overcome the duality consciousness, well we could then go out and do outer things. But I tell you, there are many people around the world who are unknown to history who have never been known to the public and have never done any outer manifestation, but they have still raised their own consciousness and thereby raised up many other people who were below them in the pyramid of life. This is the greatest potential that cannot be stopped by the power elite—unless they can manage to stop the individuals at the top from starting the chain reaction by changing themselves by getting them to deny their individuality, their spiritual potential.

Deny not the God that is within you. Reject not that God. Do not take unto yourself the graven image of an external God, an external word, and worship that image as the true God. Instead, find the kingdom within you. Find the true God in that inner kingdom, and realize that your conscious self is an individualization of that God. And therefore, you have the potential to become more of that God in manifestation and thereby bring the kingdom of the true God to earth. Even the awareness of the true God, where people begin to see the reality that God is beyond any religion or man-made belief system.

I thank you for your attention. I thank you for your presence. I thank you for your presence on this continent. For I must tell you that this conference marks a turning point. Truly this was begun at the last conference in Europe. But at that conference, even though it was a victory, we did not achieve the critical mass that has been achieved at this conference. And therefore, we are eternally grateful for your willingness to be here. Not only be here physically but be here spiritually.

For you have created a momentum that will bring forth a greater opening of the minds of the people of Europe, so they have a greater opportunity than ever before to embrace a higher view of life. And as this momentum hopefully keeps expanding, it can indeed be one of the turning points, the key turning point, to raising the mindset of the European people, spreading beyond this continent by correcting the mistakes of the past, where ideologies and belief systems that came into the physical in Europe have spread to the world. That is why, indeed, the Europeans have a responsibility to correct these mistaken belief systems from the past, so that they can free the world from the influence of these false beliefs.

Therefore, once again, my gratitude. I commend you for your Being. And I seal you in the heart of the Living Jesus Christ with my immense gratitude for your willingness to even consider that you could follow in my footsteps. For that is my greatest desire—that all people would realize that I am an example, not an idol to worship.

[The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah was played.]

I, Jesus, come again quickly to give you an understanding of how even a piece of music like you just heard can be used to further the passive approach to salvation by elevating me to the “Lord of lords” and the “King of kings” who shall reign forever and ever. Do you see, my beloved, that even though this music was divinely inspired and truly carries a vibration that is uplifting people, it is entirely possible that people can interpret the words to actually confirm the passive mindset that they cannot save themselves. For when you look at this song and these words through a traditional Christian mindset, you see me as up there in the sky. And you think that it is the Jesus that is up there in the sky, who will come to earth and reign over earth and reign over the kings, reign over everything and do everything for you.

I simply want to give you the greater understanding that this music is indeed worthy of listening to because it carries a vibration. But I ask you to listen to this music with the understanding that it is the inner Christ who is the Lord of lords and the King of kings. And it is the inner Christ who shall reign forever and ever, when that inner Christ is allowed to shine through the outer beings of people on earth and more than one person, namely many many people.

Do you see, my beloved? When you listen to this music with this greater understanding, you will not only gain a greater appreciation for it with the outer mind, but you will actually be able to absorb the radiation that is built into this music—that is actually being blocked by many people in the traditional Christian mindset, who cannot truly absorb what is being released in this magnificent music of Handel’s Messiah.

So I encourage those of you who love music – or perhaps even those of you who are not so fascinated by this classical music – to listen to Handel’s Messiah. Perhaps even lay down at night when it is dark and listen to it – with headphones if you need to, to avoid disturbing others – and simply absorb the vibration that comes through, especially when you know that it is the Christ in you who is the Lord of lords, the King of kings. For it is the Christ in you who is meant to be lord of your temple, king of your domain. And it is when you absorb and become one with that inner Christ that the Christ will reign forever and ever in your own being.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels