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TOPICS: Mother Mary’s 500 vigil – The crisis in Greece – The debt crisis in the modern world – The problem with the welfare state – A false economy – Corruption – Should all debt be paid back? – Overcoming the karma of debt – Reforming the financial system – The importance of making calls – Not always an ideal solution – The Middle East – A breakthrough in greater awareness –

A message from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 28, 2015

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to give you an informal talk about some of the developments you see on the world stage.

Mother Mary’s 500 vigil

I first of all want to thank all of you who have participated in my monthly vigil. Although you may not see a direct measurable result of your efforts, I can assure you that there have been positive results of the vigils you have performed so far. I do not want any of you to feel that you cannot participate in this vigil. If you are not able to give four hours for whatever reason, then give what you can. It is not an all-or-nothing proposition.

I do not want you to be so focused on what I originally said that this becomes almost like an obsession that you have to fulfill. It does not have to be 500 people decreeing for four hours at the exact same time. My purpose is to get you to get as many people as possible to focus their efforts at approximately the same time on the same decrees and invocations and on making calls on the same topics so that you unify your efforts and therefore there is more of an acceleration. It has never been my intent to burden you in any way or to make any of you feel that you are not capable or worthy of participating in the vigil.

As I have said many times before, anything you do is better than doing nothing and is greatly appreciated by me and by other members of the ascended masters. Especially by the angels who receive the energy to take action on earth. And my beloved, the angels do take action. Whenever someone makes the call, the call compels the answer and there is always an answer although you may not see it in the physical. You can rest assured that there is an action taken in the three higher realms. When the angels can take an action in the three higher realms, there will eventually be a filtering through to the physical where certain things will happen that otherwise would not have happened.

In many cases the result of your calls is that certain things do not happen that otherwise would have happened. Since the things do not happen, you do not always know the potential for what could have happened and therefore it is more difficult for you to see a result of your efforts. I can only say that there has already been significant results of your efforts and that certain events that could have come to pass, have not come to pass as a result of your calls made. I encourage you to keep up the good work, and I encourage those of you who have been hesitant to participate, to participate as best you can, given your individual situation.

The crisis in Greece

Now if you, as I can do, look at the earth from a distance and look at the energy emanations of the planet, then you can see certain patterns that are taking place on the planet right now. There are certain places where there is a greater emanation, a radiation of energy, and there are other places where there are vortexes of energy that are sucking energy into this vortex.

Right now, and for some time of course, there has been an energy vortex over the nation of Greece. You are all aware of the escalating crisis around the debt that has been incurred by the Greek nation. You are aware of the efforts to negotiate, and you are aware of the latest initiative of the Greek government to put this out to a public referendum. Regardless of the outcome of such a referendum, the problem of debt itself will not go away. This, I think, anyone who is familiar with the situation recognizes. It is therefore not my intention here to tell the Greek people what to do or not to do; this is for them to decide. We of the ascended masters do not always, in situations like this, have a clear outcome that we desire to see happen. In this case there is no clear choice for the Greek people because whatever they vote on this coming Sunday will not make the debt go away.

The debt crisis in the modern world

The larger issue that I want to comment on is what the world is going to do, not only about the debt of Greece but of the debt of many other nations. When does there emerge a more widespread awareness that the developed, modern world is facing a debt crisis, a debt problem, that is escalating and is threatening to destroy the world economy. The financial crisis in 2008 was caused by artificially created financial instruments that very much had to do with debt. The financial instruments had masked the risk of the debt. In 2008, this was debt primarily incurred by individuals but you saw how the debt incurred by individual human beings had become large enough to create a shock to the international financial system.

As you know, many governments owe far more money than any individual could ever borrow. It is not difficult to envision that there is a potential for the debt of governments to create an even greater shock to the international economy. There are therefore two questions that need to be considered and that are not sufficiently being considered, by not only the decision-makers of the world but especially by the people of the world. The first question is: “How did we ever allow our nation to incur such a large debt?” The second question is:”Now that the debt is there and that many nations have a debt so large that they cannot realistically pay it back, what do we then do with this problem?”

There are many nations who for years have been doing what certain individuals have also been doing, namely, spending more money than they take in, than they make. It is necessary to ask how this is even possible. It is, of course, possible because you have a democratic system that is not functioning at the highest level. The reason why the democratic system cannot function at its highest level is basically that the people in a particular nation are not willing to take responsibility for their nation and their nation’s economy and for their personal lives.

There are certain realities for how the economy of an individual, or a family, or a nation functions. A healthy economy is an economy where you do not have to borrow in order to maintain your normal, daily lifestyle. There may be certain extraordinary circumstances where you need to borrow for the short term in order to weather a certain crisis. There may be certain times where you wish to borrow in order to invest in something, whether this be a house that an individual or a family wants to buy or some other large item, or whether it be something in which a nation wants to invest, such as building infrastructure that will later pay off and therefore is an investment. It should not be necessary in a healthy economy to borrow in order to meet daily expenses or unnecessary consumption. This is neither necessary nor responsible, whether we are talking individuals or nations.

The problem with the welfare state

Basically, the problem here is that we have democracies where policy is not based on reality but on a perception of reality. This, you might recall, is what we have talked about was the problem with the 2008 financial crisis. You had an economy that was not based on reality but on a perception of reality. When that perception suddenly shifted, then almost instantly the economy took a dive into a crisis that almost threatened to destroy the entire system.

What we have been giving you, through the teachings of this messenger and other teachings we have given over the last century, is a frame of reference that there is a higher reality, a higher way to look at life on earth, than what human beings have developed. Their minds have become closed systems so they think they can define reality by their theories and ideologies instead of tuning in to the higher reality of the ascended masters. This, of course, can easily be done by a dictatorship, as you have seen with both Nazism and communism.

What has often been overlooked is that a democracy is also vulnerable to this mechanism. People begin to think that they can live a certain way and that they can get without giving in return. When a population develops this attitude, an attitude which has somewhat been fostered by the development of the modern welfare state, then they will attract politicians who either believe the same or who realize that they can get elected by playing on people’s desire to receive without giving.

We have many times talked about the parable of Jesus with the talents and explained that it is necessary to multiply your talents. When you do multiply the talents, then we of the ascended masters can multiply your efforts, and then everything grows. If a critical mass of people in a democracy are multiplying their talents, then an economy can function, even to the point where you can have a large percentage of the population being recipients of the welfare system. This is a delicate balance, and it can shift for a variety of reasons. When it does shift, it is almost inevitable that the people who are inside this system will not realize that the balance has shifted.

The reason for this is that they have become comfortable in their system, and they do not want to change. They are caught in a trap where the people do not want to change their basic outlook on life. People do not want to multiply their talents more than they are doing. As a result, they will attract politicians who will promise them that they can continue living the way they are doing. Because the people want to believe this, they will vote for these politicians who are promising them a perception that is disconnected from reality.

Once these politicians get elected, they often realize (if they did not before getting elected) that they cannot fulfill their election promises except in one way: They can fulfill their election promises only by borrowing money from outside the nation’s own economy. This then is what sets even a democratic nation, living in peaceful times, on a downward spiral of debt that in previous times was seen only in nations who had been to war.

A false economy

In my recent book on ow to stop war, I talk about the fact that the fallen beings have created a false economy and that the entire world economy is still functioning as a wartime economy. You have many democratic nations in Europe and elsewhere who have not been in a war, at least not a major war, for some time. What people have not recognized is that these nations have continued to borrow in order to build, sustain or expand the welfare state. This, of course, is not sustainable for one simple reason, and that reason can be summed up with one word: interest.

In my book on war I also explain that the fallen beings are the ones who have created the concept of interest, and its only purpose is to tie people to the elite, or other purposes on an even wider scale that are less recognized and less understood by people. The fact of the matter is that when you introduce interest, it is possible for a nation (or, for that matter, an individual) to borrow so much money that there comes a point where the debt cannot be paid back because the interest alone is greater than the money that the nation has available for paying back the loan.


I have mentioned before that one of the big problems in the economy, and certainly in the Greek economy, is corruption. Corruption is one of these factors that most people are not willing to truly look at, and it is difficult to look at because it is, of course, hidden by its very nature. There may be instances where everybody knows what is going on and nobody says anything about it because they all know someone who benefits from it or they think the system cannot be changed.

In many cases, no one is willing to really measure what effect corruption has on the economy. As we have said before, corruption is not a multiplication of the talents. It has the opposite effect; it actually destroys the multiplication factor. It discourages people from doing something extra because they feel they can get nowhere due to the corruption. Or they feel that things become so expensive due to the corruption that there are many types of  businesses or business deals that simply do not pay off.

Should all debt be paid back?

This is, of course, a very big problem in the Greek economy. As I have mentioned before, the Greek economy cannot truly be improved without addressing this. When you look at Greece as the situation stands today – where an hour of decision has finally arrived and where there are few more games to play – then you can see that on the one hand it is understandable that the international community feels that something is wrong in the Greek economy itself. Many people feel that the Greek people need to do something – need to take responsibility to pay back the debt, need to create reforms in the economy – so that they can be on the path to eventually paying back the debt. I do not in any way wish to say, that the Greek people are without responsibility and should not make changes. There are many changes that need to be made in order for Greece and other nations to be on a positive upward path with their economies.

You understand that I am in no way discouraging changes in Greece and other nations where the debt is also reaching or having reached dangerous levels. What I also want to bring to your attention is that the debt problem is an artificial problem created by the fallen beings. It is not something that is sustainable. It is, in fact, not divine justice that the people should pay back the debt to the fallen beings and their false economy. Do you understand what I am saying?

There is the concept of karma. Most people see this as: You do something that creates a debt for you, a debt to life, a karma. Most people believe this karma can be balanced by paying it back in various ways. As we have tried to explain many times, karma is really a teacher, or rather a substitute teacher, and when you have learned the lesson, there is no need for you to suffer in paying back the debt. There are, however, ways whereby the fallen beings have taken advantage of the law of karma. This is what we have sometimes called karma-dodging, and this can happen when a small elite of fallen beings manage to deceive and manipulate the larger population into taking certain actions.

An example is the debt crisis. The fallen beings have created a false economy and they gradually manipulate the population of a country to take on this debt. Especially when this is a democratic country, it is clear that the population should have been more aware and should have been more willing to take responsibility. They should have not elected the politicians who escalated the debt into a crisis. Therefore, the people have a certain karmic responsibility for the situation. However, it is also clear that the situation was not created exclusively by the people and it was not created in full knowledge of what was happening.

Part of the responsibility for creating the situation lies with the fallen beings, and they have achieved this through deception and manipulation. They are attempting to make the people feel responsible for this and to accept that they should bear the entire karma. On the physical, visible level you can see how the international financial elite wants the Greek people to take on the full responsibility for the national debt and enact and accept whatever measure the international community is demanding in order to pay back the debt over time. Do you see the delicate balance I am describing here?

Yes, the Greek people do have some responsibility, but it is not karmicly just that any group of people, any population, takes on the full karma created by a small elite. This is karma dodging where the elite creates the karma and then dodges that it rests on their shoulders by getting the population to unknowingly take on the karma. In reality, the international financial elite who is behind the manipulation of the economy should bear the loss if a nation cannot pay back the loan. They are attempting to get the population to accept that they should pay back the full debt.

Overcoming the karma of debt

We of the ascended masters face a very delicate balance in such situations. We of course want responsibility to be placed where it belongs. We want the fallen beings in and out of embodiment to be forced to face their responsibility. We can do this only if the people awaken to the reality of the situation. This means that the people must either come to be aware of how they have been manipulated by an elite and demand that this stops, or they must come to an awareness that they are willing to take responsibility for the economy of their nation and not create further debt and not have a national economy based on borrowing. Ideally, both these conditions should be fulfilled. If one or both are not fulfilled, then the effect will be that the people will voluntarily, but without fully understanding what they are doing, take on the karma and the physical debt that really is created by the elite. This means that we of the ascended masters cannot step in and dissolve the karma of the people.

If, on the other hand, the people would wake up and refuse to be manipulated and take responsibility for their nation so they create a sustainable economy, then we of the ascended masters could indeed hold back, consume and transmute much of the karma. At the same time, if the people did awaken and become aware and responsible, then it is not divine justice that they should pay back the debt. You could say that if people borrow from the elite, then they should pay it back. But what I am telling you is that when this borrowing happens as a result of the manipulation of the elite, then it is not divine justice, it is not karmicly necessary that people pay back the debt.

What I am telling you here is simple. Even in Biblical times it was recognized that if you allow the lending of money with interest, it will create a snowball effect that will eventually threaten the entire economy. There is only one way out and that is that if you allow the borrowing of money with interest, there will come certain times where you need to write off debt in order to sustain a functioning economy. The world is very quickly approaching a point where the only practical, realistic, wisdom-of-the-mother way out of the debt crisis is to simply nullify much of the debt. You have to write it off in order to avoid a collapse of the system.

Reforming the financial system

We of the ascended masters are not saying this is the only way out, for it would also be a possibility to reform the entire economic system. Given that people have shown surprisingly little willingness to do this, even though they had the severe warning of the 2008 financial crisis, then we do not judge this to be the most likely scenario. It is therefore more likely that the debt crisis will continue to escalate, spreading to other nations beyond Greece and therefore the world will be faced with the situation of either we write off the debt and the interest payments of a number of nations or we see a collapse of the entire financial system, including, of course, a collapse of the Euro and much of the financial system in Europe.

Saint Germain, of course, has no intent and no desire to see a collapse of the European Union, for he still deems it valuable that the nations of Europe can cooperate in all ways. Yet he does not want, of course, that this happens by bringing the populations of many nations in Europe into a hopeless debt to the international financial elite. If the people will not learn one way, they must learn in another way. It is more realistic that the debt crisis will escalate until people are faced with the necessity of simply writing off the debts and therefore giving the nations an opportunity to start over with no debt.

This is not a long-term solution. Again, if you take Greece and several other nations, they are needing to borrow just to sustain their present lifestyle and level of welfare. Even if Greece had no debt tomorrow, its economy still would not be functioning at a sustainable level. This will still need to be addressed even if the debt is written off. Again, the question is whether the people of Greece, or Italy, or Spain, or Portugal, or other nations are willing to face the reality of what it takes to make a national economy function.

There is, of course, another possibility and that is that the European Union could be made to change so that individual nations could be held afloat by the whole. If you look across the Atlantic, you will see that there are in fact American states where, if they were to have a national economy as an independent nation, they would not be financially viable states. This problem is, to some degree, compensated for by the fact that the United States has a strong federal government, which can therefore in various ways keep the economy of certain states afloat.

It may be necessary, or at least a possibility, that Europe could do something similar, but this would, of course, require the creation of a federal government of Europe. At present, there are many nations in Europe who are not ready or willing to even consider this. Yet is it not logical that this would be one potential way forward for Europe and that it would provide the nations of Europe with a unique challenge for how to overcome the conflicts and wars of the past and develop an entirely new spirit of cooperation. We have earlier talked about the need to transcend nation states and this would certainly fit in with some of the visions that Saint Germain has for how Europe could move forward.

The importance of making calls

We are, of course, fully aware that the fallen beings would dearly love to see the development of a more centralized government in Europe because they think that they can be in control of it. You, who are the spiritual people, need to realize that when you make the calls, you can prevent the control of the fallen beings, for that control begins in the identity, mental and emotional realms.

Regardless of what happens in the physical octave, if you make the calls for the binding and consuming of the demons and the fallen beings in the three higher octaves, then developments in the physical can happen without them being controlled by the fallen beings. The fallen beings in physical embodiment have relatively little power when they are not backed, or rather controlled, by those in the three higher octaves. When you make the calls, we can step in and bind and remove these beings and thereby neutralize much of the power that the fallen beings in embodiment have. We can, of course, also in many cases remove the fallen beings from embodiment when the calls are given. As you will see, if more and more people begin to give these invocations and make the calls then you will see the removal of some of these beings.

Not always an ideal solution

You understand here that when you look at this debt crisis, there is not just one clear-cut solution. There is, in a sense, one solution we could envision but it is not realistic that most people on earth would awaken within a short period of time to be willing to do what it takes to implement that solution. That is why, when we look at the earth, we look at what would be the highest solution but we also look at where people are at in consciousness and therefore we see that in most cases the ideal solution is not realistic. We therefore look for other scenarios whereby we can gradually, and often in indirect ways, take people towards an improvement of the situation even though we see that they cannot reach the ideal solution within a short period of time.

This makes it absolutely necessary to avoid what we have talked about before, the black-and-white thinking and the epic mindset where you think there is only one right way and everything else is wrong. Or you think there is an ideal solution that must be manifest. As we have explained, there is no particular physical outcome that is all-important or the only right one. The purpose of the earth is to raise people’s consciousness, and this can happen in many different ways through many different outer situations and scenarios. It is not that Saint Germain, as he has explained himself, holds one particular image of how the Golden Age should be manifest. The Golden Age is a process in which people are raising their awareness of how the earth works in a way that they have not been able or willing to do before.

This involves what I talked about at the conference in Holland, namely the wisdom of the mother where people look beyond the ideal scenarios, the religious or political ideologies or even the scientific ideologies and then they look at how the matter universe actually works. They combine both the wisdom of the father and the wisdom of the mother into the Christ vision that unites heaven and earth instead of seeing a distance or a separation between them.

The Middle East

Right now, of course, the issue of Greece and debt is the most prominent issue on earth but there are several others. Ukraine is of course, still an important topic to make calls upon, as there are clearly things going on there that are not being fully brought out into the light and need to be exposed. Then of course, there is the Middle East. I have for some time not spoken much about the Middle East and I have not really encouraged you to make calls on the situation. This may seem cruel, for why would we not want the suffering and the fighting to stop? Of course we want the suffering and the fighting to stop, but we also look at the consciousness of the people and we see that it is simply not realistic that the fighting can stop before there has been even more suffering so that the people decide that they have had enough.

Unfortunately for all of the people involved, and especially the children, this critical point has not been reached. This is again a matter of the wisdom of the mother being lacking in the Middle East because of the suppression of women. There are still so many people who are in the fanatical mindset of wanting to create an Islamic State based on sharia law. This is again the fanatical, epic, black-and-white mindset of thinking that a certain religious ideology is more important than the suffering of the people. Whereas the wisdom of the mother is what allows people to say: “No, we cannot allow this kind of suffering in order to promote an idea that is, after all, just an idea and not physical people.”

Yes, you can make the calls for this change to happen, but it is not the most important topic to make calls on right now. As I have explained, there are other topics that are more important whereby I mean that they have a greater probability of producing results. Unfortunately, the Middle East is locked at a point where the people need to experience even more pain before they are willing to make the changes that need to be made in the way they look at and approach life. I have, of course, said before that the moderate Muslims need to speak out, and so far they have not done so at a sufficient level that it begins to make a difference.

A breakthrough in greater awareness

I do not wish to burden you with all of the issues that can quickly make you feel overwhelmed. I am, of course, not overwhelmed by anything that is happening on earth, for I am the primary representative for earth of the wisdom of the Divine Mother. I see that, from the perspective of earth being a schoolroom, things are not worse now than they have been at many points in the past. I also see that in many ways things are better now because even though you see certain problems on earth, I also see the underlying tendency of how in many nations there is the beginning of a breakthrough to a greater awareness.

This is partly caused by the efforts of many spiritual people from many different groups and philosophies. It is also caused by a general raising of the collective consciousness and the level of education and understanding. It is also caused by the fact that many people have had enough of the old ways and are realizing that new thinking is necessary in order to overcome some of the problems that they see. I am, as always, positive, constructive, focused on the changes that can be brought about, and I give you the assessment that I think will enable you to make the most efficient calls that can have the greatest impact.

You should feel that your calls are having the greatest possible impact and that even though you cannot change the world in an instant, you are having a positive, ongoing momentum and impact on the planet. It is important for you, as Gautama Buddha said at New Year’s, to avoid any kind of fear in this year. It is important for you to tune in to the masters of love and to keep the love for life, the love for growth, the love for positive change, in your minds, in your chakras, in your emotional bodies. Do not allow the forces to drag your emotional bodies and your chakras into a downward spiral. If you feel such a spiral, if you feel you have gotten into it, then stop, step back and make an effort to use the tools we have given you to get out of this spiral so that you can again focus on the positive.

My beloved, life is a beautiful opportunity even on a planet like earth. Yes, you can focus on all the negatives and get yourself into a state of mind of thinking that some crisis is looming but you can just as easily make the choice to focus on the positive and see that whatever crisis may be looming or may be happening, behind it is still an opportunity for the awakening of the people that will bring positive, long-term changes. This is what I wish you, who are our most faithful students, to focus on: the positive long-term changes on earth. I want you to know that because you are in embodiment, and because you are raising your consciousness and you are making the calls, there is a long-term, positive, upward spiral on the planet. I want you to focus on that, to focus on reinforcing it in your personal lives and on the planetary level. I do not want you to focus on the negatives. I want you to be aware enough to make the calls but not to be sucked into a pessimistic spiral.

This is my desire for you on this beautiful summer day. Enjoy the beauty of nature, of life, of the world, of the spiritual reality that is only slightly hidden by the dense physical veil of matter, that is really not a veil of matter but a veil of energy. Your minds can learn to look beyond the veil and there you will see me smiling at you, holding the positive vision for all of my children but with a special love for those of my children who are aware that I exist and who are willing to listen to my messages and use the tools I have given. For this I am grateful and I encourage you to continue to make the calls and we will continue to answer them.


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